//Gustavo Mirabal Castro’s new life in Dubai
Gustavo Mirabal as a rider

Gustavo Mirabal Castro’s new life in Dubai

Dubai is one of the Emirates that make up the country called the United Arab Emirates. It is found in the Middle East. Here Gustavo Mirabal Castro found his new life, in Dubai.

It is one of the most prosperous countries in the region. That is why this is a fundamental enclave for investors thanks to its tax advantages.

Due to the above Gustavo Mirabal decided to move to Dubai to offer his tax advantages to his clients. Let’s learn a little more then about Gustavo Mirabal Castro’s new life in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

Entrepreneurs and investors from different countries converge there, seeing the goodness of Dubai’s thriving economy.

Gustavo Mirabal as a visionary. He felt the opportunity to bring his knowledge and experiences in the area of finance to provide advice to entrepreneurs of this innovative, modern and great place as Dubai is.

Gustavo Mirabal’s new life in Dubai – United Arab Emirates is very satisfying as he is expanding as a professional with his great team.

Additionally, the experience of living in a new culture is motivating because it becomes an additional challenge.

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The New Life of Lawyer Gustavo Mirabal Castro in Dubai

The long history of former banker and lawyer Gustavo Mirabal Castro endorses this.

Gustavo Mirabal has a great expression of professional achievement. Among them is the ability to anticipate continuous improvements keeps him in perpetual motion.

Always looking for the best option to make your career as a financial advisor grow.

He was in Caracas as a lawyer at various banking institutions. A time that represented great learning.

In the middle of the past decade, he was among the first to land in exclusive Palm Beach County. There he arrived with his family and established G&C Farms, to raise jumping horses.

An experience that took him to a new professional level since Gustavo Mirabal Castro is an equestrian jumping rider. He is currently retired.

Gustavo Mirabal as a Rider - A new life in Dubai
Gustavo Mirabal as a Rider – A new life in Dubai

Gustavo carved the path for other athletes.

Mirabal’s work with his equestrian center paved the way for many Venezuelans who love horseback riding and jumping as a sport. There they trained riders from Venezuela and the United States.

Although they also came from Europe to be trained in Wellintong, Florida, where the caraqueño entrepreneur made a name for the other.

By the middle of this decade, Gustavo made a new decision as a sports and business reference. Mirabal said goodbye to his palm beach friends and set sail for the friendliest skies in Spain.

Thinking he had reached a much quieter destination, Mirabal begins a new stage with his family.

The Moraleja of this story is that his move to Madrid was due to a work agenda for the Old Continent.

His wife, Maria Carolina Mirabal a former beauty queen and refined socialite, did not hide the new chapter of family life.

So he began to work hard also in his area and through social media and interviews in magazines he learned of his work and change of address.

The happiness of having his wife and children around caused the Mirabals to move to Spain in order to fulfill labor commitments.

Rodrigo Pessoa and Gustavo Mirabal- A new life in Dubai
Rodrigo Pessoa and Gustavo Mirabal – A new life in Dubai

Dubai, a special place to invest

The capital of the Arab Emirate called Dubai bears the same name, Dubai. It is a place with a spectacular climate, very frequented by wealthy tourists from Europe.

Some perceive Dubai as a strong candidate to be the Europeans’ retirement site, due to their low taxes.

Dubai is also a place full of life as it is in full construction. It’s riddled with infrastructure all over its sides,

Dubai is the Arab Emirate that has been most open to free market and free initiative.

It is also a recipient of many companies that to reduce their tax expenses set their headquarters there.

There is much to be said about Dubai but the most important thing is that the place chosen by Gustavo Mirabal. Your choice has several reasons but mainly its geographical location and tax advantages are its biggest attractions.

From this beautiful enclave in the Middle East you plan to offer the best investment opportunities to your clients. But let’s learn a little more about Dubai below.

Gustavo Mirabal and his Dubai office
Gustavo Mirabal and his Dubai office

Curiosities about the city – Gustavo Mirabal’s New Life in Dubai

Dubai is one of those places that are unique in the world. Its uniqueness attracts the attention so that millions of tourists want to know it and enjoy it in its maximum splendor.

Undoubtedly, Gustavo Mirabal Castro and his wife María Carolina Chapellín de Mirabal were delighted with this cosmopolitan and modern city. It is in this place that this Venezuelan stands out as a successful financial advisor.

Below we mention some curiosities about this beautiful place in the Middle East.

  • Dubai is the largest and most popular city in the United Arab Emirates, followed by Abu Dhabi, the capital of the Emirates.
  • It is located in the Persian Gulf, between Sharjah and Abu Dhabi
  • It is divided by Dubai Creek, a saltwater gap that divides the city. North of the gap, the site houses a lot of spices, fish and gold in souks. The south side is an area with a strong Indian influence
  • Most strangers live in the Jumeirah area. There are several high-quality schools and residences in this place
  • It is one of the fastest growing metropolises in the world.
  • Host some of the leading and impressive high-tech skyscraper and building projects that are pioneers around the world.
  • Went from being a place of Bedouin colonizations to a modern city with more than 500 skyscrapers
  • Dubai is the most important city in the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates. The city has spread close to the coast and is more than 50 kilometers long
Dubai skyscrapers - Gustavo Mirabal Castro's new life in Dubai
Dubai skyscrapers – Gustavo Mirabal Castro’s new life in Dubai


Dubai city history

In principle, Dubai was a colony of fishermen. In 1830 an offspring of the Bani Yas tribe of the Liwa oasis led by Maktoum’s family seized the city. This family continues to rule the city of Dubai to this day.

In the beginning, the usual activities were the grazing of sheep and goats. It also carried out the cultivation of dates, fishing, pearl search and trade in general.

At the beginning of the twentieth century Dubai was famous for hosting the largest souks on the coast.

The southern part called Bur Dubai has a traditional culture. While in the north, Deira, they have a more international culture. This is partly due to the arrival of a large number of foreign populations.

With Islam as the official religion, Dubai’s culture is mainly based on Islamism.

Dubai history
Dubai history

Discover the amazing Arab metropolis whose motto is…

“if you can dream it, we can build it.”

In just under three decades, Dubai grew surprisingly. Dubai went from being an Arab haven in the middle of the desert to being one of the most enterprising and visually extraordinary cities in the world.

Undoubtedly Gustavo Mirabal Castro and María Carolina Chapellín de Mirabal have been empowered with the deep knowledge of this important Arab culture.

Your children have also shown great interest in learning everything related to their current place of residence. This is one of the ways to fit into a new place while understanding the complexity of each culture.

Dubai Tourism
Dubai Tourism

Growth of this Emirate called Dubai

Dubai’s expansion is impressive, this region is where Gustavo Mirabal Castro and his family currently reside.

It should be noted that its evolution has been extraordinarily dizzying.

Four decades ago none of this existed, as there was not a single skyscraper.

Today it has giant islands shaped like palm trees that can be distinguished from space.

In addition, the world’s first 7-star hotel and the tallest building on the planet, the Burj Khalifa. This is impressive as you lose track of the number of times this place appears in the Guinnes Record book.

Dubai is one of seven states that make up the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This is a place in the Middle East is ruled by a royal dynasty. But unlike many monarchies, the Dubai monarchy has a vision that has promoted its colossal development.

The discovery of oil reserves in the 1960s changed the region. Dubai went from a fishing village to a powerful financial center.

Then, with the possibility of oil reserves declining, they sought to diversify.

With an eye not to rely on oil, they were activated with the tourism sector. The tourism sector reports a large amount of revenue to this particular emirate.

One of Dubai’s biggest attractions is shopping. This is why tourists explore the glittering streets of Gold Souk Market in search of jewelry deals.

Dubai provides attractions that give back to the harsh desert environment around it. Another attraction is the Dubai Fountain, the world’s largest dancing fountain. That the fountain is in the middle of the desert makes it even more spectacular.

There are also other options such as skis where visitors can glide over the snow at the Ski Dubai indoor ski resort. Skiing in the middle of the desert? A dream come true.

Dubai Fountain
Dubai Fountain

Places to explore in Dubai – Gustavo Mirabal’s new life in Dubai.

Dubai has more than just man-made riches. This magical place in the Middle East has beautiful beaches. In addition, you can know the rich nature of its wetlands.

On the other hand it has the magic of the desert in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.

Its extraordinary climate makes Dubai an ideal destination for the whole year. Its climate is resilient and there is an opportunity to get to know it at any time of the year.

For those who are not used to high temperatures, which can exceed 40oC, it is recommended to plan your trip. It is best to visit the place during the winter and spring months.

Dubai has an excellent public transport system, with more than 50 bus routes, water taxis and a metro system.

In case you prefer to drive, there are options to rent a car. So in Dubai there are for all tastes and needs of customers. Among them are models of cars such as Hummers and dream Italian cars. There are also other simpler vehicles.

Dubai Desert Conservative Reserve
Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.



The new Gustavo Mirabal life in Dubai and the tax advantages

Undoubtedly Dubai is a beautiful and lively place. However those are attractive the person looks for when you go on vacation, they are not attractive that you look for when you invest.

Undoubtedly Dubai’s tax appeals were the main arguments that helped Gustavo Mirabal consider Dubai a place for his new office. However, these were not the only arguments.

As Gustavo Mirabal further investigated the issue, new arguments emerged.

The location in the Middle East was an important point for your choice. This was the case for Emirates Group which understood that a connection point between continents could be established in Dubai.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro chose Dubai to be the bridge between investments in the new and old world and between continents.

A thriving economy supported by revenue diversification has launched Dubai to be the most important Arab Emirate.

But Dubai’s economy also stands out globally. He is one of the biggest contributors to WHO because of his commitment to the internationalization of the country.

His vision of the future is also as we will see below.

Low taxes - An incentive for business
Low taxes – An incentive for business

Gustavo Mirabal Castro’s new life and Dubai ‘s strategic vision

In this respect Dubai’s strategic vision has a very important place. In recent years the Arab Emirate has been involved in the space race by signing agreements with NASA.

His vision characterized by strategic projects and investment in innovation and science are the key to the future of the Emirate.

In the next sections we will see in detail the reasons for choosing this Emirate as the destination of Gustavo Mirabal’s office. And it’s not just choosing an office but a point to look at your future and that of your customers

Last but not least his vision of commercial laws on an international point. They are a copy of the laws of the United Kingdom that are among the best in the world.

Below we will see more on this topic.

United Arab Emirates Amal (Hope) ship for mission to Mars
United Arab Emirates Amal (Hope) ship for mission to Mars – UAE Strategic Vision

Gustavo Mirabal’s new life in Dubai

Last year there was a rumor that Gustavo Mirabal could go to Dubai to deepen his work as a financial adviser. Indeed, it is true.

This businessman, lawyer and finance adviser is currently officiating at the Dubai International Financial Center.

This place has its own laws, it is independent of the laws of the United Arab Emirates.

In fact, it is governed by UK law. When Emiratí goverment decided to open up to the world and boost foreing investment, the sought the best commercial legislation. And it was in the UK where they found it.

His laws are a translation of the laws of the United Kingdom. And in any case there is a legal vacuum it is established that the laws directly of the United Kingdom be consulted. International courts can still be accessed.

In addition, the United Arab Emirates has sought out the judges and lawyers of the British country to form Dubai’s legal system.

Hundreds of European, Asian and Russian companies converge in this privileged place for architecture, economics and laws.

Mirabal and his family point to the future in Dubai because as a financial adviser, Gustavo, he has a lot of work to do.

Its current client portfolio is committed to business growth from this Arab country.

So Gustavo Mirabal’s new life in Dubai is full of a lot of effort, work and dedication.


Benefits of Dubai

Laws from the UNITED Kingdom provide legal certainty for foreigners who choose to project from Dubai.

Emirates Group was installed in Dubai and provides services from travel agencies, airlines, cargo handling and transportation, among others.

This company was run by Sir Maurice Flanagan. A British entrepreneur who with the support of the Dubai government has made Dubai a regional connection point.

This is an example that it is possible to aim for economic and social development with excellence.

Legal certainty and low taxes is a successful combination for any company that decides to settle in Dubai.

Let’s remember that the tax rate for investment companies is 0% in that country.

These measures were established to make Dubai a reference financial centre. In this way, every day it depends less on oil despite having immense oil reserves.

There are compelling reasons to understand Dubai’s choice as the final destination for the Mirabals. This step is a great achievement in the career of financial advisor for Gustavo, as well as for his family.

But Dubai also doesn’t have a heavy tax policy, which makes big companies want to invest there.

Emirates Airlines - Developmental drivers detected by Gustavo Mirabal
Emirates Airlines – Developmental drivers detected by Gustavo Mirabal

Gustavo Mirabal in Dubai

Gustavo Mirabal is currently boosting his work from Dubai, as his clients are interested in growing.

On September 5, 2019, the office of this great Venezuelan was opened in Dubai.

The event brought together the team of new professionals and clients to meet and gain confidence. A modern and sober office at the same time very much in keeping with the style of Dubai.

In this way Mirabal And Associates emerges, as an integrative mechanism of all the work as a financial advisor.

From this office Gustavo Mirabal and his team work with tax advice, real estate investments, comprehensive capital management.

As well as the Family Office for managing large family assets and managing capital for individuals and businesses.

Advantages of Dubai

Dubai benefits include:

  • Dubai offers visa facilities and regulatory benefits.
  • Dubai’s tax advantages are also added to the ease of obtaining travel authorizing papers.
  • This allows you privileged access to European, Asian and Russian capital and financial markets.
  • This country in the United Arab Emirates is an air connection point between the Middle East, Europe and Asia makes it a relevant accessibility site.
  • At the level of law, the legal framework of the International Financial Centre is identical to that of the United Kingdom, which is key to investment.
  • That country is seen as its own arbitration center where disputes are resolved in line with international law.
  • Dubai offers absolute tax advantages. So, any company that sees its future in Dubai has insured 40 years with zero taxes
  • You also have the option to repatriate or displace 100% of the capital generated in Dubai.

Gustavo Mirabal’s success as a financial adviser

“I would say that my success as a financial adviser was achieved by my success as a lawyer, since the years I exercised banking rights in Venezuela I dedicated myself to being a lawyer for the Republic in the most difficult banking moments,” Mirabal Castro said.

Such statements offered them after consulting you about your success as a lawyer and now a finance adviser.

When we asked him what is Gustavo Mirabal Castro’s secret to succeeding in the world of law? fe replied:

“I believe that success is achieved with a single word WORK WITHOUT REST,” said Gustavo Mirabal Castro

A financial advisor has a duty to ensure that your clients’ profits increase and remain stable in the market. There’s a huge job behind it.

The Financial Advisor creates the market strategies so that your client’s assets are revalued.

Just as it must build ties with new suppliers, strengthen the relationship with current allies, etc.

Faced with this challenge of working from Dubai, he was asked what the objective is:

“Start relations with the Emirates and give them a different platform to our clients, taking advantage of the tax and residency benefits provided by the Emirates.”

“The idea is to advise clients from the Asian continent which is growing impressively and from the Emirates we are closer to our clients and they are also cities that like to visit our customers, so everything is easier,” he said.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro in Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Gustavo Mirabal Castro in Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Dubai Emirate full of modernism and innovation

Dubai stands for innovation. The impressive architecture and infrastructure of this Emirate is an example for the region.

For a few decades ago this particular Emirate has been developing in an unprecedented way. This is an oil-rich land but the vision of its inhabitants and leaders has mainly focused on diversifying the economy. In this sense, this gives the region a great advantage in strengthening the economy.

That’s why tourism has developed in this place giving way to one of the most prestigious airlines in the world such as Emirates Airlines. The spaces for recreation and fun in Dubai seem to have no limits. It’s amazing that in a desert area you can get a place to ski in the snow.

For this they have used the ingenuity and creativity of the human being who through the engineer makes wonderful Works.

Dubai, an Emirate full of modernism and innovation
Dubai, an Emirate full of modernism and innovation

Dubai’s biggest venues according to Gustavo Mirabal

The city of Dubai is usually striking and very unique. Nowhere else on the planet can you see so many big places. Dubai is one of the cities that has achieved the most record guinnes as many of its infrastructures are the largest on the planet. This is often a differentiating element in attracting new visitors to the region.

It should be noted that tourism is one of the main activities of this particular emirate. People usually go looking for new experiences and in this place called Dubai seems to meet these requirements.

So once again, if you want to have a unique experience where you can experience interesting things Dubai is an excellent choice. In this place in the Middle East and specifically the United Arab Emirates you can find the following beauties of modern architecture.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro’s new life in Dubai has allowed him the opportunity to get to know some of these wonderful sites.

Below we will detail some of the largest places that Dubai has among which are:

  • Dubai Fountain
  • Cayan Tower
  • Burj Khalifa
  • Al Maktoum Airport
  • JW Marriott Marquis Dubai
  • Mosphere Restaurant

Without a doubt Dubai is a place full of large places and “high”. But let’s get to know a little more about those huge places that just opened in Dubai. A place full of luxury, dreams and imagination, let’s get to know Heart of Europe

Heart of Europe in Dubai.

Europe is one of the most attractive continents from the tourist point of view. The preservation of its historical heritage and the great cultural diversity in a small environment makes Europe a perfect holiday destination. That is why Dubai in the quest to become the “ultimate holiday destination” are bringing the “heart of Europe” to Dubai.

“Heart of Europe” is a megaresort built as part of The World megaproject. “The World” is a reproduction of the map of the world through a set of islands located in an artificial archipelago 4 km off the coast of Dubai. Artificial islands represent the countries of the world. In this context, “Hearts of Europe” was conceived as a miniature representation of the best that Europe has to offer.

If anything made Gustavo Mirabal Castro fall in love with Dubai, it is that determination to achieve the impossible. Certainly, the economic resources of oil have helped Dubai, but this Arab Emirate has not been reassured. This is how for Gustavo Mirabal Castro the intention to go to the forefront of Dubai shows that you cannot live simply on oil income, you must be productive.

In addition, Gustavo Mirabal Castro has found in Dubai some of the best investment projects and a prone and positive environment for foreign investment. Let’s learn a little more about the wonderful Heart of Europe project in Dubai.

The megamasion of the island of Sweden in Dubai
The megamasion of the island of Sweden in Dubai

How was Hearts of Europe conceived?

This resort, as well as the modern Dubai tourism infrastructure, was conceived as a way to diversify the income of the Uae. The intention of this Middle Eastern country is to reduce dependence on oil revenues.

In Hearts of Europe, you will find 15 luxury hotels. You will also find private homes among which you can see mansions and holiday palaces. In addition, the reproduction of European culture in a few square kilometers. With this you can make a tour of “the heart of Europe” in a short time and enjoy the best of these countries.

The heart of Europe has cost approximately 5,000 million dollars and has taken almost 20 years. Undoubtedly a multimillion-dollar investment that is linked to luxury and making reality what is believed impossible.

This is one of the characteristics that have dazzled Gustavo Mirabal Castro. Making the impossible a reality: ice skating rinks in the middle of the desert, planting or snowing in Dubai is something that seems impossible, and they have made it happen. That perseverance in the face of adversity and income investment has been Dubai’s hallmark. This has been the differentiating element for Gustavo Mirabal Castro to decide to install his family office for financial advice in Dubai.

Sweden's beach palace in Dubai has a snow room
Sweden’s beach palace in Dubai has a snow room

Gustavo Mirabal Castro’s new life in Dubai… a dream

This prominent multifaceted Venezuelan is an entrepreneur, lawyer, financial adviser, rider. All these roles have been performed with great success throughout his life.

In this way he has left his homeland very high Venezuela, because in every country that has lived he has left an indelible mark.

The countries where Gustavo Mirabal has remained are the United States (USA), Spain and the United Arab Emirates. In each of them he has experienced pleasant experiences next to his family.

Gustavo Mirabal makes his way to a promising future by triumphing in distant lands. Being an example to follow…