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Who is Gustavo Mirabal Castro ? The real one

When it comes to talented Venezuelan people abroad, we mention the versatile man Gustavo Mirabal Castro. Today there are many Venezuelans who are shining in various fields outside the borders of their native country.

In the case of Gustavo Mirabal Castro, he has excelled in his professional career as a lawyer, financial advisor , entrepreneurship and of course equestrian. This great Venezuelan dedicated himself to studying and obtaining the best grades.It should be noted that he always excelled in his studies. He followed in his father’s footsteps as he became interested in the world of law. After that, he decided to start in the legal field with his own law firm and after emigration crystallized his projects in equestrian matters.

Its roots forged this path aimed at the world of riding. Since from a young age he established a genuine direct relationship with the horses.

Who is Gustavo Mirabal Castro? Well, throughout the article we will delve into this multifaceted and successful Venezuelan. And to discover where Gustavo Mirabal Castro comes from, let’s get to know a little bit about its origins. Let’s first know about the life of his father, Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro in Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Gustavo Mirabal Castro in Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Biography Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos

Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos has been an exemplary father to his children. For this reason, he brought his family forward with work and effort, but above all with an impeccable example. This lawyer by profession was the reason for his son to choose a career in law On the other hand, he also taught his son the love of animals, since his father had copies of horses is that Gustavo Mirabal Castro has that first approach with the Tropigold horse and then with the Laser Ray horse.

Gustavo Mirabal Bustillo was president of the National Institute of Racetracks. Likewise, he was a leader of “Acción Democrática”, a former member of the National Congress, a former Minister of Development (government of Jaime Lusinchi) and a former governor of Miranda state (1985). For the rest, he served as an excellent lawyer, being an example to his son who later inclined to study law

He owned the stud Trabucazo, from a herd in Venezuela and had winning horses. Among those champions of the 80s such as Tropigold and Rayo Láser (“Laser ray” in english) stood out. Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos was also the owner of Tropigold, the champion horse of the eighties. Probably, due to his career and victory in the equestrian world, he was entrusted with the great responsibility of taking the presidency of the INH (National Institute of Hippodrome) at the end of that decade.

Without a doubt, in the biography Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos we can see that he is a multifaceted man. A singular characteristic that his son Gustavo Mirabal Castro also puts into practice.

Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos
Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos

Gustavo Mirabal in Venezuela

Venezuela is the land of grace that saw the birth of the illustrious Gustavo Mirabal Castro, this man has left the Venezuelan tricolor very high. The beauty and diversity from the point of view of landscapes, culture, gastronomy and its people make this country a unique space in the region.

Gustavo Mirabal was born and grew up in this beautiful country called Venezuela, seeing the example of great jurists like his parents. In this regard, Gustavo Mirabal Castro mentions the following:

“… my favorite jurists are my parents, I am what I am because of their teachings”

The great example of work and responsibility and all values were observed in his parents and these formed him. For this reason he considers them as his favorite jurists, undoubtedly the example edifies the good man.

Venezuela is a country with significant potential since I have quality human talent. That is why today Venezuelans are triumphing across the globe. A clear example of this is the success that Gustavo Mirabal has achieved in different countries.

Gustavo Mirabal in Venezuela took advantage of knowing Venezuela in depth, of interacting with the people of the regions he visited. There he realized the hospitality of the Venezuelan. In particular, he was impressed with the generosity and kindness of the Andeans. On the other hand, how hardworking people are in each of the regions, they are committed to a prosperous and productive Venezuela.

The diversity in gastronomy is one of the elements that this man does not forget and that is why they keep these customs alive even if they are far from their land. That is why at home Creole pavilion, delicacies, pastries and everything that remembers through the palate is made.

Gustavo Mirabal in Venezuela
Gustavo Mirabal in Venezuela

Venezuela a country of wonderful people

The land of great heroes like Simón Bolívar is Venezuela. In history it has been an example of struggle, perseverance and discipline. In this way the Liberator achieved the independence of five countries among which are the following: Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and Panama.

As a Venezuelan, Gustavo Mirabal and his wife Carolina Chapellín always admire Simón Bolívar as the Liberator. This is common in Venezuelans admiration and respect for this hero of the country. Well, I achieve the independence of five countries which is considered a true feat.

As well as this hero of the homeland, there have been many Venezuelans who have made contributions in various areas. Therefore we can see Venezuelan people succeeding in art, sports, the scientific area among others. So in the field of financial advice, law, entrepreneurship and equestrian Gustavo Mirabal has succeeded in each of them.

Venezuela is a country of wonderful people that has people who contribute their “grain of sand” inside and outside the country. For this reason the talent of these people is enormous. Well, it has prestigious universities where excellent professionals graduate from various areas of knowledge.

Before the world, Venezuela is a wonderful and unique country that has a diversity of landscapes that few countries in the world can have. So this earth is a gift from the Creator.

The success of Venezuelans
The success of Venezuelans


Who is Gustavo Mirabal, the international Venezuelan?

One of Gustavo Mirabal’s dreams has been, from a very small, the name of Venezuela in the world. His father smiled to see such great dreams in such a boy. Today, Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos also smiles, but of pride for his son’s achievements.

To achieve the dream of dropping out the name of Venezuela, Gustavo Mirabal was clear that he should stand out in everything he did. This versatile gentleman from a young age was an excellent student and even better athlete. And the love for horses was very small as we discussed a little earlier in this article.

However, being an equestrian-jumping professional riderst was not the first idea that crossed his mind when he dreamed of being international. The world of the equestrian leap is a world dominated by Europeans. However, his love of horses and his father’s experience made him foresee that he would stand out in a related realm.

That’s how the dream of G&C Farm came to mind and an opportunity to become an international Venezuelan. But in parallel, his outstanding performance as legal and financial advisor in Venezuela opened doors elsewhere. First it was in the United States where the Latin American migrant population is quite broad. There between finance and G&C Farm’s unprecedented success began to open doors in other latitudes. It was when Spain opened the doors of Europe and the rest of the world.

As a result, he consolidated his image as a successful man. But I knew that success in sustaining it must be kept in constant motion. That’s how he discovered the United Arab Emirates, and the rest is history.

Maria Carolina Chapellin’s contribution to her dreams.

Without a doubt, Gustavo Mirabal’s life would not be the same without his beloved Maria Carolina Chapellín de Mirabal. A beautiful, off-road woman who not only brought beauty but prodigious intelligence. And behind every decision gustavo Mirabal is also the advice of his wonderful wife. Gustavo Mirabal is a modern man and as such makes the decisions in conjunction with his wife. Gone are those days when the patriarch of the family made the decisions on his own.

No doubt Gustavo Mirabal Castro is a feminist man, in a good way. Gustavo Mirabal respects his wife and all the women in the world. He believes that they are the source of all life and the sensitivity of humanity. But beyond the abstract concepts we may have in her head, Maria Carolilna Mirabal has supported Gustavo in every decision she has made.

This support is not left in mere intentions, but has supported him in the operation of his family office and also at G&C Farm thanks to his knowledge of Business Administration, a career from which he graduated from university.

In addition, one of the great supports is and has been the decision to accompany you wherever you decide to undertake. It’s not easy for a woman to leave her friends, family and home to start from scratch in another country. But Maria Carolina is an adventurous woman like her husband. Every new place is a new adventure.

In addition, they both share a secret passion… The equestrian showjumping.

Gustavo Mirabal and his wife, Carolina Chapellin
Gustavo Mirabal and his wife, Carolina Chapellin

Gustavo and Maria Carolina Chapellin of Mirabal riding together for life

Undoubtedly one of the things that has most projected them as successful Venezuelans has been G&C Farm. The “Disney equestrian” that was then taken to Spain is certainly a project that requires great passion. But what not everyone knows is that Gustavo and Maria Carolina share their passion for horses. Both have spent much of their time practicing equestrian showjumping in amateur competitions. Thanks to their performance they have been able to show the world the potential of G&C Farm horses.

Simply put, the couple has become the showcase for the world of what G&C Farm can achieve in horse training. And they certainly have done very well. Currently there are a lot of people who have asked him to return G&C Farm but Gustavo and Carolina are in the process of adapting and tuning the operation of their family office in Dubai.

We’ll probably see them return to the jump tracks in a couple of years. In the meantime we will settle for the beautiful memories that left us, in particular his horse G&C Arrayan with Sergio Alvares Moya. A spectacle we should all appreciate.

The series: Gustavo Mirabal in Venezuela

This compendium of articles shows each of the regions of the country where the beauty of its people and their customs. Also this articles show the footprint of the horses in each native culture of the regions can be appreciated.

The Andes through the stories of its peoples, through legends, fables bring to light the emblematic characters of their peoples. An example of this is the crazy Luz Caraballo. The crazy Luz Caraballo has become a story told by its inhabitants to the thousands of tourists who visit the beautiful Merida landscapes.

On the Venezuelan coasts there are also stories to tell that involve horses, such as the feast of San Juan. In the series there is an article entitled: “Caballitos que gallopan en la fiesta de San Juan”. In english means “Little horses that rides at the feast of St. John”

In the plains the horse accompanies the locals in the tasks from very early and in these areas the horse is essential for people and their work in the field. Towards the East of the country, the horse is also present in its beliefs and customs that you can see in the article entitled: “In Mochima a headless horse gallops”.

In each of the regions that Gustavo Mirabal Castro visited, he enjoyed each of these celebrations, customs and anecdotes. He could see how the horse has a leading role throughout the country.

Without a doubt, this man’s love for his country is enormous. He values ​​each of these regions as well as their people and their customs. In short, a Venezuelan proud of his homeland Venezuela.

The Jají and it horses
The Jají and it horses

# 15 Articles in the series: Gustavo Mirabal in Venezuela

Venezula is the land of grace that saw the birth of this great Venezuelan Gustavo Mirabal Castro. In his portals https://www.gustavomirabal.es  and in https://gustavomirabalcastro.online  you can enjoy interesting and exhaustive content from each region of the country and the experiences of this man in each of them

Here are the titles:

  1. How did all this traveling in Venezuela and keeping records begin?
  2. Carvings and wooden horses, Mario Calderón maker of dreams
  3. Caballitos that gallop in the festival of San Juan
  4. San Lázaro of the Trujillo state in Venezuela among horses and a mysterious museum
  5. Old Horse – Venezuela
  6. Maracay a city of racetracks. – Venezuela
  7. Through those mountains of Jají with the horses, partying
  8. San Mateo from Aragua state: an encounter with the boy Simon, galloping through these lands
  9. A woman on horseback in the black lagoon
  10. Quirpa, a man on horseback – Venezuela
  11. Aragua is a rainbow of geography and equine fauna
  12. In Niquitao: the battle of whoever can save himself, some thoroughbred horses and stop counting
  13. San Pedro del Río horse ride with the stories of the locals
  14. A christening of dolls in a land of horses
  15. A headless horse gallops in Mochima
  16. With my sabanero burrito
  17. Horse racing in Maracaibo
  18. Carora, the city where the devil is loose and on horseback
  19. Villa de cura land of horses, of charm and tradition
  20. Where are the horses trained in Cagua?
Little horses of San Juan
Little horses of San Juan

Regions, cultures and horses of Venezuela

We can see throughout the Articles of the series: Gustavo Mirabal in Venezuela, that this land is rich in customs and each region has its own unique habits. The horse is present in each of the country’s regions because it is a versatile animal. For this reason it accompanies in most of the legends, poems and fables where it plays a leading role.

From the Andes to the Venezuelan coasts, as well as the East and the plains, they have specimens of equines that help in the day-to-day agricultural work of these regions. The horse is honored with equestrian art through paintings and carvings as can be seen in the article entitled: Carvings and wooden horses, Mario Calderón maker of dreams.

Venezuela shows once again that it has people who have talent and creativity. This is one of the things that Gustavo Mirabal Castro admires most of his countrymen. Well, Venezuelans are creative, resourceful and always looking for a solution to everything.

Horses also provide rides in Andean towns such as “San Pedro del Río”. To see more details about this, you can consult the article entitled: San Pedro del Río horse ride with the stories of the locals.

Regions of Venezuela
Regions of Venezuela


Touring the Aragua state – Who is Gustavo Mirabal Castro?

Knowing Venezuela was the privilege that Gustavo Mirabal Castro had as a child, since his family took advantage of every weekend to visit states surrounding the capital. This is how they decide to know every enchanted corner of the Aragua state. In each of these trips the family was prepared in every sense of the word. Well, Gustavo Mirabal Castro’s parents have always been very foresighted. So the first aid kit could not be absent, and the mother prepared herself to face any emergency situation.

The coasts of Aragua are a true beauty so the choice is between Choroni and Ocumare de la Costa. Whichever they decided was a true paradise to enjoy with the family. When they visited the beautiful little town of Chuao, everyone was impressed as this place is a cocoa producer par excellence. Enjoying its beaches and waterfalls was rewarding, therefore returning to the capital with renewed energy is priceless.

As a responsible and protective family of the environment, they always carried all their waste with them in a bag. Gustavo Mirabal Castro learned from a young age to take care of the environment.

They also got to know the Colonia Tovar area. This little town is the opposite of the coasts, so the cold, the fruits and the flowers caught the immediate attention of the Mirabal Castro brothers. After enjoying a good hot chocolate, they proceeded to take the tour offered by the most prominent places in this beautiful town.

Without a doubt, the state of Aragua is versatile with coasts and mountains that make locals and visitors fall in love.

Chuao: A town of Aragua State
Chuao: A town of Aragua State


Mérida, the Andean state that conquered the heart of Gustavo Mirabal Castro

To speak of Mérida is to speak of majestic mountain landscapes, a cold climate, an exquisite gastronomy and friendly and hospitable people. Gustavo Mirabal Castro knew this place when he was just a child, but his family liked the place so much that he repeated this trip several times. For this reason they knew different areas of the state, the common thing was the kindness of its people.

In the Páramo area, they met Mucuchies, Gavidia, Pueblo Llano, Tabay, Las Piedras and all the attractions of the place, including the splendid Mucubaji Lagoon. In this place they had a family picnic, this memory remains engraved in the memory of Gustavo Mirabal Castro. Later, in the city, they launched the tour of all the parks, although one of the most beautiful was the Parque de los Chorros de Milla.

The old cable car was one of the favorite places in the city that undoubtedly became an ineffable experience. There you’ll be able to be there in such a high place and contemplate the monument of the Virgen de las Nieves. Also, feeling the pride of having the highest and longest cable car in the world is simply beautiful.

Eating ice cream of the most exotic flavors at the Coromoto Ice Cream Shop was an explosive experience for the palate.

Then, through the Mocoties Valley area, they visited the Páramo de Mariño lagoons and the India Caru Waterfall in Bailadores. In this place they enjoyed the traditional strawberries with cream. In addition, they bought the popular frozen strawberries that they sell in this place.

Observing his hardworking people in the fields where the vegetables are grown filled the heart of Gustavo Mirabal Castro with faith.

La Capilla de Piedra (The Stone Chapel)
La Capilla de Piedra (The Stone Chapel)

A little more of Mérida and the experiences of Gustavo Mirabal Castro

Merida is the state that is agricultural and tourist par excellence, in addition to being a city within a University. So this region has the prestigious Universidad de los Andes, where the inhabitants of the region and the entire territory of Venezuela study. Gustavo Mirabal visited each of the faculties of the University and was delighted with the rector’s headquarters.

In addition, He takes advantage of visiting Jají where I ride horses and eat the popular Andean pinch. In La Azulita where he met its unique church and the waterfall. Each of these places mades felt him at home as the hospitality of its inhabitants is worthy of admiration.

The gastronomy here is simply delicious, so Gustavo Mirabal Castro ate his Andean pastries with a delicious corn “chicha”.

In the town of Lagunillas he met the famous Urao Lagoon and shared a unique day with the family. Chiguara is another small town where they walked and enjoyed their people and their stories. What he saw in common in these places is the role of the horse in day-to-day tasks.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro’s experience getting to know each of the places in the State of Merida has been gratifying. On the other hand, sharing with the family in this region is priceless, full of adventures, experiences and anecdotes, the experiences of Gustavo Mirabal Castro and his family passed in this beautiful state.

Azulita Waterfall
Azulita Waterfall

Christmas in the Venezuelan Andes – Who is Gustavo Mirabal Castro?

Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year and the Andean region celebrates it in style. It is the moment to share with the family, to make the Hallas and all the delicacies of Andean gastronomy.

The cold of the region is ideal to share a good chocolate with wheat arepa. If you are in Mérida you can visit the majestic cable car and for this season it is advisable to be very warm.

Christmas in Venezuelan Andes - An Andean Pesebre
Christmas in Venezuelan Andes – An Andean Pesebre

Gustavo Mirabal Castro once went with his family to spend Christmas with in Mérida and was able to participate in the production of the Hallas. There he learned to make them with raw stew and in turn was surprised to make them differently.

Spending Christmas in the Venezuelan Andes, whether in Táchira, Mérida or Trujillo, is a way to experience that fervor when it begins with Christmas bonuses and novenas for the child Jesus.

The usual Aguinaldo Masses are held in Venezuela and in the Andes they are usually held in the early morning. When leaving there it is very common to see commissions of organized people offering a hot chocolate to the parishioners.

These masses are held between December 16 and 24. There is a moment of union where the people who attend pray and thank God for his blessings.

La Paradura de Niño is another of the traditions of the Andean region. This is a celebration that takes place in the days after Christmas Eve on December 24, especially throughout the month of January until January 14, Candlemas day.

🎄Mensaje de Navidad🎄 San Rafael de Mucuchíes, Mérida-Venezuela


The Manger in the Andean region

This is another of the traditions that stand out from the Venezuelan Andes, it is an occasion not only to decorate the house with the little tree and Christmas decorations. Well, at this time the family puts all the love to put together the birth.

As we all know, the manger continues to be one of the most genuine Christmas traditions, especially in the states of Táchira, Mérida and Trujillo.

It should be noted that in the country it is especially evident in the Andes region, although this tradition has spread to the national territory and in turn has crossed the borders since many Andeans have left their lands.

The elaboration of the manger represents the family union or of a certain community, where each and every one collaborates, helps and participates.

Likewise, the manger keeps a religious rite in which beautiful fervent manifestations are enclosed: faith, hope and the announcement of good news.

In general, when the Christmas bonus masses begin, the novenas are performed for the child Jesus. These end on December 24, that is, on the eve of his birth.

So faith is very present in the homes of Andean families, we can see that the manger has a very special meaning for all those Catholic families.

A Venezuelan Manger or "Pesebre"
A Venezuelan Manger or “Pesebre”

Song If the Virgin were Andean …

This is such a unique song that only Venezuelans can sing it with fervor and joy at Christmas Christmas Masses. Also in the novenas of Thanksgiving and of course in the children’s paradises this iconic song cannot be missed.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro had the opportunity to participate in one of these celebrations in the Andean region.

If the virgin were Andean

And San José de los llanos

The baby Jesus would be

A Venezuelan child

If the virgin were Andean

And San José de los llanos

The baby Jesus would be

A Venezuelan child

If the virgin were Andean

And San José de los llanos

The baby Jesus would be

A Venezuelan child

I would be a boy in espadrilles

Kilikiliki ironed

From a bud hat

And the pants rolled up

I would be a boy in espadrilles

Kilikiliki ironed

From a bud hat

And the pants rolled up

If the virgin were Andean

And San José de los llanos

The baby Jesus would be

A Venezuelan child

If the virgin were Andean

And San José de los llanos

The baby Jesus would be

A Venezuelan child

I would have black eyes

Who knows if you will

And the toasted face

From the sun around these sides

Si la Virgen Fuera Andina

With my Sabanero burrito

This is one of the most emblematic songs that Venezuelans record in their memory. And this song is in their hearts since they were children. The song is very common in the Christmas season. It becomes an invitation to celebrate this magical and beautiful time of the year.

It should be noted that this song is one of Gustavo Mirabal Castro’s favorites. Well, it brings back beautiful memories of your childhood and your wonderful family. For this song there is an article from the series: Gustavo Mirabal in Venezuela. Next we left you “Con mi burrito Sabanero” lyric… Enjoy it

“Con mi burrito sabanero” lyric (“With my little savannah donkey” in english)


English / Spanish

With my little savannah donkey I’m on my way to Bethlehem  /  Con mi burrito sabanero voy camino de Belén.

With my little savannah donkey I’m on my way to Bethlehem

If they see me, if they see me, I’m on my way to Bethlehem  /  Si me ven, si me ven, voy camino de Belén.

If they see me, if they see me, I’m on my way to Bethlehem

The morning light illuminates my path  /  El lucerito mañanero ilumina mi sendero.

The morning light illuminates my path

If they see me, if they see me, I’m on my way to Bethlehem  /  Si me ven, si me ven, voy camino de Belén.

If they see me, if they see me, I’m on my way to Bethlehem

With my little “cuatro” I am singing, my little donkey is trotting  /  Con mi cuatrico, voy cantando, mi burrito va trotando.

With my little “cuatro” I am singing, my little donkey is trotting  /  Con mi cuatrico voy cantando, mi burrito va trotando.

If they see me, if they see me, I’m on my way to Bethlehem  /  Si me ven, si me ven, voy camino de Belén.

If they see me, if they see me, I’m on my way to Bethlehem

Tuki tuki tuki tuki, tuki tuki tuki ta.

Hurry up my burrito, we’re going to get there  /  Apurate, mi burrito, que ya vamos a llegar

Tuki tuki tuki tuki, tuki tuki tuki ta.

Hurry up my little donkey, let’s see Jesus    /  Apurate, mi burrito, vamos a ver a Jesús.


Mi Burrito Sabanero (Spanish, English, Español, Inglés)


Heading to the city of cordiality San Cristóbal- Táchira state.

After visiting the city of Mérida Gustavo Mirabal Castro and his family continued towards the city of cordiality, that is, San Cristóbal. This Andean region has some wonderful towns worth visiting and contemplating.

The city of San Cristóbal is beautiful and its people are very friendly, not for nothing is it called the city of cordiality. This place has neighboring towns that are a real beauty.

San Pedro del Rio is a town taken out of a fairy tale, because its old houses, its flowers and its places where they sell delicious desserts will make anyone fall in love. Being there is a real pleasure. Palmira is another very beautiful town that has creative and enterprising people who seek the development of this place. It should be noted that the state of Táchira is a state that borders the sister country Colombia and whose commercial activity is high.

The San Sebastián International Fairs are held in January and this attracts thousands of tourists nationally and internationally, since there are commercial and livestock exhibitions from the region and neighboring countries.

Gustavo Mirabal and his family, taking advantage of the trip to this place, bought enough Andean bread and took them to the capital city and this bread has no point of comparison.

San Cristóbal, Venezuela - The city of cordiality
San Cristóbal, Venezuela – The city of cordiality

Visiting the Falcón keys

And the adventure continues through the West of the country and this time it was the turn of the wonderful Falcón state. This place has splendid landscapes such as deserts, paradisiacal beaches, salt flats, among others. Definitely Gustavo Mirabal Castro was excited about the fact of taking a delicious bath in a key in this area. The keys are extremely quiet beaches suitable for all ages and enjoying this magical place is priceless.

In this way they got to know Cayo Sal, Cayo Sombrero, Cayo Muerto for now they had to leave time and space to visit the surrounding towns and rest a little from the sun. So his mother was very careful that he covered himself with sunscreen to prevent heatstroke. In addition, a good hydration to have enough energy for Gustavo Mirabal Castro and his brothers to jump through the dunes of the Médanos de Coro. They also went to visit the Cumaragua salt flats and were impressed by the majesty of these landscapes.

Then they went to La Vela de Coro to walk through its traditional streets where they appreciated the beauty of the colonial architecture. In this place they enjoyed the cultural manifestation Fiesta de Los Locos that is held every December 28 and coincides with the Day of the Innocents.

After pausing visiting other interesting places in Falcón state, they started to enjoy other keys, among which are the following: Playa Mero, Paiclás, Punta Brava. Enjoying these wonderful landscapes is a privilege for Venezuelans and that for Gustavo Mirabal Castro is part of his experiences throughout the national territory.

Collage of Cayo Sombrero - Falcon State Venezuela
Collage of Cayo Sombrero – Falcon State Venezuela


Horse racing in Maracaibo

The Venezuelan equestrian has its history, and in some regions of the country it has stood out more than others. For this reason, the state of Zulia has its own stories regarding horse racing competitions.

According to Manuel Ortega in Venezuelan horse riding anecdotes (2009) indicates the following:

“Zulia’s horse racing has been the most joyful and enthusiastic in the country and speaks first of all about the Hippodrome of the Malecón de Santa María”

The advance of equestrianism in the state of Zulia has gone through a series of historical events of great value for more than eight decades.

Historians indicate that the “Hipódromo La Limpia” in Maracaibo, in February 1962, was assigned to the National Institute of Racetracks. This was carried out according to decree 14 by whoever was the governor of the state of Zulia in that period.

The purpose of this decree was aimed at not interrupting local equestrian activities. Well, these activities depended on the sustenance and benefits of the workers and owners. Also from many other people who benefited from the spectacle of horse racing.

As we well know, the team that makes up horse competitions are the trainers, riders, veterinarians, the people who do maintenance of the facilities, the suppliers, among others.

With the enthusiasm of the equestrian at that time, the “Revista Hípica Zuliana” was created. This was done in order to publish progressively and in order of arrival, the articles related to this interesting topic.

The magazine became so successful that in a short time it became insufficient to host so much frenzy on the part of fans of horse racing in the entity.

Revista Hípica Zuliana - 1991
Revista Hípica Zuliana – 1991

Horse riding weekends in Maracaibo

When Gustavo Mirabal Castro made the tour of the city of Maracaibo he was able to see people who narrated about the enthusiastic encounters on Fridays in horse riding in the state of Zulia.

He also relayed information about the grandstands of the racecourse and how they were decorated. In addition to the massive attendance of people who follow horse racing.

“Marabinos” met as a family to enjoy amazing pastimes of the best horse riding of the time.

On the way, several people explained to Gustavo Mirabal Castro what was related to the history of horse racing in the state of Zulia. Also, what happened regarding the world of equestrianism in the city of Maracaibo.

In June 1965, a fight began in favor of the creation of a new racetrack for Zulia.

A board of directors was created coordinated by Néstor Mena, who was the president of the La Limpia racetrack. This in order to organize the planning committee and the promotion of activities for the new racecourse.

La Limpia Racecourse - Opened in 1948
La Limpia Racecourse – Opened in 1948

Zulia: A productive and unique state of Venezuela

Zulia is a state of Venezuela that is characterized by being an agricultural producer especially in the areas of bananas and meat. Today the African palm planting is booming.

One element that makes it stand out is, without a doubt, that it is an oil state par excellence.

It also has striking places such as the famous “Catatumbo” lightning that by the way when Gustavo Mirabal Castro visited it he was extremely impressed.

“The Catatumbo lightning is a meteorological phenomenon that occurs in the basin of Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela, mainly in the southern area of ​​said lake and in the lower basin of the Catatumbo River, from which its name comes”

In 2013 the environmentalist Erik Quiroga asked the organization of the Guinness Book of Records in London to assign a new World Record for the Catatumbo Lightning region for having the

“Highest World Average Lightning per square kilometer per year”: 250 lightning bolts per km² per year “.

On November 23, 2013 the application is accepted

Later on January 28, 2014, on the Day of “Zulianidad” it is accredited and officially presented as:

“The place on the planet with the highest generation of lightning bolts per square kilometer per year”

This should fill us with pride as Venezuelans and continue taking care of all these spaces that undoubtedly represent an enormous potential to boost tourism in the region.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro is proud of his country and the infinite benefits that he has to offer to the locals and visitors.

Catatumbo Lightning - Zulia, Venezuela
Catatumbo Lightning – Zulia, Venezuela


Carora, the city where the devil is loose and riding

Gustavo Mirabal Castro and his family learned in Carora about the legend of the loose devil. They also told them stories about ghost horses that riot and gallop through their cobblestone streets.

These ghost animals are calling for justice. Animals that ask for justice for their death. In these stories one day they were surprised and dejected along with their riders and their owners.

The “goose bumps” became present in visitors upon hearing a squeal of horses so strong and with a spectral quality. So they were able to experience what the locals were narrating. Gustavo and his family speak with certainty regarding this “strange experience” that in one way or another attracts tourists to this place of the state Lara.

Venezuela in its wide cultural diversity has many places that preserve these beliefs and transmit them orally from generation to generation. This is how Gustavo Mirabal Castro was able to hear many anecdotes and stories from the towns that he visited.

Carora - Where the devil is on the loose and on horseback
Carora – Where the devil is on the loose and on horseback

Knowing Carora – Who is Gustavo Mirabal Castro?

Carora, is a city in Venezuela and is the capital of the “Autónomo Torres” municipality.

This is the largest municipality in the Lara state, and it is the second most populated city after Barquisimeto.

The productive potential of this central-Western area of the country is impressive. Carora stands out for being a wine, agricultural, livestock, artistic, cultural and musical producer from Venezuela.

Carora is a very special place since it has beautiful colonial centers in excellent condition.

It also has striking cobblestone streets and a well-preserved colonial line.

The main commercial activity in the area is livestock, milk production and its derivatives. Although for some time they have innovated with winemaking.

Carora has several options including knowing the old town, the church, the library, cultural centers among others.

In recent years, the guided visit to the Pomar Winery has been a tourist attraction. This is the most transcendental wine production center in the region.

Carora - A beautiful city in lara state, Venezuela
Carora – A beautiful city in lara state, Venezuela

Vineyards and Bodegas Pomar

In the surrounding areas of Carora is Altagracia, which is classified as the wine capital of Venezuela.

Altagracia became the headquarters of the vineyards of Bodegas Pomar. These were developed thanks to an alliance between Empresas Polar and Martell.

Guided tours usually take a tour of all the facilities. This tour starts next to the lagoon that functions as a water supply.

There the guide explains to the visitors everything related to the process of planting, working and harvesting grapes. In this place, a large number of hectares destined to the cultivation of grapes for wine, of which 120 belong to Pomar companies.

The climate conditions of this place favor the process of the vineyards since they have a sunny climate throughout the year. In addition, it has very marked cycles between rains and drought

Not very fertile soils, this favors the control of the growth of the vine. Well, these plants have artificially provided nutrients and a drip irrigation system

The number of harvests varies between two and three annually

Among the varieties of grapes are the following: Chenin Blanc, Syrah, Tempranillo. Pomar is not only in charge of grape production but they also have an infrastructure that allows them to process the grapes and turn it into one of the best wines in Venezuela.

Bodegas Pomar - Los viñedos visitados por Gustavo Mirabal
Bodegas Pomar – Los viñedos visitados por Gustavo Mirabal

Gustavo Mirabal’s experiences in Venezuela

Gustavo Mirabal Castro is a man who infinitely loves the land where he was born.

There are many anecdotes that he associates with his country.

From trips through its wide lands full of plains, mountains, deserts, imposing jungles, beaches and mangroves.

The first thing Gustavo Mirabal Castro thinks when he remembers his experiences in Venezuela is his upbringing.

Remember your colorful country, full of so many traditional flavors, sports activities, values and principles. The place where Gustavo Mirabal Castro was born, raised and studied, his beloved Venezuela.

There is always a moment of the day in the life of this important man to remember the good times, the joy and resilience of those years where experience and knowledge were gained.

Where life intersects with a first stage called youth to do the best possible and make the decisions that are elementary for the rest of the days.

Caracas - Capital City of Venezuela
Caracas – Capital City of Venezuela

Gustavo Mirabal Castro in his childhood

Gustavo Mirabal loved animals from a very young age, he was even happy when he accompanied his father to the La Rinconada Racetrack in Caracas.

On the weekends he took the opportunity to go to the different parks of the capital city and get infected with that own identity that characterizes a Caracas man.

He loved to walk through the different squares and parks of the imposing Caracas such as:

The House of the Liberator Simón Bolívar, there he imagined chapters of the life of the liberator from the hand of his mother, brothers, Don Andrés Bello and Simón Rodríguez, his great teachers.

Likewise, he always felt a great admiration for the Quinta de Anauco or, as it is better known, the Museo de Arte Colonial de Caracas.

That perfect place to imagine a different and wonderful life.

Without a doubt, the Plaza Bolívar in Caracas is a heritage landmark in Venezuela as a place that holds all the capital joy of a city full of development and culture.

The life of this important man is always full of memories of a great, infinite, prosperous and kind Venezuela.

But above all, a city that allowed him to train as a strong, confident, dreamer, protagonist of his own history and maker of the future.

A persevering worker to achieve success not only in his country but in the rest of the world.

Bolivar Square, Caracas, Venezuela
Bolivar Square, Caracas, Venezuela

Caracas the place where memories always return

Speaking of Caracas, the city of Gustavo Mirabal Castro, requires many pages, since there are memories that tie this man to his country and his own personal history.

For example, the beautiful Botanical Garden, which is a place full of peace, calm, goodness but above all tranquility. Here Gustavo Mirabal Castro always came to spend an afternoon reading.

It was always the favorite place to escape, from dynamic and active Caracas, and calm thoughts.

In accordance with this, on many occasions in times of boyfriend with Carolina Chapellín they went to this place to exercise and have a good time.

Therefore, one of the places that Gustavo Mirabal Castro likes the most is the “Paseo Los Próceres”, where locals and strangers feel Venezuelans at heart.

The “Paseo los Próceres” is a Venezuelan monument located near Fort Tiuna and the Army Military Academy. On the promenade you will find statues of the prosperous independence of Venezuela, as well as fountains, stairs and terme.

In addition, it is a place very close to the University City of Caracas being memorable places of the convulsed Caracas.

Another of the most prominent places that this Venezuelan loves in the capital city is the Plaza Francia or better known as Altamira.

Which was a place of reference to practice exercises with Carolina Chapellín in their days of romance.

Ciudad Universitaria de Caracas

A cultured man behind Gustavo Mirabal Castro

As is already known, Gustavo Mirabal loves to connect with art, culture, architecture, but especially history. Arts and culture have a place in his life, a man who in his years in beautiful Caracas attended the Museum of Contemporary Art. One of the best windows for the expansion of novelty in artistic matters.

At the Museum of Contemporary Art it was a delight to enjoy the works of greats like Picasso and Marc Chagall.

Likewise, this place is always motivating for Gustavo Mirabal Castro who loves to enjoy art in all its facets and currents.

Although he has not developed any aptitude or skill in any of these areas. He is a man who likes to enjoy the arts.


Altamira Square - Caracas
Altamira Square – Caracas

The good taste for gastronomy

Conquering a lady like Carolina Chapellín required pleasing her, inviting her to eat. Las Mercedes brings back pleasant memories to this young couple who were happy going out to share.

Las Mercedes was also a place where Gustavo Mirabal Castro met with good friends. He liked to talk them about entrepreneurship, finance and also horse riding as her favorite topics.

Caracas was undoubtedly the city that began to see the growth of Gustavo Mirabal Castro. He is a man who has reached the peak of success with his integrity, professionalism, ethics and fighting spirit.

Although definitely, the favorite place of Gustavo Mirabal Castro and Carolina Chapellín is the well-known Waraira Repano.

Also better known as El Ávila National Park, a magical place in the middle of a diverse nature.

They were happy visiting Galipán. This is a small town that has its own magic and charms that conquer locals and visitors with its delicate gastronomy and natural diversity.

Without a doubt, this was the most tender refuge of this young couple.

Galipan Town
Galipan Town

Return to where you are happy

For many it is encouraging to want to return to the place where they left happy. This is the case with the Mirabal family, although they are successful professionals, Venezuela is always in their hearts, in their thoughts.

With the same love that they left, with that joy they remember and long for it.

Although the roads lead to other countries like the United Arab Emirates; Venezuela will always be the place of memories. This is the place of the flavors that are part of Gustavo Mirabal and Carolina Chapellín’s childhood.

A place where everyone fits, Caracas is the center of a huge country full of magic, culture, goodness and tradition.

A city that does not stop, where men and women work hard to have what they need.

It is the city of the great buildings, of the immense avenues, of the factories where everything has its place. A place with its history and its own personality.

Beautiful Caracas-Venezuela

Decisions and a world to go

Undertaking, in the life of Gustavo Mirabal Castro, involves taking risks, being persevering and fighting. Undertaking means having a business plan, developing finances but above all being consistent.

Therefore, Gustavo Mirabal Castro is a man who, together with his family, has always thought of having quality of life and being able to make his dreams come true.

This implies that the decision to emigrate led him to think about new lands. The human beings need to expand their thinking, open their horizons, but above all take on challenges.

In this way, Carolina Chapellín has been a faithful companion of her husband. Since she is a woman who trusts and firmly believes in him.

It is about more than twenty years making a story together, creating the foundations of a family that is united, strong, resilient and at the same time persevering.

This is how the dreams of this family begin, full of temperance, strength, goodness and a lot of love.

Spain: the second country of Gustavo Mirabal Castro

The motherland, Spain, represents something very special for Gustavo Mirabal Castro, in this regard he expressed the following:

“Spain is my second country, I like absolutely everything, especially feeling at home, that is a peace of mind when you do not live in your country”

Feeling like a fish in water in every way in a country that is not yours is priceless, and that is the feeling that Spain transmitted to Gustavo Mirabal. For this reason the idea of ​​living there for a time was allowed.

Furthermore, Spain is the mother country of Venezuela, as this land was colonized by the Spanish. Therefore, Venezuelan culture is influenced by Spanish culture.

It is understandable the reasons why this Venezuelan experienced a time living in the capital city of Spain.

Without a doubt, this country occupies a very special place in the life of this man. The visits he made to each of the places he enjoyed to the fullest, since everything related to equestrian culture is a reason to know a place.

Spain has a rich equestrian culture, as well as wonderful landscapes and exquisite gastronomy.

Among the dishes that cannot be missed are paella, roast lamb, fabada, octopus a feira among others.

Another advantage is that his wife Carolina Chapellín also feels a great connection to this country. So the Mirabal Chapellín spouses love Spain.

Spanish flag
Spanish flag


Spain is a second home for prominent Venezuelan Gustavo Mirabal

This man is multifaceted and has played various roles such as businessman, lawyer, athlete and financial advisor. The latter is the one he is currently working on.

As a lawyer he worked in the banking sector in his homeland. This gave him the necessary experience and expertise to subsequently serve as an excellent financial advisor.

He currently has a team that supports him in his work and commitments with his broad portfolio of clients.

From the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, he provides financial advice to companies and investors in the region.

Gustavo Mirabal lived in Spain for a couple of years. He enjoy the most of its people, its culture, its cuisine, and others.

In this regard, Gustavo Mirabal Castro expressed the following:

“Spain is my second country. I like absolutely everything, especially feeling at home, that is a peace of mind when you do not live in your country”

As we can see, Spain has a very special meaning for this Venezuelan and his family.

The ease of the language of this country, as well as its gastronomy, architecture among other elements makes a dream space to know it in depth.

On the other hand, its culture and the various autonomous communities give a touch of uniqueness to this European country.

In addition, Gustavo Mirabal and his wife María Carolina Chapellín de Mirabal enjoyed different horse rides to the fullest, thus promoting equestrian tourism in Spain.

They enjoyed visiting to areas such as Malaga, Cantabria, Toledo and other regions of this country to the fullest.

In this way, they got to know some regions of the country in depth.

Funny Spain Map
Funny Spain Map

About Gustavo Mirabal and his equestrian activity in Spain

Gustavo Mirabal Castro already from the United States gave great support to the successful Spanish rider Sergio Álvarez Moya.

After this wonderful experience, the Spanish rider returned to his homeland inspired, to continue giving his best in the equestrian world.

His motivation was such that he decided to open his own stable in partnership with Gustavo Mirabal Castro.

Certainly, this alliance made Álvarez Moya become the European Champion in the show jumping discipline. Ávarez Moya was riding one of Gustavo Mirabal’s specimens when he won.

This was well seen by the Spanish press, as well as by those who follow this equestrian world. The congratulations towards the Venezuelan rider and businessman were manifested in the media.

The support that Mirabal gave Sergio symbolized a time of development and growth in Spanish horse racing.

We can see that the contributions of this Venezuelan to the equestrian world in Spain were remarkable.

Sergio Álvarez Moya
Sergio Álvarez Moya

An indelible mark in Spain

Leaving Venezuela in style has been one of the goals of Gustavo Mirabal Castro.

Without a doubt, values ​​such as patience, passion and commitment have made this man succeed wherever he goes.

We can see the contribution that Gustavo Mirabal Castro made to the equestrian of Spain. In addition, his association with jockey Sergio Álvarez Moya gave excellent results inside and outside of Spain.

There were many joys for these riders who were curious to conquer the podium of important equestrian competitions, specifically show jumping.

This was a breakthrough in Spanish horse riding, where the Venezuelan has excelled with his horses and supported talented riders. These riders promise to be the relay in the competitions.

In this way, Gustavo Mirabal Castro has left an indelible mark in Spain.

It should be noted that equine culture in Spain is relevant. In this country practices are carried out from various disciplines of horseback riding such as dressage, obstacle jumping among others.

Spanish rider Sergio Alvarez Moya with G&C Arrayan, the horse that has given joy to Gustavo Mirabal
Spanish rider Sergio Alvarez Moya with G&C Arrayan, the horse that has given joy to Gustavo Mirabal

Retreat from equestrian activities in Spain

Gustavo Mirabal made the decision to give a new focus to his career and dedicate himself to providing financial advice. For this reason, he saw an excellent opportunity to move with his family to the United Arab Emirates, specifically Dubai. In Dubai Gustavo Mirabal open an office with a highly trained team to tend to the client portfolio.

Today he is inactive in the field of competitions but he still support for athletes in the equine world. However, he hopes to return to this field that symbolizes his enthusiasm in this equestrian sport, such as show jumping.

Today this brilliant Venezuelan serves as a financial advisor in the United Arab Emirates. Likewise, he continues to leave the name of his country Venezuela very high.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro and his wife Carolina announced their retirement
Gustavo Mirabal Castro and his wife Carolina announced their retirement

Equestrian Tourism in Spain

Tourism is a fundamental pillar in the economy of European countries. Since the beauty of its landscapes and its tourist attractions attracts millions of tourists a year.

Spain is one of those favorite destinations especially for Latin Americans, as the language favors the interaction of tourists with Spaniards.

In this sense, Spain has gradually been exploiting the potential of equestrian tourism in some regions of the country.

So, for nature lovers and horses this is an ideal plan. Go on an expedition visiting different sites, where they provide the service of horseback riding through beautiful landscapes of Spain.

Gustavo Mirabal and his wife Carolina Mirabal ventured on a few expeditions. There they enjoyed not only horseback riding but contemplating nature.

This type of tourism has the advantage that people connect with nature and animals, so it makes it a genuine experience.

Equestrian tourism in Spain is a practice for horseback riding and horse lovers.

It is also an option for anyone who wants to enjoy the goodness of nature in this beautiful country.

Activities range from starting on horseback riding to running tours staying in equestrian inns.

In this activity people can better understand the dynamics of horses in a natural environment.

Sanlúcar de Barrameda Tourism
Sanlúcar de Barrameda Tourism

Equestrian Tourism Expeditions in Spain – Who is Gustavo Mirabal Castro?

Spain offers a great diversity of horse riding expeditions in a unique environment.

Its relief is very uneven, this makes the geographical accessibility to many of these remote places on foot or on horseback.

Equestrian tourism in Spain has enabled several routes adapted to all levels. This means that depending on the physical abilities of tourists, they can choose the route that best suits them.

A great diversity of its provinces offers equestrian routes. All being equestrian routes are very different and attractive. Activities on the routes include:

  • A carriage ride through the fields
  • Visit the majestic stud farms of the famous Spanish-Arab horses.
  • Within the framework of equestrian tourism activities in Spain you can enjoy the discipline of cowgirl dressage.

Spain has famous Andalusian horses. These existed since the time of the Romans and they have served as a lineage for other breeds of horses in the world.

Equestrian tourism in Spain is becoming more and more important every day, since the services are excellent and Gustavo Mirabal and his wife can attest to this.

Equestrian tourism in Spain
Equestrian tourism in Spain

Spanish cultural complexity

Spain is a unique country and has a great diversity of culture as many foreigners have left their mark on the culture of this nation. For this reason we can see that traditions vary depending on the region of the country you visit.

Many of these traditions are common throughout the country. The vast majority of Spanish celebrations have a religious principle. In addition, it is complemented by enthusiastic and playful traditions.

One of the celebrations that is very important in Spanish culture is the arrival of the Magi, which is celebrated on January 6. Also known as the Three Wise Men. This is the special visit of the kings to adore the Child Jesus. The Spanish celebrate with cars alluding to the theme and eat the traditional donut.

Then there is Holy Week, this celebration takes place in the months of March or April. Where the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is remembered through different acts that attract locals and tourists.

In the summer season various local events are held. For this reason the towns recreate several days of festivities in which joy takes their streets. In these events dances, games and events are held for the entire population.

Three Wise Men Day celebration in Spain - Valencia
Three Wise Men Day celebration in Spain – Valencia

Cultural Celebrations and Commemorations in Spain

Most of these commemorations coincide with the Assumption of the Virgin that takes place in the month of August.

Among the celebrations that take place, we can mention the following:

  • “Sanfermines” of Pamplona, ​​
  • the “Fallas de Valencia”,
  • The Descent of the “Sella” in Asturias
  • “Moors and Christians” (Moros y Cristianos in Spanish) of Alicante
  • “La Tomatina de Buñuel”,
  • The April Fair in Seville,
  • Festivities of Pilar de Zaragoza
  • The Carnivals of the Canaries

Among other festival and celebrities that take place in Spain.


San Fermín Festivities in Pamplona- Who is Gustavo Mirabal Castro?

This is an emblematic celebration of the city of Pamplona in the north of Spain. The presents are held once a year in the month of July. There is one particularity that is perceived of this festival is the much publicized Bullfight.

The “Fiestas de San Fermín”, or as they are also known as “Sanfermines”, are a Show of International Tourist Interest in honor of San Fermín de Amiens.

This takes place every year in the city of Pamplona, ​​the capital of Navarra. The entertainments begin with the launch of the “chupinazo” from the balcony of the Pamplona Town Hall, at 12 noon on July 6. This celebration ends at midnight on July 14, where the song titled “El Pobre de mí” is heard.

One of the most famous activities of Sanfermines is the running of the bulls. This consists of a race of people along a 849-meter course in front of 6 bulls and 6 headboards. The 6 bulls will be dealt with in the afternoon in the bullfight and 6 headboards that ends in the bullring.

The origin of the Sanfermines dates back several centuries. Although its international fame is a whole new phenomenon. This fame is thanks to the spread given to them by the American writer Ernest Hemingway through his publication entitled “Fiesta”.

To get an idea of how many people come from elsewhere, the following comparison is made. This city has 280,000 inhabitants and in the celebrations more than one million people are able to gather.

San Fermin Fest in Pamplona Spain
San Fermin Fest in Pamplona Spain

The Fallas of Valencia

The “Fallas” is one of the most amazing tributes in Spain and the program is held once a year. It is in the month of March in the city of Valencia and this festival lasts for a week. During these events fireworks are launched, noisy troupes and the burning of the “Fallas”

The “Fallas” are ephemeral catafalques with satirical figures of current reality that are created to attract the attention of tourists and as an artistic expression. They are ephemeral because they are created to be burned at the end of the festivities. The “Fallas” rise in the City of Valencia by the feast of San José”.

The Fallas take place between March 15 and 19, which is why every year many fallas of all sizes are placed in the city of Valencia, but it is the large ones that most attract people’s attention.

Photo of one of the "Fallas" in Valencia Spain
Photo of one of the “Fallas” in Valencia Spain

What is the “día de la cremà”?

March 19 is the “día de la cremà” or “day of the cremà”, in which these marvelous papier-mâché figures vanish, consumed by flames.

The fire, the “mascletàs”, the fireworks castles and the prominence of the people have made this ceremony famous all over the planet. That is why this celebration is on the way to being declared a Festival of International Tourist Interest.

In the squares and at the crossroads of streets the “Fallas” rise. Typically one, two or three gigantic figures are placed. They can reach twenty meters in height.

These pieces are made by “Fallas” artists, they represent stagings, satirically presenting current affairs.

On March 15, this is when this tradition begins, where the Plantà of these monuments takes place.

There are various categories of fallas that bet on obtaining different prizes, emphasizing the fallas of the special section.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro and his wife María Carolina Chapellín de Mirabal observed these works of art in detail.

Dia de la cremà - One of the moments for Gustavo Mirabal
Dia de la cremà – One of the moments for Gustavo Mirabal

Celebration of the Three Kings in Spain 01/05/2021

The celebration of the Magi is also known as the Epiphany.

Usually, this celebration begins on January 5, where in some cities it is customary for the Three Wise Men to arrive in the middle of parades.

That is why the smallest of the house go out in the company of the adults to greet these men from distant lands.

Especially in Spain, children eagerly await the arrival of the Three Kings Celebration. Well, the importance of this holiday in the country is relevant since it attracts its own and visitors. Gustavo Mirabal Castro along with his family enjoyed this tradition when he lived in Madrid.

The illusion of the children for this special date is that they grow up with the illusion that the Three Wise Men are the ones who come to distribute gifts.

Undoubtedly, this celebration is accompanied by settings related to Christmas, the lights decorate the avenues, since that Christmas atmosphere is still preserved.

According to Spanish tradition, children leave their shoes in a visible place in their houses to show the Three Kings that it is there where they should leave the present.

It should be noted that children are grateful and can leave candy for the Three Kings.

The gastronomy also stands out because they savor a tasty breakfast that is accompanied by nothing more and nothing less than the Roscón de Reyes. Mirabal-Chapellín family loves this Spanish tradition.

The Roscón de Reyes, is prepared like a bread and carries candied fruits, raisins, peanuts, among others. So it is usually a sweet bread with a very exquisite flavor.

The color of the Roscón de Reyes represents the precious stones that the child Jesus received.

Celebration of Three Wise Men - Christmas celebration around the world
Celebration of Three Wise Men – Christmas celebration around the world

Activities to be carried out on Three Kings Day Who is Gustavo Mirabal Castro?

Traditions are part of the culture of a place, so each country usually has its own celebrations. Although some in common in many countries such as the Magi, as this is done in different places on the planet.

It should be noted that the celebration of the Three Kings in Spain is usually one of the most famous on the planet.

Although at present it is a bit complicated to carry out due to the coronavirus pandemic.

What if they can is to keep some of the activities that are carried out as a family and that is a beautiful way to share this special day and that cannot be overlooked.

So the most sensible thing is that we take care of ourselves so that the pandemic passes.

The hope remains that next year the usual activities of the Celebration of the Magi will be enjoyed.

Below you will see the many activities that can be done in the Celebration of the Magi in times of coronavirus

  • Open gifts
  • Make the roscón de reyes recipe
  • Watch Christmas movies: There are many options of Christmas movie options to watch as a family.
  • Make video calls with friends and family
  • Pray for the end of the pandemic, health and world peace

Then Who is Gustavo Mirabal Castro, The real one is a man that loves open gifts an watch christmas movies with his family. And all family together like pray for their friends and less fortunate people.

"Roscón" of Kings with white chocolate
“Roscón” of Kings with white chocolate

Gustavo Mirabal in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of those countries in Europe with dream landscapes and that is just one of the many attractions that this place has. Gustavo Mirabal had the opportunity to get to know this wonderful country that is characterized as one of the most developed countries in the world.

Among so many experiences, one of the ones this man enjoyed the most was eating chocolate. And this country is the cradle of the best chocolate in the world.

Carolina Mirabal was enchanted by the refined city of Geneva on the shores of the lake of the same name. It should be noted that Geneva is the capital of Switzerland. There are prestigious institutions such as the headquarters of the United Nations.

In this same place you can contemplate one of the attractions such as the famous jet of water. That jet of water rises up to 140 meters high.

The charming towns and large lakes that Switzerland has is a reason to know this majestic country in Europe.

On the other hand is the city of Zurich, where tourism is very promoted is synonymous with having an excellent time. Carolina Mirabal and her husband Gustavo Mirabal were definitely not only impressed, but fell in love with Switzerland and its beautiful cities and towns.

Gustavo Mirabal in Switzerland, has expanded his financial advisory firm where he is doing excellently and leaves the Venezuelan flag very high.

Switzerland, the country of finance
Switzerland, the country of finance

Geneva: Headquarters of Multiple International Organizations

One of the unique aspects of the Swiss capital is that it’s home to various international and non-governmental organizations.

Geneva is the European headquarters of the United Nations. This country is a member of a series of international organizations and plays a fundamental role within the United Nations.

Today there are 35 institutions in Switzerland such as: the World Trade Organization, the World Health Organization or the International Organization for Refugees to name a few.

These important institutions have been established in Geneva as a facility on the model of the UN, which established Geneva as its second headquarters. Cosmopolitan Geneva gives space to:

  • 250 non-governmental organizations with observer status at the United Nations.
  • 175 state representations and
  • It also has various organizations such as the International Committee of the Red Cross.

For this reason, many international conferences and assemblies take place in Geneva.

Geneva - The capital of Switzerland
Geneva – The capital of Switzerland

Switzerland and its leading role in the United Nations

Switzerland has played a fundamental role in the United Nations Organization since its accession in 2002. Swiss participation in activities such as:

  • The constitution of the new Human Rights Council in 2006,
  • In the reform of the Security Council, in international environmental policy, in development cooperation and humanitarian aid. Also Switzerland participate in promoting the rule of law, and in financial and administrative matters of the UN.
  • Switzerland announced its candidacy to join the Security Council in the years 2023 and 2024.
  • Switzerland is also a member of numerous international organizations, such as the European Free Trade Association EFTA which was founded in the 1960s.
  • It is a member state of the Council of Europe since 1963 and of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe since 1975.
  • Likewise, since 1961 Switzerland is part of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)
  • Since 1992, Switzerland has been a member of the Bretton Woods organizations (International Monetary Fund and World Bank).

We can see that Switzerland has an active role in important activities of the United Nations Organization and the International Red Cross to name a few.

United Nations Office in Geneva
United Nations Office in Geneva

Switzerland an amazing country

Europe has wonderful countries full of charms with quite particular characteristics that are reference at an international level. This is Switzerland, an amazing country.

Switzerland is a federated republic, where great details are combined that make it a unique nation and a destination for many to live. Its capital is Bern, although one of the most important cities is Zurich. In the same way, it has twenty-six states (26) that are known as cantons. One of the specific characteristics of this country is that it does not have access to the sea.

Also Switzerland is a place open to the expansion of culture. There are even four languages ​​spoken that are accepted, which are: Italian, French, German and Italian.

It is important to note that Switzerland is a widely developed country, with quality of life, security and economic stability.

Among the great details it can be highlighted that Switzerland is one of the countries with the best income in the world. On the other hand, the most developed cities are Zurich, Geneva and Basel.

In this order of ideas, Switzerland is a calm country, always respectful of conflicts and problems that other countries may present. That is to say, it always adopts a neutral position, this for many years.

Bern - One of the favorites cities of Gustavo Mirabal
Bern – One of the favorites cities of Gustavo Mirabal

A place in the center of the world

Given the conditions and stability of life that one feels in Switzerland, this amazing country is a privileged place because it has the headquarters of important institutions.

Among them we can highlight the main headquarters of the Red Cross, the Universal Postal Union, the United Nations Organization or known as the UN, the International Labor Organization.

For this reason, since 2002 this country joined the UN, and from there it has participated in diplomatic activities while maintaining a neutral position. Likewise, it is the headquarters of the World Health Organization, World Organization of the Scout Movement, among others.

On the other hand, Switzerland is a place to gather the most important world institutions related to the world of sports. Among them, we can highlight the International Federation of Association Football or rather FIFA. In the same way, IOC or the International Olympic Committee who take care of everything related to the Olympic Games at the international level.

In addition, there are other headquarters of important organizations such as the International Hockey Federation (FIH), as well as the International Handball Federation (IHF), among others.

However, there is the International Union of Ice Skating (ISU) and the International Union of Mountaineering Associations (UIAA).

It is important to note that all these institutions work in favor of designing guidelines that go to all organizations in the world to guide the practice and development of the different sports disciplines.

In this sense, Switzerland is a great country open to culture, which allows the integration of cultures, of ways of thinking.

There is no doubt that Switzerland is a fascinating place for the development of tourist activities and migration processes.

The main headquarters of the international Olympic committee is in Switzerland
The main headquarters of the international Olympic committee is in Switzerland

Switzerland a place for economic development and expansion

As previously mentioned Switzerland is a prodigious place for being the center of important institutions with different functions of the world. For this reason, it is the place chosen by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) to reside there.

Likewise, there is the World Economic Forum, as well as the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, among others. To talk about Switzerland is to refer to a country where neutrality is always present for the proper functioning of the organizations described above.

So Gustavo Mirabal Castro has expanded his team to this place in order to bring his knowledge of finance to this European country. It should be noted that the economy of this country is one of the best in the world.

The World Economic Forum is in Switzerland
The World Economic Forum is in Switzerland

Culture in Switzerland

Europe has its charms, each country is a different story full of worldviews and ways of life. Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries on this continent. In particular, Switzerland is a country that takes great care and preserves its culture, ways of life, traditions and places. Likewise, geography is a reference throughout the world since it is a meeting point for locals and foreigners.

Now, when we talk about the culture in Switzerland it is very varied, there are fascinating places and each one with its own history. It is important to note that Switzerland as a country is careful about its details at the level of arts and architecture, simply a charm.

Without a doubt Gustavo Mirabal and Carolina Mirabal were enchanted by the beauty and culture of this European country.Therefore, talking about this country implies seeing it from different points of view, including:


Dance and its cultural richness

One of the most recognized festivities in this beautiful country is the well-known dance of love, which is set in the natural beauty of the Swiss Alps. In the middle of these beautiful mountains, in the middle of the summer season, this festivity full of magic takes place, where love and friendship are honored. The most important thing about this magical dance is that the clothing is woven into the traditions of ancient generations.

Likewise, in this dance men place an earring on their right ear, this only happens in Appenzell. The essence of this tradition is to represent the different facets behind a relationship or marriage.

Since, in dance, it is possible to visualize situations associated with courtship, discussions, and also the romanticism after fights. Within this context, men gain prominence within this tradition as they show their chivalry and ability to illustrate their courting skills.


Art and culture in Switzerland

To talk about the culture of Switzerland is to understand it from the contributions and influences that it has received from the German, French and Italian cultures. It is important to highlight that these languages ​​are also spoken and accepted in this country open to the integration of the world.

Looking back at the culture in Switzerland is a mixture of many nuances that keeps the best of these places. Accordingly, there are a diversity of spaces open to art, culture and different manifestations of human expression.

One of them is the Museum in Lucerne, which is one of the most important in the entire country. Accordingly, this important institution supports others in promoting the arts, creating new forms of expression. Similarly, the Museum seeks to promote everything related to Swiss art with tendencies to the Renaissance in a walk that disrupts the present.

Other places that astonish in Switzerland for being an open space for the arts is the Galerie Urs Meile.

Unlike the previous one, the Galeri Urs Meile shows a great variety of sensory experiences related to contemporary art. Although painting and sculpture also have an appointment as artistic manifestations, as do photography and works with installations.

Other views on art as an expression of thought

On the other hand, there is the Kashya Hildebrand Gallery which is characterized by debating ideas and beliefs about the nation and the same cultural conformation.

In this way, generate new views of the contributions of other cultures all focused on the same place for the enjoyment of all.

For this reason, the fundamental aspects and processes such as religion, political factors, the same culture are constituting the identity.

Likewise, this is the basis for creating different works that are exhibited in this gallery.

It should be noted that another of the famous museums that exists in Switzerland is the Galerie Kriens, which brings together the best of the techniques in the field of the arts.

In this regard, in this Galerie Kriens the intention is to promote contemporary art through works that offer paintings, video installations, photography, among others.

In relation to Zurich, one of the most important cities in Switzerland is very diverse in terms of the proposals it develops to promote the arts.

This beautiful city is the meeting place for outstanding artists recognized in Switzerland.



The sounds that represent Switzerland

Music, but especially rhythms and sounds, are a musical language that evokes memories, feelings and emotions.

In Europe there is a diversity of rhythms, each one has its own origin and evolves over the years.

Switzerland does not escape this reality, its imposing mountains, its country life, or its emblematic cities hide sounds that are typical of the expression of the Swiss.

One of the sounds that make up the culture in Switzerland is popular music, which is created in rural locations in this country.

In addition, large cities are also meeting points to honor modern music and convene the crowds of followers around the enjoyment of a musical rhythm.

Now, music unites this country, since it is very common for its inhabitants to attend events to enjoy any musical genre.

Likewise, it is common for the Swiss to learn at least to play some musical instrument and it accompanies any family holiday.

Certainly, the traditional music of Switzerland dates back to the daily activities of the countryside and instruments such as the Alpine horn, a small accordion, among others, are used.

On the other hand, one of the ways of singing is the yodel or also known as Tyrolean singing.

This song at the time was used to call the cattle or in effect to achieve communication in the Alps.

As part of the culture of Switzerland, this song continues to be present in the music that represents this country.

In the same way, one of the ways to promote them is through the musical groups that are still in some regions.

Swiss culture and music
Swiss culture and music

Classical music always has its place in Switzerland

Not only traditional music is one of the most listened to in this country. Opera and classical music also have their place, because there are great composers and conductors who have emerged in the lands of Switzerland.

Among them Joachim Raff, Ernest Ansermet, Arthur Honegger.

Likewise, it gives rise to excellent orchestras in the world, among the best known, the Roman Switzerland Orchestra in the city of Geneva and the Tonhalle Orchestra in Zurich.

It is important to note that each place in Switzerland is designed for the development of culture and different artistic manifestations.

In addition, Switzerland has large infrastructures to develop the theater, the opera that are recognized throughout the world.

On the other hand, in this European country other genres of music such as rock, jazz pop, electronic music and hip – hop are heard.

Definitely, there is something for everyone in this way Switzerland in an inspiring country full of colors, which are covered in every season.

As each country has a wide, wonderful culture, where its people always preserve it, take care of it and make it their own.

The most important thing is to follow the processes of acculturation to always preserve the wealth of the national identity of this country that widely accepts the integration and contributions of other countries.

Opera House, Zurich - Switzerland - Favorites of Gustavo Mirabal
Opera House, Zurich – Switzerland – Favorites of Gustavo Mirabal

Perseverance is the value that defines Gustavo Mirabal Castro

Businessmen know that perseverance, dedication, and courage are necessary to be successful. In this sense, each of these values ​​define the Venezuelan Gustavo Mirabal Castro. Furthermore, this Venezuelan is a great entrepreneur, confident and intelligent. This is the answer for those who wonder Who is Gustavo Mirabal Castro?

Regarding his training as a man of laws, they make him a critical, thoughtful person, and above all he maintains honesty and integrity in his work. Gustavo Mirabal received a wonderful example from his parents as they both served as lawyers. For the purposes Gustavo Mirabal Castro expressed the following:

“… my favorite jurists are my parents, I am what I am because of their teachings”

The example is powerful, and we can see that Gustavo followed the excellent example of his father. The law has been present in the Mirabal family for decades, thus leaving an important legacy in matters of law.

Gatherings between father and son in relation to the world of law have always been frequent. The experience of both at different times shows how it has evolved and in turn how the legacy of law remains the same

Importance of perseverance
Importance of perseverance

Gustavo Mirabal a great lawyer and financial advisor

Gustavo Mirabal as a versatile man who has addressed various topics of interest. For this reason I move from the right to advocate to the area of ​​financial advice. This role of financial advisor is the one that he carries today in the United Arab Emirates and in which he stands out for his excellent work,

Gustavo Mirabal’s experience and expertise makes him an outstanding and recognized financial advisor. From his knowledge he offers his valuable contribution to entrepreneurs and investors in Dubai. Financial intelligence is his starting point, which is why Gustavo Mirabal considers the following element when making investments:

“… when investing you have to be PRUDENTIAL”

As we can see, being prudent is key when making a significant investment. In this sense, the corresponding market study must be applied through competitive intelligence. Gustavo Mirabal considers the following:

“… the world of finance should be a subject in the education of the new generations”

If this pending matter is put into practice in the education of people, there will be generations with financial intelligence. Without a doubt, the economies of the countries would change in a positive way and millions of people would benefit.

The Law
The Law

Gustavo Mirabal a man of great financial intelligence

The business world implies mastering various fields associated with the movement of money. Accounting sciences, administration, law, economics and taxes are present in financial intelligence.

Intelligence is associated with the ability of every human being to understand, analyze, understand and act quickly in a given situation.

When it comes to financial intelligence, it implies being able to make transactions with ease and make good use of each resource that the company has.

Financial intelligence can be developed in the daily, in the administration of a family.

In this sense, financial intelligence must be cultivated as daily activities are developed.

From the most common tasks such as shopping in the market, buying a house or vehicle, or any other good, you have to develop the ability to take advantage of opportunities.

The most important thing is to understand the value of money, and how to manage it.

In times of abundance and contingencies it is very important to develop financial intelligence.

Thinking about financial intelligence
Thinking about financial intelligence

What is financial intelligence?

Acting with financial intelligence allows each person to be able to properly recognize income and can be managed appropriately. A person with financial intelligence takes into account the most important expenses.

Undoubtedly, behind the daily experience of money management, knowing how to prioritize expenses is indispensable for decision-making. It also helps to determine what the essential expenses are.

Financial intelligence requires not only logical-rational intelligence but high emotional intelligence.

This culture of financial intelligence is not about living with limitations. Simply it’s about making better use of your money without being overdrawn on expenses that are not really necessary.

Therefore, financial intelligence relies heavily on decision making, prioritizing expenses, and control.

On the same line, acting with this capacity makes us aware of our solvency. Also it makes us aware of the ability to pay before contracting a debt.

Acting with financial intelligence is to keep our income and egress in mind. We must be aware of all expenses, from the most common to the most important expenses.

Sometimes people, when they don’t have this capacity, go into debt too much. Also sometimes their income is not enough to pay off these debts.

Financial intelligence is not only for large entrepreneurs who have capital and invest in their businesses.

Today, everyone should have the knowledge of how to manage their money to meet the obligations contracted.

Skill and dexterity behind financial intelligence

Each country has very different economic characteristics, even the currency is an issue that is part of those vital differences.

Fortunately, there are people like Gustavo Mirabal Castro who know how to make timely recommendations, thanks to their extensive experience and trajectory in the world of entrepreneurship and finance,

Every investor and entrepreneur must know in depth about economics. This will allow them to better specify when to make a transaction and when not.

Therefore, manipulating money is a difficult subject but not impossible. It all depends on knowledge, experiences but above all on decision making.

In this sense, identifying priorities is always a good option to manage money as well as possible.

Which is not an issue that is only limited to the operation of a company. It also implies close situations such as the administration of a house.

When it comes to handling money, it is always essential to specify what is important and what is urgent.

In addition, the needs are elementary to meet them on time both at the company level and in daily life.

The world of financial intelligence implies thinking very well before acting. But also it refers to the ability to make relationships to know exactly the income and expenses.

Financial Intelligence
Financial Intelligence

Gustavo Mirabal Castro a man who encourages his children to develop financial intelligence.

As already mentioned previously, financial intelligence is a field that involves several areas of knowledge.

Above all, it is associated with professional careers that have to do with accounting, administration and of course finance.

When we turn our attention to Gustavo Mirabal we see him as a father who educates his children in the company of his wife, encourages them to save.

This man teaches them the value of money when he teaches the able to save money to indulge themselves.

Even the biggest girls Gustavo are looking for online courses to learn about finance. Look for courses where they learn in a didactic way and according to their age the importance of knowing how to use money as best as possible.

Carolina Mirabal, as a housewife and mother, is a very organized woman and loves to shop with her children.

That is why she tries to involve her daughters in small tasks such as preparing a market list.

And when she takes the little ones to the market, the girls cross out what has already been taken from the shelf.

For both parents it is very important to involve their children in activities where they learn to become independent, autonomous, responsible and safe.

Teaching Kids Financial Skills
Teaching Kids Financial Skills

Gustavo Mirabal Castro’s new dream

There is no doubt about the excellent father that Gustavo Mirabal Castro is. He always has the interest that his whole family is well.

His children are his adoration, since they manage to get a smile out of him with great ease between his antics.

Now the great dream of Gustavo Mirabal Castro is to teach his youngest children everything related to finances. He wants that they can manage their own resources and act responsibly.

In particular, he dreams of one day sitting down the three youngest and teaching them about what an investment is.

Also teach them their preferred values: the importance of prudence in business and when investing.

Although Gustavo Mirabal Castro is also a loving father who knows how to respect and value the needs and interests of his children.

He loves and accepts them, however that is one of the best lessons he can give them.

In addition, Gustavo Mirabal Castro has always thought that there is knowledge that is gained with experience. That knowledge unfortunately it is necessary to understand and act in life. To acquire this knowledge there is only the “trial and error”.

Unfortunately, few educational systems are concerned with teaching finance education and it is such a necessary knowledge.

In a world where the single person faces life every day ends up learning this and sometimes without proper training or training. But perhaps this is not the best way to learn and learn like this entails many “punches”.

This implies that it is even learned by trial and error.

Financial Inteligence to everyone
Financial Inteligence to everyone

What do we need to learn to live better?

Planning is a vital process for learning to recognize our income and egress, that’s very important in financial intelligence.

It’s important thinking about strategies to achieve a balanced consumption. This should encourage saving money and gradually paying off debts such as loans, mortgages, among others.

Precisely, financial intelligence is gaining ground around the world in both public and private institutions.

Beyond that, planning everything about expenses is a preventive measure to avoid unnecessary indebtedness.

Properly managing resources means having clarity in managing money to meet obligations.

Finally, money management is a task that requires intelligence, ability, skill but at the same time. In the words of Gustavo Mirabal Castro money management requires, “a lot of prudence”.

You have to evaluate the conditions very well before making decisions and more when it comes to investments.

We wish you good luck and good decisions.


Continuous training activity and activity in the banking field have given Gustavo Mirabal Castro extensive experience in the field of law and finance.

Experience is worth gold when it comes to embarking on an advisory path and Mirabal has the skills required to act as a financial advisor.

In the workplace, he worked as a lawyer in banking in his native Venezuela.

Later, he began his career as a lawyer in his law firm Mirabal & Asociados.

In this space, it has provided its excellent services to the client portfolio in Venezuela and in other countries.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro is a persevering, optimistic man who always comes out ahead despite the adversities that may arise.

On the other hand, motivation to achieve and commitment is vital in large industries. In this sense, this man keeps his team motivated and happy. Well, the work environment and the stimuli provided to the staff are excellent.

Gustavo Mirabal supports the continuous training of his team, which is why he works as a highly competitive and efficient team.

Knowledge and Experience - Gustavo Mirabal Castro
Knowledge and Experience – Gustavo Mirabal Castro

Perseverance is a value for Gustavo Mirabal

Gustavo Mirabal does not stop him at all, he always achieves what he sets out to do and that is that he puts into practice something that many do not have: perseverance.

This is one of the things that his wife María Carolina Chapellín de Mirabal admires the most. Carolina Mirabal loves her husband and describes him in the following words:

“Gustavo can be summed up in the word PERSEVERANCE, he never gives up in the face of obstacles, always looking ahead.”

Without a doubt, the world needs more people so have perseverance. In the corporate world, men with vision see a business opportunity where others see obstacles.

Gustavo Mirabal is a successful man, who is prudent when advising his client portfolio on possible investments.

In general, this man has many values but perseverance is one of those that defines him and that is why he has managed to achieve success in different areas.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro
Gustavo Mirabal Castro

Habits of Who is Gustavo Mirabal Castro?

The leading men in the business world are the sum of experiences, knowledge, abilities and skills. Accordingly, behind the habits of Gustavo Mirabal Castro there are great learnings.

However, to achieve success it has been essential to create a life of habits that allow you to achieve your dreams

Habits refer to behaviors that are frequently strengthened in each person’s life.

Some habits are made from childhood and go hand in hand with the ways of parenting.

Unlike other behaviors that are learned from day to day, and are done so automatically that there is no full awareness of these actions.

Hence, successful men are the product of habits that allow a healthy and of course healthy life to be demanded every day.

10 Habits of Healthy People - How To Live Longer

How is the day to day of Gustavo Mirabal Castro?

Gustavo Mirabal Castro is a man who gets up very early and starts his daily work with an exercise routine.

One of Gustavo Mirabal Castro’s habits is to arrange his clothes, for him, personal presentation is synonymous with distinction and elegance.

And it is Gustavo Mirabal Castro’s habit to present himself impeccably to his clients and friends.

Undoubtedly, Carolina Chapellín as the wife of Gustavo Mirabal Castro is careful to keep her clothes and all her things in order.

Next, Gustavo Mirabal Castro, to take care of his health, eats breakfast, his life as an athlete taught him that this first meal is one of the most important of the day.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro’s eating habits are flexible in terms of a variety of foods, but most of them are low in fat and he consumes a lot of vegetables.

Their diet is varied between some dishes and meals from Venezuelan and Spanish gastronomy and right now living in the United Arab Emirates also involves them.

His day to day demands a balanced diet that allows him to respond with energy to his full day of commitments and activities.

Later, the working day begins between appointments with clients, meetings, calls and videoconferences, negotiations, and other activities of the trade.

So the success of Gustavo Mirabal Castro is the sum of efforts, habits, commitment, responsibility, values, ethics and professionalism.

Gustavo Mirabal in Dubai
Gustavo Mirabal in Dubai

Changes in habits during quarantine time.

Life took a hiatus and the world reinvented itself to overcome the hard time that humanity lives.

In times of the pandemic Gustavo Mirabal Castro acted responsibly and began working at home with his staff.

Fortunately, this businessman believes in the talent and high capacities of his staff.

Hence his thinking as an entrepreneur which is summarized in the following sentence:

“… my role as a leader is very easy since it never places me as the leader of the pack, I always make it known and understood that we are all a team that together we achieve the goals set …”

At the beginning it was difficult, the staff who work alongside him are very committed to their work and they like the work environment in the middle of the offices.

Although sometimes there is a lot of work, there is time to learn as a team, in this way the goals are achieved.

In line with what has been stated, Gustavo Mirabal Castro sees in the midst of this complex situation the opportunity for his work team to learn.

These are times to develop resilience, perseverance and patience, which the Mirabal family knows fully.

Who is Gustavo Mirabal? Without a doubt, a man who adapts to changes and continues to support his work team, his family and friends. Although he is currently in the United Arab Emirates,where he is always there for his people.

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Carolina Chapellín de Mirabal: A mother of habits – Who is Gustavo Mirabal?

As is well known, behind a successful man there is a woman who is strong and takes on other important roles with great love.

It is about teamwork, where everyone has their tasks and functions.

While Gustavo Mirabal Castro assumes the complex task of working hard for the well-being of the family, Carolina Mirabal assumes her favorite role “being a mother.”

Gustavo Mirabal Castro admires the following in his wife:

“Definitely the vocation of a mother, dedication 24 hours to her children”

In particular, Carolina Mirabal has the habit of accompanying her children to different activities they carry out.

She loves to watch them grow and develop, to accompany them on homework assignments, and she frequently takes them to parks and the movies to amuse them.

She describes herself as:

“… the role of mother is the one I enjoy the most, I am a mother hen, always around my chickens”

There is no doubt that behind a successful family there is a man like Gustavo Mirabal Castro who complements herself in her wife.

Definitely, success depends on many habits and teamwork that involves believing and growing in each other.

Gustavo Mirabal and his wife, Carolina Chapellin
Gustavo Mirabal and his wife, Carolina Chapellin

Gustavo Mirabal Castro, the last man to be  recognized in the US Albertonews.com

Recognition as a positive reinforcement works very well in society. For this reason it applies in many areas from education to business.

That is why nowadays people are required to work with a commitment to excellence. In this sense, the Venezuelan Gustavo Mirabal Castro, the last man to be recognized ∣ Albertonews.com has always stood out because it points towards excellence.

Gustavo Mirabal is a man of great wit and talent. For this reason he has stood out on multiple stages. Among them we can mention the following: lawyer, businessman, horseman and currently a recognized financial advisor. He is currently located mainly in the United Arab Emirates.

The knowledge, discipline, perseverance and experience make this man an excellent professional.

The trajectory of more than three decades in the field of law has allowed him to develop skills and abilities in this area.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro, the last man to be recognized in the US, undoubtedly stands out in each area and each country where he remains.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro studied law in the capital city of Venezuela. In this way, his father Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos felt very proud that his son followed in his footsteps in the professional field.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro
Gustavo Mirabal Castro

Venezuela, the United States, Spain and the United Arab Emirates: Places where Gustavo Mirabal Castro has left a legacy

There are many different places where Gustavo Mirabal Castro and his family have remained.

At first they lived in Venezuela, where they enjoyed each of the regions and their wonderful landscapes. They always recall the memories of each of the experiences where they experienced the warmth of their countrymen. In addition to its wonderful gastronomy.

Then they emigrated to the United States where they settled and managed to crystallize their dreams. It is there where Gustavo Mirabal made an important contribution to horse riding in this country. Well, it was a driver for the training of the generation of relay riders in the discipline of equestrian jumping or Obstacle jumping as it is also known.

Later they went to the old continent specifically to Spain, there they established strategic alliances with Sergio Álvarez Moya to continue giving their contributions in equestrianism. On this occasion it was Spain who would see the fruits of this man’s contributions to equestrian culture.

It should be noted that there they delved into everything related to the world of horses from long horseback riding to the Andalusian horse shows. Another of the joys of this country was its gastronomy. Here they were very pleased.

For work reasons last year they moved to new lands and this time it was the turn of the United Arab Emirates specifically Dubai. In this place they have enjoyed the innovation and modernity of this place.

In addition, they are learning a lot about the ancient Arab culture. These wonderful experiences have made them citizens of the world.

Gustavo Mirabal and his family have had the opportunity to live on three different continents. Therefore, its cultural heritage is enormous.

Venezuela, United States, Spain and United Arab Emirates
Venezuela, United States, Spain and United Arab Emirates

America in the heart of Gustavo Mirabal

The American continent is undoubtedly going to occupy a very special place in Gustavo Mirabal’s heart. Well, his roots derive from his native Venezuela, a land that has given birth to great figures in the scientific, sports, and artistic fields, among others.

America also has the country where Gustavo Mirabal Castro managed to realize his deepest dreams. In this sense, the United States, a country full of possibilities, was the ideal place for this man to develop his initiative in the equestrian field. That is why he left an indelible mark on the history of equestrianism in this country.

In addition, America has many landscapes that have great potential in horse riding. That is why countries like Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela have developed in the equestrian field.

Without a doubt, America is a continent with great potential and that can be developed in many areas. Gustavo Mirabal has had the privilege of living in his homeland Venezuela and the United States.

American Continent Map
American Continent Map

The breeds of Creole horses in America

In America there are different breeds of horses, but having a breed of Creole horse is common in many countries. Each country, according to its geographical and meteorological characteristics, as well as the decisions of breeding horses has its own Creole horse.

The Creole breed of horses of each country has its characteristics due to the particular use that they give in that country to horses. It should be noted that there are countries where this iconic breed of the American region has developed more.

America is a continent that has many landscapes to explore and its diversity is very wide. Not in vain does it have the Andes Mountain Range that begins in the South of Argentina and ends in the Venezuelan Andes.

Different landscapes and experiences can be enjoyed on this continent thanks to its lush beaches, mountains, deserts, jungles among others..

These landscapes are distributed throughout the continent from Alaska to Argentina.

Horse breeds from the American Continent
Horse breeds from the American Continent

United States of America

The world has every country full of great attractions and opportunities for self-improvement. Undoubtedly, the United States of America is a place where hard work is appreciated.

Indeed, it has been one of the most reference countries in the world.

With extensive development in health, technology, telecommunications and great opportunities for business growth and quality of life, this is the country that has it all.

Thanks to its dynamism, permanent activity and security, it becomes the meeting point for millions of Latinos and other foreigners who want to change their lives.

As is well known, the United States of America has two important neighbors, one of them is Canada and the other one is Mexico.

Likewise, thanks to its excellent geographical position it has access to the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, which is positive for maritime communications.

One of the most important aspects of the US is that it is one of the largest  in the world.

For locals and foreigners, this privileged country is divided into fifty states. Bearing in mind that it has a district and has associated states.

United States of America
United States of America

USA: A naturally beautiful country

The USA is a varied country in every way. If the climate you want is beach sun, sand and heat, then it has it.

Likewise, if you want a mountain climate, with great snowfalls and slopes. These allow to do sports on them, it also is a great tourist attraction.

But if tastes appeal more to contact with nature, enjoying the pleasant climate of a forest. That is one of its greatest charms.

Definitely, the United States of America is a country that has everything to choose from. Nature in its splendor, but the dynamism and vibrancy of its thriving cities.

Full of lights, color, flavors, traffic, businesses, important industries. Also large avenues and above all people everywhere, this is how this country is.

It easily adapts to any taste. Therefore, the beauty of this country and its natural wealth is synonymous with grace and virtue.

Emblematic cities

With an imposing capital, to think of the United States of America is to visualize the White House. This is in the city of Washington, belonging to the District of Columbia.

Without a doubt, Washington is one of the most important cities in the world. Since the history of this country has been gestated in it.

Likewise, cities like Los Angeles, New York have been hosts for important significant events in all areas.

As previously mentioned, the United States has fifty cities, including the following:

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, California, Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Louisina, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, among others.

In addition, given the historical, geographical and economic conditions, it has some islands or dependent or free association states available.

One of the most significant examples is Puerto Rico and also the Virgin Islands.

The United States of North America is a rich and diverse country. It offers the world in its different cities an opening for all types of people.

This country is undoubtedly culturally rich, although the predominant language is English.

Thanks to the migration processes of Latin Americans living in this country, it is also very common for Spanish to be spoken, even maintaining accents according to nationalities.

It is important to note that many of the immigrants residing in the United States are of Mexican origin.

Although it also houses a large number of Asians, and other Latinos such as Cubans, Dominicans and lately Venezuelans.

The Statue of Liberty
The Statue of Liberty, New York

Living in the United States of America is …

Talking about the United States of America is synonymous with growth, empowerment. But above all with hard work to achieve goals and have quality of life.

Accordingly, this is one of the countries with the largest economies in the world. This is based on gross domestic product.

In fact, it is one of the countries with the best conditions for quality of life in the world.

For those who love business and entrepreneurship, the United States of America is one of the best options.

The fact that the United States of America is one of the most organized countries in the world is important, which is fabulous. This is one of the characteristics that Gustavo Mirabal admires in this great country.

Mainly, from the political, social and economic point of view, always favoring its citizens.

Living in the United States of America is a perfect option for those people who like work and want to live in excellent conditions.

Because it is a country with many Latinos and foreigners, it is a diverse country. Rich in its economy and most importantly an excellent option for strangers and visitors.

Gustavo Mirabal 's Joys Living in America
Gustavo Mirabal ‘s Joys Living in America

Economically speaking, the United States of America is …

As previously described, the United States of America is a rich, diverse, vibrant, colorful country that empowers the world through its extensive development.

According to the economy of this country it is really varied, since it has a diversity of companies dedicated to the agricultural world, manufacturing and technology production.

Also important industries in the chemical area, manufacturing of means of transport.

The fashion industry has its appointments in the most important cities of this country. Specifically in New York.

In addition, thanks to the order and excellent living conditions, it is an excellent country for the development of tourism, which is a must for tourists and locals.

Another of the activities that attracts the attention of the United States of America is its movie industry. It is the dream place for the film and television industry.

A fundmentally private economy

Most of the companies are private and generate a large number of jobs for locals and foreigners who make life in this country.

Fortunately, the conditions are ripe for the United States of America to remain a world power.

To the extent that it has human talent trained for the development of different activities.

In the same way, great technology is the order of the day to carry out any process in all types of industry.

Likewise, the United States of North America is an open sky for export and import, being highly advantageous for the economy.

In this regard, thanks to the international agreements and relations of the United States of America, it has a range of options for making exchanges with other countries.

Finally, getting to know the United States of North America only requires a couple of tickets, a passport and of course a visa and the desire to experience the pomp of this country.

United States of America a great economy
United States of America a great economy

Spain and the United Arab Emirates are other destinations that Gustavo Mirabal has experienced.

The experiences of living in other countries are usually enriching. Gustavo Mirabal has had to live in other lands far from his native America for work reasons.

Spain has been like a second home for this Venezuelan since this country is the mother country of Venezuela.

In this country you have had the opportunity to see the culture, gastronomy and traditions that characterize this country.

One of the traditions that Gustavo Mirabal astonished him was the celebration of the passing of kings.

Then he settled in the lands of the Middle East, even further from his beloved Venezuela. In this sense, in the United Arab Emirates, specifically in Dubai, this family is currently found.

There, this outstanding Venezuelan leads a team that is in charge of financial advice in the region.

Different cultures and experiences have lived the Mirabal Chapellín spouses in different regions of the planet. This makes each of these cultures better understood, some of which are undoubtedly very unique.

Spain and the United Arab Emirates have opened their arms wide for this great Venezuelan family.

Spain and United Arab Emirates
Spain and United Arab Emirates


The United Arab Emirates, a place of charm for the Mirabal family

The brilliance of success sometimes implies that we have to take risks. In this sense, Gustavo Mirabal is a man who has inside a fighting spirit and courage.

As is well known, The United Arab Emirates is the perfect place for this businessman to continue to grow professionally and personally.

Fortunately, behind the success of Gustavo Mirabal is the unconditional support of Carolina Mirabal, his faithful wife of more than twenty years.

They are the vivid example of the saying “behind a great man is a great woman”.

It wasn’t easy for mirabal-Capellín to make this decision. This is because Gustavo Mirabal is a man who loves Spain. This is the country that gave him great experiences and in which he lived before leaving for the United Arab Emirates.

However, this decision was made as a family, always thinking about well-being and quality of life. Also they think about his professional career and the cultural experiences that will enrich their lives.

That is a requirement to success, to dare to conquer new lands, to adapt to new cities, countries and therefore to other cultures and traditions.

Dress code in Dubai
Dress code in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is a captivating place for its gastronomy – Who is Gustavo Mirabal?

History greatly influences the culinary tradition of the United Arab Emirates. This is marked by different flavors, smells and aromas that connect with the ancestral.

In particular, the magic of cooking has to do with those recipes that are learned among the generations of each family.

The cooking has hands of women who learn to use all the implements and utensils. A necessary learning to create the specialties of the house, as part of how diverse Arab culture is.

In the heart of the Arabian Peninsula are these homes, in the midst of modernism and the extensive commercial and technological dynamics. However there is always a home or restaurant with the traditional flavor to delight your own and strangers.

Importantly, the cuisine of the United Arab Emirates adapts to the seasons. Then we have an Emirati cuisine with two flavors the summer and the winter.

Being land of great deserts its gastronomy is full of the “fruits of the desert”. There we can find dates, camel-based dairy products, lots of fish, and exquisite infusions.

Of course, meat and rice are consumed very frequently but in different preparations.

Thanks to cultural richness, due to the high number of immigrants, vegetables, grains, legumes and cereals have gained space in the cuisine of the United Arab Emirates.


Date-based Arabic desserts - Gustavo Mirabal's favorites
Date-based Arabic desserts – Gustavo Mirabal’s favorites


Flavors that cheer

Some flavors and aromas of Ermirati cuisine have their origins in African culture. Some of these flavors are hummus, sautéed, exquisite tabule and barbecue.

Curry has gained an important place thanks to its presence in Arabic food.

On the other hand, the meats that are most frequently prepared are lamb, goat, poultry and beef.

Muslims generally avoid eating pork.

In another order of ideas, the camel is an animal that is very loved and valued in Arab culture. This is because the camel facilitates transportation in the desert.

Camel racing. Dubai National Sport
Camel racing. Dubai National Sport

The magic of aromas in Arab gastronomy

One of the flavors that generates an acid touch to the exquisite Arab foods that are present in the Emirates is pomegranate juice.

Likewise, saffron and cardomome, thyme for meats, mint and the kindly turmeric. These are indispensable ingredients in the traditional haute cuisine of the United Arab Emirates.

Coffee and tea are the favorite drinks of Arab culture. These drinks are the ways to show affection and cordiality with visitors  in their culture

Likewise, the coffee has a slight touch of spices such as saffron and cardomom, and it is drunk in small cups. All a delicacy that stimulates the taste.

The language behind the food

Each country has its own ways of communicating. According to the culture of the United Arab Emirates it has its own signs to express itself.

In this sense, when coffee is served, the cup is filled every so often until people move it from side to side. This is a sign that there is enough coffee.

It is recommended only to use the right hand when eating. As well as doing a little silence with the intention that the visitor has the possibility of delighting the food.

Correspondingly, local food has its own rules that are part of its culture and tradition.

Likewise, there may be spaces for women and separate for men, which is common.

At.mosphere Cafe in Dubai
At.mosphere Cafe in Dubai


Tradition versus modernity in Arab culture

Modernity brought considerable changes to the development of daily activities. With the invention of some household appliances there were tasks that were simplified.

Precisely, when there were no refrigerators, much less refrigerators, fish being one of the ingredients that cannot be missing in the gastronomy of the United Arab Emirates, previously it was salted.

In this way, it contributed to its greater conservation and subsequent consumption.

Drinking water is a resource that was obtained from time to time, because they had to treat it for consumption.

The most traditional thing in the Middle East is to eat on the floor in a space equipped with rugs or some other fabric as a tablecloth with some cushions for comfort.

Although modernity also brought with it the use of tables from small to maintain a little tradition or the large tables used in the West.

Modernity vs Tradition - Gustavo Mirabal in United Arab Emirates
Modernity vs Tradition – Gustavo Mirabal in United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates an open door to the world.

Thanks to the kindness, hospitality and kindness of the United Arab Emirates, it is a territory open to foreigners who come to the country in an effort to expand their businesses.

Hence, fast food from all over the world has come to this country. Hence, it is very common to find restaurants promoting the best of Italian food with their exquisite pizzas and other foods.

In the same way, hamburgers arrive at restaurants and any other fast food place to be part of the daily life of the inhabitants.

The kindness of the Arab allows all nationalities to have a place in a country full of technology, quality of life, well-being, comfort, wealth and abundance.

Cultural diversity is part of the value of the United Arab Emirates, a place that promotes expansion in terms of trade, technology, development and broad economy.

Accordingly, the Middle East has a large number of agreements with other countries both in Europe and America for trade and large negotiations.

Currently, the United Arab Emirates is committed to a broad economy with some flexibility but responsibility to expand its development.

Finally, Gustavo Mirabal observes in the United Arab Emirates a great scope to project the best of his knowledge and experiences in the areas where he has been developing.

Fast food in Dubai United Arab Emirates
Fast food in Dubai United Arab Emirates

The importance of the family for the Venezuelan Gustavo Mirabal Castro

The family is the central nucleus of society, from there the foundations are laid for the advancement of a country.

A family that has the figure of father and mother gives strength to children and in turn a great example. Values ​​are learned and put into practice in the warm bed of the family, for this reason it is our first school.

With these bases we already enter the school to continue training academically and to strengthen the values ​​and habits that we have been taught at home.

In Gustavo Mirabal’s case, he was a privileged man to see the impeccable example of his working parents. Both from the world of laws, they will direct their children to study, prepare and be useful men and women to society.

In the words of Gustavo Mirabal Castro, the family has the following meaning:

“… I would define the family as the necessary energy that man needs to move forward despite setbacks and become a better human being”

We can see the great importance that the family has for this great Venezuelan, since the family is his fundamental engine to move forward.

This man had the privilege of having a wonderful family, since the example of his parents and the love of each of the members of the Mirabal Castro family remain intact.

Likewise, life rewarded him with an exceptional wife and children, with them he has had the opportunity to live in different countries and learn about different cultures.

Pope John II expressed the following:

“The future of society depends on the family. His role is basic for peace “

The role of the family for society is fundamental …

Family is fundamental to Gustavo Mirabal
Family is fundamental to Gustavo Mirabal

The Mirabal Chapellín: a wonderful family

As we have mentioned previously, the family has enormous value for Gustavo Mirabal Castro.

This successful Venezuelan is married to María Carolina Chapellín. Of this marriage there are four children, who are the most valuable treasure of this proud father and husband.

As a father. Gustavo Mirabal does his best and together with his wife they have strived to provide them with a respectful upbringing. For this reason, in Mirabal Chapellín family the points of view of each member of the family are respected.

Although when guiding and guiding their children, these parents do so in the most assertive way possible.

Being parents is not an easy task. There is no manual with specific instructions. But it is the difficult moments and situations that shape the family.

Activities such as reading, watching television and playing are what this father shares with his children.

It should be noted that mealtime is sacred to share with the family. Usually dinner is when everyone agrees and this becomes a space to socialize father, mother and children.

The rules are important and Gustavo Mirabal as a man of laws knows it, for that reason they have defined very clearly what are the duties and rights of each one in the family.

Both Gustavo Mirabal and Carolina Chapellín emphasize to their children the importance of preparing for life. That is why her mother is aware of every detail of the children’s school duties.

Mirabal Chapellin Family Together
Mirabal Chapellin Family Together

Love towards animals: An example of a family

Values ​​are the best example of the Mirabal Chapellín spouses towards their children. In this sense, respect for all living creatures is fundamental.

Maya Angelou, a renowned American writer, poet, singer and civil rights activist, said the following:

“I sustain myself with the love of my family.”

Without any doubt, with the assertiveness and emotional intelligence of the Mirabal Chapellín spouses, this family is built on the solid foundations of love and respect. Without a doubt, this wonderful family is an example to follow.

The example of these parents is to love and respect animals. Gustavo Mirabal y Maria Carolina have had the opportunity to share their love with the horses. They have taught this same behavior to their children

These are very noble and intelligent animals, although children are more inclined towards puppies.

Marc Bekoff expressed the following in relation to animals:

“Animals are not properties or things, but living organisms, subjects of a life, that deserve our compassion, respect, friendship and support”

This is one of the reasons why Gustavo Mirabal and his wife have instilled in their children love and respect for animals. So respect, love and compassion are the pillars that are present in each of the members of this beautiful family.

Equine love and intelligence
Equine love and intelligence

Gustavo Mirabal a studious man

To go far in life, you must aim to train as an excellent professional. That great example was seen by Gustavo Mirabal directly from his father Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos.

From a young age Gustavo Mirabal Castro was a child with great curiosity to learn and discovered that the best way to learn was through reading.

For this reason, from a very young age, he fostered that habit of reading, this would serve him not only to know what was proposed. It also worked perfectly for him over the course of his law degree.

The law degree is very demanding in terms of the number of books and laws to read. For this reason, the reading ability of Gustavo Mirabal Castro helped him to stand out throughout his career.

Knowledge is power and through reading this man empowers himself with new knowledge.

Like the studious, dedicated, self-taught and disciplined man Gustavo Mirabal is always in constant learning. In the current context, he is interested in everything that has to do with the area of ​​finance. Well, this is the area where he currently works in the United Arab Emirates.

He also likes to learn about various topics and this he does through reading. On the other hand, take advantage of the benefits of technology and watch videos of experts in the topics you want to learn.

Without a doubt this is a very studious man, with great wisdom and he sets a great example for his children so that they are encouraged to cultivate the habit of reading and thus learn.

“Never consider study as an obligation, but as an opportunity to penetrate the beautiful and wonderful world of knowledge.”

Albert Einstein.


Gustavo Mirabal Castro a studious man
Gustavo Mirabal Castro a studious man

Who is Gustavo Mirabal Castro and what does he hide?

Many people will wonder who is Gustavo Mirabal Castro and what does he hide?

Well, we are talking about Gustavo Mirabal Castro as a talented Venezuelan who has dedicated himself to training as a professional. Likewise to work for his dreams, to build a beautiful family since he is married to the Venezuelan María Carolina Chapellín.

What is Gustavo Mirabal hiding? This outstanding Venezuelan is recognized for his great career as a lawyer. He has also worked as an entrepreneur and has great skills in equestrian sports. The latter has brought joy to this man since he has left the Venezuelan tricolor in style.

Splendidly Gustavo Mirabal Castro stood out in the field of laws in the banking sector.

Subsequently, he began a journey in the law firm Gustavo Mirabal & Asociados.

He currently works as a financial advisor to companies and investors established in the United Arab Emirates.

In the various paths that Gustavo Mirabal Castro undertakes he leaves Venezuela’s native land high. For being a multifaceted man he does his best in every way.

“Give the best of you. Don’t settle for anything less than doing what’s best for yourself and for others. ” Ben carson


This is one of the secrets that Gustavo Mirabal Castro hides in relation to his successes: Giving the best of himself. His sympathy and charisma win the hearts of those who know him.

Resilience - The Courage to Come Back
Resilience – The Courage to Come Back

The Law, the career that Gustavo Mirabal Castro decided to study

“Law” was a life decision of Gustavo Mirabal Castro. Many times people study a career to please their parents, but in the case of this man it was a conscious decision. Well, from a very young age he had contact with the wide world of laws.

Seeing his father work diligently and his discipline became an inspiration that today catapulted him as a great lawyer.

It must be taken into account that for the exercise of this career, a great deal of discipline, respect, dedication and a lot of ethics are required.

In his career Gustavo Mirabal focused more on the financial field, in this way he worked in various banking institutions in his homeland.

Later he was inclined to found his own office which is called Gustavo Mirabal & Asociados. This office is based in the capital of the country, that is, the beautiful city of Caracas.

This man has carried out his career always aiming for excellence, because that has always been his goal. That is why they do their work in a dedicated way and in order to help resolve customer issues.

In this sense, it has a team which has been led to meet the needs of the client portfolio of this important legal firm.

Without a doubt, that the work has been wonderful, since they are more than three decades of Gustavo Mirabal’s career in the field of law.

This man studied Law at the illustrious Santa María University. There he spent five years to study undergraduate and then continued to prepare in the field of financial law.

Today he serves as a great financial advisor in the United Arab Emirates.

Campus Santa Maria University - Alma Mater of Gustavo Mirabal an empowered man
Campus Santa Maria University – Alma Mater of Gustavo Mirabal an empowered man

Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos the lawyer who inspired his son Gustavo Mirabal Castro

The example that Gustavo Mirabal saw in his father Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos was a source of inspiration to lean towards the world of law.

The good example was essential for this decision since this man exercised his career with discipline and ethics.

Gustavo Mirabal as a child watched his father read many documents, laws, rules, gazettes, regulations, among others. So little by little Gustavo Mirabal Castro became steeped in this area since, being an avid reader, he understood certain terms specific to the field of law.

Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos the lawyer who inspired his son Gustavo Mirabal Castro to study this law degree.

Law is a career that exists in all countries of the world but differ in terms of laws.

Therefore, if a lawyer wants to practice in another country of insurance, it is up to him to do a revalidation.

Example is the best way to educate children and Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos did it with his children using respectful upbringing and the best example.

Well, this family grew up putting values ​​into practice. This example is currently put into practice by his son Gustavo Mirabal Castro

Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos
Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos

Definition of Law

The word right comes from the old norse  “lag” and the old English term “lagu, which means:

Lag:  “something laid down or fixed”

Lagu: “rule prescribed by authority, ordinance, regulation”

The law is infused in postulates of justice and composes the normative and institutional order that regulates human behavior in society.

The platform of law is social relations, which establish its content and character.

Therefore, the law is a contiguous one of norms that agree to resolve conflicts within a society.

The Law
The Law

Outstanding jurists in the history of law

Throughout the history of humanity there have been great jurists who have left a legacy in the field of law

Among the most important jurists we can mention the following: Marco Tulio Cicero, Ulpiano, Baron de Montesquieu, Alexis de Tocqueville, Friedrich Karl von Savigny, Giussepe Chiovenda, Hans Kelsen among others.

For each area there are specific rules, regulations and laws that address each of these areas. For this we mention various types of rights:

  • Objective law. It is the linked of norms that form the law.
  • Subjective law. He is the man against the norm.
  • Natural law. It derives from the nature of man.
  • Current Law. It is the one that currently governs and this is positive because it is part of the history of law.
  • Positive Law.

In the time that the students study law they see each of these rights in the subjects.


Characteristics of the law

Among the various characteristics that the law may present are the following:

  • It comes from remote times: As we have already mentioned, the career of laws is one of the oldest. In this sense, the first laws were born a few centuries ago. For this reason, Roman law is one of the subjects that form part of the curriculum of the law career.
  • It is normative, that is, it takes into account a compendium of valid norms, rules and lines within a categorical society and cultural framework. In this sense, it covers compulsory guidelines for behavior.
  • They are sustained in bilaterality, therefore merits the interaction of two or more people. Since the laws work in a heteronomous way: society assigns the norms to the individuals with whom we must govern. It should be noted that although our points of view differ from these laws, we must comply with them.
  • Also, the Law aspires to comply with the rules or “laws”, because in the event of the opposite being punished with sanctions for those who break the rules.
  • The law operates as a system of rules, which are established in an orderly, merged way, avoiding injustices.

As we can observe compliance with laws, regulations and standards are vital regardless of where we are. Therefore we must be careful with our actions to avoid being penalized for not complying with them.

It is ideal for the professional to take into account their code of ethics and all the laws related to the performance of their duties. This applies to all existing professions. It should be noted that some require more care and commitment than others.

Characteristics of Law
Characteristics of Law

Family law

Man and woman by human nature are social beings that make their lives a succession of facts and actions that sometimes require to be understood from the law. Family law is an area with specific functions.

Accordingly, family law helps to conduct all processes, activities, but above all regulations and norms that are developed to guide the family institution.

Importantly, each country has its own regulations and standards. In addition to the definition of what family is.

Likewise, many countries are currently experiencing changes in what is family.

Because, it gives foot and approval for different types of coexistence.

Speaking of the family implies recognizing it as the most valuable and long-standing institution that humanity has, resulting in its obligatory evolution over time.

Indistinctly, many are the elements and factors that are present in the conformation of the family.

Among them cultural, anthropological, psychological, social, axiological and ontological aspects.

What is clear is that it is necessary for two people to exist (in some cases at least) to make up the family unit.

However, family law does not have the last word to engage a decision since it requires studying the entire situation in order to establish some kind of guideline or guideline.

The scope of family law
The scope of family law

The intention and purpose of family law

One of the aspects that family law studies, and is always the north, is protection and certainty about the obligations that exist in this structure socially speaking.

In this order of ideas, in family law there is a set of rules, laws, resolutions, jurisprudence that serve to guide the problems of family members.

The family is understood as a social and natural institution. In this sense, there are elements of civil law that help clear the way in family law.

Day in the Life of a Family Lawyer

Some topics or situations that family law studies

As previously mentioned, the nature of the family is so broad and diverse that there is a great diversity of content that can be studied from family law.

For example, adoption is an issue of family law, marriage, parental authority, the welfare of children, the care of the elderly and children, among others.

Everything related to the act of conceiving, birth, legal aspects of upbringing, the right of children, among others.

According to family law, there are new elements that are emerging as a result of the need and the response of science to human circumstances.

Such is the case of the new methods and techniques to achieve conception, as well as the right of women and men to plan their children.

And more recently there is a need for men or women to be able to live the sexual orientation of their choice.

Historically one of the topics that has studied family law is the need for women’s independence. Women socially need access to a job and become more autonomous in their decisions. Family law is committed to laying the legal foundation for equality.

Behind the previous idea, it is hidden that the changes of society have given rise to new roles within the family as a structure.

Family Law Explained

Another issue of family law

Another issue in force within family law is hereditary inheritances and estates.

In this context, coexistence is studied as a family law issue.

It is clear that the evolution of human beings has resulted in family law being updated. Every day family law has new situations to study and legislate on.

It cannot be questioned that society requires families to be able to stay alive, active, dynamic as a social assistance.

Family is the means to keep history, society, science, culture and any other form of knowledge, knowledge or belief alive.

Family Law to help the society
Family Law to help the society

What functions does a family lawyer have? – Gustavo Mirabal a great lawyer

Mainly among the functions of a family lawyer is the assistance and advice to a client in all situations arising in the middle of a legal dispute.

Regardless the situation, all the facts, situations and problems that arise in the midst of a family must be addressed and guided by the family lawyer. At the Mirabal & Asociados law firm they have dealt with this type of legal case with success.

This has a scope in terms of marriage as a legal fact, divorce, rights of family members, among others.

Therefore, an expert lawyer in family law can make applications to a court, registration, it all depends on the organization of each place.

In recent times, it is also common for pre-nuptial agreements to be drawn up before a marriage is celebrated, being a matter of family and civil law.

The family lawyer is present in situations in requests for restraining orders in cases of family violence.

It is there where the figure and legal advice of a family lawyer appears.

Fortunately for jurists who are passionate about this area, there are different postgraduate degrees and other training activities that allow broadening the vision of family law.

The family lawyer, like those of the other branches of law, requires to always be updated, since it is not known what cases or situations they could attend.

We recommend looking for an experienced lawyer, the one who knows the most and dominates the field of study. Finding a good lawyer guarantees your interests.

Family law
Family law


Gustavo Mirabal passionate about law

Both he and his father, Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos, are passionate men about issues associated with different areas of law. Among them family law.

Although, the real fascination of Gustavo Mirabal’s student days was criminal law, whenever he has been able he has helped friends and relatives in matters of family law.

Because Gustavo Mirabal is a man who is updated all the time to be able to carry out an ideal practice with ethics and a lot of professionalism.

Undoubtedly, behind Gustavo Mirabal’s life hides different facets and roles where his roots go back to law to understand society and its functioning.

And although today he is a financial advisor worldwide, there are many elements of the incorporation of companies that start from the law as the main foundation.

Coupled with both legal and financial knowledge, Carolina Chapellin is present his wife. Together they have more than twenty years of learning together, since she is a career business administrator.

There is no doubt that this marriage is complemented in knowledge, experiences, family projects and plans. But above all they complement each other to start and help others grow as big companies.

In essence, Gustavo Mirabal is a man full of successes who has given himself the opportunity to expand his horizons to be able to win spaces around the world.

In the countries where he has lived, his legacy is clear in fields that apply law, horseback riding, equestrian jumping and finance.

Behind the law there are no written last words, there will always be issues to develop and legislate to give meaning to society.

"Mirabal & Asociados" law firm
“Mirabal & Asociados” law firm

Financial law

Gustavo Mirabal Castro is a lawyer who was inclined towards the world of finance. His extensive work experience was in various banking institutions in Venezuela.

From there his passion was the world of finance. Of course the Mirabal y Asociados law firm is capable of solving various situations in its client portfolio.

Today he is one of the leading financial advisers in the United Arab Emirates.

To understand a little more about this important branch of law we mention several expert authors in the field

According to Pérez Royo, financial law refers to:

“Set of legal rules and principles that discipline the Public Treasury”


On the other hand, Sáinz de Bujanda defines it as follows:

“Discipline whose purpose is the systematic study of the rules that regulate economic resources, which the State and other public entities can use to fulfill their purposes”


This branch of law is of great importance. It is responsible for addressing macro economies, that is, those that move a country.

If this economy is well managed, it surely brings well-being to a nation. Otherwise the economy goes into a tailspin, harming its inhabitants and their quality of life.

Gustavo Mirabal understands “to the letter” everything that financial law implies. Therefore urges his portfolio of clients to work from the principles of financial intelligence to achieve their objectives.

Finance Law | Accounting Law | Economics Law

A little more about Financial Law

Another definition of financial law is as follows:

“… is the set of legal norms that regulate the financial activity of the State and of the other public, territorial and institutional entities, that is, it orders the obtaining of income and the expenses that such subjects allocate to the fulfillment of their purposes”


Financial law covers the processes of regulation of the financial activity of the State.

The activities that financial law is responsible for are: the collection, management and distribution of the financial means necessary for the life of public entities.

A branch of financial law is also called Public Finance Law. This addresses the perception, management and expenditure of the pecuniary resources available to the state. It’s about all of the financial resources for the realization of its purposes.

Without a doubt, we can see the importance of law in economic matters. Well, special laws, regulations, norms, among others, are derived from the law.

The scope of law can be applied to almost any area and finance is one of these.

Gustavo Mirabal, as a lawyer, undoubtedly knows in depth the subject of finance. This  gives him an advantage over other advisers in finance.


Financial Law as a branch of Public Law

There are two types of rules of law mentioned below

  • Rules of Private Law: they regulate the relationships between individuals, whether natural persons or legal entities.
  • Public Law Norms: regulate relationships in which one of the parties is a public entity. The Administration does not usually act as an individual but rather has privileges or prerogatives.

Financial Law is an area of Public Law that organizes the economic resources of the State Treasury.

It also assumes control of the other administrative entities and regulates the procedures for obtaining and receiving income and organizing the expenses. It’s about Public Administrations  incomes and expenses dedicate to their purposes.

Financial Law has great relevance in the economy of a country that is why those who exercise it have great responsibility.

The world of finance
The world of finance

Two important aspects of Financial Law

There are two fundamental elements that are expenses and income. They must be handled with great caution. In addition, its management must be one hundred percent transparent.


Financial Law regulates the different income that accrues and is destined to the coffers of public entities.

  • Tax revenues: Known as taxes, they are the most significant both qualitatively and quantitatively. Today this branch of law is called Financial and Tax Law.
  • Credit income: Are those obtained by a public entity through credit
  • Patrimonial income: The State, due to its condition of property owner, obtains income through its transfer to third parties. All for the satisfaction of the needs of society.


It deals with public expenditures in which it affects the formal procedures. They regulate the allocation, disbursement and control of the use of public resources.

To do this, it takes the following process that covers three moments.

  • The allocation: the authorities program public spending. This forecast is established in a document: the budget, which specifies how much we are going to spend and what we are going to spend it on.
  • Disbursement: It is the spending stage.
  • Control: In this cycle, the control of public funds is executed. That is, the execution of expenditure is inspected. For this reason, the records of the slightest expenses must remain since it can be subjected to an audit.
Expenses - Gustavo Adolfo Mirabal Castro
Expenses – Gustavo Adolfo Mirabal Castro

Who is Gustavo Mirabal as a financial advisor?

Gustavo Mirabal, thanks to his career as an athlete, has focused his efforts on advising this sector. As we have seen in other articles, finance for athletes is a specific branch of finance. That’s because high-performance athletes have high incomes, but an especially short professional life. This may lead them to believe that they can lead a life with a rate of expenditure that cannot be sustained over time, without adequate financial measures.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro, seeing the economic vulnerability of the athletes, decided to help them. He has focused especially on athletes of Latin American origin. But perhaps we should ask ourselves, What are the reasons for the economic vulnerability of high-performance athletes? Let’s go over a little the reasons for this situation, among which are the short professional lives of athletes and an unconventional lifestyle.

Financial plan for a professional athlete
Financial plan for a professional athlete

The short professional life of athletes

It is well known that professional athletes have their best time from 20 to 30 years old. In some cases, it can go up to age 35 or 40. However, few sports professionals follow well beyond that age at full capacity. Due to this situation, athletes have a professional life of about 30 years at most.

This implies that the professional athlete reached the age of 40 has two options: look for a normal job or live from what he generated during his professional life. In some prominent cases, professional athletes become coaches or technical directors of the teams. But this is only a small percentage.

We have also seen many athletes end up ruined thanks to their short professional lives. But to understand this situation it is not enough to appeal to his short professional life. Some sports professionals in 2 years earn what a human being earns in a lifetime.

An example of this is Mike Tyson who went on to win over $20 million per fight. That means Mike Tyson won in a fight 10 times more than a person would earn in his entire life earning $2000 a month for 80 years. And yet Mike Tyson was ruined.

So how do you explain that athletes end up ruined?

Example of Athletes Age Distribution in 2013
Example of # Athletes vs Age Distribution in the NFL in 2013

Other keys to the ruin of athletes

We also find that the excessive expenses of athletes and the lack of maturity due to their age are factors that precipitate the ruin of athletes.

Without a doubt, an athlete requires advice in order to secure his future. Gustavo Mirabal knows the keys to provide a quiet future for athletes and focuses on giving them their best.

Thanks to this strategy many of its clients have avoided an embarrassing bankruptcy. But the first step is to understand what are the obstacles that are presented to the athlete and how to overcome them. In that Gustavo Mirabal has become an expert.

Maturity and extravagant or excessive expenses

Athletes reach their professional best when they have not yet reached their psychological maturity. This is because at the age of twenty many young people still do not have great responsibilities. Also, making so much money the feeling is that it’s impossible for it to ever end. This leads to extravagant and excessive expenditure.

Following the example of Mike Tyson, the American boxer bought in 2003 a white gold chain with diamonds for 173mil dollars. This gives an idea of the distortion that can be in the mind of a person with such a huge income.

Some athletes are pressured by the environment to lend money to friends, family and opportunists. Other athletes aware of these seek financial advice from friends or inexperienced people which ends up being a mistake. In some cases they can even get them into legal trouble as happened to Ronaldinho.

Gustavo Mirabal believes that good financial advice can provide quality of life to athletes without sacrificing fun. How does Gustavo Mirabal think it can be possible to secure the future in the present? We’ll find out next.

Floyd Mayweather's Extravagant Expenses
Floyd Mayweather’s Extravagant Expenses

The keys to the advice to the athletes of Gustavo Mirabal

The first phase for Gustavo Mirabal is to show them that no matter how much money is earned, the money can also be exhausted. Thanks to this, athletes discover within themselves a call to prudence. Already within this state of mind, Gustavo Mirabal invites athletes to choose the lifestyle they would like to lead when they retire from their sporting facet.

With this and your client’s income in mind he prepares a short- and medium-term retirement plan. Gustavo Mirabal considers in his plans that athletes are injured, and this is something that any athlete should put in his financial plan. Then with that in mind you choose a percentage of your income that goes to an investment fund and trusts. This fund is the athlete’s savings and a generator of additional income.

As we all know, over time money loses value. It is necessary that, although substantial savings are made for retirement, that money must also be invested. With this investment the athlete avoids the loss of the value of his money and can also multiply it. It will depend on the expectations where the amount of the investment and the type of investment will be set.

It is certainly a teamwork with the athlete, but the fruits of which are quickly visible. Thanks to this Gustavo Mirabal Castro has guaranteed a quiet retirement to great athletes. A great feat.

Various destinations in the life of Gustavo Mirabal Castro: A citizen of the world

Living in different places is usually an experience full of challenges, knowing different cultures, learning from them and respecting them is a great task.

Who is Gustavo Mirabal Castro? This Venezuelan is a citizen of the world who has dedicated himself to living the experience of knowing and experiencing diverse cultures.

In principle this man was nourished to the maximum of the culture of his native Venezuela. Since he was a child he traveled it with his parents and brothers and later with his wife and children.

Then in the United States he managed to crystallize his most longed for dream, to know and practice English. He also had the privilege of visiting cities such as New York, Miami, Atlanta, Washington, Seattle, among others.

On the other hand, in Spain he delved into the depths of his culture and was able to fully enjoy various activities related to horses. There I experience hiking on horseback and saw spectacular landscapes.

He saw the horse show in a choreography, this being a show from another world.

He is currently learning about Arab culture as he is living in the UAE specifically in Dubai.

For now he is progressing with the language and learning everything related to this interesting culture with his family.

Venezuela, United States, Spain and United Arab Emirates
Venezuela, United States, Spain and United Arab Emirates

Gustavo Mirabal Castro, a visionary man

Direct contact with the horses caused Gustavo Mirabal to develop great sensitivity and love towards these animals.

In part this influenced so that in his adult stage he was inclined to undertake in the equestrian world.

In this way when I was a little boy, with only 9 years old, I already frequented the racetracks. The activity was done in the company of his father Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos.

It should be noted that the father of this visionary and successful man today was president of the National Racecourse Institute.

Mirabal Bustillos as the owner of the eighties champion horse, Tropigold, exercised great control over his son in the equestrian world.

This somehow forged that desire in Gustavo Mirabal to become a great rider.

In addition, this influenced the venture that later crystallized in distant lands, thus achieving a prestigious farm.

This prominent Venezuelan for being a great visionary today is a great lawyer who is succeeding in other countries. On the other hand, he stands out as an entrepreneur and rider in the discipline of horse riding, jumping obstacles.

Without a doubt he has managed to leave the flag of Venezuela very high. In this sense, he has shone in the equestrian world as well as in entrepreneurship and the exercise of his profession as a lawyer.

On the other hand, his dream of creating the G&C Farm training center in 2009 crystallized.

This equestrian space is a paradise located in the United States. For this reason G&C Farm reached benchmark levels of hipism in the world.

It should be noted that this site is currently inactive.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro on horseback - Longines
Gustavo Mirabal Castro on horseback – Longines

Equestrian Disney World

For being a wonderful and authentic space from the architectural and functional point of view. This equestrian complex came to be called by many as the Disney World of equestrian dreams and passions.

The facilities that formed the farm had great comfort for both horses and equestrian athletes.

In relation to the physical characteristics of this center we have the following:

  • A jump court, a treadmill for eight horses, an individual treadmill, six paddocks.
  • It has laundry spaces, a hay deposit, a food and medicine room, a two bedroom apartment for the stables.
  • G&C Farm, as the farm was called, was built on a plot of 16,187.43 square meters.
  • It should be noted that he began his work in 2009 in the city of Wellington, Florida.
  • Today it is inactive. However, those who lived a beautiful equestrian experience there can express their positive comments about it.
  • This was one of the best areas in Florida for activities related to the field of riding.
Gustavo Mirabal and María Carolina Chapellín de Mirabal award Erick Lamaze award at G&C FARM
Gustavo Mirabal and María Carolina Chapellín de Mirabal award Erick Lamaze award at G&C FARM

G&C Farm and its successful riders promotions

Giving continuity to what is the farm of this successful Venezuelan, this has given great results. Now, as for the riders who have been prepared in these facilities.

During the active phase of G&C Farm I reach levels of excellence. Therefore he achieved great fame in the field of equestrian sports.

As if that were not enough, they worked hand in hand with important allies such as the Colombian Mark Bluman. Brazilians Nelson, Rodrigo and Helio Pessoa also participated. Without a doubt this gave this farm a high status and value.

G&C Farm stood out as champion in the exhibition races. This event was attended by Creoles Luis Miguel Martínez, Gustavo Arroyo, Luis Fernando Larrazábal and Pablo Barrios. This last rider, took him to the top 25 in the world ranking.

In 2015, Gustavo Mirabal Castro achieved an important alliance with the Spanish Olympic athlete Sergio Álvarez Moya.

All the success of the farm, as well as its allies and its pupils in the equestrian field gave great results. Indeed, they led him to this great Venezuelan to succeed in countries such as the United States and Spain.

All this Mirabal success has been achieved thanks to the unconditional support of his wife María Carolina Chapellín de Mirabal.

Together the Mirabal Chapellín husbands created this site taking into account the comfort and comfort of both athletes and horses

The discipline and perseverance of this Venezuelan athlete have led him to success. That is why he has had the vision of developing great riders in the category of obstacle jumping.

Gustavo Mirabal and partners
Gustavo Mirabal and partners

The Mirabal Chapellín family farm: G&C Farm

When people come together in strong ties they generally have goals and projects in common. In the case of Mirabal Chapellín husbands, they joined forces to achieve such long-awaited dreams.

With the perseverance and discipline of these Venezuelan entrepreneurs, they initially achieved the creation of G&C Farm.

It should be noted that both grew up rolled of horses and the sensitivity and love that this couple developed towards these noble animals was enormous.

Meanwhile, both agreed with this dream since childhood, without a doubt life was responsible for bringing them together to achieve these equestrian projects together.

G&C Farm was born thanks to the perseverance, perseverance, discipline and commitment that Gustavo Mirabal Castro and his wife María Carolina Chapellín put to this project.

However, there was no shortage of those who issued their negative opinions. But with intelligence they ignored and continued to overcome the obstacles.

Gustavo said it in an interview, that there were people from his country who invited him to renounce that yearning.

These are the first obstacles that expired, not hearing negative people. Thus they continued with their project to promote the equestrian world and leave Venezuela on top.

Many were surprised with the final results of the farm. As these facilities impress with their great beauty, comfort and quality.

From there emerges the motto that a journalist described this site as the Disney World of equestrian dreams and passions.

Training of riders and strategic alliances in the world of hipism

In a high-level venture in the equestrian world, a clear vision and objectives are required. To achieve this, high standards of excellence in the training of riders must be maintained.

It is also essential to establish strategic alliances that help drive this project.

Subsequently, to carry out everything raised, the protagonists are two successful Brazilian riders. These are Nelson and Rodrigo Pessoa who appeared at the G&C Farm facilities located in Florida – United States.

Both Nelson Pessoa and Rodrigo Pessoa accumulate many victories inside and outside the competitions. In fact they have the respect and admiration of many.

The Pessoa, Brazilian riders with great experience in the equestrian world, enjoy great popularity.

Therefore Gustavo Mirabal Castro made the decision that these brilliant men of the horse should exercise their role as coaches.

For this they carried out their work in the spaces of the Mirabal Chapellín husband’s farm.

The confidence that Creole has in these Brazilian coaches is enormous. In this way he hopes that these riding professionals will forge the best riders of these equestrian spaces.


Spanish rider Sergio Álvarez Moya as protagonist of the Obstacle Jump

Another of the great allies is the Spanish jumping rider, Sergio Álvarez Moya. This is a long-standing rider who joined the ranks of G&C Farm in order to train.

For this reason he traveled from Spain to Florida. There Sergio perfected his techniques in handling the horse.

These strategic alliances brought excellent results from the Spanish rider. This allowed him to win the Spanish championship with one of the horses trained in G&C Farm.

G&C Farm as a source of Inspiration for others

When a job is done with love and discipline, it brings excellent results and even inspires others to undertake …

In this same way, G&C Farm inspired the Spanish rider Sergio Álvarez Moya. Well, this man trained in Florida with the horses of G&C Farm.

From this wonderful experience Álvarez Moya undertakes a similar project in Spain.

The objective of this project focused on training horses for equestrian jumping. In addition to the training of athletes in this discipline of riding.

The aforementioned training center was founded near Madrid, the Spanish capital.

Álvarez Moya’s friendship and closeness with Mirabal are linked by that love to horses and the equestrian world.

These greats of the equestrian world have many aspects in common, since both are entrepreneurs of riding. In addition to riders and businessmen, therefore the gatherings of these friends are usually interesting.

In this way the search for excellence unites Gustavo Mirabal and Sergio Alvarez Moya to empower Spanish riders.

Sergio Álvarez Moya
Sergio Álvarez Moya

Gustavo Mirabal Castro as a lawyer

Gustavo Mirabal Castro is studying for a university degree in Law at the Santa María University (USM) in Venezuela. In fact, he graduated with the title of Lawyer in 1988.

In principle, he worked in prestigious institutions such as:

  • Británica de Seguros, C. A.
  • Seguros Horizonte S.A.
  • Construction Bank

All these exercised in Caracas, his hometown.

After forging that professional experience, they are directed to undertake and exercise their profession independently. In this regard, he created his own law firm called Mirabal & Asociados, S.C.

This multifaceted Venezuelan has had the ability to combine his profession with his hobbies that is horse riding.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro is a lawyer by profession. He also exercises his profession through his law firm Mirabal & Asociados.

Mirabal & Associates.

In the trajectory developed through his firm, Gustavo Mirabal has attended to his client portfolio focused on commercial law.

That is why the services offered through its firm are the following:

  • Services linked to the commercial, commercial, tax,
  • Also everything related to intellectual property, foreign investments and exchange advice.
  • In addition, litigation, finance and capital markets.

We can see that the trajectory of this firm has been maintained over the years.

Gustavo Mirabal has expanded to other countries, to the point that he currently practices in the United Arab Emirates.

Mirabal & Asociados Law Firm
Mirabal & Asociados Law Firm

G&C Farm: A Miraba Chapellín husband’s paradise

At the G&C Farm facilities they had the privilege of raising the Venezuelan flag.

This beautiful equestrian training center defines it as the “Disney World of dreams and equestrian passions.” Being these words expressed by the journalist Ángela Oráa.

These beautiful facilities belonged to the husbands Gustavo Mirabal and María Carolina Chapellín de Mirabal.

This Training Center was born with the objective of classifying riders in all high level competitions.

In this sense, these competitions were the following: The World Cup finals, World Equestrian Games and Olympic Games. He also supported riders to classify the Pan American Games held recently in Lima, Peru.

Gustavo Mirabal’s Virko Minotais participated in this event

Virko Minotais GP140 GN Tours Pernay 21 mai 2017

The world of horse riding: A family passion

Both Gustavo and Carolina shared with horses since childhood. For some reason fate joined Carolina Chapellin with Gustavo Mirabal. They have the privilege of sharing these aspects in common.

Gustavo and María Carolina have a beautiful family and these offspring are growing with that sensitivity and love towards animals. In short, horses have become a family passion.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro, is the one who takes the reins of the businesses of the house, counting on the valuable support of his wife. As they say over there behind a great man there is a great woman …

Regarding the organizational structure Gustavo Mirabal appears as president and vice president of Farm G&C Inc.

It should be noted that this center is currently no longer operational.

Like any organization, other people worked such as: Mónica Calabrese, who was director. In addition, Iveth Landa as secretary and Carlos Mirabal as treasurer.

Previously they appeared as presidents of this center: Pablos Barrios, María Fernanda Faría and Ramón F. Llaneza among others.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro - G & C Farm
Gustavo Mirabal Castro – G & C Farm

Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos the great patriarch

Mirabal Bustillos is Carlos’s grandfather and father Gustavo Mirabal Castro.

This is another passionate about the equestrian Gustavo Alfredo Mirabal Bustillo, former leader of Democratic Action.

Mirabal Bustillo is a former member of the National Congress – where he chaired the Control Committee of the Chamber of Deputies.

Also former Minister of Development (government of Jaime Lusinchi) and former governor of the state Miranda (1985).

As we can see Gustavo Mirabal Castro’s father had extensive experience in the political history of Venezuela.

In addition to Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos, you also have a great passion for horses that he inherited from his son.

Mirabal Castro a privileged man of hipism

Gustavo Mirabal and his wife learned a lot through the equestrian entrepreneurship they carried out. In that sense, it gave him the opportunity to directly appreciate how to take charge of an establishment of such magnitude.

The responsibility of managing a farm involves knowing the processes of acquiring quality specimens. As well as looking for the expert staff to maintain the levels of excellence raised.

The advantage of Mirabal Castro, a privileged man of hypism, is that his experience with horses helps him. Well, throughout his life he has been very close in this equestrian world. Indeed, the experience of the Venezuelan athlete makes him a recognized entrepreneur

No one can suspect Gustavo Mirabal Castro’s equestrian passion or poderopedia.

This horse-loving man had the opportunity to have a pony. Subsequently he leaned towards the discipline of riding the obstacle jump.

Horse riding, companies and laws, all hand in hand

His knowledge of riding and the skill taught by his legal profession resulted in an “intellectual fortune.”

For the sample a button: Well, with the management of G&C Farm, it manages to position its farm as one of the best.

On the other hand their horses were among the best in the world. In addition, the strategic alliance with the Spanish rider Sergio Álvarez Moya and the Brazilian horsemen Pessoa is an example of this.

For these actions and Venezuelan he earned respect in the equestrian world and the admiration of many people.

Mirabal Castro, a rider with a great career

This Venezuelan has excelled in the discipline of riding the obstacle jump. This is why he is recognized in the equestrian world, for reaping successes in this sport.

The extensive experience and good direction of the specimens has had its positive effects, as other athletes praise it.

In 2009, when he opened the doors of the equestrian center, he was consolidated in the equine world. In this way, respect and admiration on the part of the public grew.

2017 was a year of great achievements for this Venezuelan athlete and businessman. In addition, this year strengthens its alliance with the number 1 Spanish equestrian jump Sergio Álvarez Moya.

Husband of Carolina Chapellin and family
Husband of Carolina Chapellin and family

In the next update we will focus on his facet of Venezuelan rider and know a little more about G&C Farm. Hope you enjoy and follow us.

Perseverance in the equestrian world

As we have already mentioned, Gustavo Mirabal is a persevering man and this applies to the various roles he has played throughout his life.

In the equestrian field he has also been persistent, since his childhood he leaned towards the equestrian world.

At a young age, he accompanied his father Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos to the La Rinconada Racetrack. It was in this place that he had contact with horses and where Tropigold set his heart forever.

This contact with this noble horse marked Gustavo Mirabal forever as the link between these animals and this man are ineffable.

Mirabal has always shown respect, love and compassion for animals but without a doubt his favorites are horses.

Out of his love for horses, he decides to hone his skills in the horse riding discipline known as equestrian jumping or show jumping.

In the competitions in which he participated, he stood out and left the Venezuelan tricolor very high. These achievements are achieved thanks to the discipline and perseverance that characterize him.

Gustavo Mirabal is a man with a lot of perseverance who achieves the goals that he proposes in life.

Without a doubt, this Venezuelan is an example to follow.

The great horse Tropigold
The great horse Tropigold

Gustavo Mirabal Castro, the last man left to be praised in the US

Gustavo Mirabal, is a successful Venezuelan who works as a lawyer. This man is the son of the prominent adeco and former governor of Caracas, Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos.

Mirabal amassed a great intellectual capacity thanks to his academic studies. As well as work as a manager with important business figures. This allowed him in the blink of an eye, to become a powerful and visionary equestrian athlete with interests in the United States and Spain.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro is also the creator of the equestrian training center in Florida, G&C Farm.

Through this center he carried out operations to train high-level competitive horses. In addition to focusing on the training of athletes of high equestrian performance.

The Mirabal Chapellín husbands designed a work scheme that paid off very well since the horses under the G&C brand.

Several of them won very important competitions and even European cups.

G&C Farm Luis Miguel Martinez and G&C Don Vito

The Disney World of riding and showjumping

The dream of most children and adults is to know the Disney World. Without a doubt it is a place that evokes many childhood memories

This space is cataloged as a place where fantasy and reality come together. But also excellence and warmth provide an unforgettable experience.

For the aforementioned it is a dream that the vast majority of children, because their desire to know the Disney World as well as the characters of their favorite series.

Similarly, the warmth and excellence of the G&C Farm facilities were notorious during the time it worked.

This center was attended by expert riders who assumed the role of coaches. The brilliant instructors were Brazilians Rodrigo and Nelson Pessoa.

Both the people who lived there and the visitors lived the experience of the Disney World Equestrian

The name of Mirabal Castro as well as that of his country, Venezuela, was high.

Professional growth begins to cause envy in other Venezuelans. While others were amazed because the Latino had succeeded.

All horses trained at G&C Farm came out with a winners formation. That is why in the different competitions where they participated they won important prizes.

The Spanish rider, number one in equestrian jumping, Sergio Álvarez Moya, is titled European champion with one of these specimens.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro and his wife Carolina
Gustavo Mirabal Castro and his wife Carolina

Venezuelan flag on top thanks to Gustavo Mirabal

The Venezuelan Caracas rider raised the flag above his head. This enthusiasm and excitement expressed with a big smile waving from the top of the pedestal. A beautiful gesture of thanks and honor from Gustavo Mirabal to his homeland is considered a patriot and is a source of pride.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro is a man who has been dedicated since childhood to the equestrian world. In this sense the horses are the main engine of his life, his greatest sympathy and dream come true.

The positive effect of this man’s work and discipline has been known and admired in equestrian sport.

The main objective of this athlete was to raise the flag of his country. In addition, a Venezuelan generation on horseback is growing, the ideal being that they win important victories.

There are young people in Venezuela who love horse riding. In addition there are other experienced as Pablo Barrios and Gustavo Arroyo who are still there giving their best.

Every day and every night Creole riders strive to exalt Venezuela. For leaving your country high.

As far as there is a future in Venezuelan riding, there are riders who will surely give the country many joys and medals in the medium and long term.

The future shines for Gustavo Mirabal and for Venezuela

The equestrian world has been one of the hobbies of Venezuelan Gustavo Mirabal. He has also stood out in his role as businessman and lawyer, the latter exercising it in the United Arab Emirates.

Maria Carolina Chapellin, Gustavo Mirabal’s wife, is not left behind and while she is in charge of raising her children she supports her husband. Her knowledge of business administration has been very helpful in giving advice to her husband informally. She also plans her children’s education, day-to-day life and vacation. Without a doubt she is a versatile and integral woman who knows how to take care of her image and her intellect at the same time.

Without a doubt, an example to follow for thousands of Venezuelans who want to get ahead and put the Venezuelan flag up.










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