//Gustavo Mirabal Castro, Venezuelan rider who transcends
Gustavo Mirabal Castro mirando al futuro

Gustavo Mirabal Castro, Venezuelan rider who transcends

The Venezuelan Gustavo Mirabal Castro is a prominent rider, lawyer and businessman. This has traveled the world for business and pleasure at the same time. Although a lawyer by profession, his great passion has been horses. This is because his great passion is the horses that became a great business. This is what a person with dreams does. It makes them come true. Learn more about the Venezuelan Gustavo Mirabal.

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Throughout his career he has left the name of Venezuela high. He has done an excellent job in the following aspects:

  • As a lawyer advising from a legal and tax point of view sports teams.
  • As an amateur rider winning international competitions.
  • Also, as a breeder and horse trainer because his horse business is in charge of that.
  • As a financial advisor, Gustavo Mirabal Castro has advised artists and athletes to manage their family assets.

In addition, to diversifying into various sectors and transcending his own profession, Gustavo Mirabal Castro has also transcended the borders of the country where he was born. In this way, Gustavo Mirabal has exported all these professions to countries such as:

  • United States: It was his first place to grow and become an entrepreneur, with great results in sports, breeding and financial advisoring.
  • Spain: As an equestrian entrepreneur and financial advisor, he stood out.
  • United Kingdom or England: Mainly financial advisor.
  • Switzerland: As an investor and financial advisor.
  • United Arab Emirates or Dubai specifically: The main headquarters of your family office to manage large assets.
  • In Latin America, it has also had a great impact in all these areas.

Therefore, we will share some interesting notes about his life, business and passions. Today we will know more about this Venezuelan Gustavo Mirabal.

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The Venezuelan Gustavo Mirabal Castro

Gustavo Mirabal Castro in the Showjumping
Gustavo Mirabal Castro in the Showjumping

For this lawyer by profession riding is the passion of his life. Also, he lives in love with everything that has to do with the equestrian world.

He has competed as an amateur rider at an international level with an excellent performance winning all the competitions in which he participated. Beyond the competitions, Gustavo Mirabal Castro has earned respect as an integral athlete. Additionally, he has developed a business career within the equestrian world that is more than remarkable.

His G & C Farm, founded in Wellington, United States, stood out in the world of horse riding and came to be called the “Disney Equestrian”

This Venezuelan, Caracas of pure strain, has transcended in time thanks to his valuable contributions as an athlete and businessman.

An interview with Gustavo Mirabal Castro

In what way do you think Gustavo Mirabal Castro has transcended in time?

“My dream is that the sport I love so much transcends the borders of Venezuela and our national flag was recognized in the world equestrian.”

The rider said that achieving that dream means that not only the person of Gustavo Mirabal Castro is successful. Venezuela, through his triumphs, is known in the equestrian world.

“That’s the way I think I’ve transcended,” Gustavo Mirabal Castro said.

As a Venezuelan, what contributions do you consider you have made to the country?

“Bringing Venezuelan equestrian sport to world recognition in competitions or as a sponsor supporting my Grand Prix riders is a way to contribute to the country and to enlarge Venezuela.”

For Gustavo Mirabal Castro the fact that the Venezuelan tricolor was waving in the most important competitions in the world. Through their victories at amateur level or supporting their riders, somehow “always Venezuela said PRESENTE”.

How does Gustavo Mirabal Castro see himself?

Gustavo Mirabal Castro Trascends
Gustavo Mirabal Castro Trascends


Why is it said that you are one of the most representative people in the equestrian world?

“The truth is that it is an exaggeration, in such a case you could say that I am a person known in the world of equestrian jumping, in Venezuela I can be one of the most representative people of my sport because of the national and international contribution”.

How would you define yourself?

“As a person with a lot of discipline and perseverance who is convinced that everything is achievable if done with enthusiasm and hard work”.

How does it transcend according to Gustavo Mirabal?

When it comes to transcending, it is because a status has been reached in which a legacy has been left. A path for others to look at, follow and take as an example. Thus, the life of Venezuelan Gustavo Mirabal can be seen as an example of struggle and perseverance.

Achieving transcendence is not an easy path to travel. Like every athlete he has to make many sacrifices, long hours of training. Following the path of a person who has traveled such challenges before is what gives us an example and a glimpse of wisdom for those who are just beginning the journey.

For Gustavo Mirabal in riding, concentration, discipline and humility are key. These are some of his teachings because the results are there to support him.

If you want to go far as a rider, you have to keep your feet on the stirrups and your mind focused on the field or racecourse.

No matter what the modality chosen within the riding, the protagonist is the same, the horse. Without this animal this sport would not exist. Because of this it must be clear that a real connection with the equine must be created.

Another key is trust. It has to be cultivated and patience in that training process is vital.

By the way, Venezuelan Gustavo Mirabal says that when his horses respond correctly to training he rewards them with sugar balls.

But also with a caress, words of affirmation, because these animals are very sensitive. They can understand human emotions and read the body language of man.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro, Venezuelan rider who transcends
Gustavo Mirabal Castro, Venezuelan rider who transcends

Some of his greatest successes

Some of his greatest successes

But to all these, what has the Venezuelan Gustavo Mirabal Castro done to transcend?

This Venezuelan is the founder of the G&C Farm in Florida, United States. From there he has contributed to the training of other riders.

Experience that has made it go beyond being just a rider. The fact of opening his own equestrian training center is what leads him to transcend, to be an example of perseverance and dreams come true.

And it is that for him the way in which a person can transcend is doing something that transforms his life but also speaks of his country, of the land that saw him be born, and at the same time make him proud.

In his case, Venezuela was represented in each competition in which riders or horses carried the image of G&C Farm.

He also took this experience to Europe with even better results. And in Europe equestrian sport has even more followers. In this way he forged an alliance with Sergio Alvarez Moya who gave great success to both.

Not satisfied with this, Gustavo Mirabal has been successful as an amateur rider and as an entrepreneur in the US and in Europe. This breaks the myths around Venezuelans and tells us that “we can if we want.” This is his true legacy.

G&C Virko Minotais towards to the Pan American Lima 2019
G&C Virko Minotais towards to the Pan American Lima 2019

So Gustavo Mirabal is transcending?

Remember that Gustavo Mirabal Castro is founder of the farm G & C Farm in Florida, United States. From there he has contributed to the training of other riders. G & C Farm also operated in Spain where it was associated with the Spanish Olympic rider Sergio Álvarez Moya. From there he also contributed greatly to the training of new horsemen and horses of high competence.

Materializing the equine training center in Florida opened many doors for Gustavo Mirabal in the professional world and has been a support for many athletes.

Even other Venezuelan riders attended his farm to be trained.

Within the senior staff of trainers who worked with the Venezuelan Gustavo Mirabal, the time it was operational, are:

The Colombian Mark Bluman and the Brazilians Rodrigo and Nelson Pessoa, all of them with excellent training.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro has shown that the key to success is not luck but hard work and preparation. A man who prepared to be a lawyer, rider and businessman to carry out his dream … Put the Venezuelan flag to the rhythm of the national anthem in foreign lands … Raise national pride.

In a next article we will tell you more about this experience.

How was the farm born?

Gustavo Mirabal Castro has had contact with horses since he was a child, hence his connection with these animals and passion for the equine.

As time passes and he becomes a professional rider and a lawyer business get mixed.

Then he takes firm steps towards the crystallization of his dream, to create his own farm.

G&C Farm was born from a dream, during his studies in the United States, during which time he participates in the equestrian jumping team of the high school…

“And almost 30 years later, ‘the farm’ is a reality product of the joint effort of those who carry out this project,” the athlete told “La Prensa de Caracas” on one occasion.

Once in 2009 he opened his equestrian sports training center, the Venezuelan Gustavo Mirabal is fully dedicated to the promotion and marketing of it.

As well as the establishment of strategic commercial alliances for the fulfillment of the activities and objectives of G&C Farm.

Due to its exclusive dedication to this project is that the farm goes very far and becomes a point of reference within equestrian sport.

In addition to the fact that the Caracas rider had the unrestricted support of his wife María Carolina Chapellín de Mirabal who encouraged him at all times and worked with him.

“Thanks to this we have managed to have excellent facilities, not only suitable, but adequate for riders to have everything at their disposal and thus achieve our professional goals in this discipline,” he told La Prensa de Caracas.

What people don’t know…

Many people think that the sport on horseback is simple and very beautiful because they look only at the outside.

But when you look closely and immerse yourself in this world, you realize that all things are not simple, that there are many challenges, challenges, envy and trials.

In addition to a huge work and equipment that must be counted on so that the horses remain in good condition, shape and health; The barn has everything the animals and workers need.

In addition to that all things must be aligned to a purpose: to make the horse grow and be the best, but also the jockey, the trainer, the one who cleans, etc.

All parts are pieces of a “machine”. Only when you are inside the block is that you can really know everything that involves going out and jumping on a few bars.

Beyond the clean jump there is a great work and daily effort. A passion, a dream, tiredness, laughter, tears, men and women of flesh and blood.

Horses that get tired, that get sick, that heal, and that will always have a fresh look to cheer you up, a snort and wag of tail that invites you to climb on it and let yourself go.

Horse riding should be in your blood, you have to smell like a stable if you really love horses.

That’s the only way it doesn’t matter how exhausted you are, the ill-intentioned comments, or how difficult the day has been.

The sun will rise again the next morning and then those beautiful animals will be waiting to go out to train again, to jump again, to believe, to win.

Gustavo Mirabal the rider who transcends.

After all this journey through the life and sports, business career of the Creole rider.

It is necessary to recognize that he has done a great job, and this makes him one of the most outstanding riders in Venezuela, with a long road traveled and triumphs worthy of admiration.

That is why it has transcended, that is, it has set the tone, it has stood out and continues to stand out.

Gustavo Adolfo Mirabal Castro is more than a horseman, lawyer or businessman, a man of great and successful leaps.

As Gustavo Mirabal Castro himself has clarified, his facet as a rider is one of many. One of the roles he values most is that of father and son.

Gustavo Mirabal is always attentive to the needs of his family. That is why a couple of years ago he decided to leave equestrian competitions to devote more time to his family facet.

And it is that between business, family and sports, Gustavo Mirabal saw how he spent little time with his children. In this way he decided to prioritize his family and his professional side as a lawyer and financial advisor.

Next, we will tell you a little more about the family facet of Gustavo Mirabal and his professional side.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro, an exemplary father

Following the example set by his father and mother, Gustavo Mirabal has always been present in the lives of his children. One of the things he enjoys the most is sharing some hobbies such as horseback riding, swimming, or traveling.

That is why she always looks for time to give quality time to her children.

When he sees the state of today’s society, he worries because he considers that values are acquired at home and therefore gives a central role in his life to the upbringing of his children.

On the other hand, he takes advantage of sharing his own hobbies with his children, as his parents did. Perhaps one day they will share a passion for law, finance, or horses, as he himself inherited from his father Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos, whom he admires.

With his father he also tries to share quality time with his children. So three generations come together in the Mirabal Castro house to strengthen their values and traditions.

Perhaps his children will not inherit his passion for reading, law, or finance, but Gustavo Mirabal knows that at least he will leave some good men and women to build a better world.

Transcend his facet as a rider…. The other facets of Gustavo Mirabal Castro

As we’ve shown in the article, Gustavo Mirabal Castro has transcended as an amateur rider, and as an equestrian entrepreneur. We have also seen him transcend in his personal facet as an exemplary father and as a family man.

Following the example of his parents, Gustavo has tried to transmit the values that have allowed him to stand out in different areas. These values have allowed him to achieve success in multiple disciplines.

Thanks to this, Gustavo Mirabal has become a prominent Venezuelan financial advisor. Its Family Office has offices in 3 continents and at least 6 countries, which are Venezuela, Spain, the United States, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and the United Arab Emirates. From there, he provides his services for the administration and management of large family assets of athletes, musicians, and other celebrities.

Precisely, this passion when seeing the difficulties of athletes to manage their wealth. This is because they reach the pinnacle of success very young. Athletes are often victimized by unscrupulous friends, family, and financial advisors. We talk about this in our article “finance for athletes“, where we detail examples of real cases.

In the same way, Gustavo Mirabal has transcended as an equestrian entrepreneur beyond what he would have imagined.

He is currently beginning to stand out as an art collector and Gustavo Mirabal Castro as a youtuber.

Without a doubt, knowledge and learning are one of the keys to achieving success and transcending in everything we do. We can learn a little more about Gustavo Mirabal’s academic and professional career in our blog.

G&C Farm - Gustavo Mirabal and G&C Leroy

The facets of Gustavo Mirabal

Gustavo Mirabal’s many facets have helped him become a versatile man. He found success in his personal and professional life thanks to the diversity of disciplines and knowledge he acquired.

Some of the areas and disciplines where you have found new knowledge and skills are:

  • Personal finance
  • Corporate Finance
  • Law in all its commercial branches: commercial law, tax law, among others.
  • Gustavo Mirabal in equestrian sports and its different areas: From competition as an amateur rider in equestrian jumping, to horse breeder. He was also the creator of one of the most advanced and modern equestrian facilities in the U.S. and Europe. The nickname given of Disney Equestrian was an understatement.
  • Also, in his family facet he has applied the knowledge acquired in psychology and incentives. Thanks to this, he encouraged his children and continues to do so.

This diversity of facets is due to their eagerness for learning and reading. Thanks to this, he has developed a diversity of skills that have served him in his day-to-day life.

The ability to be a “lifelong learner” is one of his core skills and abilities, which has allowed him to develop other skills. Therefore, we will start by telling you about this personal facet that is part of the essence of Gustavo Mirabal.

Gustavo Mirabal, a continuous learner

From an early age, Gustavo Mirabal was a curious child who liked to experiment. That’s how he liked to read science books and “do it yourself” or DIY.

This curious facet also applied to sports. That’s how he discovered show jumping as the sport that would accompany him for the rest of his life. From a hobby, a sport to a business project, horseback riding and equestrianism occupied a large part of his life.

It was also applied to personal knowledge, as reading was fundamental for Gustavo Mirabal. That’s how he discovered many things about horses, but also about laws, about finances and about life.

If there is one thing that defined Gustavo Mirabal’s life, it was reading and his eagerness to become a “continuous learner.” A skill that she tries to pass on to her children. But this eagerness for reading was not only focused on learning the theory but on putting it into practice. This is how he has managed to turn information into knowledge and develop various skills, as we will see below.



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