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A modern style for horse lovers

Decoration for horse lovers

No doubt horse fans have very peculiar tastes. The love for horses is reflected in every aspect of our lives. Even our passion affects our relationships. The horse and horse lover needs time to practice and to dedicate to his horse. That’s why horse lovers often pair up with other horse lovers. And not to mention the decoration for us horse lovers. Motifs of horses in paintings and ornaments, reins, mounts and one that other horseshoe. Decoration for horse lovers is another way to show your love. That’s why we’ll look at a variety of decoration options for horse lovers. We hope you enjoy it.

The idea of the house becoming a stable or an art gallery of horse paintings is very attractive. Definitely this decoration article for horse lovers full of creativity. Kings and nobles have decorated the walls of their palaces with paintings of horses, why not do it ourselves.

Maybe we can choose to turn our kitchen into a stable or a watering hole. We could turn our house bar into an old west bar. The limit is in our imagination. Whether it’s with a modern, minimalist or realistic style there’s everything to choose from.

Without further a thing, let’s get started.

A modern style for horse lovers
A modern style for horse lovers

Modern style of decoration for horse lovers

Horses and modern style get along very well. On Amazon and Ali-express we can find beautiful modern paintings of horses with great color. There we can find beautiful impressions that favor style over originality.

However, we find artists such as the Colombian painter Lincy Macias whose work is full of quality and style. Its style ranges from the traditional figurative to the modern. We certainly find beauties among his works. She makes them as much on demand as she has works made for sale.

Lincy Macias Painting
Lincy Macias Painting


“But not only horses does man live…” and that’s why Lincy also has a wide range of topics from religious art, other animals and celebrities. Special mention of the painting you see on your Instagram where we see Albert Einstein in full color with his traditional irreverence. Without a doubt in it we can find a source of inspiration for equine decoration balanced with other interests.

Albert Einstein Colorful - By Lincy Macias
Albert Einstein Colorful – By Lincy Macias

On the Internet we can find numerous artists who have dedicated the same. In them we can find numerous examples. Even in Alibaba we can find paintings of handmade horses. This seeks to satisfy the most demanding art owners, who not only want to decorate but seek authenticity.

There we can find the individual paintings from 100$ and if you buy several can cost 20$. These paintings can be made in acrylic or oil. Without a doubt its color will make them not go unnoticed in the living room of your house. Without a doubt with this decoration, you can make other fans of horses, or at least their aesthetics.

Colorful Horse Paintings - Modern Decoration for Horse Lovers
Colorful Horse Paintings – Modern Decoration for Horse Lovers

Classic Style for Horse Lovers

When we talk about a classic style we can talk so much about somewhat more realistic paintings of horses. But we can also talk about materials and colors that make an equestrian atmosphere feel. The wood in addition to being a very noble and elegant material is ideal to reflect an equestrian style. Thus we can also incorporate the use of leather that is typical in riders’ boots and on frames.

The paintings are also more neutral in color. For a decoration for lovers of classic horses we will see the predominance of certain colors. Brown, black, grey and white colors will predominate, joined by dark blue colors. The latter is a typical color of equestrian uniforms and accessories. A sober color that goes very well with the rest, in the search for more natural colors and pointing to the sobriety and elegance that the horse symbolizes.

Within the classic style you can also add to the decoration some very realistic equestrian sculptures to give depth to the decoration. Black or wrought iron are an excellent choice for such sculptures ranging from the slightly rustic to the classic.

Perfect painting for classic decoration for horse lovers
Perfect painting for classic decoration for horse lovers

Western style for decoration for horse lover

Finally, we can find that western style. The latter does not directly evoke the horse, but to an era where the horse was the king of transport. Whether riding with a mount, hair or in a horse-drawn carriage, the horse was indispensable in the old west.

No doubt the western style is full of toying and nostalgia for times when the bad and the good could be easily differentiated. Here the typical elements of the old west such as the lounge doors, horseshoes, mounts and some riding tools will be fundamental.

Lounge doors can be used to highlight that you enter a place with that western style, if this style does not predominate in all environments. Whether the kitchen or the house bar are the perfect place to transform them with the use of aged wood. Place elements that give life to the fantasy of time travel in cowboy times. A horseshoe is essential, but several would be ideal. One or more saddles around the bar would make it a portal to travel back in time.

Finally, there should be no missing pictures of horses, animal skins (obtained animal-friendlyly) and a couple of hats for our guests to live the full experience.

No doubt your friends won’t hesitate to visit you to get back in time.

A bar with saddles - Decoration for horse lovers
A bar with saddles – Decoration for horse lovers

Color palette in decoration for horse lovers

In decoration one of the fundamental elements is the palette of colors to select. As we could see in the previous sections, the color palette also depends on the selected style.

In this aspect we can highlight that a modern decoration will lean towards abstract or impressionist designs. In this case the palette is almost unlimited since imagination is the limit. However, in this case vivid colors are also preferred to convey a sense of surrealism or hyperrealism in articles and images of horses.

That is why we see horses with red and yellow colors. These more to do with the colors of horses have to do with the intensity and emotions that a horse transmits.

We can also find a contrast in the works of art with the color white. This color is non-existent in nature, but it also seeks to represent the peaceful nature of the horse. Without a doubt, color not only has the function of representing but also of transmitting.

Vivid color palette for modern decoration
Vivid color palette for modern decoration

The color palette in classic styles

In the case of the color palette in the classic and western styles they fulfill a more representative function. The classic character leans towards colors compatible with traditional decoration, using white, black and earth colors fundamentally. This is compatible with the normal decoration of a house. You can also see touches of blue and green in the realistic representations in landscape paintings with horses.

Perhaps in the classical style there is more freedom in terms of the style of the decoration and the colors. This decoration for horse lovers does not seek to represent any particular environment. What it seeks is to represent a room or a space of the house that has decorative representations with horse motifs. There we could find paintings, small or medium sculptures and some other decoration motif based on the equestrian style.

The classic style is the most “lukewarm” because it can be a generic style adding touches that reflect the love for horses. It does not imply commitment to the horse or to the colors. It is a way to integrate the horse into the normality of the day to day.

Neutral Color Palette for decoration for horse lovers
Neutral Color Palette for decoration for horse lovers

The color palette in the western style in decoration for horse lovers

On the contrary, the western style is the strictest, because it seeks to reproduce the old west in our common spaces. The use of typical materials such as leather and wood are key to achieving this reproduction.

You can also use fabrics of saddlebags, spurs, horseshoes, and metal appliques related to that time. Some posters related to the village bar, or the police station are never too many. In that style of decoration, you cannot miss the typical swing door of the west bar.

Without a doubt this is the true decoration of a horse lover. This seeks to represent the universe of one of the most representative moments of the horse both in history and in popular culture.

In the Western style the brown and earthy colors are the representation of desert, wood, dust and dried plants.

The commitment required by western décor really is admirable. Contrary to the classic style this reflects in house detail his love for a time when horses were man’s best friends, whether masked heroes or villains.

Western color palette example - Decoration for horse lovers
Western color palette example – Decoration for horse lovers

Decoration and Inspiration for kids and boys

Decoration is a way to demonstrate our passions and give personality to the spaces of our home. If we love horses why not prove it in every detail. With these decoration tips for horse lovers we will definitely make our home a more welcoming place.

Gustavo Mirabal loves horses likes a mix of modern and classic style for all areas of the house. But he doesn’t hesitate to apply the western style in the bar of the house which, although he does not drink liquor, is ready to receive his visitors who do. His wife, Maria Carolina Mirabal, also loves decoration and takes advantage of the inspiration given to him by horses.

Try to make your own home an extension of your passion… The horses.