//Halloween and Christmas, the parties after the coronavirus pandemic
Halloween y Navidad - Fiestas despues de la pandemia de coronavirus

Halloween and Christmas, the parties after the coronavirus pandemic

After the quarantines of the coronavirus pandemic, governments have begun to relax the limitations on their citizens. In many countries because of the improvements in indicators, but in others because of the protests of the citizens themselves Today we will talk about the parties and gatherings after the coronavirus pandemic and how to handle it safely.

Airlines have resumed their activities and flights, shops begin to reactivate and parties are again possible. We are returning to a normal life and thanks to that we enjoyed Halloween again.

Just around the corner is Christmas and before that there are the large concentrations of people during Black Friday. The important thing is that we know how to handle ourselves in situations of meeting and concentration of people to avoid returning to pandemic scenarios. We also ensure that we are protecting the most vulnerable.

On the other hand, there are still long-term sequelae. Therefore, keeping yourself and your family safe is essential to enjoy the happy holidays.

Halloween and Christmas will be the holidays and parties that will show us that the coronavirus pandemic is a thing of the past. We must not forget the risks of the coronavirus. That is why we will see how to enjoy safely and with a better quality of life than before the pandemic. So we can enjoy a happy holiday after the coronavirus pandemic.

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Reminders of the pandemic and the measures that helped control it

Living through the pandemic changed humanity. It reminded us how fragile human life is and at the same time the importance of medicine and scientific research. These are lessons we should remember, but people’s memory is short.

Making a little history, we have that humanity has been hit by numerous pandemics. The Black Death was one of the most notorious and wiped out about half of Europe’s population. It is estimated that the Black Death killed more than 100 million people over 7 years.

For its part, the coronavirus killed almost 7 million people worldwide, but it spread for a year and a half. Globalization was one of the things that helped its rapid spread, but also global communications helped detect it and technology provided a vaccine quickly.

One of the measures that drastically reduced the rate of infections and deaths from coronavirus was the quarantine. In dozens of countries, quarantine was the most effective measure in the first stage of the coronavirus pandemic. Then it was called social distancing, in order to maintain the operation of the countries, but reduce infections. Another important measure to combat the coronavirus was the use of the mask.

Despite everything, these measures were not embraced by everyone as we will see below.

How to save the holidays in times of the coronavirus pandemic?
How to save holidays and parties in times of the coronavirus pandemic?

The political handling of the pandemic and consecuences.

Both measures were controversial at first and some political leaders, from both ends of the political spectrum, denied the danger of the pandemic. Among them Donald Trump, Jair Bolsonaro, and Boris Johnson on the one hand and Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Xi JinPing.

Although Xi Jin Pin did not speak publicly about the pandemic, the state apparatuses of his time have been reinforced in an authoritarian vocation. The idea of a “single state truth” is the engine of behaviors where dissent is threatened and repressed.

Because of this, state apparatuses threatened those who warned early of the pandemic. This delayed by at least 1 month the declaration of an epidemic in China and facilitated its expansion around the world. Precisely the research doctor who initially warned about the pandemic, Li Weilang, died of coronavirus infected during his fight against the disease.

Currently, Li Weilang is recognized as a hero, after his death, threats and officially denying his alert.

For their part, Boris Jonson, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro downplayed the pandemic. This led their respective countries to be among the first places of deaths from the coronavirus pandemic.

In some countries such as China this was used to suppress protest and control the population. Certain areas of China are still under heavy lockdowns. The power of Xi Jinging grows with control and thanks to this he achieves his re-election.

It was thanks to them that the pandemic was worse than it was and that finally we had to proceed to stronger lockdowns. There are still those who take advantage of lockdowns to entrench their political power.

Li Weilang was forced to sign a letter saying he had spread false information
Li Weilang was forced to sign a letter saying he had spread false information

Parties and gatherings during the pandemic.

Public gatherings and parties were the first necessary victims of lockdowns and social distancing. Despite them, most of the leaders who should set the example about maintaining lockdown measures were caught holding parties and private gatherings.

The hypocrisy of the political class increased the protests and helped to relax the confinement measures. In the same way, the different vaccines began to arrive to soften the symptoms of those infected. In this way, restrictions on gatherings and public food and entertainment establishments were gradually relaxed.

The resentful economy needed this respite. But Halloween and Christmas 2022 will be a relief for the economy and a litmus test for vaccines.

The need for a return to normality is urgent, but at the same time we need precautions not to go back. How to wear this season to be sure? Here are some tips.

Boris Johnson generated scandal thanks to his parties during the pandemic while calling for quarantines for the population
Boris Johnson generated scandal thanks to his parties during the pandemic while calling for quarantines for the population


The challenges presented to us by 2022

It is well known that the body needs rest from stress. If the coronavirus pandemic and the whole surrounding situation can’t be called stress, then we don’t know what we might say. Additionally, the end of the pandemic was accompanied by two situations that changed the global landscape, the economic crisis and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

This has resulted in stress multiplying. When we expected a normalization of the situation, our hopes have vanished.

In addition, they are two situations that feedback the crisis. Recall that the economy after the pandemic economy was affected by an overheating of the economy. Economic aid and restrictions on economic activity resulted in excess liquidity that poured into financial markets and the purchase of goods and services.

This meant that supply chains (still affected by the coronavirus) could not meet the rising demand. With high demand and supply unable to respond, inflation was the only coherent response to the market. This was an economic crisis that countries could have been brought under control if the Russian invasion of Ukraine did not come into play.

The sanctions on Russia, the Russian restrictions on Ukrainian exports affected two essential goods for the economy: oil and cereals. Affecting two basic products of the economy, inflation ended up becoming unstoppable.

2022 has presented tough challenges for citizens and the world at large. However, parties can be an escape valve to all that pressure. Let’s find out how important the holidays can be and how they can help us move forward.

The challenge of the economy after the pandemic
The challenge of the economy after the pandemic

Parties after the coronavirus pandemic, A necessary distraction from the challenges of 2022.

As we said earlier, stress can be an enemy of health. Additionally, continued stress can take its toll on both our physical and mental health.

The pandemic lasted 2 years and resulted in serious mental health problems. During the pandemic, rates of depression, suicides and domestic violence increased.

The difficulties have been compounded by the post-pandemic economic crisis and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. With this in mind, we need a way to decrease stress levels in the population. In this way we can help many people to maintain their mental health.


Halloween was an opportunity to evaluate how the holidays can help us lower stress levels. Without a doubt, Christmas will be the perfect opportunity to forget about the problems for a moment. We will take advantage of enjoying life, parties, and our loved ones.

Christmas gatherings 2022 will become the most important parties after the coronavirus pandemic. These holidays will test three very important things:

  • The ability of the holidays to get us out of the stressful situation and take us to a new normal.
  • Corornavirus pandemic status as a “situation overcome”.
  • The belief that Christmas consumption can reactivate the battered world economy.

The challenge will be to maintain human activity without increasing coronavirus infections, since the pandemic has subsided. Will we succeed? That remains to be seen.

Precautions for parties and gatherings after the coronavirus pandemic.

The first step we must consider is to maintain an updated coronavirus vaccination schedule. It’s especially important to keep coronavirus booster shots up to date. In this way we can ensure that we do not have serious symptoms.

We must also be attentive to mild symptoms to avoid infecting others. Raise awareness among people with flu-like symptoms to take precautions or refrain from participating.

Meetings with acquaintances are usually not very large and can easily do without masks.

However, large meetings with many strangers it is convenient to take some hygiene measures or also hold outdoor meetings. This can reduce infection rates.

We must realize that the pandemic is rapidly subsiding. But this is due to vaccinations and social distancing. Let’s apply these measures as necessary to maintain our health and that of our loved ones, especially at Christmas.

Precautions during the holidays and parties after the pandemic will be our chance to leave the pandemic behind.

How Christmas, holidays and parties were in the coronavirus pandemic?
How Christmas, holidays and parties were in the coronavirus pandemic?

New values after the pandemic, a healthier joy.

The pandemic has led us to value personal contact, our loved ones and our health more. Remembering this will do us good at Christmas time.

Eating healthy, avoiding excesses, and protecting our health and that of ours should be our priority. Giving love and value to those people we love is the key to the Christmas spirit.

To combat the economic crisis, we can forget the excessive consumerism of this era and concentrate on what is truly important. Give and receive love. We wish you happy holidays between now and the end of the year.