//Aragorn horse in Avengers Endgame
Brunilda and Aragorn

Aragorn horse in Avengers Endgame

In mythological literature the horse plays a transcendental role in most of these stories. So it continues to conquer the hearts of readers. Then this material is turned into big film productions. By means of which it is able to reach a much wider audience. Well, not everyone develops the habit of reading and less of fantastic stories. In this installment we will address aspects related to the history of the Aragorn winged horse and particularly his recent role in the Marvel Comics movie, Avengers Endgame.

One of the main characters of this wonderful story is Valkyrie, another of its names is Asgardian Brunnhilda. This lady has a special influence since it is the one that I ride on the back of the winged horse Aragorn. Being chosen by Odin to govern its own youth defense module called the Valkyrie.

This Valkyrie woman has great skill in battle. So he always walks with the sweet company of his winged horse Aragorn. Added to this she carries the enchanted Dragonfang sword.

Approximately for the year 2010, Valkyrie positioned itself as a founding member of the Secret Avengers. In addition to assuming some leadership of fearless protectors with Misty Knigth.

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Description of Aragorn Horse by Marvel Comics

  It looks like Pegasus, but it is not!

The famous and mythological horse Aragorn of Marvel Comics is an equine with great and beautiful wings which is mounted by Brunnhilde the Valkyrie. This noble animal with magical characteristics was first coupled by Dr. Dane Whitman. Whitman was the nephew of Professor Nathan Garrett, who adopted the disguise of the previous criminal, the Black Knight.

Whitman used his knowledge in Garrett’s genetics to vary another horse, which he called Aragorn, into a rocket colt.

After the time elapsed the new Black Knight entrusted Aragorn to the care of Brunnhilde the Valkyrie. Later it entrusted it to his descendant Samantha Parrington.

Unfortunately Aragorn was wounded in a fight with Lunatik, but soon recovered from his wound. After these events, Brunnhilde made the decision to take the winged horse on a trip.

Valquiria and Aragorn
Valquiria and Aragorn

Aragorn horse characteristics according to Marvel Comics

  • Within the charms of the special abilities that Aragorn had is to be able to sail the skies with its beautiful wings. At the same time it can fly by means of other adjustments that have by means of the simulated transformation.
  • Regarding the size of the wings of Aragorn is impressive, since the measurements are gigantic. These comprise eighteen and a half feet from the tip of the wing to the end.
  • The entire body of the Aragorn horse according to Marvel Comics has the ability to take flight at any time. As far as their bones are concerned, they are more vain than those of an ordinary horse. For this reason its weight is much smaller than a normal horse of its dimension.
  • His anatomy is free of fat and has a greater muscle mass than human. As for their eyes they are protected to deal with the breezes that could deform the eyes of said horse.
  • It has a specific coating on your respiratory system that allows you to extract oxygen from the air at high speed.
  • The Aragorn horse flies its huge wings, establishing enough lift to hold at least 2000 pounds. Likewise, it can fly at speeds of up to 125 miles per hour.
  • One of the characteristics that distinguish it from the rest is that it is very intelligent. In effect it will respond to the oral orders provided by the Valkyrie.
Brunilda and Aragorn
Brunilda and Aragorn

Other important aspects of Aragorn

  • The Aragorn horse had the normal strength of an equine of his age. Also his weight and physiology that sports frequently
  • On the other hand, it is equipped with large wings, being ideal to take flight shaking these by creating enough power to lift up approximately one ton
  • The height that this horse has is 2.5 meters approximately with a weight of a little more than half a ton. His charming and magical brown eyes and his white fur like a cloud of the sky
  • Throughout its existence it has offered its services to the Black Knight V, Black Knight VI and finally to the Valkyrie Brunnhilde.
  • Its Birth site was the Garret Castle located in the city Washington
  • His brilliant participation has been providing support to Ally of the Avengers (Avengers) and Defenders (Defenders).
  • The spaces where the Base of Operations has been are the base of the Defenders in Colorado, Sancta Sanctorum of the Doctor Strange and Asgard.

Aragorn in the movie Avengers Endgame

His role was transcendental in the Battle of the Earth, providing help to the avengers and their friends. On the other hand Virginia Potts threw to Peter Parker to Aragorn to help him to conserve the Nano Gauntlet separated from the forces of the evil Thanos. Regrettably this one fell when the Sanctuary II (ship of Thanos) began to shoot lasers.

Then Aragorn carried on his splendid wings to Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) to entertain the Leviathans. On the other hand Carol Danvers took the Nano Gauntlet to Van de Luis.

The character that embodies the Valkyrie Brunnhilde is the most energetic of the entire Valkyrie clan. His lineage has the peculiarity of having a heavier bone system and if that was not enough, his aging process is extremely slow. An enviable virtue for others.

In relation to his health, he has an immunity to any kind of illness that in some way makes him invincible. As a special gift, she can notice in some way when the angel of death walks around the spaces where she is.

Aragon in the world of the deceased

Another remarkable supernatural gift is the fact that he is capable of moving to the world of the deceased, something that no doubt few can do such a feat. This is not a minor detail since it coincides with the power conferred by Odin on the Valquiras according to Norse mythology. The Valkyries are responsible for guiding, and transporting the heroes killed in battle to the Valhalla (hall of the fallen), where they would be assigned to the army of the Norse god to fight with him, the day of Ragnarok.

As for the battles fought she has special abilities to fight with her sword. One of the most outstanding is a great Amazon and more with the company that provides the horse Aragorn de Avengers

Her natural fighting behavior makes her shine on the challenge of the Asgardian women.

The origins of Aragorn

The scientist known as the Black Knight II, made use of his deepest knowledge and created the horse with wings that allowed him to fly. This character led a dark life and full of actions for nothing good, since he committed various crimes. Then his horse became the saddle of the fearsome Knight while his secrets passed into the hands of his nephew, Dane Whitman.

The nobility of this man made him try to fix things and somehow remedy all his uncle’s bad deeds. So he took the wise decision to use his knowledge becoming the new Black Knight

Then after revealing the recipe to endow the horses with wings, he chose Aragorn as a mount, granting him the ability to fly.

Then this brave man was incorporated as a hero accompanied by the horse Aragorn. In this opportunity he offered his great help to the avengers in their battles. Later the winged horse took a trip to Polemacus there, challenge the local caudillo, Arkon, the charming Asgardian and the Greek god of war.

Unfortunately the body of the Black Knight was turned into stone and his spirit dragged into the past, in the 12th century while the Crusades were at their peak. It was then that Aragorn became the steed of the Valkyrie, with which it was coupled to the Protectors.

The premiere of Aragorn in Avenger Endgame

The role of Aragorn was key. On the one hand as part of the reinforcements against the Thanos forces to balance the balance and on the other hand to give time for the Avengers to get together and get the chance to win.

As we can see Aragorn is a horse with a relevant role in the history of the Valkyries and in the Marvel world. Surely we will continue to see it in the future in the Marvel world movies. We can only say that its premiere at Avenger Endgame was spectacular and it left an excellent taste in our mouths.






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