//Horse in the comic and its role
My Boyfriend horse - Ghost

Horse in the comic and its role

Horses as the evolution of the human in the world of artistic expressions grew these have been present in almost all. In this way the horse has conquered spaces of the scenic arts such as cinema, theater. Also in plastic art in painting, iron sculptures, wood, bronze among others. In this sense we aspire to deepen the role of the horse in the comic.

In one of many comics in which the horse in the comic is the protagonist is called “My boyfriend horse.” This is a comic produced by Xiomara Correa.

The horse in the comic produced by Xiomara is a bit fanciful and unreal expression. In reality, a relationship between an animal and a human being is socially rejected in most cultures. Therefore, the author plays to invent something that in the real world is not seen with good eyes. This is a comic that goes out of all parameters.

In the comic it raises how a woman is capable of entering into a zoophilic relationship with a horse. Considering this a paraphilia, ie a pathology from the point of view of sexology. You can also see the use of narcotics, parties if control where somehow the protagonist called Chavala is uninhibited. In this sense, the author is inspired by a slightly acid and unreal sense of humor.

We must also understand that this comic is part of their society. Spanish society is a society that on the one hand is very traditionalist and on the other totally open, especially to their sexuality. Xiomara Correa was born in a polarized society from the sexual and moral point of view.

How Chavala meets her boyfriend horse?

The protagonist meets her boyfriend a horse in an event of a very famous singer known as Amy Winehouse. Then they decide to establish a coexistence process. His immediate surroundings of friends are aberrated with the decision of this girl. There is also a disagreement on the part of the equine family because they do not accept this relationship outside of normal.

The horse in the comic in this case seeks to be a disruptive of the narrative. Xiomara Correa seeks to draw attention and at the same time place the usual situations in a strange frame so that they are looked at with greater objectivity.

The author of this unacceptable love story in every sense of the word sees with some concern touching such delicate aspects. The public that follows it has come to make strong criticisms in relation to this particular comic. However, the graphic artist does not take these opinions into account at all. On the contrary, he continues with his work of creating an imaginary world.

My boyfriend Horse - Kiss
My boyfriend Horse – Kiss

Fantasies and comics

Well, that’s what fantasies are about, there everything is allowed. It is like when we enter our deep imagination and we are able to create scenes in our mind, that maybe because of shame we would not dare to reveal this to anyone. It is as permissive as dreams themselves because you can dream any amount of nonsense and madness that if the accounts can call you crazy.

This is how this world of graphic creation works. The artist is carried away by his line of thoughts or philosophy of life. In the United States for example, people are fans of the superhero comic. These are hard-core collectors and are able to spend large sums of money on the editions they publish.

The comic book “My boyfriend horse” is composed of 160 pages and edited by the brand Reservoir Books. The author of this controversial and controversial cartoon leaves the right thing only for work. In relation to the rest he has a very broad mentality.

The grace of this illustrative material lies in the prominence of the horse in the comic. It is definitely a crazy story that can attract people and follow it to the end. This may be able to give to generate a series for adults of the punk wave. For they would feel identified with some characters and of course recommend it until they even became famous.

Every fable has a moral, where people can see themselves reflected in one of those characters and thus make a profound review of their behaviors and attitudes.

Placing the horse in a relationship gives us an idea of the role of the horse in the comic. By its attributes, the horse is capable of being a metaphor for man’s behavior, a symbol of it.

My Boyfriend horse - Ghost
My Boyfriend horse – Ghost

Juliet and his pets – adventure and friendship with horses

Juliet and her pets
Juliet and her pets

Just as we have given a brief explanation of what my horse boyfriend’s comic book means, he also wants to tackle a comic that is on the web to be read online (you can read it in the follow link http://julieta.online/ ).

This is about a young woman who moves to live somewhere else. The uniqueness of this is that it is surrounded by beautiful scenery and noble animals with which you can share your life.

In this story is wrapped in a series of beautiful experiences surrounded by wonderful animals. Maybe the dream of a person who loves animals and pure air and the peace and tranquility that Mother Nature offers us. Here is where horses enter the comic because the girl does not only take care of the animals. In this case, learn the art of riding.

This is a comic book story that is suitable for children to enjoy and from childhood they can be encouraged to care for the environment and love animals.


Juliet’s Cimarron horse

One of the characters that make up Juliet’s comic is just a horse named Cimarron. This equine character was found in the forest by his great friend Francisco. Unfortunately the animal was in unfavorable conditions, looking extremely fragile and dispersed.

In this, the role of the horse in the comic is that of a pet, best friend and companion. One of the oldest relationships between the horse and man. Also that is still present in love in that relationship but more naively

This noble man took the horse to the shed to heal the wounds and feed it. However this rogue animal turned out to love treats, carrots and apples. It also showed an unparalleled tenderness playing on the grass and shooing the colorful butterflies. As responsible owners they took Cimarrón to the veterinarian because he had a hurt knee due to his wanderings through the forest.

At the time when his wounds were healed and he was in better condition, they wanted to try the horse to visit the site. However, he let out his indomitable side and did not allow it. After a long time and with great patience they placed the saddle. Presuming that the future with adequate training they can use and take out the potential that has for the transfers through the forest.

Juliet and her pets - Cover #2 Issue
Juliet and her pets – Cover #2 Issue

The role of horse in the comic

As we can see, we have mentioned two comics in this issue, one aimed at adults. This one with a somewhat controversial vision but accepted by an open-minded culture. In addition to people who share the vision of life of punk.

On the other hand we tell the story of online comic directed to children where it teaches interaction with pets and helps promote values ​​such as companionship, respect, empathy towards other humans, towards nature and animals. An extremely didactic material that is recommended to the smallest of the house.

We can see with this the different aspects of the horse in the comic. The horse in the comic diversified for a segment of the population. Indeed it can be directed to people with more extravagant tastes as the case of the punk with the illustration of “My boyfriend horse”. Some more bloody and terrifying comic strips that are aimed at the most daring that nothing causes them fear. On the other hand some that are aimed at the population of all ages. In short, comics represent a world where imagination has no limits… and the role of the horse in the comic book either






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