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Novels about horses

Novels about horses. Who would imagine that they would write novels about this amazing animal! Perhaps it is not so surprising given the relevant role the horse has played in the history of man. Whether as a work colleague, war technology or in sports, the horse is a prominent place in the life of man and his history.

World literature is full of writings on all kinds of subjects and horses do not escape.

Jane Smiley on How Horses, Teaching, and Her Students Inspire Her Writing

Novels about horses

In previous installments we have talked about works of art that have horses as protagonists.

More today is a Novel Sunday!

Ready for a tour of equestrian literature?

Take out pencil and paper because this gets good. We will tell you about 3 works.

One related to the world of horse racing, another about a veterinarian in the Middle Ages and finally a novel from the perspective of a horse.

Horse Heaven

Novels about horses - Horse Heaven
Novels about horses – Horse Heaven
  • Author: Jane Smiley
  • Publisher: TusQuets

Novel set in the world of racetracks and horse racing, delving into its intricacies.

The reader will be transported to a place full of adrenaline where the effort of many years, money and destinies is put into play.

During this tour you will meet characters of the most varied: from apprentices of jockey to administrators of ranches expert in communication with horses.

Some characters that have something in common: six thoroughbred horses, the true protagonists of the story.


Novels about horses - The horse healer
Novels about horses – The horse healer

The horse healer

  • Author: Gonzalo Giner
  • Year: 2008
  • Publisher: Temas de Hoy

We are before the story that tells the adventures and misadventures of a young man who becomes a veterinarian in the Middle Ages.

A young stable boy, Diego Malagón, after witnessing the murder of his father and the kidnapping of his sisters, manages to flee on the back of his mare Sabba.

He arrives in the city of Toledo where he meets a famous mudejar veterinarian, Galib. Galib astonished by the boy’s innate talent to treat animals, teaches him the power and beauty of albeiteria, the science that studies the healing of these animals. so important for men in the Middle Ages: horses.

War Horse

  • Author: Michael Morpurgo
  • Year: 1982
  • Publisher: Noguer

We are facing, a novel narrated by Joey, a horse that tells his life during the First World War. This is one of the most interesting novels about horses because its point of view.

He also narrates the friendship he maintained with the one that was one of its owners: Albert.

It is interesting to see the animal’s point of view. Mor interesting it is how the different characters, both equine and human, interact with it.

It is a novel written taking into account the experiences of veterans of the First World War and the trust they placed in their horses.

In the article we have seen how the horse has played different roles in literature. Novels about horses where horses are from  protagonist of a history of the First World War to the motivators of horse races or veterinarians, the horse is at the center of many stories that are still to be told. Come and discover them together with Gustavo Mirabal Castro and his equine world.






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