//World Mental Health Day
World Mental Health Day - October 10th

World Mental Health Day

Every October 10, the celebration of World Mental Health Day takes place.

This special day is promoted by the World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH) with the support of the World Health Organization (WHO).

This 2020 we are experiencing a situation as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. For this reason, this year, World Mental Health Day should be given greater importance and coverage.

The quarantine or isolation coupled with the uncertainty that this situation generates in people should activate the health authorities. In this sense, it must monitor the behavior of the most vulnerable segment of the population.

World Mental Health Day

Purpose of celebrating October 10: World Mental Health Day

The main purpose of this date is to make visible the most serious mental disorder that people are suffering throughout the planet. To do this, a series of strategies must be created that support these people. These strategies allow them to cope with their disease or be permanently cured.

The effort to diagnose and treat mental health disorders at an early age reduces the financial cost in the future. It avoids all kinds of derived problems, such as suicide.

It is extremely important that public health systems have multidisciplinary teams that serve the population in this very important area.

World Mental Health Day - October 10th
World Mental Health Day – October 10th

Year 2020: Mental health and coronavirus

2020 has been an atypical year in every way because the way we lead life has become very different.

The goal of this 2020 is to remain mentally healthy in quarantine.

This isolation measure is for preventive purposes to avoid contagions and thus reduce the incidence of this lethal disease.

It should be noted that this measure is being adopted in most countries of the world.

In this situation, technology is an ally to cope with isolation. Therefore teleworking, distance education and even communication through chat and video platforms can be carried out. All of these are useful in all areas, that is, from communication with family to work.

Another element that can influence the mental health of the population is the excess of information. This is a trigger for people to become depressed many times. For this reason the ideal is to maintain a balance point in the use of social networks.

What is exhorted to the population is to stay informed by reliable means of the recommendations of the health authorities and to reduce the exposure of the news.

Be aware if someone...
Be aware if someone…

Positive Mental Health

In these times it is difficult to maintain a positive attitude, however, we have to make an effort. Here are some valid recommendations to maintain balanced and positive mental health:

  • Staying active: It is advisable to have a routine with a fixed schedule where you fulfill your work from home and your responsibilities.
  • Follow healthy sleep routines: You should try to go to bed at the same time and also get up at the same time. In this way you can organize the day and make the tasks flow.
  • Healthy Eating: The way we eat can influence our mood. You can eat a diet rich in vegetables and all those foods that help us raise our spirits.
  • Sports and recreational activities: If you are going to walk near your home, the ideal is to keep your distance from other people and wear a mask. Without a doubt, prevention is the best ally in these times.
  • Isolated but connected: Maintain contact with our loved ones and friends through WhatsApp, Facebook, zoom among others.
  • Eliminate and / or reduce the consumption of alcohol and tobacco: These behaviors are not only harmful but are also a risk factor for suffering from various diseases.

Celebration of World Mental Health Day this 2020

Interesting related material will be published through the social networks of the World Health Organization. Another way is to call a friend who we have time without communicating or posting something related to the area.

Within the framework of the World Mental Health Day campaign of this year 2020, it has been proposed to achieve an increase in investments in favor of mental health. Without a doubt, this would provide greater coverage to serve the vulnerable population. In addition, to promote prevention campaigns.

To celebrate World Mental Health Day, on October 10, the World Health Organization will host a global online mental health awareness event for the first time.

At this Great Mental Health Appointment, they will join WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, world leaders, mental health experts and guest personalities in explaining what we can do to improve our mental health

This initiative seeks to contribute to ensuring that all people who need quality mental health care have access to it.

During the activity, which will be broadcast live on social networks:

  • Discover how WHO, in collaboration with their partners, helps improve the mental health of people in different countries.
  • Hear from national and international leaders explain why they prioritize mental health.
  • You will learn first-hand why internationally renowned artists and athletes have become advocates for mental health. Also hear their recommendations for people with mental disorders.
  • Hear critically acclaimed musicians perform some of their best-known songs.
Your mental health is more important than...
Your mental health is more important than…

Consequences of the coronavirus pandemic on mental health.

The economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic have wreaked havoc on the economy. Companies can be seen to lay off staff in an attempt to save the business. Some bussines were forced to close down entirely.

This at the mental health level takes its toll because the uncertainty of losing family income depresses anyone.

Based on this experience with the coronavirus pandemic, it is for this reason that it is hoped that the needs for psychosocial and mental health support will increase considerably in the future.

The focus is investing in mental health programs at the national and international level. Mental Health Programs had been underfunded for years and now they are more important than ever.

More than a celebration…

World Mental Health Day, more than a celebration, is a call of conscience to health authorities. They have to create teams that address this problem.

Mental health is key in the human being, therefore leading healthy lifestyles and proper management of emotions is vital in the population.

Gustavo Mirabal is passionate about sports whose practice is excellent for preserving physical and mental health. That’s why World Mental Health Day is considered so important by athletes, especially Gustavo Mirabal Castro and his wife Maria Carolina Chapellin of Mirabal.




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