/Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela (English version)
Gustavo Mirabal Castro

Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela (English version)

Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela (English version)

When we refer to successful Venezuelans abroad there is the name of Gustavo Mirabal. This man is a Venezuelan businessman, owner of the G&C Farm equestrian training center. Today we will review this famous Venezuelan for English-speaking readers. Let’s go ahead.

This was located in Florida, United States, and extended in early 2015 to Spain. For his part Gustavo Mirabal was in charge as President and Vice President of Farm G&C Inc.,

This prominent multi-faceted man is the son of the former leader of Democratic Action. In addition, former Minister of Development and former Governor of Miranda State, Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos.

Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela is a talented man who has suceded in many planet countries. Among the countries where it has stood out are the following: Venezuela, his native land. Next, he suceded the United States, Spain and currently the United Arab Emirates, specifically Dubai.

Below we show you a video where they interview the equestrian show jumping rider Gustavo Mirabal. Without a doubt, there he shows his passion for horses and all the activities related to these animals.

Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela a man of laws

Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela, is a man passionate about laws. This man had the valuable example of his father Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos who was his main source of inspiration to choose this law degree.

He gave his best effort during the five years of undergraduate that lasted the career at the Santa María University in the city of Caracas. For this reason, he dedicated himself to investigating in depth the legacy of the recognized jurists of history such as Pericles, Ulpiano, Socrates, among others.

In addition, he was empowered with the Venezuelan laws existing for the time. Thanks to his work experience, Gustavo Mirabal has remained updated to “the vanguard of the laws”.

Little by little, he discovered that his strength was in the business and finance area. After polishing his skills he launched his Mirabal & Asociados, law firm that currently exists based in Caracas, capital city of Venezuela.

The law degree demands a lot of reading, which is why Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela is an excellent reader.

Every day that passes continues to nurture his knowledge in the financial area. He makes efforts to stay up-to-date to make the best decisions and implement efficient strategies in the advisory he provides to his client portfolio.

Man of Laws
Man of Laws

A great reader

Gustavo Mirabal as a child aroused great interest in reading. Well, the example he saw of his father Gustavo Mirabal Bustillo reading the press and law books caught his attention.

Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela, once again followed the example of his father. That is why from an early age he was struck by all the issues related to horses. Little by little, he fell in love with reading and expanded his knowledge on various topics of his interest.

Reading makes it possible for a person to obtain knowledge from practically any area of ​​knowledge. That is why it is of great importance to cultivate it day by day, this allows us to obtain knowledge.

“Knowledge is power” and a good reader usually becomes a good writer because his “story” is rich and well written and spelled. Undoubtedly, this is vital in the profession of lawyer as he constantly has to be reviewing laws, documents, among others.

Some of the readings that Gustavo Mirabal enjoyed in childhood were the stories where the horses were the protagonists. This then encouraged him to write stories and poems where the main character was a horse.

This ability to read is still cultivated today and as everything has changed thanks to technological advances, Gustavo Mirabal now reads many books in digital format.

So you keep a collection of books on your phone, and at any time it is comfortable to read. In addition, this is an example that he gives to his children, so that they may in turn cultivate the habit of reading.

Gustavo Mirabal - A great reader
Gustavo Mirabal – A great reader

Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela a man beyond borders.

There seem to be no borders for Gustavo Mirabal Castro as he has set out to conquer big dreams wherever he goes.

This time the following falls like a ring on his finger:

The Spanish writer Miguel Cervantes de Saavedra expressed the following:

“He who reads a lot and walks a lot, sees a lot and knows a lot”

This expression is perfect to define this great Venezuelan man. Well, not only do you read a lot. But he has also visited many places in his country and on the planet. So its cultural heritage is very broad, thanks to the experience lived in the countries where it has remained for seasons.

Among the countries where Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela has lived are the following: His homeland Venezuela, the United States, Spain and the United Arab Emirates specifically Dubai

The combination of the habit of reading and learning about other cultures result in seeing a lot and knowing a lot …

That’s why Gustavo Mirabal Castro is seen as a man with great intelligence, legal and experienced.

Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela a man beyond the borders that leaves Venezuela in style.

The professional, business and sports fields are some of the spaces where Gustavo Mirabal has succeeded.

Venezuela, Estados Unidos, España and Emiratos Árabes in a World Map
Venezuela, Estados Unidos, España and Emiratos Árabes in a World Map

In constant empowerment

Like a good reader and writer Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela, he is constantly updating his knowledge in the professional field. To do this, he looks for bibliography of experts in finance.

Still, Gustavo Mirabal does not neglect other readings, such as those related to the equestrian world or historical literature. In addition, he also likes historical fiction genres, biographies and scientific dissemination.

The relevance of reading to a lawyer’s career is vital. Well, this must have updated knowledge to solve the cases that arise. Therefore, constant empowerment is important.

A lawyer with good preparation and constant updating is empowered to attend to any case of a person, company, employer, among others.

The role of the lawyer is to investigate, obtain evidence and information to help clarify the cases that must be resolved.

Law profession requires intuition, discernment, self-confidence, and a passion for doing the right things.

The law indicates that “everything must go in the right direction”. In this sense, it must comply with the provisions of the Law and maintain order so that the balance is not lost.

When we look for a professional in this area, what we want to ensure is that he is an expert in the field to be solved. On the other hand, that it is updated in terms of the laws. Likewise, the latter’s experience and expertise are of utmost importance when choosing an excellent lawyer.

Keys of Empowerment - Gustavo Mirabal
Keys of Empowerment – Gustavo Mirabal

“Disney World of dreams and equestrian passions”

A flag of Venezuela is raised in the “Disney World of dreams and equestrian passions.”

In this way he praises Gustavo Mirabal, the journalist Ángela Oráa, for her training center in Florida, United States.

The Wellington of Palm Beach G&C Farm, was owned by Venezuelan husbands Gustavo and Carolina Mirabal. It should be noted that today is inactive.

This center had as vision: to qualify riders in all high-level tournaments as the final competitions of the World Cup, World Equestrian Games and Olympic Games.

Without a doubt, with dedication and effort you can achieve your goals in life. This man, with the support of his wife María Carolina Chapellín and trusted people, carried out this important equestrian project.

Gustavo Arroyo with Gustavo Mirabal and his wife María Carolina Chapellín de Mirabal
Gustavo Mirabal and his wife María Carolina Chapellín de Mirabal with Gustavo Arroyo

G&C Farm spaces

As an equestrian center to train highly competitive riders, G&C Farm facilities had the following attributes:

  • A jump court, a treadmill for eight horses, an individual treadmill, six paddocks.
  • In addition, they had a laundry, a hay deposit, a food and medicine room.
  • A two bedroom apartment for the stables. G&C Farm, with a plot of 4 acres – equivalent to 16,187.43 square meters

This center began its activities in 2009 in the city of Wellington, Florida. In that sense, it functioned as a training center and was dedicated to the development of equestrian sport.

Gustavo Mirabal figured as one of the biggest Venezuelan businessmen of international hypism. In this aspect he supported the training of young riders in the discipline of Equestrian Jumping.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro’s contribution to horse racing in the United States was enormous. Well, this equestrian center had great trainers like the Pessoa brothers. In this way a new generation of brilliant riders was able to advance to compete in important equestrian events of international stature.

Gustavo Alfredo Mirabal Bustillos a standout of horse riding and politics.

This man was a former leader of Democratic Action, a former member of the National Congress. In this role he chaired the Comptroller’s Committee of the Chamber of Deputies.

He is also a former Minister of Development in the presidential term of Jaime Lusinchi. On the other hand he was also governor of Miranda state for the year 1985.

Without a doubt, the equestrian passion is hereditary: Mirabal Bustillos was the owner of the Trabucazo stud, with the champion horse of the 80s.

He was also president of the National Racetrack Institute at the end of that decade.

This man gave a great example to his son Gustavo Mirabal, because love and compassion for animals was one of those valuable examples. On the other hand, the passion for reading and the law was something that Mirabal Bustillos instilled in his son from childhood. As a result, Gustavo Mirabal decides to pursue a law degree and follow the example of his respected father.

Today his son Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela, retains that passion for horses, as well as for equestrian jumping.

In addition, he worked as a lawyer with a long career in his native Venezuela.

Without a doubt, Gustavo Mirabal Bustillo loved the idea of his son following in his footsteps in the world of law.

Gustavo Mirabal - Poderopedia Venezuela
Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela

Work experience of Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela

Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela, served as a lawyer in banking. He subsequently founded the law firm Mirabal & Asociados.

There works a multidisciplinary team that offers its services linked to the commercial, commercial, tax areas. As well as everything related to intellectual property, foreign investments and exchange advice, litigation, finance and capital markets.

The headquarters of this firm is domiciled in Caracas. It should be noted that it has expanded to the United States, Spain and the United Arab Emirates. Thus Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela, has left his homeland Venezuela very high.

Gustavo Adolfo Mirabal Castro, however, is the businessman of the house: he appears as a lawyer, businessman and equestrian rider. Being a multifaceted man.

Through its Office the capital of Venezuela, this entrepreneur and financial advisor provides its clients with legal solutions through financial operations. The purpose of this is to help in the development of its customers.

On the other hand, it offers its services in terms of:

  • Advice and structuring of public offers for acquisition, exchange and takeover of companies
  • He also advises in relation to major financing projects and for the securitization of financial assets. 

    Gustavo Mirabal - Poderopedia Venezuela
    Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela

Dubai office of Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela

The United Arab Emirates, specifically Dubai represents an opportunity for foreigners. For this reason it has become the favorite destination for investors.

The element that favors this dynamic is its legislation as it protects investments. It also promises guarantees equal to those of the United Kingdom.

So, if a problem arises, the laws that protect any company established in Dubai are those of the United Kingdom. Without a doubt this becomes a focus of attraction for large companies.

Gustavo Mirabal expressed the following:

“The idea is to advise clients of the Asian continent which is growing in an impressive way and from the Emirates we are closer to our clients and they are also cities that like to visit our clients, so everything is easier”.

For this reason, this Venezuelan businessman maintains that it is essential to open relations with the Arab Emirates. Well, there you can develop your maximum potential as a financial advisor through your prestigious professional reputation.

In addition Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela indicated the following:

“And give our clients a different platform, taking advantage of the tax and residence benefits that the Emirates provides”

Without a doubt, your professionalism will do a high-level work. In this way he leaves the name of Venezuela very high.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro linked to the equestrian world
Gustavo Mirabal Castro linked to the equestrian world

Horses are Gustavo Mirabal’s favorite animals – Poderopedia Venezuela

This great Venezuelan continues to love horses, as they have accompanied him throughout his life.

He is currently very busy for his work commitments. However, look for ways to share with your favorite animal. Well, it’s a way to relax and disconnect.

This man has always manifested his sensitivity to nature. Well, for him to share with the horses and explore beautiful landscapes is the maximum.

Gustavo Mirabal has stood out as a great equestrian athlete who has known how to stop the Venezuelan tricolor.

The world of equestrian sports makes him a strong, careful, convincing, firm man. In this way, he dedicated himself through his equestrian center G&C Farm to train several of the great riders that shine today in the world.

G&C Arrayan
G&C Arrayan

Gustavo Mirabal hides a great love for Venezuela

Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela, hides a great love for the country that saw him born, grow and train as a man of good.

The great Venezuelan Gustavo Mirabal is an excellent professional in law and a great athlete in horse riding. He has also taken on the role of an entrepreneur and is now a financial consultant in Dubai.

Venezuela is usually a country recognized in the world for its beautiful women. This great country has brilliant Venezuelans who stand out in various fields or areas of knowledge abroad. Among these areas are the following: culture, arts, gastronomy, sciences, human thought, among others.

The "Pabellón" or Pavillion - Venezuelan Gastronomy
The “Pabellón” or Pavillion – Venezuelan Gastronomy

On the other hand, sport has also had very talented people. Even after a career of consecration, effort, they end up betting on the training of future generations. In this sense, an example of this is the great Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela.

The Venezuelan Gustavo Mirabal is an expert expert in the dynamics of how the different organizations in the world work. This gives you a great advantage in finding the differentiating element and standing out from the rest.

One of the lesser-known facets is the philanthropic activities it carries out. Well, he likes to be very reserved in that regard, which is what he should be when helping someone else.

For Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela and his family, the act of giving is a way of giving thanks. Well life has been kind to him and his family.


Another facet of Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela: Financial advice

As an undergraduate Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela, he chose to study law like his father. When he had to face the labor field, he did it in various banking organizations in his native country.

It was there his first contact with the world of finance. This man from his wit and intelligence learns every day. In addition to that, the different experiences brings with it a new learning.

Carrying out their ventures and turning them into important companies has required discipline and effort. This has involved learning about other areas, in order to proceed with expertise.

Today Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela fulfills the important role of financial advisor to other organizations so that they achieve their objectives with high standards of excellence. Without a doubt this is the differentiating element of Gustavo Mirabal as a financial consultant always betting on being better.

Gustavo Mirabal and his Dubai office
Gustavo Mirabal and his Dubai office

In addition, along with María Carolina Chapellín his wife, she has been steeped in knowledge because she is an outstanding administrator.

We can see that the Mirabal-Chapellín marriage have integrated very well, to form a family dedicated to the business world..

This pair knows that the success of each company consists in knowing how to render all the resources they have at the moment.

As a financial advisor, Gustavo Mirabal has developed skills to be able to succeed in the operation of the market. This is a starting point that served to formulate different strategies so that businessmen can protect their resources and investments.

In addition to this, Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela offers its services to the client portfolio. This consists of establishing strategies to attract greater users of services and products. The purpose of this is to ensure profits and have greater projection and stability.

A Venezuelan to highlight Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela

Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela, is a man with many virtues who devotes himself in all the areas in which he works.

Mirabal-Chapellín marriage really strive to stay on top of success. This does not come overnight, this is the result of years of discipline, work and effort.

For this they give their maximum potential, knowledge, values, which lead others to empower themselves in the matter of finance.

Without a doubt, this Venezuelan continues to stand out in its various facets. For this reason, He continues to leave the Venezuelan tricolor all over the world in the equestrian, business, as a lawyer and as a financial advisor.

The Mirabal-Chapellín family is currently located in Dubai – United Arab Emirates, helping to leave the flag of Venezuela aloft.






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