//Lawyer’s Day in Venezuela
Lawyer's day in Venezuela

Lawyer’s Day in Venezuela

The profession of lawyer is one of the oldest in the world and with it a series of jurists who have made great contributions in matters of law. In Venezuela, this degree is offered by public and private universities and its field of action is very wide. In this article we will discuss the celebration of the Lawyer’s Day in Venezuela.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro, like his father Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos, made the decision to pursue a law degree.

To all the lawyers who practice this laudable profession, we extend our congratulations on this special day. Well, these legal professionals continue to shine in and out of Venezuela.

Without a doubt, the quality of Venezuelan professionals leaves their country Venezuela very high.

The historical origin of the term “advocate” (that means lawyer) has its roots in the Latin voice advocatus and in the verb advocare that means “to call”.

A Day in the Life of a Lawyer - What Does a Lawyer Actually Do?

June 23 a date of great importance for lawyers in Venezuela

Professions generally have a special day a year to celebrate it, in the case of the legal profession the celebration date is June 23.

This date is the celebration of the Day of the Lawyer in Venezuela.

The origin of the celebration of the Lawyer’s Day in Venezuela dates back to 1972. Well, under the first presidential term of Rafael Caldera, June 23 was promulgated as a day to celebrate this important profession

Another reason of this celebration it is to commemorate the first constitutional President of the Republic of Venezuela in 1811. Without a doubt, progress is being made in terms of laws. The honoree is Don Cristóbal Hurtado de Mendoza, this was an outstanding professional of the laws. In addition I establish a special friendship with the Liberator Simón Bolívar.

That is why every June 23 since 1972 this important date is celebrated. By presidential decree of Dr. Rafael Caldera at guilds’ request. As of June 23, 2020 they are almost half a century of celebration.

Don Cristóbal Hurtado de Mendoza. First constitutional president in Venezuela 1811.
Don Cristóbal Hurtado de Mendoza. First constitutional president in Venezuela 1811.

A Bar Association since 1788 – Lawyer’s Day in Venezuela

As of today, it is approximately 232 years old, that is, its beginnings are bicentennial. In 1788 the Illustrious College of Lawyers of Caracas was founded.

Caracas Bar Association
Caracas Bar Association

Role of the lawyer in the exercise of his profession

The lawyer fulfills the role of exercising the legal defense of one of the sides of “the judged thing” in trial. It also does so in judicial and administrative proceedings caused or suffered by it.

These professionals are in charge of protecting the cause of citizens through laws based on the principles of justice.

On the other hand, it provides advice in the legal field. To practice as a lawyer, you must have the title of lawyer and other requirements such as being enrolled in the bar that is a professional association.

In Venezuela, both public and private universities teach law programs, graduating these professionals as lawyers.

Lawyers must have knowledge in various areas such as: history, philosophy, politics and economics.

Compliance with laws is your biggest responsibility. For this reason, it deserves to have solid ethical and moral values. In effect, this will give you the tools to build an excellent defense. In this way, they will be the voice of those people who for some reason are solving a legal issue.

It should be noted that the law branches into various specialties such as criminal, tax, commercial, among others.

Lawyer's day in Venezuela
Lawyer’s day in Venezuela

Gustavo Mirabal Castro a great Venezuelan lawyer

To be an outstanding lawyer, you must have completed at least five years of career where you acquire the skills, abilities and competences. Well, Gustavo Mirabal Castro is a lawyer graduated from the prestigious Santa María University.

After Gustavo Mirabal Castro graduated, he began his experience in various banking institutions. Later he started his own law firm.

Today, this excellent lawyer works as a financial advisor. His passion is the world of bonds, which is why he makes his knowledge and experience in this area available to his client portfolio.

As a lawyer and his extensive experience in the field of finance, he currently works as a financial advisor in the United Arab Emirates.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro
Gustavo Mirabal Castro

The lawyer a noble profession that if placed at the order of others

In short, it is a very noble profession, as Ciaurati points out in his Forensic Art:

“Give to a man all the gifts of the spirit, give him all of the character, make him have seen everything, he has learned and retained everything, he has worked thirty years of life, he is a non-literary group, a critic, a moralist, who has the experience of an old man and the infallible memory of a child; and perhaps with all this you will form a complete lawyer ”.

The Lawyer is a professional who must work on behalf of others. Like medicine, this should focus on the neighbor, based on the principles of equality, fairness and justice.

June 23 Venezuela's Lawyer's Day
June 23 Venezuela’s Lawyer’s Day

The profession of lawyer: The key to building a fairer society

The day of the lawyer in Venezuela is an ideal time to reflect and continue working based on the principles of equality, fairness and justice.

This ancient and noble profession is as important as education or medicine. Well, a career in the service of others.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro extends congratulations to all colleagues on this special day that takes place today, June 23.

It should be noted that due to the conjuncture of the coronavirus pandemic, it cannot be celebrated. However, better times will come to celebrate and reflect on the practice of this relevant profession of law.





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