//April 16 World Entrepreneurship Day 2022, by Gustavo Mirabal
El emprendedor en el día mundial del emprendimiento

April 16 World Entrepreneurship Day 2022, by Gustavo Mirabal

Entrepreneurship is fashionable, no one can deny that. Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur in one way or another. Everyone sees business opportunities everywhere, but only a few take risks. However, every day this fashion for entrepreneurship has become a hope-opportunity for many. On World Entrepreneurship Day, we want to give you some tips to achieve your goals as an entrepreneur.

Behind this hope are hundreds of social media accounts “entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs” that throw motivational phrases in droves. Certainly, one of the most important factors to undertake is the so-called “self-motivation”.

Self-motivation is the ability of each person to push themselves to achieve objectives without external incentives. The incentives of the entrepreneur must be internal because in the first phase the external incentives will be conspicuous by their absence.

The literary genre of self-help has moved dangerously to the world of entrepreneurship and has remained in the motivational aspects. It’s as if they told you that just having the desire to win can be done, which is not true. To win requires desire, discipline, desire to learn and know. Many of these aspects can be addressed from motivation and an appropriate approach.

It’s about understanding that motivation is the engine of our car. But to move the car, we will still need the chassis, body, transmission, rubbers, among others … And above all we will need gasoline. Today we will address the aspects for the development of an entrepreneur. Our goal is to multiply the consciousness of entrepreneurs, not so that they give up, but so that they know how to prepare.

Without more to add, we will start by defining for ourselves “What is an entrepreneur?”, let’s start.

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What is an entrepreneur and what is his role? on World Entrepreneurship Day

The first thing to celebrate World Entrepreneurship Day is that we need to understand what an entrepreneur is. Of all the definitions of entrepreneur I am left with the following:

“A person who identifies an opportunity and undertakes actions knowing the risks and / or the difficulty involved, organizing the resources for the achievement of their objective in a sustainable way”

If a person does not know the risks of their actions or does not organize so that the use of this opportunity is sustainable, we may not be facing an entrepreneur. No one can foresee all the risks

An entrepreneur is not only the one who has an initiative but is aware of the challenge he faces and organizes himself for it.

The difference between “not being afraid” and “being brave”

It is the difference between a brave person and a person who is simply not afraid. The brave one is afraid because he knows what he is facing and still decides to move on. A person without fear is simply not aware of what is going on and therefore moves on.

Not being afraid can be a curse or a blessing. Being too aware of fear can prevent us from moving forward. But also, the obstacles of surprising us can discourage us. That is why the true entrepreneur must become aware of the challenges and difficulties and arm himself with his self-motivation to overcome them.

That is why it helps an entrepreneur to be born with a dose of self-motivation, but it is not enough. Self-motivation has to go hand in hand with perseverance in the face of obstacles. You must also have a touch of knowledge and study of the area in which you are going to undertake and a risk assessment to make plans to mitigate the risks.

That is why we will make a small list with the elements that an entrepreneur should consider when starting.

The entrepreneur on World Entrepreneurship Day
The entrepreneur on World Entrepreneurship Day

What are the qualities and aspects that the entrepreneur must consider starting?

An entrepreneur, as we have mentioned in the previous sections, must meet many qualities. These qualities are not necessarily innate, but they are qualities that the entrepreneur must cultivate.

To enhance the figure of the entrepreneur, on World Entrepreneurship Day, we want to highlight those aspects that make it special.

You must also possess or seek several knowledges that will help you succeed in your venture. As a result of our experience, we will mention some of the qualities and knowledge that will make an entrepreneur a successful man.

Qualities of an entrepreneur

Today, on World Entrepreneurship Day, we mention some of the most important qualities that an entrepreneur must have and / or cultivate:

  • Self-motivation and ability to motivate others: This is a key element and one that most coaches and self-help gurus emphasize. These are not motivational phrases. It’s about enjoying the process of entrepreneurship. Unlike some who gracefully mention the “envy” that others have for you, motivation must come from you. To motivate yourself you must look for what drives you to act for yourself and not on the shadow of the bad desires of others.
  • Persistence: You must be a person capable of setting a goal and fulfilling it. If you see that you leave many things incomplete, you must start there. You must start by completing your projects. Otherwise, you won’t get anywhere.
  • Dreamer and visionary: You must have the ability to see what others do not see and dream of what no one has done.
  • Focused on solutions: You must be permanently seeing what are the problems that are presented to you and what can be the solutions to them.
  • Leadership: In many cases the entrepreneur will not be able to work alone. That is why you must prepare yourself to be able to lead people and work teams. One of the great forces of humanity is synergy.
Persistence is very important for the success of the entrepreneur
Persistence is very important for the success of the entrepreneur

Knowledge that an entrepreneur should look for or have

Today, on World Entrepreneurship Day, we mention some of the knowledge that an entrepreneur must have or learn:

  • Basic financial knowledge: Even if you have an accountant, it is important to know how you are going to finance your entrepreneurship, what your usefulness is and how to calculate the costs. Knowing if you are on the right track depends a lot on your financial knowledge. There are short finance courses for non-financiers that can be very helpful.
  • Planning and organization: This knowledge is very important to be able to distribute the work and set goals that achieve early victories.
  • Knowledge of the area where you are going to undertake: Example, if you are going to set up a bakery you must know about wheat flour, kneading, bakery machinery, ovens, etc. It is a knowledge that is acquired on the fly, but it is worth having a minimum before diving into a specific venture.
  • Regulatory and tax issues: A venture tends to become a company or an organization to be sustainable over time. It is convenient to have basic concerts of the regulations in the area you want to undertake and tax issues. Following the example of the bakery, you should know the sanitary and labor regulations, as well as the municipal and national taxes, among others.

Some famous entrepreneurs

Elon Musk: Created a directory system for local businesses and newspapers. It was basically a portal as we know them now with newspapers, email, yellow pages, local arts and entertainment guide, classified ads. He would later create a banking transaction company that would become PayPal. He is also the founder of Tesla and SpaceX, the first company to make rockets commercially and efficiently.

Jeff Bezos: He is the founder and CEO of Amazon, the largest e-commerce company in the world. Amazon started as an online book selling company and gradually grew into an e-commerce site in general. Currently the company also markets cloud services around the world.

Steve Jobs: This American entrepreneur founded Apple, Pixar animation and Next. He revolutionized the world of computing with the Macintosh, of mp3 players with his iPod and that of cell phones with his iPhone. He was fired for his aggressive style, but returned to his company through the big door. Today Apple products are synonymous with quality and design.

Another famous entrepreneur on World Entrepreneurship Day

Bill Gates: Despite starting his studies at Harvard, he abandoned them to concentrate on the newly founded Microsoft. He saw the great opportunity represented by the operating system market and took action. He bought QDOS which he later renamed MSDOS and made improvements to it. In addition, he created the Basic programming language and Windows. Currently Microsoft is one of the most important software companies.

Larry Page: American entrepreneur founder of Google. His parents were experts in computing and artificial intelligence, a field. While studying at Stanford he developed with his partner Sergei Brim the search engine Google. Given the popularity of the search engine they abandoned their studies to concentrate on their company. They managed to raise a million dollars from family, friends and investors to launch their company in Silicon Valley.

Andy Rubin: This entrepreneur is the founder of Android Inc along with Rich Miner, Nick Sears and Chris White. They developed a Linux-based mobile operating system. The company was acquired by Google in 2007. Currently Android is the most used mobile operating system in the world.

Gustavo Mirabal, a serial entrepreneur on World Entrepreneurship Day

Gustavo Mirabal is considered a serial entrepreneur. He has undertaken in the sports, legal and financial fields. And it will probably continue to undertake in many areas. Therefore, the advice of Gustavo Mirabal Castro is very valuable for those who want to start entrepreneurship. Today on World Entrepreneurship Day you have received a gift as an entrepreneur, his advice.

If you want to undertake, we recommend you follow the advice of Gustavo Mirabal. Start cultivating the key qualities and knowledge for your success. You can also follow us on our social networks and on our Youtube channel Gustavo Mirabal Castro Asesor Financiero. There you can find information about finances useful to achieve your success and avoid being a victim of opportunists and scammers.

Every beginning is difficult and therefore you must know that hard work, perseverance and your motivation will be very important for your success. We hope you can tell us on our social networks if the tips were useful to you and if you want any additional information on these topics.

If you want to really become an entrepreneur, today on World Entrepreneurship Day, we are waiting for you.