//How did Venezuela’s Gustavo Mirabal Castro go through it all?
Gustavo Mirabal Castro el empresario venezolano acusado por su talento

How did Venezuela’s Gustavo Mirabal Castro go through it all?

We believe that the people who are at the top always had everything easy. That somehow life made things easier for him than others and it was only a stroke of luck. Today we will talk about how luck is only one of the components of success and we will set an example with the life of Gustavo Mirabal. Venezuela’s Gustavo Mirabal Castro went through it all and surpassed it by far.

Venezuela's Gustavo Mirabal Castro went through it all with a bit of luck
Venezuela’s Gustavo Mirabal Castro went through it all with a bit of luck

The role of luck in Gustavo Mirabal Castro’s success

We can say that Gustavo Mirabal Castro is a successful man, and we can also say that he is a lucky man. This statement does not mean that Gustavo Mirabal has not made an effort to achieve the things he achieved, but we can say that he was lucky in life.

Luck can play an important role in personal success. But the importance of luck is a topic of ongoing debate. The importance we give to luck depends on the context and perspective of everyone.

People who consider that their life depends on external factors have an external locus of control. The locus of control is the belief where it is that controls our lives. If we consider that our lives are controlled entirely by fate, luck, God, or any other approach, it is said that they have an external locus of control.

Moreover, people who feel they are in control of their lives are said to possess a strong internal locus of control.

To believe that luck has a fundamental role in our lives is to have a strong external locus of control. We believe we have no control over our lives.

Some people strongly believe in luck. In this way they attribute a significant part of their success, or failure, to fortuitous events or favorable circumstances.

Other people minimize the role of luck and focus more on effort, planning, and perseverance as determining factors in success.

But let’s dig a little deeper into the role of luck for people’s success.

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How does luck influence our lives?

In our lives there are elements beyond our control. These elements influence our results, both positively and negatively.

Factors that can be considered fortuitous can be:

  • Place of birth
  • Family
  • The opportunities that present themselves at the right time
  • Meet the right people at the right time.

These elements can influence a person’s trajectory. We cannot evaluate success in the same way for a person born into an organized family in a first world country, comparing it to a person born into a poor family, suffering domestic violence in a third world country.

What we can observe is whether people have taken advantage of the opportunities that this position gave them, whether many or few.

Did Gustavo Mirabal Castro have luck in his life? Let’s see it

The Venezuelan Gustavo Mirabal Castro, a lucky man who went through everything

For Gustavo Mirabal, being born into a Venezuelan middle-class family in the mid-60s was lucky. A wonderful time for the country from the economic point of view and opportunities, with possibilities for social ascent. Also, being born into the middle class taught him to strive and not take things for granted.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro was born in a good time and with a family that taught him personal and professional values. Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos was a Venezuelan politician who fought against the injustices of his country, but who was also an entrepreneur.

But not all people know or knew how to take advantage of opportunities. Many people were born into middle-class families in that boom and did not become successful Venezuelans. Far fewer Venezuelans were able to see its success reach internationalization.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro’s luck did not exempt him from going through school and having to make a conscious effort. To be about to have some matter left.

The luck of Gustavo Mirabal did not prevent him from having to stay awake at the university to study… Although many college students only stayed up to go to parties.

Gustavo Mirabal took advantage of his luck through effort

This luck of Gustavo Mirabal Castro did not prevent him from having to go through everything he had to go through to achieve success. Without the dedication and effort to achieve things, he would simply have been just another Venezuelan who remembers the good times of the country.

For Gustavo Mirabal, people who truly desire success must start by taking control over their lives. For this international financial advisor, lawyer and athlete, a person to achieve success consistently must have a strong internal locus of control. But this is not just Gustavo Mirabal’s idea.

In psychology, the relationship between success and the internal locus of control has been studied. Let’s see a little more below.

How is the internal locus of control critical to success?

The internal locus of control is the perception a person has over the control they have over their own life.

People with an internal locus of control believe that their actions, decisions, and efforts have a significant impact on the results they experience. Thanks to this, people with internal locus of control strive to achieve better results.

In psychology, a strong internal locus of control has been linked to some traits fundamental to personal success. Internal locus of control helps people take responsibility for the outcome of their lives.

The internal locus of control as manager of our decisions

The internal locus of control is fundamental to success and influences the following aspects:

  • Greater resilience.
  • Motivation.
  • Assertiveness in decision making.
  • Take responsibility for actions and results.

People who believe they have the power to influence their own destiny take proactive actions and persist in achieving their goals. In this way we manage our efforts in fusion of our goal and not of external aspects that are not in our control. This increases your chances of success and is therefore one of the keys to success.

Luck as a catalyst for success

Luck is the opportunities that life gives us so that we take advantage of them in order to achieve success. But in order to seize those opportunities, we must be willing to act.

It is useless to be the son of a millionaire, if we just want to sit staring at the ceiling doing nothing.

For Gustavo Mirabal Castro, as an athlete, seeing the example of personalities such as Pelé or Maradona is the best example. People who from their humility knew how to take advantage of their talent to have a better life and success. They were fortunate to have a talent and a family that supported them, however, that did not exempt them from going through the difficulties and training.

In the same way, Gustavo Mirabal Castro learned that, although you know a lot about finance, he could not give unsolicited advice. He gave a lot of financial advice to his friends, but they didn’t listen to him. It was there that he decided to become a financial advisor and charge for the advice and advice he gave.

This rejection of what Gustavo had to offer made it an opportunity and the career of his life. Gustavo Mirabal also went through personal difficulties and yet he always looked for solutions instead of complaining to the world, life, or God.

Athletes are an example that luck is not everything
Athletes are an example that luck is not everything

The Venezuelan Gustavo Mirabal Castro went through everything and discovered the secrets of success.

Aside from the internal locus of control, Gustavo discovered other secrets that would help him achieve success throughout his life. These secrets he learned from his father, from the university and also, from the blows that life gave him.

Next, know the secrets that Gustavo Mirabal has for you:

Discipline: Success requires constant effort and a willingness to overcome obstacles.

Perseverance: Perseverance will help you stay the course in difficult times.

Learn from mistakes: Mistakes are learning opportunities. Learning from your mistakes will allow you to improve and grow.

Planning: It will allow you to create a “map” towards your goals and keep the focus on important tasks and activities.

Adaptability: Being adaptable is being willing to adjust your approach when necessary. This will allow you to overcome obstacles and keep moving towards your goals.

Venezuela's Gustavo Mirabal Castro went through it all and overcame it
Venezuela’s Gustavo Mirabal Castro went through it all and overcame it

How did Venezuela’s Gustavo Mirabal Castro go through it all?

Thanks to the secrets he discovered through his experience and his acquaintances and a strong belief in control of his own life, Venezuelan Gustavo Mirabal went through it all.

Overcoming great challenges and reaching very high goals, Gustavo Mirabal’s life has been a continuous ascent. If you want to overcome all the challenges that come your way, we invite you to follow the steps that Gustavo followed to go through everything and overcome it.