//The horse as a pet
The horse as a pet

The horse as a pet

The horse as a pet

Horses have been those animals that have accompanied human beings since ancient times. These animals have played a very important role in the lives of men. In this installment we will address some aspects to consider if you have a horse as a pet.

Typically, people have pets such as dogs, cats, birds. However, there are people who have large spaces where they can accommodate a large animal like horses.

It should be noted that regardless of the pet they choose they should take special care. In this way, the welfare of animals, especially the horse as a pet, will be guaranteed.

People who are inclined to have a horse as a pet usually have farms or large land. This is an important aspect if you want to have a horse as a pet. Ideally, it should be as comfortable as possible.

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Domestication in horses and their origins

As we have already mentioned, horses have been accompanying and supporting human beings since ancient times.

According to research that has been carried out, there are records that the first domestication of the horse was in Central Asia.

This has been around for 10,000 years. However, other studies are trying to show that the first domestication would be much further. This second theory coincides more because the horse is painted in cave caves.

Horses have performed multiple tasks throughout their existence. Nowadays a horse is raised as a pet, so its task is much more relaxed.


How do I know if a horse can be a good pet for me?

The horse can be an excellent pet, but it is not for everyone. The first thing you should consider is that the horse is a very large animal, which requires a lot of attention and that this attention is not given as easily, as the attention needed by a dog or a cat.

And it is that having a horse as a pet is not a common decision. However, it can be a decision with great benefits for its owners, as long as they meet certain conditions.

Below, we’ll introduce you to some of the things to make sure a horse is a suitable pet.

Do you have too much free time or feel like you need to keep yourself busier?

If your answer to this question is yes, the horse may be a good choice for you. And it is that horses are very social animals and require a lot of care. Whether to keep them clean, with their hooves in good condition, well fed or active, horses need your time.

A horse requires physical activity on a daily basis, riding them helps their health and ours. If you don’t have time or feel very busy, a horse may not be an option for you. Horses require a lot of time, attention, and care.

Do you have experience with horses? What is your experience with them?

If your answer is yes, maybe a horse can be a pet for you. And it is that relating to horses needs several guidelines to understand the language of horses. If you have no experience with horses and are interested in them as a pet, we recommend you start a process of approach. Whether through equine therapy, recreational horseback riding or simple riding classes, if you are interested in horses, you should increase your experience with them.

We recommend taking riding lessons or a horse trainer to see if you are ready. This way you can know if a horse as a pet is for you. If you don’t have time to start your experimentation with horses, you don’t have time to have a horse as a pet.

Having experiences with horses can help you know if a horse pet is for you
Having experiences with horses can help you know if a horse pet is for you


Are you willing to commit yourself for at least 20 years to your pet?

Unlike cats and dogs, horses are long-lived pets. That longevity implies a long-term commitment. Also, giving a dog or cat up for adoption is quite manageable, however, a horse is difficult to get you a place to live. That is why we must be prepared to commit ourselves for a long time.

If we cannot commit ourselves for that long, we can opt for an older horse to give it a dignified old age. We can also some breed of lower longevity. The important thing is to evaluate our commitment, our life expectancy and above all the welfare of the horse.

If you decide to keep a horse as a pet, you should prepare to take care of him or her for many years. It’s a worthwhile long-term commitment, but you should evaluate it based on your situation.

Aspects to consider if you have a horse as a pet

Even if you have a horse as a pet, you must ensure the welfare of the animal.

The actions to follow with a pet horse are the following:

  • The horse as a pet should be visited daily, even if it is not going to be ridden. This will strengthen the links between the owner and the animal.
  • It is also important to brush it every day in order to keep the fur and skin in good condition.
  • Cleaning the helmets is essential to avoid moisture and diseases.
  • The horse should be recreated, so it is recommended that you have a routine of going out to enjoy the outdoors. This promotes exercise in the horse, which greatly influences the welfare of the horse as a pet
  • Hygiene is an element that cannot be overlooked. Therefore, it should be bathed and dried. This will allow the horse to have a pleasant feeling.
  • Health is priceless. Therefore it is necessary to comply with the scheme of vaccines, veterinary control and biosecurity measures.
  • If you take into account these tips to have a horse as a pet for sure you will have a happy and healthy horse.

Feeding and prevention of diseases when you have a horse as a pet

The horse as a pet must have a balanced diet. In this sense you must have three basic types of food. Among them the Pasture, that the ideal is to consume it outdoors. On the other hand there is hay and processed foods, these fulfill the function of providing vitamins and minerals.

For the prevention of diseases of the horse as a pet you must keep up to date with all vaccines. Also, you should apply an antiparasitic on a regular basis.

Ideally, the veterinarian will check regularly to monitor the health of the horse as a pet.

Although the horse is in good health, the veterinarian should be visited at least twice a year.


Horse breeds ideal for having a horse as a pet

The Cleveland Zaino horse race

It is the oldest breed from the United Kingdom. His fame has made him become the favorite equine of British royalty. Today it still remains in the royal stables. Therefore it is an iconic horse of this country.

Paint Horses horse breed

It is a race of horses of load, that is very used for the work in farms.

Like the Quarter Horse, they can be the ideal horse with a calm genius and a striking color. This makes it ideal to have a specimen of this horse as a pet.

Grade Ponies

If there are children in your house and you want the horse as a pet to interact with your children, the best choice is a pony. In this sense there are many opportunities to show, learn and have fun with a grade pony.

Emotional aspects of the horse as a pet

The brain components involved in the emotional response of the equine are similar to those of the human being. The same happens to pets like dogs and cats.

With the passage of time, humans perceive horses as intelligent living beings. However, it is thought that these animals are capable of feeling emotions, such as fear or aggressiveness.

This should lead us to reflect on the treatment given to animals, especially the horse as a pet.

It is important to highlight the importance of the above, if we choose to have a pet horse.


In summary

If you are thinking of having a horse as a pet you should carefully evaluate every detail. Well, to start you must have a large and comfortable space for the horse.

On the other hand, the care they require is demanding. So if you are not in a position to comply with this it is better to opt for a smaller pet. This does not mean that you should also take special care with these small pets.

Regardless of the pet you choose to have, the responsible possession of an animal is above all.

Horses, dogs, cats, birds are living beings that feel and suffer therefore they are worthy of love and respect.



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