//Gustavo Mirabal Castro’s biography: the secrets of inspiration
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Gustavo Mirabal Castro’s biography: the secrets of inspiration

Gustavo Mirabal Castro is an amateur horse-loving rider, lawyer by profession and financial adviser at heart.

His love of finance comes in his blood because his father was Minister of Doing in Venezuela in the 1980s. His love of horseback riding also comes from his roots as his father was also a horse fan.

Where our passions and inspiration come from. They are inherited or acquired.

Some people may think that all of Gustavo Mirabal’s passions come from his parents but in turn if he was raised by his parents there is doubt… isn’t it that Gustavo Mirabal’s parents instilled his preferences and longings?

Today we will talk about Gustavo Mirabal and through his life we will try to determine whether our tastes and preferences are innate or acquired.

The eternal dilemma between genotype and phenotype through a Venezuelan man who has excelled. It will be that all Venezuelans have that potential. Let’s find out, but first let’s talk a little bit about the innate and the acquired.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro showjumper
Gustavo Mirabal Castro showjumper

Innate vs Acquired, Genetics Vs Environment: The Eternal Dilemma

Some Venezuelan sayings on the subject:

  • Tree born crooked never its branch straightens
  • Such a stick such a splinter
  • Child born a belly, not to be sashed by little

No doubt popular wisdom may be wrong, but it gives us the idea that most people think innate conditions are fundamental.

We cannot deny that genetics plays a fundamental role in human development. This defines our skin color, hair color, propensity for certain diseases and even some claim that intelligence as well.

On the other hand, we know that genetics needs an environment to manifest itself. A person prone to diabetes is not condemned to it if he knows it and is controlled. You can avoid it by having a healthy lifestyle in both exercise and diet.

That is why genetics cannot be overlooked but the environment and our behavior is conditional on genetic conditions developing.

So Gustavo Mirabal’s passions being able to have his genetic origin that’s not enough. We can also say that it has been his persistence that has led him to develop.

We do not know many people who stand out in the sports, professional and personal area at the same time.

But if anything our countrymen have shown us abroad, it is that Venezuelans have great potential. And we can also say that it is yet to be fully developed.

But what we can do to realize our potential and achieve our dreams. Can we change our preferences and customs? We’ll talk about this point below.

Mr Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos - Gustavo Mirabal's father
Mr Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos – Gustavo Mirabal’s father

Gustavo Mirabal’s preferences and customs.

Gustavo Mirabal as a child didn’t used to read greedily. However, watching his father read almost every day he became very positive… Read the newspaper’s committees on Sundays.

As a result, he became accustomed to reading the newspaper frequently, not just the committees. With this he discovered what his father also, that both had ease of reading and that it was an activity that was pleasurable to him.

That certainly marked a change in Gustavo Mirabal’s life. When he was told that to be a lawyer like his parents, he would have to read a lot, he was no longer afraid of that perspective.

That’s how it happened with the horses. He listened to his father who went to the club to ride horses, so he began to develop a longing to prove that experience.

At the age of 9 he rode his first horse and by the age of 10 he began participating in equestrian competitions. His father was proud because they shared that fascination with horses and in this way gave him the positive reinforcement he needed to move on.

These preferences and tastes continued to grow and forge Gustavo Mirabal’s character. So the raw material was there, a genetics ready to make him an athlete and a reader.

A genetics ready to make him a versatile person but in turn without practice and the example of little would have been valid. But something else changed his life.

Gustavo Mirabal - A great reader
Gustavo Mirabal – A great reader

Finance in Gustavo Mirabal ‘s life.

Finally, one situation marked Gustavo Mirabal’s life. At some point he saw his father go through slight financial difficulties. These difficulties showed Gustavo Mirabal that his father had several businesses that were in trouble.

However, his father’s ability to manage and manage himself made him unscathed. He even understood that his lifestyle was impossible if he claimed not to take any chances in his life. Because business is risk, but in turn they’re a reward for effort.

That was the first contact with Gustavo Mirabal’s finances. Maybe Gustavo didn’t have a “Rich Father, Poor Father” like Robert Kiyosaki but the truth is that he always had an entrepreneurial father.

And he also understood the key to a couple who understood your vision for the future. Well, Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos’ wife was also an entrepreneurial woman and an excellent lawyer.

Gustavo’s father and mother shared their vision for the future for themselves and their children. Thanks to this synergy they laid the foundation for a fulfilling and happy future life.

This was essential to fix on Gustavo Mirabal’s mind to find a woman who shared the vision of fighting for a better future and entrepreneurship. That search ended when he met Maria Carolina Chapellin, now Mirabal.”

Maria Carolina Chapellin of Mirabal in Gustavo’s life.

Gustavo when he met his future wife, he knew that Maria Carolina would be the woman to share his life. She is an entrepreneurial, intelligent and business-manager woman.

The training at the home of María Carolina Chapellin de Mirabal was purely entrepreneurship. From the family that established the Bigott tobacco company and the Bigott Foundation.

The family of María Carolina Chapellin de Mirabal has participated in both Venezuela’s industrial fabric and Venezuela’s philanthropic action.

This combination enamored Gustavo Mirabal as well as the undoubted beauty of Maria Carolina, who had participated in Miss Venezuela. But what ended up convincing Gustavo Mirabal that they were both soul mates was his passion for horseback riding.

A few days after Gustavo Mirabal and Maria Carolina met, they met on the practice courts of the club they attended. Who knows if it was fate or providence they put them in it within a few days?

None of them doubted that from that moment on they would not separate, first as friends and soon as a couple.

Later as a couple they would be partners to boost G&C farm in both the United States and Venezuela.  But that’s part of another story to tell you later.

Maria Carolina Chapellin and her husband Gustavo Mirabal Castro
Maria Carolina Chapellin and her husband Gustavo Mirabal Castro

Gustavo Mirabal – Innate or Achilles

We all have qualities transmitted by our parents. Some thanks to genetics and others to their formation and custom.

But beyond the things that our parents can give us, it is up to us to develop every quality, capacity and knowledge.

Successful people often say that “success is 1% talent and 99% perspiration.”  Gustavo Mirabal is the embodiment of this phrase.