//Gustavo Mirabal in the United States: An Equestrian Dream
Gustavo Mirabal Showjumping

Gustavo Mirabal in the United States: An Equestrian Dream

Human beings see a motivation in their lives when they have dreams to achieve. Of course, to achieve these dreams you have to activate and work on them to make them come true. Otherwise they would only stay in their dreams. Gustavo Mirabal fought and made his dreams come true

To achieve a dream you have to turn it into real goals, to do so requires dedication, perseverance and discipline. Undoubtedly these are key aspects that need to be worked on.

When the Venezuelan Gustavo Mirabal decided to emigrate with his family to the United States he had already been hiding in the farthest reaches of his being an equestrian dream.

While in the United States, this Venezuelan man catapulted into the world of equestrianity. Well, with G&C Farm I lead several riders to achieve great successes.

G&C Farm: An equestrian dream by Gustavo Mirabal Castro

This man was able to take advantage of his dreams, for with much dedication, discipline and the support of his wife managed to crystallize his great dream in America.

In 2009, the G&C Farm equestrian training centre was opened. In this sense the space of this farm designed in order to provide the greatest comfort and comfort to the people who lived there.

The primary objective of the G&C Farm equestrian centre was to train high-performance riders. Also provide all possible support to achieve the goals proposed in important equestrian jumping competitions.

On the other hand, this centre also trained the horses so that the magic duos representing G&C Farm would shine in the most important competitions in the world

One of Gustavo Mirabal’s roles from G&C Farm was the promotion of excellent riders. We can cite as an example the case of the Spanish rider Sergio Alvarez Moya who performs an excellent representation in the competitions where he participated.


United States: A Country of Opportunity

It is no secret to anyone that America represents for millions of people in the world a unique opportunity.

However, not everyone achieves the so-called American dream because this country requires a visa from most countries.

In the case of Gustavo Mirabal fortunately he had his papers in order and achieved his equestrian dream in the United States. For this Venezuelan man and his family, this first-world country represented a valuable opportunity.

In this sense I managed to crystallize the dream of G&C Farm, although many did not believe it, this proved it.

No doubt wanting is power.

Mirabal Chapellín Family
Mirabal Chapellín Family

United States and equestrian competitions

Various equestrian competences are held in this country, including the following:

  • S. Triple Crown
  • Santa Anita Park Race
  • Gulfstream Park Carrera

These are some of the top competitions in the United States, and it has thousands of followers.

In some of these competitions Venezuelan riders have shone as is the case of Javier Castellanos.

It should be noted that Gustavo Mirabal was inclined towards the discipline of Equestrian Leap.


G&C Farm a symbol of excellence

This equestrian centre has always submitted to high standards of excellence in order to achieve the proposals.

For this important reason, Gustavo Mirabal I look for the best options, i.e. the best coaches for his equestrian center. This is intended to provide the valuable knowledge of the equestrian world to its pupils.

Nelson Pessoa, a Brazilian rider, offered his unconditional support to Gustavo Mirabal in this equestrian project. As if that were not enough, Rodrigo Pessoa, was part of the coaching stand of this prestigious equestrian training center.

Gustavo Mirabal stated the following:


“I’ve always admired Rodrigo Pessoa, he’s a genius with horses, I admire the elegant way he does it, it’s amazing, to talk about Rodrigo is to talk about perfection”


Without a doubt to achieve excellence as the motto of this equestrian center Gustavo Mirabal I look for the best…

G&C Farm
G&C Farm

Gustavo Mirabal Equestrian Training Center Facilities in the United States

The equestrian dream of this Venezuelan was in Wellington, Florida.

This space dedicated to the training of both horses and riders was built on a 4-acre plot (this measure corresponds to approximately 16,187.43 square meters)

On the premises there were the following:

  • A jumping court
  • An eight-horse treadmill, an individual treadmill,
  • Six paddocks

Among the successes that achieved Gustavo Mirabal’s equestrian dream in the United States we have to:

G&C Farm was champion in exhibition races. This one was attended by brilliant Venezuelan riders such as: Luis Miguel Martínez, Gustavo Arroyo, Luis Fernando Larrazábal and Pablo Barrios.

It should be noted that G&C Farm is currently inactive.


Gustavo Mirabal and his enjoyment in the United States

Gustavo Mirabal enjoyed his stay in this great country to the fullest, because to begin I achieve his great equestrian dream.

On the other hand I enjoy visiting the great metropolis of New York with his family at Christmas. In this way he managed to enjoy each of the options offered by the city in this beautiful season of the year.

I also visit nearby cities like New Jersey and its surroundings.

But nothing like Florida, because it reminds him of his native country for the warmth of its climate and its people.


Gustavo Mirabal Showjumping
Gustavo Mirabal Showjumping


Gustavo Mirabal achieved his dream in the United States

The Venezuelan rider Gustavo Mirabal in the United States achieved his equestrian dream. This success was achieved with the support of his beautiful family.

As we can see there is no impossible for men. We just have to find a way to make dreams come true.

This requires constancy and dedication.

Undoubtedly Gustavo Mirabal Castro has left his native country very high in other lands…

This man with his multiple facets of lawyer, entrepreneur and rider is an example that he can combine his passions and achieve success.





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