//Mourning in the Venezuela for the death of the Ocean Bay horse

Mourning in the Venezuela for the death of the Ocean Bay horse

Seeking the gold
Seeking the gold

The Venezuelan horse riding has a long history and there are several horses that have stood out at different times. Currently there are talented horses, however, at the moment the Venezuelan horse riding is in mourning due to the tragic death of the Ocean Bay horse.

The Ocean Bay horse was double crowned in 2016 of the Venezuelan horse riding

Without a doubt a horse that we will remember forever.

Below we present a video of one of the competitions where the talented horse participated


Victory in the framework of the Classic “Federico Carmona Perera” of the Ocean Bay horse

The beautiful specimen called Ocean Bay powered placed in fourth position in the initial meters. Then the horse took advantage of his opponents in the final stretch and thus was able to achieve a decisive victory.

This feat was accomplished in the Classic “Federico Carmona Perera”, this event was held in the arena of the national racetrack La Rinconada.

Official Arrival Order of the participating horses:

  1. OCEAN BAY horse
  2. Turcotte (A.Castellanos)
  3. Batalanton (R.Capriles)
  4. Sensational Money (J.C. Rodríguez)
  5. Tamunangue (W. León)

As we can see the great horse achieved its goal of being the first place in this prestigious race.

Ocean Bay
Ocean Bay

Ocean Bay pedigree

Thanks to its genetics Ocean Bay had advantages to achieve its successes. His “parents” and “grandfather” were definitely very successful at the time and have given great “children” in turn.

A suitable mix of good genes, good upbringing and good trainers made Ocean Bay the winning horse he was and also a great stallion.

Ocean Bay is the son of Golden Spikes (Kentuchy) a remarkable thoroughbred and Stellar Babe a mare with an excellent track record.

Golden Spikes in turn is the son of the fabulous Seeking the Gold which in addition to a great thoroughbred has also been a successful stallion. Seeking the Gold’s children have produced profits in the order of $218 million. Among the most famous horses that are part of The Seeking de Gold progeny are:

  • Blame: winner of 7 qualified betting races
  • Lord Nelson: winner of 4 qualified betting races
  • Take Charge Brandi: Youth eclipse award for children in 2014 and the youth breeders’ cup for you also in 2014.

Undoubtedly the pedigree that Ocean Bay was made of was impressive and it is a pity that it was lost in such an unfortunate incident.


Awards received

The horse took its steps within the national sport with great success in the José Antonio Páez Classic. In this competition he achieved first place in the National Triple Crown in La Rinconada

This outstanding equine specimen was born and raised in the Haras (Stable in english) “Alegría” (Joy in english)

He stood out in the competitions in the “José Antonio Páez” (G1, 1600 m)

Also in “Cría Nacional” (national breeding) (G1, 2000 m), these competitions being the first two steps of the Venezuelan triple crown.

These successes are thanks to the skillful driving of Zulia champion Jaime “pocho” Lugo. On the other hand, the training of Ramón García Mosquera

Ocean Bay managed to stay at the gates of the Triple Crown in 2016 by winning the first two races. Unfortunately he was injured in the last race.

In her career, she had 15 participations in the great equestrian event in the country, where she achieved 8 first places and 3 seconds.

Ocean Bay left an indelible mark, as it was one of the promising stallions of the Venezuelan equestrian horse.

After the animal suffered an injury, its owners made the decision to convert it at the end of the 2019 season. In this way, the idea was to transform it into a stallion with good prospects in its original cradle.



Famous riders who have ridden Ocean Bay

Ocean Bay was not only a major nationwide ride. Undoubtedly his achievement of staying at the gates of the triple national crown made him famous in other latitudes.

Venezuela’s equestrian has had great international projection. In recent years thanks to amateur rider, equestrian entrepreneur and lawyer Gustavo Mirabal Castro, the Venezuelan equestrian scene has been on the fore.

This is how horses make riders and horse riders famous. A perfect duo always helps to achieve success.

This is how Ocean Bay contributed to the victories of several riders who currently have great projection such as Javier José Castellanos and Emisael Jaramillo. Let’s get to know a little more about these riders.

Blew's Clues: Javier Castellano

Emisael Jaramillo

Emisael Jaramillo is a Tucupido-born, a Guariqueño rider who made his horse racing debut at the age of 17. In Venezuela he managed to surpass 3000 victories in 16 years in Venezuelan hipism. The guarico native achieved three triple crowns with the following horses:

  • Polo Grounds (2005)
  • Taconeo (2007)
  • Water Jet in 2010

Emisael Jaramillo is even more internationally famous for surpassing 1000 wins on the U.S. equestrian circuit. In 2018 and 2019 it has made profits above $6 million.

Javier Castellano

For his part, if we find Emisael Jaramillo’s performance spectacular, we would be blown away by Javier Castellano.’ We can only say that Javier José Castellanos since 2002 exceeds $6 million per year in revenue.

In early 2020 he was isolated as he tested positive for covid19, which worried fans of this great rider. However thank God he is already recovered and running on the tracks of the racetrack.

In 2013 he surpassed the record of revenue in a season with more than 26 million, which in 2015 managed to surpass himself with more than 28 million dollars. To speak of Javier Castellano is talk of Eclipse premiso for four consecutive years in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016, in which he was the first in the income ranking.

The rider hails from Maracaibo and began his career at Santa Rita Racecourse in 1996 also in Zulia state. As early as 1997 he moved to the United States to start competing on the Florida circuits.

In 2001 he moved to New York where he achieved his first major victory on the back of the thoroughbred horse Ghostzapper. Together they won the Classic Breeders’ Cup.

Jaime “pocho” Lugo: the rider who had the privilege of driving the horse Ocean Bay

The Zulian rider Jaime Lugo who affectionately calls him by his nickname “Pocho” had the privilege of driving the horse praising Ocean Bay.

He has also participated in other competitions with other equine specimens.

Jaime “El Pocho’ ’Lugo, consistent winner in the last five years in Santa Rita.

Mourning for Ocean Bay

The Ocean Bay horse one more victim of humans

In recent days we have been able to see painful news of animal abuse and subsequent death.

In India it was a pregnant elephant, in Panama it was a dog thrown at crocodiles and in Venezuela it was the death of the Ocean Bay horse.

Without a doubt, these events lead us to reflect and review ourselves as people.

The Ocean Bay horse, a thoroughbred who had become one of the great stars of the Creole horse riding.

His remains appeared days after being stolen from his stable in La Alegría. This animal was used for human consumption.

His coach Ramón García Mosquera wrote the following on his Twitter account:

“These are the things that take your spirits away and the desire to continue working for a better future. They are going to kidnap a defenseless animal to eat it, where humanity remains in Venezuela, common sense and respect for what is foreign. This Venezuela does not is the one I grew up with “


In summary

The Ocean Bay horse leaves a deep pain not only in its family, but in the family that makes up the Venezuelan horse riding.

On the other hand, this case causes great commotion in the population.

Therefore we must review ourselves as human beings and not harm defenseless animals

From this portal we express our regret to the relatives and close people of this great Venezuelan horse





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