//Junior Alvarado, the Venezuelan in the 2022 Preakness Stakes

Junior Alvarado, the Venezuelan in the 2022 Preakness Stakes

The U.S. triple crown is one of the most important three-year series of horse races in the U.S. This year was especially important for Venezuelan riders. The opening competition of the American triple crown, the Kentucky Derby, was conquered by the Venezuelan rider, Sonny León. However, his participation in the Kentucky Derby was unexpected and he was absent in the second race, Preakness Stakes. Despite this, Venezuela was not absent, as Junior Alvarado was the Venezuelan who represented us in the Preakness Stakes. Today we will know a little more about the trajectory of Junior Alvarado, the Venezuelan who was in the Preakness Stakes 2022.

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U.S. triple crown and its relationship with Venezuela.

The U.S. triple crown is one of the most important competitions in the United States and the world. The Kentucky Derby marks the start of this racing series. A win here marks a potential triple crown winner. But this year 2022, Sonny León, Venezuelan rider, was called at the last minute to participate in the Kentucky Derby. There were no opportunities to continue with the second race, and yet he gave everything in this race. He is the second Venezuelan to win the Kentucky Derby.

The first Venezuelan to win triple crown competitions was the brilliant rider Gustavo Ávila, riding Cañonero II. Gustavo Avila not only surprised by winning the Kentucky Derby, but also won the Preakness Stakes. For many equestrian specialists, Gustavo Ávila is the best Venezuelan rider in his history. But for more details, we will talk about Gustavo Ávila later.

Despite the notable absence of Sonny León, the news that Junior Alvarado would be present raised expectations. But the questions that keep us on tenterhooks are:

  • Who is Junior Alvarado?
  • What is the trajectory of Jujios Alvarado, the Venezuelan in Preakness Stakes 2022?
  • Why were you present at the Preakness Stakes?
  • What was the result of the 2022 Preakness Stakes?

Very interesting questions that we will try to answer in this article. Without further ado, let’s get started.

147th Preakness Stakes
147th Preakness Stakes

Who is Junior Alvarado?

Junior Alvarado is a Venezuelan rider who has excelled on american horse racing tracks. Junior Alvarado is a young man from the city of Barquisimeto, who since he was a child felt passion for horses and horse racing. This passion was awakened by his father who was fond of horse racing and jockey.

Thanks to following in the footsteps of his father, Rafael Alvarado, and thanks to his guide, Junior Alvarado has achieved his dreams. Junior has become one of the best Venezuelan riders in the United States.

His name resulted from confusion in the record when he was presented to the authorities. His father Rafael Alvarado wanted to introduce him as Rafael Alvarado junior. But a confusion of the registrar turned him into Junior Rafael Alvarado. On his birth certificate we see that his date of birth was May 20, 1986. His determination and his feet on the ground, dreaming but struggling, are the indelible mark of a thoroughbred Taurus.

Horses are a passion that is carried in the blood and that was channeled by his father from an early age. Thus, Junior Alvarado is a Venezuelan rider who has become one of the benchmarks of equestrian sport.

Junior started racing in Venezuela and took his first victory at the Rinconada hippodrome in December 2005 (30/12/2005). At only 19 years old he achieved his first victory at the most important racetrack in Venezuela. Only two years later he moved to the United States to pursue his dream of being a sports professional in that country.

But let’s know a little more about the trajectory of Junior Alvarado, the Venezuelan who dreamed of victory in the Preakness Stakes.

Junior Alvarado jinete venezolano
Junior Alvarado jinete venezolano

What is the trajectory of Junior Alvarado, the Venezuelan in Preakness Stakes 2022?

His quick assent was the result of an early start in the sport, his father’s guidance, and perseverance. One of the things that his coaches recognize him is that Junior Alvarado stands out for his perseverance.

Thanks to a discipline instilled by his father from a very young age, Junior Alvarado has become one of the most sought-after Venezuelan riders. Along with Javier José Castellano, Emisael Jaramillo, Daniel Centeno and Ángel Alciro Castillo he is part of the elite of Venezuelan jockeys.

But let’s know a little more about Junior Alvarado’s career during his years in horse racing.

At just 36 years old, Junior Alvarado still has a career ahead of him. In addition, he is still fit and with good results. So far, the years with the best economic results were the years 2013 and 2019, exceeding 12 million dollars in profits in each year. This year 2022 is projected to end with profits of 8 million dollars.

Junior Alvarado averages more than $8,500 in income per career over his career. This number has not fallen since 2012, which shows consistent results. His best year in average income per career so far is 2019.

In his career he has accumulated 1938 victories and 5354 podiums to date (05/06/2022) in 12043 races. No doubt these are enviable numbers that place him among the best horse racing riders in the world.

Finally, we are left with his presence in important races around the world such as the Preakness Stakes. But before we continue with his participation in 2022, let’s know a little more about the Preakness Stakes and its history.

Skippylongstocking taking Junior Alvarado to the finish line.
Skippylongstocking taking Junior Alvarado to the finish line.


Preakness Stakes, the second race of the American Triple Crown.

Preakness Stakes is one of the most traditional races in American horse riding. It has been held since 1873 being the second oldest triple crown race. The Kentucky Derby has been run since 1875 as the “youngest” of races, and the Belmont Stakes has been the oldest, running since 1867.

It is a thoroughbred three-year-old horse race whose winners become potential stallions. The distance that the riders run with their horses is almost 2 kilometers and the prize that the winner received in 2022 reached one million dollars. The prize reached its zenith in 2019 with $1,650,000 in prize money for the winner.

This race takes place in Baltimore in the state of Maryland, located on the east coast of the United States. This race has been won by fabulous riders such as:

  • Victor Espinoza (Mexican)
  • Pat Day (American)
  • Ron Turcote (Canadian)
  • Gustavo Ávila (Venezuelan)
  • Javier Castellanos (Venezuelan)

Legendary horses that won the triple crown have run through its tracks, such as:

  • Secretariat: directed by Canadian rider Ron Turcote.
  • Citation: with American rider Eddie Arcaro.
  • War Admiral: with American Charley Kurtsinger
  • American Pharoah: Mounted by the Mexican Victor Espinoza
  • Justify: The horse that has most recently won the triple crown along with his rider Mike E. Smith
  • Cañonero II: One of the most famous Venezuelan horses and who won

Without a doubt, the Preakness Stakes is part of the history of American equestrianism.

Venezuelan rider Gustavo Avila, winner of the Preakness Stakes
Venezuelan rider Gustavo Avila, winner of the Preakness Stakes

Why was Junior Alvarado, a Venezuelan rider, present at the Preakness Stakes?

Only two Venezuelans have won the Preakness Stakes have won the Prekness Stakes. The first rider to win the Preakness Stakes was Gustavo Avila, nicknamed the monster. This rider stood out on the back of Gunboat II and was about to win the American triple crown.

For his part, the second Venezuelan to win the Preakness Stakes was Javier Castellanos. This Venezuelan won the track on the back of Bernardini in 2006. This feat Castellanos repeated on the back of Clound Computing.

Given the outstanding role venezuelans have played in the Preakness Stakes, Junior Alvarado sought to become the third Venezuelan to win it.

The numbers of Junior Alvarado endorse the potential of this rider and that is why he was chosen to run this race. Together with Skippylongstocking they seek to make history in American and Venezuelan equestrian.

Alvarado and his mount are outsiders in this race. The absence of one of the horses arranged for the race could not attend and they called a willing and prepared rider. This was the great opportunity for his career that Junior Alvarado, the Venezuelan rider, would not miss.

Undoubtedly, it is the opportunity I was waiting for and the opportunity to reinforce the positioning of Venezuelan riders in the U.S.

What was the outcome of the 2022 Preakness Stakes?

Unfortunately, Junior Alvarado, Venezuelan rider, failed to win the 2022 Preakness Stakes. But it was a great demonstration of what he can achieve. The bets were 20/1 which said of the few odds they gave for him. However, the Alvarado-Skippylongstocking duo managed to reach the finish line in fifth place.

Venezuelans continue to excel in sports and professionally wherever they go. In this way Junior Alvarado opens the way for some other Venezuelan rider willing to try it outside his country.

Junior Alvarado, the Venezuelan rider present at the 2022 Preakness Stakes.

Junior Alvarado with his track record earned a spot in the 2022 Preakness Stakes. Coming in 5th place, Junior had a more than respectable performance.

He proved that his presence in the Preakness Stakes was more than justified. The Venezuelan riders came to the American equestrian to stay.

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