//Venezuelan rider Emisael Jaramillo

Venezuelan rider Emisael Jaramillo

Venezuela has been, throughout contemporary history, a power in quality athletes. These have represented Venezuela in various sports disciplines, being its strongest baseball players. Likewise, it has generated athletes from other areas including disciplines related to the horse. In this article we will know a little more about the trajectory of the successful Venezuelan rider Emisael Jaramillo.

The great Venezuelan rider Emisael Jaramillo has managed to advance at great speed in the world of horse racing. This man has managed to obtain some remarkable successes within the field of horse riding. Among the most notable successes we can mention the following:

  • The Caribbean Classic with the My Own Business horse.
  • The Caribbean Fellowship Cup with the horse with High Security.
  • He won the Fraternity Cup again, this time with the horse My Own Business, with whom he had conquered the Caribbean Classic.
  • He also achieved the Triple Crown of Mares in Venezuela on the back of “Front Stage”.

In this way he has conquered the field of equestrian abroad. But his humble beginnings were in horse racing in Venezuela. That is why today we will take a tour of his national and international career.

It can be said that he has great qualities in his equestrian career, thus achieving important triumphs in this field. Without a doubt, Emisael Jaramillo is one of the great Venezuelan exponents in American horse racing.

The humility of Emisael Jaramillo is one of his great qualities. For the rider Emisael Jarmillo, horse riding is more than a sport, it is a job like any other. That is why it strives to improve every day.

Today we will know a little more about his life, his achievements, and the future prospects for this excellent rider. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Emisael Jaramillo win The Added Elegance with Letruska at Gulfstream Park

Venezuelan rider Emisael Jaramillo

This famous Venezuelan rider was born in the town of Tucupido, Guárico state, in 1977. This rider was born on February 6, confirming the tenacity and creativity of those born under the sign of Aquarius.

Guárico belongs to a region of the Venezuelan plains where industrious men and women abound.  Thanks to this, Guárico is also a state rich in livestock production. Today the Venezuelan rider Emisael Jaramillo is 45 years old.

He has a beautiful family which he enjoys very much. Together with his wife they have two children baptized Emely and Emisael.  Jaramillo hopes that one of his two children will inherit the passion for horses and follow in his footsteps in some way.

In connection with his beginning in the world of equestrian competitions, Emisael started when he was in his teens. He started at the age of 17 in the facilities of the Ciudad Bolívar racetrack. Before that, he had participated in practices in the races that took place in the native town of this rider, Tucupido. These races were a quarter mile and were the great spectacle of the village. His great love for animals since childhood facilitated the path to horses.

From the beginning, one of the keys to its success has been perseverance. Venezuelan rider Emisael Jaramillo horse racing is a job like any other. For Jaramillo, horse riding requires practice and perseverance. Be aware enough to never let your guard down.

His first triumph at the Ciudad Bolívar racetrack was on the back of the horse Mister Andrés, whom he remembers with great affection. It is a victory that he will always remember and fills him with pride. But we’ll dig a little deeper into his trajectory below.

Emisael Jaramillo Focused
Emisael Jaramillo Focused


Career of the rider Emisael Jaramillo in the equestrian

The great rider, who has left the flag of Venezuela in style, began in the world of horse riding with the equine Mister Andrés. Then, he started in 1998 at the Hipódromo de la Rinconada. From there he had the joy of running with various horses among which he obtained his first success with the horse Lancelot, by Kiko D’Angelo.

Throughout his career as a professional rider he has had the opportunity to have wonderful horses. Among the most outstanding are the mare Front Stage, a winner of the triple crown of mares in Venezuela. Likewise the horse My Own Business, a recognized equine, in turn others who have also played a great role throughout their career. He is proud to have shared with different specimens because he considers that each horse is a unique experience.

On the other hand, one of the most surprising successes of this great rider was the Caribbean Classic. He also fondly remembers his victory in the Confraternidad Cup. These are classic equestrian events that are very significant for a rider in his professional career. Moreover, they represent a great achievement to win them, which makes these races even more significant for Emisael.

This is how he achieved success in 2000 with his horse My Own Business the Caribbean Classic of the year 2000. This was held in Puerto Rico and the Confraternidad Cup. Then after two years he triumphed again with the horse My Own Business in the Confraternity Cup.

Venezuelan rider Emisael Jaramillo in his 900th victory
Venezuelan rider Emisael Jaramillo in his 900th victory

A summary of the statistics in his time in the Venezuelan equestrian.

Venezuelan rider Emisael Jaramillo reached one of the best marks in his history with 3140 victories. To his credit he has an average of 187 races won per year. Between 1999 and 2014 he was the winner of the Venezuelan equestrian statistics except in 2003, when he came in third place.

In May 2010 he achieved his 2493rd victory, surpassing one of his heroes in horse riding, Juan Vicente Tovar.

His career in Venezuelan equestrian lasted 18 seasons. During that time, he achieved the triple crown of the Venezuelan equestrian on three occasions with the following horses:

  • Polo Grounds
  • Taconeo
  • Walter Jet

He left looking for better opportunities and challenges to the American equestrian in mid-2015.

Emisael Jaramillo
Emisael Jaramillo

The world of hipism and Emisael Jaramillo

For Emisael Jaramillo all horse racing is meaningful. Since he thinks horse racing is an admirable sport. This being a normal task that like any other, for Emisael you have to make an effort to conquer excellence every day.

Hip-hop is considered a high-risk activity because one day the rider can be on the maximum rung and the next day on the ground. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the balance in this sporting activity with the horses

Within sports there are always brilliant people who inspire the relay generations. In this sense, the rider Emisael Jaramillo has admired the riders Ángel Castillo, Juan Vicente Tovar, and Douglas Valiente. These three brilliant riders were at the top in their time and were authentic in their careers. That is, each one with a unique way of carrying out horse racing in different periods.

His conquests in the races have been achieved by working “hand in hand” with most of the trainers he has had. The first time was by the hand of coach Kiko D’Angelo. This frame an indelible mark on the career of the rider. Likewise, this success was achieved in the main racetrack of Venezuela, that is, the Rinconada.

On the other hand, horse trainer Julio Ayala contributed a lot to Jaramillo’s career. In this way he managed to win his first classic with the horse Raen.

His national career made it possible to make the leap to American equestrian. There he has stood out with a lot of money and excellent performance.

He recognizes that horse riding in the United States is a highly respected sport. And in the same way sports professionals are respected.

Venezuelan rider Emisael Jaramillo receiving the award in Dubai
Venezuelan rider Emisael Jaramillo receiving the award in Dubai

Summary of Emisael Jaramillo’s statistics in American horse racing

He has an average of almost $6,000 per start in earnings and more than 1,400 wins in American equestrianism. Since 2016 when he settled in the northern country, he has earned more than $5 million each year. His best year was 2020 where he obtained in the season more than 7 million dollars in profits.

For a rider at 45 this numbers are a respectable record. That is why we find the Venezuelan rider among the most recognized riders not only in Venezuela but in the United States. His more than 7 years with memorable statistics are proof of his perseverance and humility. A normal job for which he prepares every day.

Experiences outside the borders of Venezuela

In relation to experiences outside Venezuela, hipism has another level of development. There is a level of respect in the team that makes up the rider and the coach. In this way the sport of horse riding becomes much more transparent and authentic.

Venezuelan rider Emisael Jaramillo has been the winner of 13 statistics in Venezuela.  He also achieved his 700th glory in the United States with the horse Summerduck, in the second race of Gulfstream Park, in Florida.

Jaramillo achieved the feat, in the aforementioned race, by more than 9 bodies ahead of the thoroughbred of Dane Kobiskie’s block.

The Venezuelan Emisael Jaramillo arrived in 2015 to the United States. This managed to reap in that year 52 successes and 348 horses mounted. Later in 2016 he began his participation in another major league. In this one he reached 202 victories.

In 2017 the brand stood out with a total of 233 top positions. For a total of 1,150 official riding commitments.

In his momentous record of success on the ovals of the North, he has sealed seven grade classics.  Likewise, in four of these with the great fast horse X Y Jet. Without a doubt a singularity in expert hands, that is, its excellent riding in the United States.

Emisael Jaramillo Focused
Emisael Jaramillo Focused

In short…

The rider of the Venezuelan plains, Emisael Jaramillo, has left the national tricolor very high. Being a pride this rider for Venezuela because his perseverance and dedication since they were a child have led him to conquer success in distant lands. This represents an example for many young people who want to venture into this field. Or in another sports discipline, since the key to success lies in the effort and desire to always achieve excellence.

Although Venezuela is currently mired in a deep crisis, there will always be news that lifts the spirits of its people. One of these that gives a little joy to Venezuelans is Emisael Jaramillo with his overwhelming successes in horse racing competitions.

For the young people of relief, they remain as an example. Follow the ideals of those who have raised the roots of Venezuelan horse riding. In this way they have taken what they have learned and developed in Venezuela to other countries. Consequently, where they value their qualities and competences in this and other sports disciplines.

So we can see that this Venezuelan rider is doing the laudable job of leaving a positive legacy for the relay generation in Venezuela.