//Celebrities Who Love Horses: Kaley Cuoco, Kardashian
Kaely Cuoco - One of the celebrities who love horses

Celebrities Who Love Horses: Kaley Cuoco, Kardashian

Sometimes we believe horses are only for elitists. We believe there are no celebrities who love horses. When we began to investigate we were pleasantly surprised.

Increasingly, there are lots of celebrities, who not only love horses but do activism for those wonderful animals. Starting today, and thanks to Gustavo Mirabal, we will meet a lot of celebrities and know about their lives. There are many celebrities who love horses, so many that you will not be able to believe it.

Here is the first list of celebrity horse lovers that will grow week by week:

  1. Kim Kardashian
  2. David Letterman
  3. Patrick Swayze
  4. Julia Roberts
  5. Richard Gere
  6. Jamie Foxx
  7. Kaley Cuoco

We can observe, week by week, a large number of celebrities who love horses. Celebrities and horses have always gone hand in hand. Perhaps that special sensitivity in the arts and in life that makes them famous also brings them closer to horses.

Each week you will see how this list grows or deepens into a personal story. We hope you like it.

Kim Kardashian and the horses

Kim Kardashian is currently the most influential celebrity in the world in terms of fashion. His instagram account has more than 148 million followers and the twitter account has 62 million. In addition, the Instabram account belonging to its makeup brand has 3.8 million followers.

We can also say that Kim Kardashian is a celebrity lover of horses since childhood. In the following video we can show it by watching a Kardashian Baby and the horses.

Your posts go viral instantly. All his fans like his posts or repost them. Even when Kim, one of our celebrities who love horses, doesn’t decide to publish something, the press takes note and photos of everything she does. She is a 24-hour influence generator.

Kim Kardashian - Sensual Celebrities Who Loves Horses
Kim Kardashian – Sensual Celebrities Who Loves Horses

Kim Kardashian, one of the celebrities who loves horses

She has been seen on numerous occasions riding a horse. That is why we will dedicate a special number to the Kardashian Clan and the horses. Not only is Kim a horse lover, but the entire Kardashian Clan is among the celebrities who love horses.

Precisely in its advertising strategy we can observe the importance of horses. Kim Kardashian decided to incorporate horses into the promotion of her makeup line. A photo where Kim appeared displaying all her sensuality in a white leotard riding a horse. Her makeup line is breaking records just like her sensuality. He even launched a special line inspired by his wedding day.

Definitely Kim Kardashian and the horses go hand in hand. The majesty of the horses and Kim’s refined style are responsible for giving life to any product. We applaud Kim’s strategy of joining the Kardashian Clan and the horses to boost their product.

From here, we sentence that Kim Kardashian is a socialite and one of the celebrities who love the most influential horses. In future articles we will deepen this bound.

Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian - Celebrities who love horses
Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian – Celebrities who love horses

David Letterman a celebrity who loves horses

David Letterman is a famous television presenter. In addition to being a presenter, the versatile Letterman is a television producer, writer and comedian. But apart from that David Letterman is a celebrity who loves horses. David Letterman is the perfect horse lover.

Next we present you a video that show us Harrison Ford and David Letterman riding on Manhattan. Unfortunately the video is in Spanish but the images are awesome. We will hope you enjoy it.

He has taken his Talkshow programs from the NBC network to CBS and for 33 years had a loyal audience. Between 1982 and 2015, he finally retired. During that time he made more than 6 thousand episodes of his famous nightly talk show.

John Carson (another veteran American presenter) was Letterman’s mentor and as they say “the student surpassed the teacher.

He has the honor of having reached with his program the seventh place among the 50 best programs of North American TV.

He has also been among the top 50 stars of American television according to the prestigious TV Time magazine.

As a film and television producer, David Letterman’s producer produced the famous comedy “Everybody Loves Raymond” as well as its programs. His company is called Worldwide Pants

Why celebrities who love horses?

This extensive article that will be published progressively seeks to support the spread of love for horses. For them we will progressively show each horse-loving celebrity who has unveiled his secret love. With them Gustavo Mirabal seeks to transmit his secret to the world. As we divide Gustavo Mirabal’s secrets into two parts (here Gustavo Mirabal’s secrets part 2), this article will grow for your enjoyment. Let’s go ahead.

What is David Letterman currently doing?

Letterman is currently a very active rancher in the state of Montana and has also taken out his activist and conservationist side.

He is currently trying to spread his love for horses and for nature. As a celebrity who loves horses his activism has been remarkable

On the other hand, he is the host of the Netflix talk show called “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman.” During the first season he interviewed: Barack Obama, George Clooney, Malala Yousafzai, JAY-Z, Tina Fey and Howard Stern.

In his second season he did even better. In the second season I interviewed: Kanye West, Tiffany Haddish, Lewis Hamilton, Melinda Gates and Ellen DeGeneres. As a bonus of the series I interview Zach Galifianakis and in a back cameras of the series to the famous Jerry Seinfeld.

Letterman in popular cultura

David Letterman appeared in the comics !!! If as you hear it, David Letterman participated in the comic Avengers at number 239 entitled “Late Night of the Super-Stars with David Letterman”.

We can see that the world of comics is full of references to horses like the fox or etc. Or even the last avenger movie called Avengers Endgame which we reviewed earlier.

He also appeared as the same in The Simpsons as a wink during the start of the program when the Simpsons enter his house and when sitting on the couch are in “Late Night with David Letterman”.

It’s like now part of that popular culture that loves him he remembers him as a horse-loving celebrity.

Avengers on David Letterman Show
Avengers on David Letterman Show

How did David Letterman become a celebrity who loves horses?

In 1999 David Letterman bought a Ranch in Montana. This is one of the first things that brought him closer to the select group as a “horse-loving celebrity.” But that was the beginning of a long story.

Part of his influence on horses comes from his friend and celebrity Paul Newman to whom he contributes since David’s foundation called “The Letterman Foundation for Courtesy & Grooming.” It is important to remember that Paul Newman is also one of the outstanding horse lovers.

His environmental activism led him to participate in the documentary show “Years of Living Dangerously” in Spanish called “Planet in danger” on climate change.

At the end of the Late Show in 2015 after being a TV host for 33 years, he decided to establish residence at his ranch.

Since then his activism regarding horses has been reinforced leading him to involve many celebrities and public and unexpected appearances … And the odd joke.

Horse anecdotes with David Letterman

David Letterman and Harrison Ford - Celebrities who love horses
David Letterman and Harrison Ford – Celebrities who love horses

David Letterman likes to walk around New York with horse-riding celebrities to promote his great passion. This is how there are videos and photos of Letterman with Madona or Indiana Jones … ahem … I meant Harrison Ford (or maybe Han Solo?).

Promoting love for horses through celebrities who love horses is a good strategy. A strategy that Gustavo Mirabal has also taken advantage of.

This playful way is the way to break the ice with the horses and bring them closer to the people. It has also proven to be an excellent self-promotion mechanism.

There is also the best known case of anecdotes … The case of Conan O’Brien.

Conan O’Brien is a presenter who decided to honor this wonderful human being by the time of Letterman’s retirement.

O’Brien’s tribute was so well received by David Letterman that he decided to give him a gift … And since at that time Letterman was on the ranch wave he decided to give him nothing more and nothing less than a horse.

One of the funniest things is that he called the horse “Dave” as David.

At the time Conan in an interview with David Kimmel between jokes and truths told how complicated the logistics of having to take care of a horse and the training center was.

Days later David Letterman confessed that the gift to Conan was a joke. Letterman hoped to return the horse for money back but he didn’t know what to do … The horse was finally returned, but two years later …

David Letterman a multi-faceted horse lover celebrity

David Letterman is an example of a businessman socially committed to the environment and people.

Similarities between many celebrities who, apart from the entertainment world, dedicate time to their business and, in turn, strengthen their ties with their love of horses.

Thus Gustavo Mirabal wants to bring horses to everyone, through his business, knowledge of the equine world and his performance in the world of equestrian jumping.

This reminds us that every person, be it David Letterman, Gustavo Mirabal or anyone should not abandon their dreams and entertainments.

Patrick Swayze

Just over a year ago, on August 18, 2019, the documentary “I am Patrick Swayze” premiered. At the age of 67, this wonderful documentary premiered.

The documentary reviews his life from the testimonies of co-stars, friends and his widow. The documentary shows its hard and sensitive side. All this thanks to the one hand he studied ballet and other martial arts.

That versatility led him to play everything from the dramatic-romantic role in Ghost to his action role in Break Point with Keanu Reeves.

As a singer he not only performed but composed “She’s like the wind” which we can see in the video below:

His personal life

He met his wife, Lisa Niemi, at the age of 14 while she was 16. Swayze and his wife met at ballet school. They were married for 34 years until the actor’s death. He accompanied the actor until his death from Pancreatic Cancer. They were friends, confidants and lovers.

A beautiful story and, thanks to supporting each other, this was a lasting and happy marriage.

While they didn’t have biological children, from here we believe their children were the horses. Patrick Swayze was a horse-loving celebrity, perhaps one of the biggest.

Patrick Swayze’s mother owned a dance school and was also a choreographer. He spent much of his time at dance school. That made Patrick start dancing, and very well, from his childhood. One of his early work was as a dancer.

Patrick Swayze - Celebrities who love horses
Patrick Swayze – Celebrities who love horses

Patrick Swayze’s life and interpretive force

In his films he preferred to dispense with doubles for action scenes. An athlete, Swayze practiced aikido, taekwondo, swimming, gymnastics and football and you stop counting. He was also an excellent dancer for which he excelled and landed his first major role “Dirty Dancing”. Thanks to “Dirty Dancing” he earned recognition and a Golden Globe nomination.

Patrick Swayze left for a better place, but he left us a huge legacy. Apart from a diverse and extraordinary artistic career he left us a legacy of love for horses. His passion for horses was too great not to rescue its importance in this article.

In Patrick Swayze’s own words, horseback riding took him away from negative thoughts and self-destructive behaviors. While he had a great life, one of the obstacles presented to him was alcohol addiction. Swayze overcaze his addiction thanks to his wife and horses.

A celebrity who loves Arab horses

He loved Arab horses. Maybe his father’s inheritance that he was a real cowboy.  He lived with the horses from a young time at the family ranch in Houston.

“I grew up with horses. My father was a cowboy in Texas. We lived in Houston. At the age of eight, I visited Gleannloch Farm and from then on I was lost! I dreamed of nothing but Arabians, and when I imagined Arabians, they were Egyptians!”

Gleannloch Farms is a horse-breeding farm with a great tradition specializing in Arab horses. Patrick Swayze bought several of his horses at Gleanloch Farms. He met the famous Douglas B. Marshall at the age of 8 and remained related to him and his farm throughout his life.

Gleannloch Farms is famous for raising Arab horses. Celebrities and even presidents of the United States have been linked to this fabulous horse-breeding farm.

Currently Gleannloch Farms became a planned community of 3200 homes.

A horse-loving celebrity with his own ranch

Patrick Swayze had ranches in California and eventually settled in New Mexico. He visited his horses constantly on his farm in New Mexico. So much was his passion that in order to get there faster from wherever he was he obtained the plane pilot’s license. He liked to visit his horses and be able to fly to the shows.

“My first mare, it was an Egyptian thoroughbred. My wife and I adore her from the first moment. That’s why we decided to have more.”

Besides, his wife was crazy about horses like him, too. Maybe that’s why they both had a ranch they enjoyed resting on. He also enjoyed an experiment with a horse-riding program from his favorite horse, Tammen.

“Tammen, it’s not just my perfect Arab horse, but, my great friend.”



We also left you this video of a miniseries called Hollywood on Horses where Patrick Swayze appears as an interviewee

Julia Roberts

Celebrities who love horses- Julia Roberts
Celebrity who love horses – Julia Roberts

Julia Fiona Roberts was born in Georgia on October 28, 1967. Who is not familiar with films like “Steel Magnolias,” “Nothing Hill,” or “Pretty Woman”? She is one of the actresses most recognized by her followers and a good part of the critics.

Additionally, Julia Roberts is one of the most awarded actresses of all time. She is ranked seventh among the best actors and actresses in the history of entertainment.

Julia Roberts’ family usually lives several months a year on the ranch that the actress owns in New Mexico. Julia Robets argues that it is a great area to relax with her children and her husband.

In this space in New Mexico she expresses all the love she has for horses. But not only through his ranch in New Mexico. She has also worked on documentaries that publicize the role of the horse in today’s society. Definitely profiled as one of the celebrities who love horses.

Julia Roberts – Is She really one of the celebrities who love horses?

As a horse lover, her overwhelming love for these creatures made her acquire the aforementioned ranch in New Mexico. Julia Roberts loves taking care of horses and taking walks as a hobby. Do we still have doubts if she is a celebrity who loves horses?

As if that were not enough, she got involved in a beautiful documentary called “Wild Horses of Mongolia with Julia Roberts” During the recording of the documentary, Julia Roberts lived several weeks with a nomadic family from Mongolia.

In the documentary Julia Roberts showed how much she values horses and the good treatment of pampering in some societies. Julia Robert promotes knowledge about the horse. She admires the way in which horses help in the daily life of the nomadic family with lived and fondled.

Wild Horses of Mongolia with Julia Roberts
Wild Horses of Mongolia with Julia Roberts

She said during an interview regarding the documentary:

“That these horses are allowed to roam freely and do not escape away is something incredible. Everywhere in America, you see animals and you also see fences. This is really about the love and respect that man gives to the animal so that everyone stay together. ” Julia Roberts

Richard Gere

Richard Gere
Richard Gere

Gere is an actor and human rights activist. His activism has focused on human rights in Tibet and the human rights of indigenous peoples.

Recently Richard Gere has been doing activism about migrants from Africa traveling by boat to Europe. The controversy was high when several countries decided to reject the ship full of refugees. Richard Gere decided to get on the ship to bring food and some hope.

His spiritual sensitivity has led him to approach horses. These animals are very sensitive and it is likely that this has connected Richard Gere with the horses. He is one of the well-known celebrities who love horses for their ranch in the state of New York.

Richard Gere was born in Philadelphia on August 31, 49. He is a descendant of English and Irish. His father worked in the world of insurance and his mother a housewife.

Richard has 3 sisters and two brothers. They are not celebrities who love horses … Because they are not celebrities: P

Just graduated he gained fame in music as an expert trumpeter and composer. On the other hand he also stood out as a gymnast and won a scholarship at the University of Masachusetts. He began studying gymnastics and switched to the branch of philosophy, however he did not finish his studies.

As an actor he started in the theater and jumped into the cinema quickly.

Finally his acting career was consolidated with the movie “American Gigolo” that made him the sex symbol of his time.

Richard Gere’s film career

His career took off more strongly with American Gigolo and made a series of films where his sex symbol image was consolidated. Movies as Officer and gentleman helped.

But it was just 10 years later when he would make the film for which he is most remembered. Pretty Woman is the movie that she played alongside Julia Roberts and released them to stardom. It is one of the most remembered films and that placed them both among the most demanded actors.

At present, a Richard Gere project that was going to be broadcast on Apple TV has just been canceled. Surely soon they will get a new distributor because the actor is still very quoted.

Below you can see the trailer of Pretty Woman where we join our previous celebrity horse lover with the current one. Richard Gere and Julia Roberts knew how to move us with an easy story.

The personal lives of celebrities who love horses

Richard Gere has been married three times. His first wife was the model and actress Cindy Crawford between 91 and 95 with whom he had no children.

His second wife was Carey Lowell. They married many years later, even when they already had a child together. The son of Richard Gere and Carey Lowell is called Homer James Jigme Gere. They were married from 2002 to 2013.

Richard Gere’s third wife was the Spanish Alejandra Silva. Silva has stood out for his role as an activist. Both had a son in early 2019 whose name is Alexander.

Due to his spiritual quest, Richard Gere converted to Buddhism as a religion. This is partly what drives their struggle for human rights in the Tibet region.

Richard Gere Activist
Richard Gere Activist

Thanks to its activism the Chinese communist regime has been denounced for political and religious repression in the Tibet region.

This has also driven him to promote other associated causes and perhaps this is one of the things that unites Richard and his current wife. The most interesting thing is that Richard Gere and his wife share this hobby making them a couple of celebrities who love horses.

Also at the time he was seen with his second wife enjoying horse riding in Punta del Este Uruguay. He is definitely one of the celebrities who love horses foolproof.




Richard Gere as one of the celebrities who love horses

Richard Gere on horseback
Richard Gere on horseback

He owns a ranch in the northern part of New York. Gere travels frequently with his family to the racho to enjoy nature and horseback riding. Richar Gere is especially fond of the Appaloosas horse race. On the other hand, Gere is very involved in the Chief Joseph Foundation.

The Chief Joseph Foundation is dedicated to promoting the preservation of the Nez Perce culture. This indigenous culture is preserved through the promotion of community activities that involve Appaloosas horses.

Showing his membership to the select group of “celebrities who love horses” Gere has ridden horses in several films. Among the movies we can see Richard Gere riding on horseback are Sommersby, First Knight and I’m Not There.

Definitely the attractive actor is remembered by women for his interpretation in Pretty Woman, Official and Gentleman, among others.

However, the passion of this celebrity who loves horses has not been without mishaps. Some time ago he suffered an accidental fall while performing the practices of his favorite sport: Horse riding.

Richard Gere Celebrity who love horses
Richard Gere Celebrity who love horses

An accident that didn’t kill his passion for horses

While Richard Gere took a horse ride, the horse broke out and decided it was time to run at full speed. At that moment our celebrity seeing that he could not control the horse jumped from it.

He decided to jump before it was too late, because the horse was restless. Due to this situation the American actor fractured his wrist without major injuries.

Although the accident was not serious, Richard Gere had to return on foot with a broken wrist. The distance was great and with the pain in his wrist it was not easy. And is that the actor and activist had taken the phone. If he had taken the cell phone, as his wife Alejandra Silva always asked, things would have been easier.

Richard Gere will ride again, although he probably won’t forget his cell phone at home after this accident.

Jamie Foxx a celebrity who loves horses

Jamie Foxx
Jamie Foxx

Eric Marlon Bishop is better known as Jamie Foxx. He was born on December 13, 1967. This versatile artist is an actor, musician, singer and comedian.

Jamie Foxx has won the most important entertainment awards among which he has an Oscar. The Oscar was won by Jamie Fox for his performance in Ray. Ray is a movie about Ray Charles, the famous singer, saxophonist and blues pianist.

Jamie Foxx was raised by his grandparents due to his parents’ divorce. It grew among great values. From the physical and ethical training of the Boy Scouts to the choir of his church, he marked his life.

Jamie Foxx and his artistic side

He studied music at the university and his first artistic approaches were made in that area. In music he collaborated with artists such as Twista, Kanye West and Ludacris. Together with Alicia Keys and Quincy Jones she sang tribute to the famous Ray Charles shortly after participating in her biopic.

In acting he started in a comedy club in 1989. He participated as a guest actor in the In Living Color series until he became part of his cast. He subsequently obtained his own series called The Jamie Foxx Show that was broadcast for 6 years.

From the small screen to the big screen

From TV he jumped to the movies with the movie Toys. His second major role was “Any Given Sunday” by Oliver Stone. Then in a film of independent cut participated in “Collateral”. Finally in 2004 he played Ray Charles in a film about his life, obtaining the greatest recognition of his career.

He has worked with the best directors, including Oliver Stone, Michael Mann, Quentin Tarantino, Taylor Hackford, Sam Mendes, Bill Condon and Antoine Fuqua.

Jamie Foxx - Celebrities who love horses
Jamie Foxx – Celebrities who love horses

Jamie Foxx’s private life

He was romantically linked with Katie Holmes for 6 years and recently it seemed that the couple broke up. For almost 4 years they managed to keep it a secret. Both are excellent parents and perhaps that was part of the values that brought them together. In addition, both are celebrities who love horses and we’ll know more about Jamie Foxx’s love in the next section.

Jamie Foxx and his passion for horses

Jamie Foxx has his own horse. His passion for them is quite commented. Jamie Foxx received his horse, Cheetah, for his birthday. He is a fan of his horse and enjoys riding it.

This passion led him to run for the movie Django Unchained. Foxx postulated knowing that he possessed skills in the equestrian part of the paper.

“What you do for me as an actor is to put me in the stratosphere, you are a director who makes people a star …” Words from Jamie Foxx to Quentin Tarantino when he accepted him for his performance in Django Unchained

Jamie Foxx and Django – Two celebrities who love horses

For the role of Django, Jamie Foxx also had to prepare physically. Although Jamie Foxx is an expert rider, the action on horseback required much more from him. Both in appearance and from the point of view of effort the film was demanding.

Additionally, although Jamie was already a rider, riding barefoot required additional skills. To this was added the fact that he had to act while riding at high speed. And Django’s scenes required a lot of action too.

“I also got a coach and I learned to ride bareback, which is very difficult at 45 kilometers per hour [laughs]. When it comes to handling guns and all that, I had a coach who taught me great tricks. ”Jamie Foxx in an interview

Jamie Foxx acknowledged that riding a hair at high speed and brandishing a weapon was a challenge and thanked Quentin Tarantino for putting him a coach for it.

Foxx loved his horse so much that he incorporated it into the movie. Faced with the possibility of riding a horse in the film, Foxx proposed to Tarantino to use his own horse. Tarantino meditated and ended up accepting. This is one of the great curiosities of the movie. We invite you to see Jamie Foxx riding his own horse in Django unchained.

Kaley Cuoco

Celebrities who love horses - Kaley Cuoco and his husband
Celebrities who love horses – Kaley Cuoco and his husband

Kaley Christine Cuoco is an excellent actress known primarily for the role of Penny in the Big Bang Theory series. But this actress has participated in other series such as the famous Charmed series as a witch apprentice. Come and know more about her.

For his acting work he has won the People’s Choice Adwards, the Satellite Awards, the Critics ’Choice Television Award and the Teen Choice Awards.

Cuoco confessed that cosmetic surgery was performed at an early age. Breast implant surgery had a positive effect on his career. He considers it an excellent decision and does not regret it.

But she is also known for being a horse lover. This celebrity who love horses not only loves horses but also riders. That is why he married one. And the love for us animals is not limited only to horses. He also has great appreciation for dogs.

His love for horses is evident in his Instagram account where he constantly mentions them. Even she has participated in amateur equestrian jumping competitions where she has achieved excellent positions.

She says that activities such as horse riding or tennis allow her to disconnect from her professional acting activity which she describes as quite absorbent.

Kaley Cuoco’s personal life and the horses

Before her current husband, Cuoco related to Johnny Galecki, his co-star in Big Bang Theory. They dated for two years and currently remain as friends.

Then came a very difficult stage for Cuoco because although he was excited about tennis player Ryan Sweeting things did not go well. The couple got married and at that time the problems with the alcohol that the tennis player had came to light. It was a difficult separation.

Her current husband is a rider and the e-bay heir, Karl Cook. He conquered it in the showjumping circuits thanks to his excellent style … Yes, in this case Kaley was hooked in the style of his white knight.

Kaley Cuoco and his husband Karl Cook - Celebrities who love horses... and another animals
Kaley Cuoco and his husband Karl Cook – Celebrities who love horses… and another animals

For Kaley Cuoco, horses and riding are serious business. As she confesses in different interviews given to Entertainment Tonight. This is how there where his passion was he also found the love of his life, Karl Cook.

Having emerged from a resounding divorce, Kaley was able to quickly resume his life to his knight in shining armor. Karl Cook is also a celebrity who love horses by the way … Both, Karl and Kaley are celebrities who love horses… We wish them luck.

A lot of celebrities who love horses

We definitely have a huge collection of horse-loving celebrities. Every horse-loving celebrity is a role model for their followers. That is why we want to give them as an example of love for animals and especially horses.

Follow this series that we will continue to update with new celebrities and curiosities.

We hope to have surprised you and we hope to continue to surprise you with all the celebrities who love the horses we will present.

We left you this video between two horse-loving celebrities: Patrick Swayze and David Letterman. In the interview Swayze mentions his accident with a horse and his passion for Arab horses. Auto-generated Spanish subtitles can be placed.




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