//Celebrities Who Love Horses: Kaley Cuoco, Kardashian
Kaely Cuoco - One of the celebrities who love horses

Celebrities Who Love Horses: Kaley Cuoco, Kardashian

Sometimes we believe horses are only for elitists. We believe there are no celebrities who love horses. When we began to investigate we were pleasantly surprised.

Increasingly, there are lots of celebrities, who not only love horses but do activism for those wonderful animals. Starting today, and thanks to Gustavo Mirabal, we will meet a lot of celebrities and know about their lives. There are many celebrities who love horses, so many that you will not be able to believe it.

Here is the first list of celebrity horse lovers that will grow week by week:

  1. Kim Kardashian
  2. David Letterman
  3. Patrick Swayze
  4. Julia Roberts
  5. Richard Gere
  6. Jamie Foxx
  7. Kaley Cuoco
  8. Viggo Mortensen
  9. Nicole Kidman
  10. Jhonny Deep
  11. Madonna
  12. Miley Cyrus
  13. Walt Disney
  14. Amber Marshal
  15. Chris Potter
  16. Lady Gaga
  17. Angelina Jolie

We can observe, week by week, a large number of celebrities who love horses. Celebrities and horses have always gone hand in hand. Perhaps that special sensitivity in the arts and in life that makes them famous also brings them closer to horses.

Each week you will see how this list grows or deepens into a personal story. We hope you like it.

Kim Kardashian and the horses

Kim Kardashian is currently the most influential celebrity in the world in terms of fashion. His instagram account has more than 148 million followers and the twitter account has 62 million. In addition, the Instabram account belonging to its makeup brand has 3.8 million followers.

We can also say that Kim Kardashian is a celebrity lover of horses since childhood. In the following video we can show it by watching a Kardashian Baby and the horses.

Baby Kim Kardashian Riding a Horse

Your posts go viral instantly. All his fans like his posts or repost them. Even when Kim, one of our celebrities who love horses, doesn’t decide to publish something, the press takes note and photos of everything she does. She is a 24-hour influence generator.

Kim Kardashian - Sensual Celebrities Who Loves Horses
Kim Kardashian – Sensual Celebrities Who Loves Horses

Kim Kardashian, one of the celebrities who loves horses

She has been seen on numerous occasions riding a horse. That is why we will dedicate a special number to the Kardashian Clan and the horses. Not only is Kim a horse lover, but the entire Kardashian Clan is among the celebrities who love horses.

Precisely in its advertising strategy we can observe the importance of horses. Kim Kardashian decided to incorporate horses into the promotion of her makeup line. A photo where Kim appeared displaying all her sensuality in a white leotard riding a horse. Her makeup line is breaking records just like her sensuality. He even launched a special line inspired by his wedding day.

Definitely Kim Kardashian and the horses go hand in hand. The majesty of the horses and Kim’s refined style are responsible for giving life to any product. We applaud Kim’s strategy of joining the Kardashian Clan and the horses to boost their product.

From here, we sentence that Kim Kardashian is a socialite and one of the celebrities who love the most influential horses. In future articles we will deepen this bound.

Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian - Celebrities who love horses
Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian – Celebrities who love horses

David Letterman a celebrity who loves horses

David Letterman is a famous television presenter. In addition to being a presenter, the versatile Letterman is a television producer, writer and comedian. But apart from that David Letterman is a celebrity who loves horses. David Letterman is the perfect horse lover.

Next we present you a video that show us Harrison Ford and David Letterman riding on Manhattan. Unfortunately the video is in Spanish but the images are awesome. We will hope you enjoy it.

Harrison Ford, a caballo por Nueva York

He has taken his Talkshow programs from the NBC network to CBS and for 33 years had a loyal audience. Between 1982 and 2015, he finally retired. During that time he made more than 6 thousand episodes of his famous nightly talk show.

John Carson (another veteran American presenter) was Letterman’s mentor and as they say “the student surpassed the teacher.

He has the honor of having reached with his program the seventh place among the 50 best programs of North American TV.

He has also been among the top 50 stars of American television according to the prestigious TV Time magazine.

As a film and television producer, David Letterman’s producer produced the famous comedy “Everybody Loves Raymond” as well as its programs. His company is called Worldwide Pants

Why celebrities who love horses?

This extensive article that will be published progressively seeks to support the spread of love for horses. For them we will progressively show each horse-loving celebrity who has unveiled his secret love. With them Gustavo Mirabal seeks to transmit his secret to the world. As we divide Gustavo Mirabal’s secrets into two parts (here Gustavo Mirabal’s secrets part 2), this article will grow for your enjoyment. Let’s go ahead.

What is David Letterman currently doing?

Letterman is currently a very active rancher in the state of Montana and has also taken out his activist and conservationist side.

He is currently trying to spread his love for horses and for nature. As a celebrity who loves horses his activism has been remarkable

On the other hand, he is the host of the Netflix talk show called “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman.” During the first season he interviewed: Barack Obama, George Clooney, Malala Yousafzai, JAY-Z, Tina Fey and Howard Stern.

In his second season he did even better. In the second season I interviewed: Kanye West, Tiffany Haddish, Lewis Hamilton, Melinda Gates and Ellen DeGeneres. As a bonus of the series I interview Zach Galifianakis and in a back cameras of the series to the famous Jerry Seinfeld.

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Letterman in popular cultura

David Letterman appeared in the comics !!! If as you hear it, David Letterman participated in the comic Avengers at number 239 entitled “Late Night of the Super-Stars with David Letterman”.

We can see that the world of comics is full of references to horses like the fox or etc. Or even the last avenger movie called Avengers Endgame which we reviewed earlier.

He also appeared as the same in The Simpsons as a wink during the start of the program when the Simpsons enter his house and when sitting on the couch are in “Late Night with David Letterman”.

It’s like now part of that popular culture that loves him he remembers him as a horse-loving celebrity.

Avengers on David Letterman Show
Avengers on David Letterman Show

How did David Letterman become a celebrity who loves horses?

In 1999 David Letterman bought a Ranch in Montana. This is one of the first things that brought him closer to the select group as a “horse-loving celebrity.” But that was the beginning of a long story.

Part of his influence on horses comes from his friend and celebrity Paul Newman to whom he contributes since David’s foundation called “The Letterman Foundation for Courtesy & Grooming.” It is important to remember that Paul Newman is also one of the outstanding horse lovers.

His environmental activism led him to participate in the documentary show “Years of Living Dangerously” in Spanish called “Planet in danger” on climate change.

At the end of the Late Show in 2015 after being a TV host for 33 years, he decided to establish residence at his ranch.

Since then his activism regarding horses has been reinforced leading him to involve many celebrities and public and unexpected appearances … And the odd joke.

Horse anecdotes with David Letterman

David Letterman and Harrison Ford - Celebrities who love horses
David Letterman and Harrison Ford – Celebrities who love horses

David Letterman likes to walk around New York with horse-riding celebrities to promote his great passion. This is how there are videos and photos of Letterman with Madona or Indiana Jones … ahem … I meant Harrison Ford (or maybe Han Solo?).

Promoting love for horses through celebrities who love horses is a good strategy. A strategy that Gustavo Mirabal has also taken advantage of.

This playful way is the way to break the ice with the horses and bring them closer to the people. It has also proven to be an excellent self-promotion mechanism.

There is also the best known case of anecdotes … The case of Conan O’Brien.

Conan O’Brien is a presenter who decided to honor this wonderful human being by the time of Letterman’s retirement.

O’Brien’s tribute was so well received by David Letterman that he decided to give him a gift … And since at that time Letterman was on the ranch wave he decided to give him nothing more and nothing less than a horse.

One of the funniest things is that he called the horse “Dave” as David.

At the time Conan in an interview with David Kimmel between jokes and truths told how complicated the logistics of having to take care of a horse and the training center was.

Days later David Letterman confessed that the gift to Conan was a joke. Letterman hoped to return the horse for money back but he didn’t know what to do … The horse was finally returned, but two years later …

David Letterman a multi-faceted horse lover celebrity

David Letterman is an example of a businessman socially committed to the environment and people.

Similarities between many celebrities who, apart from the entertainment world, dedicate time to their business and, in turn, strengthen their ties with their love of horses.

Thus Gustavo Mirabal wants to bring horses to everyone, through his business, knowledge of the equine world and his performance in the world of equestrian jumping.

This reminds us that every person, be it David Letterman, Gustavo Mirabal or anyone should not abandon their dreams and entertainments.

Patrick Swayze

Just over a year ago, on August 18, 2019, the documentary “I am Patrick Swayze” premiered. At the age of 67, this wonderful documentary premiered.

The documentary reviews his life from the testimonies of co-stars, friends and his widow. The documentary shows its hard and sensitive side. All this thanks to the one hand he studied ballet and other martial arts.

That versatility led him to play everything from the dramatic-romantic role in Ghost to his action role in Break Point with Keanu Reeves.

As a singer he not only performed but composed “She’s like the wind” which we can see in the video below:

Dirty Dancing - She's Like the Wind

His personal life

He met his wife, Lisa Niemi, at the age of 14 while she was 16. Swayze and his wife met at ballet school. They were married for 34 years until the actor’s death. He accompanied the actor until his death from Pancreatic Cancer. They were friends, confidants and lovers.

A beautiful story and, thanks to supporting each other, this was a lasting and happy marriage.

While they didn’t have biological children, from here we believe their children were the horses. Patrick Swayze was a horse-loving celebrity, perhaps one of the biggest.

Patrick Swayze’s mother owned a dance school and was also a choreographer. He spent much of his time at dance school. That made Patrick start dancing, and very well, from his childhood. One of his early work was as a dancer.

Patrick Swayze - Celebrities who love horses
Patrick Swayze – Celebrities who love horses

Patrick Swayze’s life and interpretive force

In his films he preferred to dispense with doubles for action scenes. An athlete, Swayze practiced aikido, taekwondo, swimming, gymnastics and football and you stop counting. He was also an excellent dancer for which he excelled and landed his first major role “Dirty Dancing”. Thanks to “Dirty Dancing” he earned recognition and a Golden Globe nomination.

Patrick Swayze left for a better place, but he left us a huge legacy. Apart from a diverse and extraordinary artistic career he left us a legacy of love for horses. His passion for horses was too great not to rescue its importance in this article.

In Patrick Swayze’s own words, horseback riding took him away from negative thoughts and self-destructive behaviors. While he had a great life, one of the obstacles presented to him was alcohol addiction. Swayze overcaze his addiction thanks to his wife and horses.

A celebrity who loves Arab horses

He loved Arab horses. Maybe his father’s inheritance that he was a real cowboy.  He lived with the horses from a young time at the family ranch in Houston.

“I grew up with horses. My father was a cowboy in Texas. We lived in Houston. At the age of eight, I visited Gleannloch Farm and from then on I was lost! I dreamed of nothing but Arabians, and when I imagined Arabians, they were Egyptians!”

Gleannloch Farms is a horse-breeding farm with a great tradition specializing in Arab horses. Patrick Swayze bought several of his horses at Gleanloch Farms. He met the famous Douglas B. Marshall at the age of 8 and remained related to him and his farm throughout his life.

Gleannloch Farms is famous for raising Arab horses. Celebrities and even presidents of the United States have been linked to this fabulous horse-breeding farm.

Currently Gleannloch Farms became a planned community of 3200 homes.

A horse-loving celebrity with his own ranch

Patrick Swayze had ranches in California and eventually settled in New Mexico. He visited his horses constantly on his farm in New Mexico. So much was his passion that in order to get there faster from wherever he was he obtained the plane pilot’s license. He liked to visit his horses and be able to fly to the shows.

“My first mare, it was an Egyptian thoroughbred. My wife and I adore her from the first moment. That’s why we decided to have more.”

Besides, his wife was crazy about horses like him, too. Maybe that’s why they both had a ranch they enjoyed resting on. He also enjoyed an experiment with a horse-riding program from his favorite horse, Tammen.

“Tammen, it’s not just my perfect Arab horse, but, my great friend.”

Patrick Swayze and Tammen the Arabian horse



We also left you this video of a miniseries called Hollywood on Horses where Patrick Swayze appears as an interviewee

Patrick Swayze | Hollywood On Horses

Julia Roberts

Celebrities who love horses- Julia Roberts
Celebrity who love horses – Julia Roberts

Julia Fiona Roberts was born in Georgia on October 28, 1967. Who is not familiar with films like “Steel Magnolias,” “Nothing Hill,” or “Pretty Woman”? She is one of the actresses most recognized by her followers and a good part of the critics.

Additionally, Julia Roberts is one of the most awarded actresses of all time. She is ranked seventh among the best actors and actresses in the history of entertainment.

Julia Roberts’ family usually lives several months a year on the ranch that the actress owns in New Mexico. Julia Robets argues that it is a great area to relax with her children and her husband.

In this space in New Mexico she expresses all the love she has for horses. But not only through his ranch in New Mexico. She has also worked on documentaries that publicize the role of the horse in today’s society. Definitely profiled as one of the celebrities who love horses.

Julia Roberts – Is She really one of the celebrities who love horses?

As a horse lover, her overwhelming love for these creatures made her acquire the aforementioned ranch in New Mexico. Julia Roberts loves taking care of horses and taking walks as a hobby. Do we still have doubts if she is a celebrity who loves horses?

As if that were not enough, she got involved in a beautiful documentary called “Wild Horses of Mongolia with Julia Roberts” During the recording of the documentary, Julia Roberts lived several weeks with a nomadic family from Mongolia.

In the documentary Julia Roberts showed how much she values horses and the good treatment of pampering in some societies. Julia Robert promotes knowledge about the horse. She admires the way in which horses help in the daily life of the nomadic family with lived and fondled.

Wild Horses of Mongolia with Julia Roberts
Wild Horses of Mongolia with Julia Roberts

She said during an interview regarding the documentary:

“That these horses are allowed to roam freely and do not escape away is something incredible. Everywhere in America, you see animals and you also see fences. This is really about the love and respect that man gives to the animal so that everyone stay together. ” Julia Roberts

Richard Gere

Richard Gere
Richard Gere

Gere is an actor and human rights activist. His activism has focused on human rights in Tibet and the human rights of indigenous peoples.

Recently Richard Gere has been doing activism about migrants from Africa traveling by boat to Europe. The controversy was high when several countries decided to reject the ship full of refugees. Richard Gere decided to get on the ship to bring food and some hope.

His spiritual sensitivity has led him to approach horses. These animals are very sensitive and it is likely that this has connected Richard Gere with the horses. He is one of the well-known celebrities who love horses for their ranch in the state of New York.

Richard Gere was born in Philadelphia on August 31, 49. He is a descendant of English and Irish. His father worked in the world of insurance and his mother a housewife.

Richard has 3 sisters and two brothers. They are not celebrities who love horses … Because they are not celebrities: P

Just graduated he gained fame in music as an expert trumpeter and composer. On the other hand he also stood out as a gymnast and won a scholarship at the University of Masachusetts. He began studying gymnastics and switched to the branch of philosophy, however he did not finish his studies.

As an actor he started in the theater and jumped into the cinema quickly.

Finally his acting career was consolidated with the movie “American Gigolo” that made him the sex symbol of his time.

Richard Gere’s film career

His career took off more strongly with American Gigolo and made a series of films where his sex symbol image was consolidated. Movies as Officer and gentleman helped.

But it was just 10 years later when he would make the film for which he is most remembered. Pretty Woman is the movie that she played alongside Julia Roberts and released them to stardom. It is one of the most remembered films and that placed them both among the most demanded actors.

At present, a Richard Gere project that was going to be broadcast on Apple TV has just been canceled. Surely soon they will get a new distributor because the actor is still very quoted.

Below you can see the trailer of Pretty Woman where we join our previous celebrity horse lover with the current one. Richard Gere and Julia Roberts knew how to move us with an easy story.

Pretty Woman Official Trailer - Richard Gere, Julia Roberts Movie HD

The personal lives of celebrities who love horses

Richard Gere has been married three times. His first wife was the model and actress Cindy Crawford between 91 and 95 with whom he had no children.

His second wife was Carey Lowell. They married many years later, even when they already had a child together. The son of Richard Gere and Carey Lowell is called Homer James Jigme Gere. They were married from 2002 to 2013.

Richard Gere’s third wife was the Spanish Alejandra Silva. Silva has stood out for his role as an activist. Both had a son in early 2019 whose name is Alexander.

Due to his spiritual quest, Richard Gere converted to Buddhism as a religion. This is partly what drives their struggle for human rights in the Tibet region.

Richard Gere Activist
Richard Gere Activist

Thanks to its activism the Chinese communist regime has been denounced for political and religious repression in the Tibet region.

This has also driven him to promote other associated causes and perhaps this is one of the things that unites Richard and his current wife. The most interesting thing is that Richard Gere and his wife share this hobby making them a couple of celebrities who love horses.

Also at the time he was seen with his second wife enjoying horse riding in Punta del Este Uruguay. He is definitely one of the celebrities who love horses foolproof.




Richard Gere as one of the celebrities who love horses

Richard Gere on horseback
Richard Gere on horseback

He owns a ranch in the northern part of New York. Gere travels frequently with his family to the racho to enjoy nature and horseback riding. Richar Gere is especially fond of the Appaloosas horse race. On the other hand, Gere is very involved in the Chief Joseph Foundation.

The Chief Joseph Foundation is dedicated to promoting the preservation of the Nez Perce culture. This indigenous culture is preserved through the promotion of community activities that involve Appaloosas horses.

Showing his membership to the select group of “celebrities who love horses” Gere has ridden horses in several films. Among the movies we can see Richard Gere riding on horseback are Sommersby, First Knight and I’m Not There.

Definitely the attractive actor is remembered by women for his interpretation in Pretty Woman, Official and Gentleman, among others.

However, the passion of this celebrity who loves horses has not been without mishaps. Some time ago he suffered an accidental fall while performing the practices of his favorite sport: Horse riding.

Richard Gere Celebrity who love horses
Richard Gere Celebrity who love horses

An accident that didn’t kill his passion for horses

While Richard Gere took a horse ride, the horse broke out and decided it was time to run at full speed. At that moment our celebrity seeing that he could not control the horse jumped from it.

He decided to jump before it was too late, because the horse was restless. Due to this situation the American actor fractured his wrist without major injuries.

Although the accident was not serious, Richard Gere had to return on foot with a broken wrist. The distance was great and with the pain in his wrist it was not easy. And is that the actor and activist had taken the phone. If he had taken the cell phone, as his wife Alejandra Silva always asked, things would have been easier.

Richard Gere will ride again, although he probably won’t forget his cell phone at home after this accident.

Sommersby - Trailer

Jeremy Irons, a horse-loving rider and protector of the environment.

Jeremy Irons is a well-known British actor whose career stands out everywhere. But in addition to being a great actor, he is an environmental advocate and a lover of horses. Today we will tell you a little more about the life of Jeremy Irons and his love for horses.

Jeremy Irons (born September 19, 1948 in England) is an English footballer. He is an actor renowned for his versatility and talent in a career that spans several decades.

Jeremy Irons comes from a middle-class family. He was the son of Paul Dugan Irons and Barbara Anne Brereton Brymer, who were accountants and his mother a homemaker, respectively.

Irons studied at Sherborne School and later attended Bristol Old Vic Theatre School to train as an actor.

Thanks to his training, he has stood out in the acting scene, even winning two Tony Awards (1984 and 1986) for his performances. His successful theatrical career propelled him to reach the cinema.

His first BAFTA nomination in 1982 and his two Tonys continued to propel him into film. Until finally, in 1990, he won the Oscar for his portrayal of Claus Von Bulow in “The Secret von Bulow”.

In addition, Jeremy Irons is known for his interest in environmental and social issues. He has been involved in various charitable initiatives. Irons has spoken about the importance of sustainability and environmental preservation.

Jeremy Irons, a celebrity, lover of horses
Jeremy Irons, a celebrity, lover of horses

The Environment, Animals, and the Love of Horses by Jeremy Irons

In this context, his love for horses becomes much more relevant. A jockey since the age of 14, Irons defines himself as a “keen rider.”

Because of his fondness for horses he was invited to write the foreword to the book “England on Horseback” where he wrote the following:

“Make your way into the open air… watch as the shadows of the clouds move across the face of our Earth. And perhaps, peace could creep into your soul. Best of all, if you can, go out on horseback. Being one with an animal can be the beginning of being one with all things.”

Undoubtedly, Jeremy Irons is a famous actor who loves horses, who teaches us by his example how to defend them.

Jamie Foxx a celebrity who loves horses

Jamie Foxx
Jamie Foxx

Eric Marlon Bishop is better known as Jamie Foxx. He was born on December 13, 1967. This versatile artist is an actor, musician, singer and comedian.

Jamie Foxx has won the most important entertainment awards among which he has an Oscar. The Oscar was won by Jamie Fox for his performance in Ray. Ray is a movie about Ray Charles, the famous singer, saxophonist and blues pianist.

Jamie Foxx was raised by his grandparents due to his parents’ divorce. It grew among great values. From the physical and ethical training of the Boy Scouts to the choir of his church, he marked his life.

Jamie Foxx and his artistic side

He studied music at the university and his first artistic approaches were made in that area. In music he collaborated with artists such as Twista, Kanye West and Ludacris. Together with Alicia Keys and Quincy Jones she sang tribute to the famous Ray Charles shortly after participating in her biopic.

In acting he started in a comedy club in 1989. He participated as a guest actor in the In Living Color series until he became part of his cast. He subsequently obtained his own series called The Jamie Foxx Show that was broadcast for 6 years.

From the small screen to the big screen

From TV he jumped to the movies with the movie Toys. His second major role was “Any Given Sunday” by Oliver Stone. Then in a film of independent cut participated in “Collateral”. Finally in 2004 he played Ray Charles in a film about his life, obtaining the greatest recognition of his career.

He has worked with the best directors, including Oliver Stone, Michael Mann, Quentin Tarantino, Taylor Hackford, Sam Mendes, Bill Condon and Antoine Fuqua.

Jamie Foxx - Celebrities who love horses
Jamie Foxx – Celebrities who love horses

Jamie Foxx’s private life

He was romantically linked with Katie Holmes for 6 years and recently it seemed that the couple broke up. For almost 4 years they managed to keep it a secret. Both are excellent parents and perhaps that was part of the values that brought them together. In addition, both are celebrities who love horses and we’ll know more about Jamie Foxx’s love in the next section.

Jamie Foxx and his passion for horses

Jamie Foxx has his own horse. His passion for them is quite commented. Jamie Foxx received his horse, Cheetah, for his birthday. He is a fan of his horse and enjoys riding it.

This passion led him to run for the movie Django Unchained. Foxx postulated knowing that he possessed skills in the equestrian part of the paper.

“What you do for me as an actor is to put me in the stratosphere, you are a director who makes people a star …” Words from Jamie Foxx to Quentin Tarantino when he accepted him for his performance in Django Unchained

Jamie Foxx and Django – Two celebrities who love horses

For the role of Django, Jamie Foxx also had to prepare physically. Although Jamie Foxx is an expert rider, the action on horseback required much more from him. Both in appearance and from the point of view of effort the film was demanding.

Additionally, although Jamie was already a rider, riding barefoot required additional skills. To this was added the fact that he had to act while riding at high speed. And Django’s scenes required a lot of action too.

“I also got a coach and I learned to ride bareback, which is very difficult at 45 kilometers per hour [laughs]. When it comes to handling guns and all that, I had a coach who taught me great tricks. ”Jamie Foxx in an interview

Jamie Foxx acknowledged that riding a hair at high speed and brandishing a weapon was a challenge and thanked Quentin Tarantino for putting him a coach for it.

Foxx loved his horse so much that he incorporated it into the movie. Faced with the possibility of riding a horse in the film, Foxx proposed to Tarantino to use his own horse. Tarantino meditated and ended up accepting. This is one of the great curiosities of the movie. We invite you to see Jamie Foxx riding his own horse in Django unchained.

Mister Bennet scene - Django Unchained

Kaley Cuoco

Celebrities who love horses - Kaley Cuoco and his husband
Celebrities who love horses – Kaley Cuoco and his husband

Kaley Christine Cuoco is an excellent actress known primarily for the role of Penny in the Big Bang Theory series. But this actress has participated in other series such as the famous Charmed series as a witch apprentice. Come and know more about her.

For his acting work he has won the People’s Choice Adwards, the Satellite Awards, the Critics ’Choice Television Award and the Teen Choice Awards.

Cuoco confessed that cosmetic surgery was performed at an early age. Breast implant surgery had a positive effect on his career. He considers it an excellent decision and does not regret it.

But she is also known for being a horse lover. This celebrity who love horses not only loves horses but also riders. That is why he married one. And the love for us animals is not limited only to horses. He also has great appreciation for dogs.

His love for horses is evident in his Instagram account where he constantly mentions them. Even she has participated in amateur equestrian jumping competitions where she has achieved excellent positions.

She says that activities such as horse riding or tennis allow her to disconnect from her professional acting activity which she describes as quite absorbent.

Kaley Cuoco’s personal life and the horses

Before her current husband, Cuoco related to Johnny Galecki, his co-star in Big Bang Theory. They dated for two years and currently remain as friends.

Then came a very difficult stage for Cuoco because although he was excited about tennis player Ryan Sweeting things did not go well. The couple got married and at that time the problems with the alcohol that the tennis player had came to light. It was a difficult separation.

Her current husband is a rider and the e-bay heir, Karl Cook. He conquered it in the showjumping circuits thanks to his excellent style … Yes, in this case Kaley was hooked in the style of his white knight.

Kaley Cuoco and his husband Karl Cook - Celebrities who love horses... and another animals
Kaley Cuoco and his husband Karl Cook – Celebrities who love horses… and another animals

For Kaley Cuoco, horses and riding are serious business. As she confesses in different interviews given to Entertainment Tonight. This is how there where his passion was he also found the love of his life, Karl Cook.

Having emerged from a resounding divorce, Kaley was able to quickly resume his life to his knight in shining armor. Karl Cook is also a celebrity who love horses by the way … Both, Karl and Kaley are celebrities who love horses… We wish them luck.

Kaley Cuoco Sweetly Explains How She's Grown to Love Karl Cook Even More Since Getting Married (E…

Viggo Mortensen

Viggo Peter Mortensen is a celebrity who love horses. Born in New York on October 20, 1958 at the age of 60, the actor is active. He speaks fluent Spanish because during his childhood he lived for a few years in Venezuela and Argentina.

Viggo Mortensen is a very outstanding integral artist.  He has dabbled in poetry, music, painting and photography. We cannot say that Viggo has not experienced its artistic side in different fields.

Viggo Mortensen - A celebrity who love horses
Viggo Mortensen – A celebrity who love horses


Moreover, in acting he has achieved the Oscar nomination three times. The films for which he was nominated for an Oscar are:

  • Dangerous Promises (2007): For his role as Nikolai Luzhin, the driver of one of Eastern Europe’s organized crime families. A man caught between loyalty and love.
  • Fantastic Captain (2016): Viggo plays Ben Cash as a father who, after his wife’s suicide, must fight guilt and social pressure. Their struggle is to maintain the values the couple wants to teach their children. Ben must strike a balance with reality and its ideals.
  • Green Book: A Friendship Without Borders (2018): Mortensen as Tony Vallelonga, better known as Tony Lip. The film is based on real events when a classic American pianist hires a chauffeur-bodyguard to tour states that is plagued by racism and discrimination. The film was a hit in film criticism. On the other hand Mortensen managed to be nominated for all major U.S. acting awards.

Is Viggo Mortensen really celebrity who love horses?

But aside from his outstanding performance, what brings us here is that Viggo Mortensen is one of the horse-loving celebrities.

At the end of the successful Lord of the Rings saga, Viggo decided to adopt the horse that had teamed up with him during the recordings.

“I bought it even though he wasn’t with me throughout the shoot. We just had a nice friendship. His name is Eurayus”

His connection was very special and the American actor got very incarnate with the horse. Even though it wasn’t in his plans to buy the horse he ended up doing it.

“We try to stay tuned and make you feel comfortable during filming. At the end of it all, we edified very well and felt relaxed and happy”

He also highlighted the process they both passed to adapt to each other during filming.

“I just developed a very good friendship with him [the horse]. He entered the film in a similar way to how I did it. You know, I didn’t have much preparation and they just threw me out and I had to swim basically. And it was him. It took us a while to sync and make him feel comfortable on set. So we got close and wanted to keep in touch with him.”

His experience in lord of the Rings made him closer to the world of horses. That’s how he then repeated in a film where horses took on great prominence. This is how Viggo ended up participating in “Hidalgo”

Vigo Mortensen in Hidalgo
Vigo Mortensen in Hidalgo

Hidalgo. Viggo Mortensen’s horse film

In Hidalgo Mortensen he plays Frank T. Hopkins a long-distance rider who is invited to an exclusive horse race in the desert. A battle between the American way of life and the Arab style. A personal and principled career. An excellent performance and an excellent film.

Without a doubt after what we see we know that Viggo Mortensen is a celebrity who loves horses.

Nicole Kidman another celebrity who loves horses


Nicole Kidman is one of Hollywood’s most famous actresses. Born on June 20, 1967, she is one of the most prolific actresses.

She has been known for her legendary films such as Moulin Rouge, The Others and The Stepford Wives, to name a few. This fabulous actress definitely dazzles us on screen.

One of the films where he shone was also in Lion. For Lion she was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress.

Some consider his most memorable performance to be The Hours. An adaptation of Michael Cunningham’s novel that bears the same name as the film. With her performance of Virginia Wolf Nicole Kidman won the Oscar.

He has also participated a couple of times in plays.

A celebrity who loves horses - Nicole Kidman
A celebrity who loves horses – Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman and her side of rider.

Nicole Kidman is definitely a successful actress, producer and mother. But on that she is also a well-known rider. She owns several horses which she rides frequently. He has also been seen on numerous occasions in horse racing.

She has demonstrated her equestrian skills in some of the films. Among the films that we can mention where this actress-rider has participated is Australia and Far and Away.

In Far and Away or “A Very Far Horizon” he introduces us to an Nicole Kidman at the beginning of her career. In this film she would participate with her future husband at the time of the film and future ex-husband Tom Cruise.

While the film was not a critical success, we can say it has a wonderful staging. Already right now Nicole Kidman demonstrates the skills that make us consider her a horse-loving celebrity.


And it’s time for Australia…

In Australia we can see a cowboy movie located in the country of the same name. The film shows us life in wild Australia before World War II.

The film tells the story of an aristocrat played by Nicole Kidman and a caporal bent on saving a farm. They have to overcome racism and archaic customs. Lady Sarah Ashley and the caporal (played by Hugh Jackman) understand that they have to civilize those lands.

That’s when the innocent get a war they never got involved in by surprise. Definitely a movie to watch and enjoy Nicole Kidman’s equestrian skills.

Nicole Kidman is known for belonging to the Australian club. This is a renowned group of Australian artists who are also friends with each other. In the “Australian Club” we find Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Naomi Watts, Debora Lee Furness, Simon Baker-Denny and Baz Luhrmann. A group of big stars that shine with a special and original light

Australia 2008 Trailer HD | Nicole Kidman | Hugh Jackman


Jhonny Deep

John Christopher Depp II was born in Kentucky, United States, on June 9, 1963.  Deep is a renowned actor, as well as a producer, director, screenwriter and musician.

He is best remembered for his “muse” side of Tim Burton. It also remains in our minds thanks to the saga of “Los Peratas del Caribe”. The actor has French, Irish, German and Cherokee murders.

In his struggle to achieve dreams, before becoming an artist he was a “telephone pen salesman.” Then by giving up his frustrating job he worked as a mechanic. Thus in his quest he achieved the experience that led him to be an actor.

The celebrity - Johnny Deep
The celebrity – Johnny Deep

Jhonny Deep’s equestrian talent.

Johnny Depp’s equestrian talents are demonstrated in The Man Who Cried, in the Lone Ranger, Dead Man, and The Headless Ijinete (Sleepy Hollow).

His love for horses is curse-proof and headless riders. That’s why Jhonny Deep adopted the one-off horse he rode in Sleepy Hollow to save him from being belittled. Maybe we could say that not only that, but I avoid the horse’s sacrifice.

Jhonny Depp’s equestrian journeys have not been free of miser. Onstage he was almost trampled when his chair slipped during the filming of The Lone Ranger.

Still his love the horses have remained through time. Even more so when in an interview he recognized what was the protection of the horse in the lone plainsman. Deep got along very well with the horse. The horse’s instinctive reaction made the wounds mild, and Deep attributes this to his relationship with it.

Johnny Depp Nearly Trampled by Horse on "The Lone Ranger" Set: Caught on Tape

Pitifully Deep has had to sell his equestrian property in Kentucky due to financial problems. It must be painful for Deep to get rid of his horse farm.

The house has 557 m2 and is has seven bedrooms. It also consists of a garage for four cars, a guest house and a swimming pool. On the farmer’s side it has watering lands and three barns.

Without a doubt Jhonny Deep is one of the celebrities who love horses.

Thanks to his new positive streak we are sure that Jhonny Depp will once again have a farm with horses or perhaps recover his old property.
Beyond the controversy, we will also mention one of the few things that Jhonny Depp had in common with his ex-partner Amber Heard, the love of horses.

Johnny Depp - A celebrity who loves horses
Johnny Depp – A celebrity who loves horses


Amber Heard at the club of famous horse lovers

Amber Heard is an American actress and model. In recent years, She was in the spotlight of the media due to her thorny divorce with Jhonny Deep.

The conflicts between Jhonny Deep and Amber Heard were so intense that they dragged on even after their divorce.

As a model she has worked with brands such as L’Oreal and Guess. He has also worked with institutions such as the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union).

Her acting career has been quite irregular. He has garnered some praise in low-grossing or bad films. He has also garnered bad reviews in films with some recognition.

Her biggest success as an actress was the role of Mera in Aquaman. However, her personal conflicts have led to her role in the second Aquaman film being reduced and it is anticipated that she will not repeat in the role.

Although she has not performed roles using her skills as a rider, Amber Heard is known for being an excellent rider. This is not due to her career as an actress, nor to her career as a model but to her family life as we will see below. That’s how she became one of the famous horse lovers.

Amber Heard - Celebrities Who Love Horses
Amber Heard – Celebrities Who Love Horses

The family and private life of Amber Heard.

Amber is originally from the state of Texas. His mother was an Internet researcher and his father a construction entrepreneur. In addition, he has a younger sister named Whitney.

The life of this family took place on the outskirts of Austin, in rural areas. His father tamed horses in his spare time. This is how Amber grew up in a natural environment where she hunted and fished with her father. It was there with his father that he also learned to ride at a young age and developed a love for horses.

This was a love he shared with Jhonny Deep and was probably also part of what connected them both.

In her youth she participated in beauty pageants, which brought her closer to modeling.

Over time the conservative style of Texas led her to seek new horizons in California, to also pursue her film career.

In 2010 Amber Heard came out as bisexual and has had various affairs with men and women.

Entry into the audiovisual world participating in music videos and with secondary roles in television films. She gained some recognition, but her real break came with the role of Mera.

Her passion for horses led her in all facets of her life as we will see below.

Is Amber Heard among the famous horse lovers?

Definitely, the image of Amber Heard looked very bad after it was shown that the problems of the Deep-Heard couple were the responsibility of both. Heard was shown to have physically abused Jhonny Deep and defamed him to destroy his career.

Probably the difference in ages, values and worldviews are the key to this couple ending badly.

However, this does not mean that Heard is an accomplished horse lover. One of the big issues is the sale of Amber Heard’s ranch in California. The actress’ messy pace of spending and the defamation trial ended in a conviction where she must pay $13 million to Deep.

This is the ranch where he has his horses and rides constantly. Amber Heard acquired the property for half a million dollars and it is estimated that she will be able to sell it twice as much. However, this money will only serve to pay a small part of the debt with Deep.

At the end of 2020 he was seen with his current girlfriend riding a horse and it is seen that it is an activity that he enjoys very much.

Without a doubt, Amber is a famous horse lover who will suffer when she has to say goodbye to her ranch in California.

Amber Heard among Celebrities Who Love Horses
Amber Heard among Celebrities Who Love Horses


Antonio Banderas

The famous Spanish actor Antonio Banderas has been in the spotlight in recent years for different reasons. From the divorce of his wife of 20 years Melanie Griffith, to Dakota Johnson’s recognition for the love and guidance she received from Antonio, her stepfather, in her parenting years.

Antonio Banderas is an acting icon with an extensive and impeccable career. Not all of his films have been hits, but his acting has never detracted.

The actresses who know Antonio Banderas speak of his chivalry and great professionalism.

Actor Antonio Banderas has shown that he is a versatile man. Her artistic side extends from acting, through singing, direction, production and even dubbing.

On the other hand, he has ventured into the business world and perfumes. Men like Antonio are restless and feel the need to continue evolving, something with which Gustavo Mirabal Castro identifies.

Antonio Banderas was one of the first Spanish actors to dare to face Hollywood, and he succeeded. Since then, he has continued to inspire others such as his stepdaughter, Dakota Johnson, who gave him a well-deserved recognition by presenting him with the Hollywood Film Ward award.

Next, we leave you with the speech given by Dakota Johnson that testifies to Antonio’s role in his life.


[LEGENDADO] Dakota Johnson no Hollywood Film Awards 2019 - ET Canada

Interview with Antonio Banderas, his passions, his family, and music

To understand the true character, we will show you a video of an interview that reveals the true character of Antonio Banderas. Let’s see it below.


In this brief interview with Antonio Banderas, we can see how he kindly corrects the interviewer about her role in the film Frida. She mistakenly asks him how he faced the challenge of playing Diego Rivera, when the role of Antonio Banderas in the film was a minor role.

Also, he rejects respectfully misleading comments about his personal life. The journalist asks about a “supposed passion” that arose in Original Sin. In the words of Angelina Jolie, another celebrity who loves horses, “I had enjoyed too much the passionate scenes with the Malaga actor. Antonio Banderas as a gentleman clarifies that this is acting, it is a “lie” and then returns home with his family, his true passion.

He also comments on a passion for music that he maintains in his private sphere. Without a doubt, Antonio Banderas is an actor capable of inspiring those who know him.


The lesser-known facet of Antonio Banderas.

With all this, there are several lesser-known facets of Antonio Banderas. One is his love for music and another is his love for horses. Today we will tell you a little about these two passions of Antonio Banderas

Movies where Antonio Banderas rides a horse:

  • The Mask of Zorro (1998): The first of the modern Zorro films, in which Antonio Banderas plays Diego de la Vega and Zorro. This was the film that brought him to Hollywood and launched his image to international stardom. Here he showed versatility and also his skills as riders
  • Original Sin (2001): In this film he plays a man who falls in love with the wrong woman. In this film he has a brief demonstration of his sublime ability to ride a horse.
  • The Legend of Zorro (2005): Sequel to the first film, in this one the need drives Zorro to take back the mask, creating problems with his wife. Perhaps the Venezuelan humorist Jorge Tuero, in his role as Baldomero, “El Terror del Llano”, was right when he said that “married man cannot fight for justice”.

We leave you with the trailer of Original Sin where we can briefly see Antonio Banderas riding a horse at full speed.

Pecado original V60-Trailer Cinelatino | Cinelatino


Queen Elizabeth II of England – One of the famous horse lovers

With the death of Queen Elizabeth II of England, many secrets of her life have come to light. However, for years it has been public and notorious that Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom is among the famous horse lovers.

Even before she became queen, horses were the great passion of the young Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windor. He inherited this from his father born Albert Frederick Arthur George. He was made King George VI of England by the abdication of his brother Edward VIII.

However, if anything was allowed to both monarchs continue it was with their fondness for horses. Both were fond of horse breeding and especially breeding racehorses.

It was very common to see Queen Elizabeth II excited in horse racing, especially those in which her family participated.

From this hobby arose a very important relationship for Queen Elizabeth II, her relationship with Porchie. Some labeled it a deep friendship, others a platonic romance, and others weren’t so sure about the platonic nature of the relationship. The truth is that porchie and she had a special connection through their love of horses.

Porchie was the official horse breeder of Queen Elizabeth II. He achieved for her, together with the decisions of Elizabeth II, great victories for her stable. This brought them even closer, to the point that Philip II was said to have become jealous of Porchie.

Beyond the rumors, we can assure that his relationship with Porchie was as close as it could be for a commoner. His love for horses overwhelmed everything as we will see below.

Queen Elizabeth II in her youth. Celebrities Who Love Horses
Queen Elizabeth II in her youth. Celebrities Who Love Horses

Queen Elizabeth II the queen who wanted to be a horse.

His love for horses came to have some peculiarities of Queen Elizabeth II in relation to them. Some say that her love for them was such that the queen herself dreamed of being a horse.

And it is that to see Queen Elizabeth II excited, you only had to see her during a horse race. Unable to hold back, he showed his emotions more than even with his family. It could be said that Elizabeth’s love for horses was greater than that of her own children.

That is why some say that the queen wanted to become a horse, or at least dreamed of it. Perhaps if reincarnation is a fact, the queen will become a horse in a next life.

Elizabeth II was extremely careful as far as her horses were concerned. That is why he destined one of his mansions and turned it into a stable for his horses during the covid pandemic.

Perhaps looking for more protection or comfort. The truth is that what he did not do for some of his relatives, he was able to do for this noble animal that represents the horse.

In addition, we know that in addition to being a horse breeder she was an excellent rider. You can still easily find in the networks photos where we see her from very young and to old age riding a horse.

Without a doubt we can say that Queen Elizabeth ii is one of the famous lovers of horses.

Following in his footsteps as a horse lover, his daughter Princess Anne of England stood out on the equestrian scene. Next, we will tell you about this passion that has been passed from generation to generation.

Princess Anne of England, one of the celebrities who love horses

Princess Anne of England not only loved horses, but stood out because of them. Her passion for horses led her to participate in the equestrian scene with which she won some awards. In addition, he participated in the organizations dealing with the subject.

Princess Anne also married the capital Mark Phillips. Both shared their passion for horses and this led them to meet and consummate their love, as we will see below.

Princess Anne of England happy riding a horse
Princess Anne of England happy riding a horse

Ana and her love for horses and horse riding.

Anne of England became one of the celebrities who love horses for their prominent place in horse riding.

In 1971 he won a gold medal at the European Championships of Complete Equestrian Competition. He also won two silver medals in 1975 in the same competition.

Thanks to this in 1976 he was the first member of the British royalty to participate in an Olympic Games.

But it was between his first gold medal and his participation in the Olympic Games that he lived one of the most intense stages of his life. It was when she met her soulmate and first husband, Captain Mark Phillips whom we will meet next.

Princess Anne of England and Mark Phillips
Princess Anne of England and Mark Phillips

Ana’s love for Mark Phillips, love and horses hand in hand.

Mark Phillips studied at the Royal Military Academy, and became an assistant to Queen Elizabeth II. In his career he reached the rank of captain with which he retired.

He was a gold medalist at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, in the all-around team competition in equestrian sport.

His skill and connection to the royal household impressed Princess Anne without a doubt. Meeting under the circumstances of such great achievement, Mark and Ana kept in touch. They soon established a relationship that led to their marriage in November 1973.

From their love peter and Zara Phillips were born. Despite their great connection the love was extinguished, due to the repeated infidelities of Mark Phillips. By 1992 Princess Anne and Mark Phillips divorced. That same year Anne of England married again Timothy Laurence, Vice Admiral of the Royal Navy.

This is perhaps the only slip of his life because the Anglican church only admits the marriage of remarriage after the death of the spouse.

In addition, Princess Anne has been one of the most committed members of royalty with her activity. She works with more than 300 charities and was also president of the FEI (International Equestrian Federation) from 1986 to 1994. Undoubtedly a very active race in favor of horses and the most disadvantaged.

The love for horses multiplies. Later we will tell you about the trajectory of Zara Phillips and how the love for horses is hereditary, as Gustavo Mirabal Castro knows.

Princess Anne Ready to Ride a Horse - Celebrities Who Love Horses
Princess Anne Ready to Ride a Horse – Celebrities Who Love Horses



Is Madona a celebrity who loves horses?

Yes, the Queen of Pop, Madonna is one of the most recognized horse lovers. Singer, songwriter and actress Madonna is a full-time rider. She shares with her children a passion for horses.

Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone was born on August 16, 1958. Although her passion for horses is relatively recent she has always been an advocate for animals.

Vegetarian by conviction she believes that all living things should be protected. That belief has been his compass and that is why sooner or later he would develop this love for horses.

Madonna riding with David Leterman
Madonna riding with David Leterman

How did Madonna’s horse love start?

Madona’s passion for horses was transmitted by her ex-husband Guy Ritchie who is a horse rider and lover. Guy Ritchie with his Scottish and Celtic vein shared with her his love for Mother Earth, which together with them.

Eventually Ritchie “infected” this passion with Madonna who now accompanies her and her children: Lola León, Rocco Ritchie, David Banda Mwale Ciccone Ritchie, Mercy James, Stella Ciccone and Esther Ciccone.

The last two daughters are the twins who adopted in Malawi

Madona with her 6 children
Madona with her 6 children

The singer of “Isla Bonita” and “Like a Prayer” is a world-famous singer. Every opportunity you have is reinvented by going through all the existing looks and even branding the fashion. As with its physical appearance it has also passed through all genres of music.

So is it that one of his albums titled “Ray of Light” was revolutionary. Madonna transformed her musical and aesthetic style. That was his third best-selling album.

As we said, he may have started his passion for horses in his 40s, but he’s always been an animal-loving celebrity.

In the video of his single “Don’t tell me” we can appreciate his ability to move on a mechanical colt and his passion for country aesthetics.

Madonna - Don't Tell Me (Official Video) [HD]

The accident with a horse and Madonna’s fortress

When he turned 47, he was given a new horse as a gift. Madonna very excitedly decided to ride it immediately. But as we all know the horses are scary and who knows what happened but there was an accident.

Madonna fell off the horse and, apart from the blows, suffered eight fractures that her fans bitterly recall. This definitely qualifies her as the celebrity queen who loves horses.

Despite the incident, he barely finished recovering, he returned to horseback riding. They certainly say that the important thing is not to fall but to reassemble as soon as possible.

Madonna to this day continues her love of horses. Here we consider her the real ambassador of the equine world.

He left his residence in Portugal because he was not allowed to use a horse to record a video clip. He accused Portugal of being “ungrateful” for not letting him put the horse in a 19th-century palace, Quinta Nova de Assuncao.

Definitely the queen of pop loves horses and puts them in her place of honor. A celebrity who loves horses who will move on to posterity.


Miley Cyrus

Destiny Hope Cyrus, better known as Miley Cyrus, was born on November 23, 1992. She was called Destiny Hope with an evocation of the fate and hope she represented for her parents. Nicknamed by her parents Miley, for “smiley” for her easy smile. Then Miley became his stage name.

Miley Cyrus - The girl who loves horses
Miley Cyrus – The girl who loves horses

Miley is the daughter of Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus. The latter is a country music icon. This type of music characterizes rural areas of denim vocation. From there Miley began to acquire that passion for horses, which over time only grew bigger.

Family Christian Vocation

He attended Heritage Elementary School.  She was raised in Christianity and was baptized in a Baptist church before moving to Hollywood in 2005.

She frequently attended church during her childhood and adolescence. He also wore a purity or chastity ring. This indicated the vote facing his religious community to reach the marriage virgin.

His father Billy Ray Cyrus is also a prominent country singer and actor. The most interesting thing about his credit has at least 2 albums dedicated to Christian music.

Miley Cyrus one of the celebrities who love horses
Miley Cyrus one of the celebrities who love horses

Miley a celebrity who love horses and other animals, celebrities and horses

Destiny Hope, AKA Miley Cyrus, is not only a lover of horses, but animals in general. In 2014 Miley vented via social media over the death of his dog Floyd, a beautiful Siberian Husky. Destiny Hope posted on social media:

“I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to believe it was real. My precious baby Floyd is dead, I’m devastated” Miley Cyrus


So much loved his dog, that for the Bangerz Tour he asked for a giant figure on the husky stage. All of this he asked him to keep company during his concerts.

In addition, it was recently revealed that after Liam Hemsworth’s divorce miley will have custody of her 15 pets.

Miley and Liam had seven dogs, four horses, three cats and a pig. The most striking pets are the 4 horses and the pig. We’ve already started to see Miley come up as a famous horse lover.

Miley Cyrus is definitely an animal lover but we’ll see she’s definitely a celebrity who love horses.

Miley Cyrus - Rider and a celebrity who loves horses
A rider and a celebrity who loves horses

Miley one of the famous celebrities who love horses

Cyrus was born and raised on a farm in Franklin, Tennessee. This farm is about an hour from Nashville.

Miley Cyrus fell in love with horses growing up on her father’s farm. With that training he brought that passion and love for horses to Los Angeles.

She bought an equestrian property in Hidden Hills, Carlifornia in May 2015. The property was acquired by Cyrus worth $5 million. It is located on the outskirts of Los Angeles.

The property of the horse-loving celebrity includes a 6,500 square foot house. This house has five bedrooms and 5 and a half bathrooms. But don’t settle for it, it has an acre riding field, two paddocks and a ten-seat stable.

No doubt Miley Cyrus and her family belong to the category of celebrities who love horses.

Apollo, a famous god among those who love horses

Before we talk about the great geniuses of modern creativity, including Walt Disney, we’ll tell you a story. We’ll tell you how the god Apollo gave us the gift of following our dreams.

According to Greek mythology there is a huge connection between horses and creativity, and this connection is called “Apollo”.

Apollo is one of the most important Greek pantheon gods in history. He is one of the gods to whom more temples were dedicated in ancient times.

The god Apollo is considered the protector of arts and creativity. He represents many things and was considered one of the most powerful gods. It is said that only Zeus and Leto contained him for his power and for his noble feelings.

Apollo is also associated with the sun and spiritual and mental enlightenment. Likewise, mystical and creative inspiration is associated with Apollo.

We can certainly understand that if arts and inspiration are key to its symbology then it is considered the protector of the arts.

This is how it was mainly depicted next to a lyre. Additionally he was depicted with the bow and arrow as weapons to protect the arts.

Creativity, divinity and inspiration. The connection

Given his association with divine and creative inspiration, he was then associated with the oracle of Delphi and the muses.

This inspiration was connected to the Sun and for some time he was considered the god of the sun.

Thus he became known as Apollo Helios or God of the Sun.

It was in the Oracle of Delphi that a fortune teller prophesied to Alexander the Great that he would conquer the whole world. How we can see is no small thing.

We’ll talk about Apollo to make way for creative celebrities who love horses. Let’s discover a little more of this famous god of the Greek pantheon.

Chariot of Apollo or Phoebus Apollo (c.1880) – Gustave Moreau
Chariot of Apollo or Phoebus Apollo (c.1880) – Gustave Moreau

Apollo, a deity who found his love for humanity

It is said that Zeus entrusted him with the protection of the oracle to prevent the destruction of the earth. For nine years Apollo went into exile on earth to protect the oracle and the muses.

As a result Apollo was greeted with great pride and joy. Zeus offered him anything he wanted, but he didn’t expect me to ask him to do that.

In the land Apollo discovered the courage of the human being and his dreams. He learned to love humanity. However, he saw that fear was something that prevented them from following their dreams.

Thus Apollo seeing what might become of mankind asked Zeus to lighten the fears of men. Apollo asked Zeus to find the courage to follow his dreams and not just be part of the flock.

This is how Apollo managed to become the patron saint of spiritual and creative inspiration.

Apollo on horseback
Apollo on horseback

The art dedicated to Apollo

As a good god of creativity, Apollo could not escape being artistically represented.

There are certainly not many traces of the songs that the aedos and riesodos dedicated to the God Apollo. However, in many works such as “the Odyssey” and “the Lyaade” they are heard to name.

At the Prado Museum in Madrid, Spain we can find a sculpture of the God Apollo. It is considered to have been initiated in the second century and then restored and completed in the seventeenth century.

This is an impressive sculpture with more than two and a half meters in height and just under one and a half meters wide. It is also just over a metre deep. It is made of white marble.

The artist used as a reference the statue of Apollo of the Belvedere located in the Vatican to complete the statue. Represents a strong young Apollo with a triumphant pose.

Apollo of the Belvedere and the Gardens of Versailles

In the Vatican is the Apollo of the Belvedere. This statue is considered to be a Roman copy of an original Greek statue that was lost. Despite having lost some of his fame, the statue is still considered one of the most important representations of Apollo.

Finally, we couldn’t let through Apollo’s performances in the Gardens of the Palace of Versailles. There we can find many representations of this god and it is that we remember that one of his kings was known as the sun king and was a great patron of the arts.

In the gardens of Versailles we can find “In the grove of the baths of Apollo”. This work depicts the god surrounded by nymphas with a tired posture.

And last but also the most important in the same gardens we find “Apollo Pond”.

This grandiose and monumental work depicts Apollo coming out of the water in a cart pulled by two beautiful horses. A work that perfectly represents the connection between horse and creativity.

Apollo at the Prado Museum
Apollo at the Prado Museum

Apollo Atepomarus, the rider

In the Celtic world the horse and sun are highly associated. We cannot forget that for the Celts the horse represented an important part of its culture.

Likewise the Celts worshipped nature. From there come the roots of Wicas religions.

This cult of nature made them give them a prominent place in their symbology in the sun and horses.

The cult of Apollo Atepomarus was given strongly in the Mauvrieres area. This area is currently associated with Indre, an apartment located in central France.

As we recall, we mention France as one of the epicentres of Europe’s creativity and freedom. Especially in very dark times…

Many ancient villages represented the sun in a carriage dragged by horses. In this way he traveled during the day through the daytime cycle. Therefore the white horse is associated in symbology with the Sun.

Some ancient religions sacrificed horses consecrated to the sun.

But the most important thing is the title given to Apollo in the Celtic world, where the horse was associated with the sun. The title Apollo Atepomarus means “the owner of a grandiose horse” or “the great rider”.

Apollo is one of the greats who loves horses.

Undoubtedly here we find a connection between horses and creativity.

The other connection is that Walt Disney, a great creative, loved horses.

We’ll analyze Walt Disney to discover what creativity means and its transformation power.

The Apollo Pond
The Apollo Pond

Walt Disney: One of the famous creatives who love horse

Creativity is the source of the evolution of human civilization. Some people think it’s science that moves the world but they’re wrong. Everything that has been discovered before has been conceived in the mind of man. That’s why today we’re talking about a great creative, Walt Distney, or horse lover.

Only through imagination can new discoveries be reached. Based on that creativity, society’s paradigms are investigated and transformed.

We conceived “a flat world” until someone thought it might be any other way. Someone discovered that things “fell to the ground” and his mind allowed him to conceive of gravity.

A lot of things are there waiting for us to find them out. We just have to have a curious mind and spend time observing.

Creativity requires independent and dreamy thinking but you’ll wonder “What’s all this chitchat about?”

Walt Disney with a horse
Walt Disney with a horse

Walt Disney a celebrity who loves horses

If there’s one thing you can’t doubt, it’s Walt Disney’s creativity. But another thing that cannot be doubted is his love for horses.

One thing that is not well known to the general public is that Walt Disney was a horse lover.

Walt Disney loved not only horses but animals in general. We can see in their work the positive influence they represented.

It wasn’t just a hobby for him. Walt Disney was one of those who love horses because he practiced horseback riding for many years.

Disney also practiced polo, with great dedication, for many years. He discovered his love for horses thanks to his shy personality and the stress of being a perfectionist.

Disney, due to his personality, on his medical indication, was recommended a long vacation. He was additionally prescribed, as if it were a medicine, the practice of some sport.

So after joining a sports club Walt Disney began to enjoy playing golf, and even wrestling and boxing. You can’t imagine Walt Disney with a pair of gloves, can you?

But after trying these sports he got the place he was looking for in his life. He discovered horse riding and soon after discovered polo.

But his love for horses did not stay there and he became facts. Walt Disney gave a dignified retreat to one of TV’s most famous horses, Zorro’s horse, Tornado.

We’ll talk to you about this relationship below.

Walt Disney playing Polo
Walt Disney playing Polo

Tornado, Zorro’s Horse, and Walt Disney

One of the icon horses on television is Tornado, Zorro’s Horse. Without being the protagonist of the famous Diney series of the 1950s Tornado over the years has gained its own fame.

The stories around this horse are innumerable. Undoubtedly, Zorro series has played a momentous role in children of several generations.

Zorro was a masked hero born from the pages of Johnston McCulley’s novels.

His fame spread so far that we can now find, apart from novels, several films and television series.  We can also find animated series, comic books and even various plays.

The Walt Disney Company decided in the 1950s to release a black-and-white series about “Zorro”. For this they did a wonderful casting that gave guy Williams the “human starring role”.

But the project required another protagonist. One that would give action and excitement to the series. And one that would allow Walt Disney to incorporate one of his favorite friends, the horse.

That’s how Walt Disney himself chose the horse that would play Tornado. Tornado was a creative license from Walt Disney, as Zorro novels do not mention a particular horse.

What is done is to name the wonderful attributes of the horse of Don Diego de La Vega, a nobleman who in the shadows embodied Zorro to punish the wicked.

So Walt Disney chose Diamond Decorator, a champion horse with an exceptional backing. To complete the wonderful abilities attributed to Tornado, several horses were chosen as “action doubles”.

Diamond Decorator is Tornado, Zorro's Horse
Diamond Decorator is Tornado, Zorro’s Horse

And what happened to Diamond Decorator?

Diamond Decorator was undoubtedly a great representative of horses in general, and together with his “acting companions” forged the legend of Zorro.

Being chosen by the boss, Walt Disney, a creative and celebrity who loved horses, is nothing. That’s how after concluding the series Diamond Decorator received a reward, an early retirement.

Diamond Decorator was transferred to walt Disney’s hacienda, which he had as a good famous horse lover he was, to retire. There he was visited by his friends and colleagues like Guy Williams who would visit him and ride him from time to time.

Being a celebrity who loves horses is a big responsibility. It is to prove with facts that your love for horses makes them have a better life.

Without a doubt Walt Disney is an example of a creative famous horse lover.

Golden Oak Ranch - Retirement Place of Tornado Zorro's Horse
Golden Oak Ranch – Retirement Place of Tornado Zorro’s Horse

Heartland TV Series celebrities who love horses

The TV series Heartland is the longest-running TV series on Canadian television. History runs on a care and therapy estate for traumatized horse recovery.

Amy Fleming, the protagonist, is a young woman with great qualities to help horses. In the first chapters, misfortune reaches the family by getting them together to get ahead and leaves amy’s shoulders on the responsibility of keeping the family business going.

These qualities were inherited from his mother and are so incredible that many consider him a “horse whisperer.”

A TV series that already has 14 seasons and shows no sign of losing strength.

Heartland teaches us about love, friendship and family. Definitely a series that any horse lover will want to see.

Among the characters are some more like horses, but without a doubt the entire cast of the TV series are great lovers of horses.

Below we will mention the most recognized celebrities (actors and actresses) of the series and known for being people who love horses. Let’s get started.

Heartland - Una serie llena de celebridades amantes de los caballos
Heartland – Una serie llena de celebridades amantes de los caballos

Amber Marshal – Amy Fleming:

Amber Marshal plays Amy. Amy is a young woman with great skills and intuition to deal with horses. Tragedy marked her but thanks to her the family reunites to face life together.

A role of a horse lover who could only be played by a horse-loving celebrity

Amber Marshall is a Canadian actress who was born and raised in Ontario. He grew up in the middle of horses and learned to ride horses at a young age.

Amber was even a veterinary assistant with which she had the opportunity to acquire a special sensitivity towards animals.

In interviews he always mentions that the two things he loves most in life are acting and riding.

Thanks to the starring role in Heartland, Amber has been able to make a profession come true around the two things she loves most in life.

But let’s learn a little more about Amber Marshall’s love of animals

Amy Fleming - La Protagonista de Heartland
Amy Fleming – La Protagonista de Heartland

Amber Marshal – One of the horse-loving celebrities

Amber in her love for horses and to try to immerse he heses he himself in the role he had in his hands became completely involved with the horses.

After the first season she volunteered at a veterinary clinic. This helped her communicate with the horses and increased her sensitivity to them.

She later volunteered at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. This is a center dedicated to the care, rehabilitation and preservation of wildlife. There he learned to work with various animals, especially falcons.

But as if that weren’t the case, Amber Marshall has her own farm. There he has all kinds of animals among which we find horses, of course, rabbits, chickens, dogs and cats. Even on his farm we can find an Alpaca.

Without a doubt in Amber we can find a celebrity who loves animals and especially horses.

Amber Marshall - One of the celebrities who love horses
Amber Marshall – One of the celebrities who love horses

Similarities between the famous horse lovers, Amy Fleming, and Amber Marshal.

Amy and Amber are famous horse lovers in their own worlds. Amy Fleming is a famous “horse whisperer”. A “horse whisperer” is a personal one with the gift of dealing with horses and “communicating” with them.

Amber Marshall is a celebrity thanks to her role in Heartland. This series has been dubbed and subtitled into numerous languages and is among the most viewed. In addition, he has a legion of loyal fans on social media.

Thanks to all the above we can say that Amy Fleming and Amber Marshall are great famous horse lovers.

Well, we can say that Amber, as well as Amy, lives on a farm with her animals. Amy and her fiancé Shawn Turner’s farm is just outside Calgary in Alberta, Canada. We found that she is a lover of rural life, but what other similarities are there between Amy and Amber? Well, both names begin with A for “Love of horses.”

Finally, Amy and Amber have a very special connection with horses. Amy communicates with the horses and heals them. Amy has been in contact with them since she was a child. For her part, Amber also had contact with horses since she was a child and also worked as a veterinary assistant when she was younger. This gives you a true connection to the healing process of animals.

No doubt both women have great similarities, including their great charisma when it comes to communicating. For her love of horses and for her great performance we consider that Amber Marshall belongs to the circle of famous horse lovers.


Chris Potter: From Kung Fu to one of the celebrities who love horses

Chis Potter is known for his role in Kung Fu: Legend Continues where he shared prominence with David Carradine.

He is also known for his side as a singer and writer of music lyrics.

Chis is also an Ontario-born Canadian actor. He excelled in sports but his father did not let him continue so he dropped out of school and devoted himself to music. It was through music that he discovered his passion for theatre and acting and has not left him since.

He had a prominent role in the “The Good Witch” film series where he played Jake a small-town cop.

But the longest-playing role Chis Potter has played is that of Tim Fleming in Heartland.

Heartland is an equestrian series on all four sides. In it we can see Chis play a cowboy with a past in rodeo competitions. She plays the father of Amy Fleming, the protagonist, and her role has been decisive in the dynamics of the series.

An impulsive and tough man who before his daughters tries to do the right thing but is often wrong. He’s the father who tries to be and does the best he can.

Chis’s excellent performance is because he is a horse-loving celebrity. After 14 years riding horses in Heartland Chis he has converted to the “Gospel of Amy”. Seeing him excited about horse racing is priceless.

An excellent actor and an excellent rider who has given us an excellent performance that will remain for posterity. Chis Potter is definitely one of the celebrities who loves horses.

Chis Potter - One of the Celebrities Who Love Horses
Chis Potter – One of the Celebrities Who Love Horses

Lady Gaga – One of the celebrities who love horses

Lady Gaga also belongs to the select club of celebrities and celebrities who love horses. And she not only loves horses, she loves almost any animal. Among the animals he has 3 dogs. The names of Lady Gaga’s dogs are Koji, Asia and Gustav. These three puppies are part of their “animal shelter”. The beautiful dogs are bulldogs that he has presented on numerous occasions on his social networks.

These puppies are Lady Gaga’s darlings and she even gives them a celebrity life. He takes them to the best canine spas where they receive massages and special baths with fruit essences.

He also celebrates the day of the dog and their birthdays in style, inviting his canine friends. Without a doubt, Koji, Gustav and Asia are very spoiled luxury companions.

In early 2021 Lady Gaga’s dogs made headlines because they were kidnapped after attacking their walker. Thank God Asia managed to escape from the kidnappers. The puppies were returned 48 hours later. However, the investigation continued given the injuries to the caretaker of the puppies. A happy ending at least for the puppies and Lady Gaga.

This love for animals spread to horses thanks to an extravagant gift that ended up getting it right… A beautiful mare.

Lady Gaga and her Three Bulldog Dogs
Lady Gaga and her Three Bulldog Dogs

How did Lady Gaga become one of CELEBRITIES WHO LOVE HORSES?

Lady Gaga had a love for pets, but a horse was too big for a city girl. Born in New York, our favorite singer discovered a love of the outdoors by moving to the state of California, specifically Los Angeles. There he discovered the benefits of the outdoors and the sun.

The label that supported Lady Gaga decided to go a step further and give her something that would change her life.

For her birthday the label gave Lady Gaga a mare named Arabella. Arabella changed the way she saw these animals. Seeing them as huge and unattainable he realized their nobility and sensitivity. Gaga discovered that, just as with dogs, she had a huge connection with horses.

Upon receiving this gift, Gaga had never received riding lessons, but the nobility of this horse was incredible. Arabella let herself be mounted by Gaga from the first moment which gave her the necessary confidence. In her own words Lady Gaga described her experience to V Magazine as follows:

“I just climbed on top of myself, held on to his manes and rode my hair. It’s so noble that every time I was about to fall, she would move to the side to rebalance me.”


Lady Gaga - Celebrities who love horses
Lady Gaga – Celebrities who love horses

Love for horses grew for Lady Gaga

From that first crush Lady Gaga knew that this would not be her only horse. And it is that seeing Arabella so alone generated a lot of sadness so she decided to put an end to her loneliness. A few weeks later and with the support of some friends she got a “boyfriend” for her Arabella. For Gaga, finding a partner for Arabella was one of the most comforting things she has ever done. But not only that, but she also learned to ride Arabella’s “boyfriend”, although thank God Arabella is not jealous.

Arabella’s boyfriend is called Trigger and he is a stallion of the best strain. Thanks to this wise decision Arabella would not feel alone during Gaga’s long tours. Although he confessed that he rides Trigger, with him if he must use the saddle because he is a stallion with great power. She commented in the same interview:

“With [Trigger] I have no choice but to use the saddle. But with him I feel very powerful, because [Trigger] has a lot of energy.”

She said riding a horse forced her to be brave very quickly. Riding such a powerful animal is a great feeling and on the other hand it is connecting with the nobility of nature. She indicated that the feeling of freedom she feels when riding a horse is unmatched.

Her life in show business leads her to be surrounded by crowds in the day while at night she feels alone. His horses have helped him change this feeling:

“There is no pressure when I ride a horse: I get on the horse and let myself go. It’s a metaphor for all the men I’ve shared my life with.”

We can say that Lady Gaga belongs to the celebrities who love horses.

Angelina Jolie

The beautiful and talented actress Angelina Jolie is known for being a famous equestrian fan. We have seen her in several action movies riding horses and thanks to her rider skills we can see incredible performances and shots. She prefers to record even the action scenes personally which means she doesn’t have to use doubles in these.

Especially there is a scene where he is seen riding a horse in the movie “Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life” (Tomb Rider 2) in which he rides a horse while holding and shooting a pistota. In an interview he told the magazine that this was one of his favorite action and risk scenes. But this was not the only scene where we can see Jolie riding a horse.

We also see her alongside numerous horses in the true-life miniseries True Women based on true stories from the American Civil War.

In addition, Angelina Jolie shared this passion for horses with her ex-husband Brad Pitt. So much so that Brad Pitt after one of his trips to France not only gave a horse to his new wife, but also gave a pony to each of his six children.

Even with doubts both finally agreed that the children would have the opportunity to learn at that time when they were small. This is one of the most reliable proofs that Angelina Jolie is a famous horse lover.

He has also participated in numerous photo shoots from a young age where horses were an important part. She not only feels comfortable riding horses but also next to these beautiful animals in any situation.

Movie where Angelina Jolie is seen riding a horse: Tomb Rider

Angelina Jolie with a horse in Tomb Raider:The Cradle of Life
Angelina Jolie with a horse in Tomb Raider:The Cradle of Life

Curiosity… Angelina Jolie is a beautiful and talented mare?

As a curiosity there is a very successful horse that runs in the Panamanian circuit called Angelina Jolie. The mare Angelina Jolie is reddish-skinned daughter of two excellent specimens. Mr Tommi is the male horse who was in charge of transmitting his great genes.

The Mare Angelina Yolie won with ease the Classic Association of Apprentice and Professional Riders of Panama.

Without a doubt, Angelina Jolie’s name is linked to the equestrian world and horses.

Winning mare Angelina Jolie
Winning mare Angelina Jolie

A lot of celebrities who love horses

We definitely have a huge collection of horse-loving celebrities. Every horse-loving celebrity is a role model for their followers. That is why we want to give them as an example of love for animals and especially horses.

Follow this series that we will continue to update with new celebrities and curiosities.

We hope to have surprised you and we hope to continue to surprise you with all the celebrities who love the horses we will present.

Undoubtedly, this article shows us that there are famous horse lovers everywhere. In this way we will be aware of the love that is lavished on horses and along with this its importance for men and women. Gustavo Mirabal Castro enhances the role of the horse in modern society so that it is given a dignified treatment.

We left you this photo with two horse-loving celebrities: Patrick Swayze and David Letterman. In the interview Swayze mentions his accident with a horse and his passion for Arab horses. A short video was in youtube, but was blocked for copyright issues, a shame for horse lovers.

Patrick Swayze Visits David Letterman - April, 1998!




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