//Equestrian gifts for riders and horses at Christmas
Horse with Christmas hat - Equestrian gifts for Christmas

Equestrian gifts for riders and horses at Christmas

Christmas is approaching and we begin to think about what we can give to our loved ones. As a fan of the horses that we are and that we think you are, among your loved ones there will surely be a horse and some riders. That is why today we want to give you several tips on equestrian gifts options at Christmas.

Christmas is a very special time to share with the family. But also to pamper our animals especially horses. For this reason, we will give you some tips for a good choice of equestrian gifts at Christmas.

The horse is an animal of the wonderful creation of God. This animal also deserves a special detail on these Christmas celebration dates.

In addition, riders and Amazons can also receive equestrian gifts at Christmas. For this segment there are from footwear to clothing and accessories for this equestrian sport.

Many will ask the question of what can I give my horse?

Well, there are several options that we can take into account when choosing good equestrian gifts at Christmas. So the best way to celebrate with the horses this Christmas is to give it a beautiful detail.

On the other hand, you can also consent by exchanging gifts with equestrian world partners.

With this in mind, we will make gift suggestions for your horse and your friends who share with you the passion for horses. Without further ado, let’s get started.

We leave you with a video of an equestrian gift guide


Equestrian gifts at Christmas that you can give your spoiled horse

We can mention a series of equestrian gifts at Christmas. This in order to give a detail and pamper the horses in the best way.

In this sense you can give the gift of Baby Jesus to these beautiful beings. Or you can postpone it for the Three Kings Day celebrated on January 6.

A simple and inexpensive option are candies. These candies can be natural as much as possible. In this sense, you can get an extensive range of delicacies so that the horses enjoy it to the fullest.

You can also prepare a sweet or special dish for your horse. If you like this option you can get some very interesting recipes in our article “Delicious recipes for your horses“. You will find homemade recipes of various goodies to pamper your horse.

If the horse spends a lot of time in the stable, the ideal option is to give them some stress balls. There is diversity since there are several companies that sell anti stress balls for horses.

This gift will allow horses to be distracted and therefore less bored. The stress balls can be found with carrot, banana and other flavors.

Another of the equestrian gifts at Christmas that you can give your horse is a massage blanket.

Without a doubt, your horse will love it. The ideal of Christmas parties is to relax. If this is what you want for your horse, ideally give it a gift of this type.

In the Christmas season, the regions of North America and Europe usually go through the winter season. For this reason temperatures are usually extremely low.

Therefore it is vital that horses are well protected. This is the best way to prevent diseases as a result of extreme cold.

Massage blanket for horses - Equestrian gifts for Christmas
Massage blanket for horses – Equestrian gifts for Christmas

Other equestrian gifts

If you want to give a personalized Christmas detail for your horse, you can give him an identification plate with his name. In this way he would be decorating the stable where the animal remains.

An option alluding to Christmas is a Christmas earmuff, this is more an accessory if your horse is present at the holidays of this time of year.

Another four-legged friend doesn’t like a horse. The best option is a goat, because these animals help horses to control anxiety.

On the other hand, the goat makes the horse come alive and stabilize. In this way, the equine will calm down thus reducing disruptive behaviors in the box.

One of the simplest and most accessible equestrian Christmas gifts for horse owners are carrots.

This tuber is one of horses’ favorite foods. These animals love carrots. Therefore they enjoy it to the fullest.

So this is an option that your horse will enjoy eating carrots a lot.

As a recommendation you can include it in the equine diet. Horses love this food to the point that they see it as a reward.

Carrots as a reward - Equestrian gifts for Christmas
Carrots as a reward – Equestrian gifts for Christmas

Toys for horses as equestrian gifts at Christmas

One of the many options to give equestrian gifts at Christmas is to give the horse a toy.

Ideally, consult with the veterinarian to make recommendations when choosing.

Horses love toys and recreate with them. On the other hand it is a link between the owner and the horse, so its bond is strengthened.

A horse with a toy will let tenderness surface at its finest.

Toys can help promote the horse’s physical activity and get distracted when they don’t have other animals to interact with. Below we will talk about some of them

Commercial toys for horses.

The toys seek to stimulate the horse depending on whether it is outdoors or confined. That is why it is important to choose the right toy according to the situation. Some toys that are commonly used for horses are:

  • Mega balls with large size so that the horse can kick or push them with his head: This type of toy in addition to distracting them by their colorful designs can encourage them to move and exercise. They are a great option.
  • Horse mobiles: These mobiles can be hypnotic because they move either with the movement of the trailer or the air. They can help the horse put his attention on something colorful or with a peculiar shape to help distract him. They are especially useful in spaces where the horse will be confined, such as stables or in the trailer when it will be moved.
  • Handled balls: These balls also promote the physical activity of the horse. Large handles allow you to take the ball with your teeth and throw it. They are excellent for the horse to be content.
  • Balls with handle and added flavors: These balls with handle fulfill the previous function, but add the benefit of incorporating in the material some pleasant artificial flavor for the horse. In this way, in addition to stimulating movement, sight and touch, we stimulate their sense of taste.
  • Stuffed animals or shaped toys: these toys are designed to generate visual stimulation and horse play. They resemble mobiles but the horse can take it anywhere as if it were a companion, generating an addition in the emotional component of the horse.

Special clothing for horses as an equestrian gift at Christmas

Since at Christmas time there are countries in which the temperature is usually very low, a special clothing can be given to the horse

In addition, it can be stamped with the name of the animal. This game can include blankets, earmuffs, protectors for its legs.

The owner can give himself a gift as a jacket does not hurt him this season.

In this way it is a gift for the magic pair, that is, owner and horse.

It should be noted that equestrian sport is a show in which the horse and the rider complement each other and form one.

So this special bond is strengthened by the time they spend together.

Blanket for horses - One of the best equestrian gifts for Christmas
Blanket for horses – One of the best equestrian gifts for Christmas

Equestrian gifts aimed at riders

In this Christmas season we cannot ignore the details for riders and Amazons.

In this sense you can find from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

Among the details that can be presented are the following:

  • Books of the equine world, you can get from horse anatomy to equine therapy. Therefore it is one of the ideal gifts for horse lovers.
  • In addition, there are other details such as Keychains, Stickers, Posters, Bags, DVDs,
  • Jewelery, Wallets, Purses, Wallets, Decoration Items.

There are famous brands such as Zaldi, Marjoman, Stübben among others. Like the gifts of the horses this will depend on the pocket of the tastes of the person to whom they will give the gift.

There are many reasons to give equestrian gifts for horses and riders as we will see below.

Horse with Christmas hat - Equestrian gifts for Christmas
Horse with Christmas hat – Equestrian gifts for Christmas

Reasons to give equestrian gifts for riders at Christmas

Anyone who has a horse rider friend knows that this practice is in the heart of our friend. Most riders have permanently in their minds, in their hearts, and on the tip of their tongue a comment about horses. That is why, for a friend who is a rider or horse lover, the best gifts are equestrian.

Depending on the type of love for horses or the type of rider, the gifts will vary markedly. Therefore, choosing a good gift also has to do with getting to know our horse-loving friends.

Below, we’ll learn some good reasons to give equestrian gifts to your horse-loving friends.

Horses, a shared love…

Without a doubt, if you are a horse lover, you will want to give everyone things about horses. However, it’s unlikely that all your friends will receive those gifts with great enthusiasm.

But what is interesting is to give another horse-loving friend equestrian gifts… We’re sure we know what you might like.

A Shared Emotion

When we want to share a passion, we can give something that others like and that has a piece of a horse on it.

If our friend loves reading, we can give a book about horses with an interesting story.

If you like movies, we can give a heartwarming movie with a story about horses.

Without a doubt, sharing our love for horses is a good way to give gifts.

Equestrian gifts at Christmas … A great idea.

Equestrian gifts at Christmas for both horses and riders have a wide range of variety.

In the case of horses there are gifts from the simplest to the most luxurious.

The choice will depend on the tastes and the owner’s pocket.





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