//Essential Accessories for Care, Maintenance and Horse Riding

Essential Accessories for Care, Maintenance and Horse Riding

The relationship between man and horse has endured over the centuries. This relationship between humans and horses has evolved from a mere need for transportation to a deep connection based on mutual respect and collaboration. And this relationship has been cultivated through the accessories for the horse as we will see below.

For those passionate about horseback riding, the connection with these majestic animals goes beyond simple riding. For horse lovers their relationship is a commitment from care, attention and constant dedication.

The day-to-day accessories allow us to interact with the horse and give it a better quality of life. Therefore, in this article, we will explore a fundamental aspect of this exciting discipline: accessories.

The essential accessories allow us not only safe and pleasant riding, but also the well-being and health of the horse. From classic saddles to lesser known, but equally crucial details, we’ll discover how the choice of each accessory can make all the difference in the riding experience.

These accessories will enhance the experience for both the rider and his faithful companion, the horse. Some people do not know the importance of accessories for horses, and so today we will give you a great walk through them.

Join us on this journey as we explore the accessories that make an exceptional equine relationship and unforgettable riding possible. A journey through the equestrian world, from the choice of saddle to the protection of the rider and horse. Today we will unravel the secrets of the accessories that transform horse riding into an extraordinary experience.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Accessories for horses
Accessories for horses

Accessories to enjoy equestrian disciplines safely and comfortably.

In the equestrian world, there are different types of accessories for various categories of functions. Each accessory will seek to improve the relationship between both or the comfort and / or safety of each of them in their relationship.

Some of these accessories can be a gift for your horse or for a horse lover to whom you want to make a gift.

Among the categories of riding accessories, we have the following:

  • Riding accessories: These are those that improve the interaction between the horse and the rider during the riding of the horse. These can provide greater comfort and safety when riding, which will have a better interaction between both. These seek comfort of both to be mounted rider on the horse and seek to provide better tools for the rider to transmit their commands to the horse. In this way the horse will be comfortable and will know clearly what the rider wants.
  • Accessories for the maintenance of the horse: The horse needs to be groomed frequently. These accessories allow you to clean the horse, brush it, maintain the hooves and also some of these prevent possible injuries.
  • Accessories for the comfort and safety of the rider: All clothing and protective elements fall into this category. In addition, some accessories are included that allow the rider to stay hydrated and energized.
  • Accessories for the comfort of the horse: There are some options that allow to give better quality of life to the horse, protect it from discomfort. They can also ensure you have all the accessories when you need them. These accessories fall into this category.
Accessory categories
Accessory categories

Mounting accessories

  • Saddle: It’s essential to provide comfort to the rider. This also allows to distribute the weight evenly on the back of the horse and also improve its comfort. There are different types of saddles according to the discipline, such as English riding or western riding. We will delve into this topic later.
  • Bite and reins: The bite and reins are essential to control the horse. These allow to clearly transmit the commands of the rider. The rider’s control and decision also gives the horse peace of mind. If the rider transmits nervousness or has difficulty transmitting his decision to the horse for the accessories, it can stress the horse and cause an accident. There are several types of snacks, such as steak, pelham or bridle, which are used according to the preferences and needs of the rider and horse.
  • Frame and webbing: The frame is the set that includes the saddle, the belt and the webbing. The webbing holds the saddle to the back of the horse and must be tightly adjusted to prevent the saddle from shifting during riding. This allows the rider to be secured and allows the horse to feel its partner.
  • Stirrups and footpegs: Stirrups are the parts of the saddle where the rider places his feet. Footpegs are the parts on which the rider’s feet rest. Choosing the right size of stirrup is important for safety.
  • Heading and fillet: The headrest is the set of leashes that surrounds the horse’s head and is used to control the animal. The steak is the part of the head that goes into the horse’s mouth and connects to the reins.
  • Horse blanket: This is placed under the saddle. It’s used to protect the horse’s back from rubbing and provide a more comfortable fit.
Dressage saddle - Accessories for horse
Dressage saddle – Accessories for horse

Accessories to maintain the horse

  • Brushes and care tools: To maintain the hygiene and health of the horse, you will need brushes of different types (soft brush, hard bristle brush, horsehair comb) and care tools, such as a spatula to clean the hooves.
  • Protectors and bandages: Protectors for the front and hind legs of the horse help prevent injuries during jumping or similar activities. You can also use bandages to provide extra support.

Accessory for the comfort and safety of the rider

  • Helmet: The safety of the rider is paramount. A proper helmet should always be worn when riding a horse to reduce the risk of head injury in the event of a fall.
  • Protective vest: Especially for equestrian jumping, a protective vest can provide an extra layer of safety to the rider in case of a fall.
  • Appropriate clothing: Wearing appropriate clothing for horseback riding, such as riding pants, boots and gloves, will help you feel more comfortable and confident in the saddle.
  • Canteen and snack: It is important to stay hydrated during the long days of riding, so carrying a canteen with water and some energy snacks is a good idea.

Accessories for horse comfort

  • Mosquito repellents: They are placed around the head or body of the horse to protect it from annoying insects and flies.
  • Carrying bags and covers: To store and protect horse accessories when not in use or during travel.

Horse accessories, comfort, safety, and better communication

Choosing the right accessories is much more than just a matter of style. In the world of riding, the choice of accessories is a commitment to the safety, well-being and performance of the rider and horse.

Horseback riding is a passion that transcends time and culture, and those who practice it know that every element counts. The saddle, reins, bite, saddle, and all other accessories are not only tools, but also bonds that strengthen the connection between the rider and his noble steed.

The safety and welfare of the horse are the responsibility of the rider. Choosing the right accessories is the key to ensuring an enriching and rewarding experience.

In addition, we must not forget the importance of personal safety. A proper helmet and, in some cases, a protective vest, are essential to minimize the risks inherent in riding. These accessories can make the difference between a fall, without consequences, and a serious accident.

Undoubtedly, from now on we will pay more attention to the necessary accessories for riding. These will be the difference between the success or failure of a real and secure connection between horse and rider.