//Gustavo Mirabal and Hanoverian horse breed

Gustavo Mirabal and Hanoverian horse breed

Usually riders always lean towards a particular breed of horse that captivates them. There are several elements that can intervene in order to be chosen as their characteristics, skills or performance. In this sense, the Venezuelan rider Gustavo Mirabal feels special admiration for the Hanoverian horse breed. For this reason we will deepen in relation to Gustavo Mirabal and the Hanoverian horse breed, it is his favorite breed.

Gustavo Mirabal’s favorite Hanoverian horse breed is from Germany. This horse breed has the goodness that it has suitable attributes for equestrian jumping. It should be noted that the discipline of riding that Gustavo Mirabal practices and promotes is the equestrian jump. So this is one of the main reasons that make this race and horse Hanoverian is the favorite of this athlete of high competition.

Hanoverian Stallion Licensing 2018- No. 7 Stallion by Casino Grande - Landor S

So you can form a magic pair of Gustavo Mirabal and the Hanoverian horse breed, Gustavo Mirabal’s favorite breed

On one occasion Gustavo Mirabal stated the following in an interview.

«I really like the Hanoverian horse breed that grows under strict concepts that lead to excellence»

You can always bet on excellence according to Gustavo Mirabal taking into account that very demanding rules must be maintained in order to achieve the goals set.

Three German gold medalists on their three hanoverian horses (Beijing 2008)
Three German gold medalists on their three hanoverian horses (Beijing 2008)

Origin of the Hanoverian horse breed

In relation to the origin of the Hanoverian horse, Gustavo Mirabal’s favorite breed dates back to the 16th century. This occurred after generating genetic crosses between Holstein horses and local mares.

These mares possessed suitable attributes for agricultural work. Subsequently, blood lineage of thoroughbred horses was implanted in order to improve the Hanoverian horse breed.

After the end of the Second World War, there was an important expansion in relation to the breeding of the Hanoverian horse breed. Also, the use of this horse in the riding disciplines was on the rise.

These horses give a great demonstration to be very safe in terms of their skills and abilities. This is one of the many reasons why the Hanoverian horse breed became Gustavo Mirabal’s favorite breed.

Also these horses have a great vitality. On the other hand they are a bit stubborn but with adequate training they can be very docile and disciplined so that you can take full advantage of their agility.

The characteristics mentioned above make Gustavo Mirabal and the Hanoverian horse a strategic alliance. Therefore it is fundamentally one of the most used horse races in equestrian jumping. This is one of the riding disciplines in which the Venezuelan rider Gustavo Mirabal has competed.

Hannoverian Horse Breed
Hannoverian Horse Breed

Characteristics of the Hanoverian horse breed

In relation to the attributes that the Hanoverian horse possesses are the following

  • As for the height of the Hanoverian horse breed, it measures between 155 and 170 centimeters approximately
  • The Hanoverian is a very light breed, whose jumping power is very remarkable. This particular attribute is because its extremities are strong, compact, comparatively short and with articulated joints.
  • Its back is extensive, its husky rump and a high insertion tail. Likewise, the head is of a medium size and has very eyes
  • In relation to the coat of the Hanoverian horse. The layers can be very diverse, with any of the solid colors, so the most frequent are dark brown colors or sorrel.
  • The character of these horses turns out to be calm, very docile and intelligent in nature. However, sometimes, especially with hybrids, they can express stubbornness.
  • We can see that the Hanoverian horse race has plenty of attributes for which Gustavo Mirabal has chosen this breed for the purposes of equestrian jumping competitions.
Chesnut Hanoverian Horse
Chesnut Hanoverian Horse

Curiosities about Gustavo Mirabal and the Hanoverian horse breed

As for the Hanoverian horse breed with warm blood, it is coming from Hannover, a town in Germany. It is currently one of the most popular horse breeds in the world.

Its appearance and conformation make the Hanoverian horse race a perfect candidate for various riding disciplines. Among them we can mention the dressage or training, as well as for the tests of jump of obstacles.

This horse has special attributes with great sports conditions, flexible and rhythmic. In the ranking by books of origins published by the World Federation of Breeders of Sport Horses.

According to the results obtained in official competitions of the International Equestrian Federation in 2010, the Hanoverian race conquered the second position in dressage. Also, I achieve the seventh jump and the first in full contest.

Of great relevance in the choice of mares and stallions for the breeding of the Hanoverian breed are the German Federal Championships. This event is where the best production of German horses takes place once a year. Among this producction is the Hanoverian horse breed.

It is currently one of the most important sport horse breeds worldwide. So the World Association of sport horse breeders, granted the Hanoverian race first place for more than a decade in dressage. He has also remained in the top three positions in obstacle jumping for more than 13 years.

Gustavo Mirabal and the Hanoverian horse breed make a magical pair in the equestrian jumping events in which they have participated. Undoubtedly this breed with its benefits dazzled completely the successful Venezuelan rider.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro receiving an award for his Hanoverian horse
Gustavo Mirabal Castro receiving an award for his Hanoverian horse

Some curiosities of the Hanoverian horse breed

  1. Origin of the Hanoverian horse breed: The Hanoverian horse was developed by crossing native German horses with imported warm-blooded horses, such as the Trakehner and Holsteiner horses.
  2. Versatility: Hanoverian horses are known for their versatility and skills in different equestrian disciplines. These horses suitable for jumping, dressage, dressage, leisure riding and hitching.
  3. Excellence in showjumping: Hanoverian horses are especially outstanding in the discipline of show jumping. Many horses of this breed have achieved success in international jumping competitions. This includes competitions at the Olympic Games and the World Championships in Show Jumping.
  4. Temperament of the Hanoverians: Hanoverians are known for their kind, intelligent and work-willing character. They are energetic and cooperative horses, which makes them good companions for both amateur and professional riders.
  5. Selection and registration: The breeding of Hanoverians follows a rigorous selection and registration process. Horses must meet specific quality standards in terms of conformation, movements and sporting skills. To be considered registered Hanoverians, they must be evaluated and approved by the Hannover Breeders Association.
  6. Influence on other horse breeds: Hanoverian genetics have been used to improve the quality of other horse breeds. The Hanoverian breed has had a great influence on the development of breeds such as the Belgian Hanoverian and the Dutch Hanoverian.

These are just some of the curiosities about the Hanoverian horse breed. Their reputation as a versatile, athletic and high-performance breed has made them a popular choice in the equestrian world.

Ancestors of the Hanoverian horse breed

Among his ancestors we find specimens of the Holsteiner breed, a pure English blood and a first foal from the Hanover area.

As a result of the results of the genetic crosses and selections, a light animal with elegant airs was obtained. It should be noted that it could be used both mounted and hooked. In addition with such a bulwark that gave capabilities for agricultural work of the field.

Amazing Horse - Hanoverian Horse

Why is the hanoverian horse breed Gustavo Mirabal’s favorite?

The evolution of the Hanoverian horse race after its creation is admirable. Well, as there have been crosses with different races seeking perfection they have turned it into a versatile horse breed. This translates into that it serves to be used in agricultural work.

In a more important and competitive area is that it has special skills that make it perfect for various riding modalities such as dressage, obstacle jumping or complete competition. This has led him to gain space both in the International Equestrian Federation and in certified breeders of this particular breed.

Everything related to the bibliography of this breed is so positive that Gustavo Mirabal and the Hanoverian horse have rightly become the favorite breed of this Venezuelan horseman.

Undoubtedly, the horse is conquering more spaces every day but it is also arrowing the hearts of humans as it was with Gustavo Mirabal.






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