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Gustavo Mirabal’s role in finance

Entering the business world involves understanding many dynamics including finance and economics. Gustavo Mirabal Castro, a Venezuelan financial advisor with extensive experience, knows that very well, who will give you his vision of finances.

The first thing we must understand is the way in which capital resources are obtained, in other words, financing either personal or company.

Likewise, for experts in this area it is essential to specify the processes that involve investment and savings.

Undoubtedly, every business has a margin of risk and uncertainty, and the idea is to work in favor of a business plan that concentrates a goal and how to achieve it.

Thinking about the world of finance involves understanding the sciences and elements that border such a complex area, economics and business administration specifically.

For this reason, it is essential to determine the resources in terms of money and any other form of assets because this is part of finance.

Importantly, financial experts seek to understand all aspects of money management.

From there, understanding all these behaviors they will be able to make the best decisions and will be able to organize and better direct the work of the individuals who work in these companies.

As a financial advisor, there are roles that Gustavo Mirabal assumes to help other companies improve their performance levels. Gustavo Mirabal serves as a counselor, planner and often as manager.

From the vision of Gustavo Mirabal, a good manager must think based on two premises:

  • The first one revolves around decisions that have to do with the use of economic resources.
  • The second is about knowing how to delegate functions to your team to work together with fully identified strategies.

But let’s know a little more about Gustavo Mirabal’s perspective.

In the business, learning, perseverance and time are required
In the business, learning, perseverance and time are required

Who is Gustavo Mirabal and what is his perspective on finance?

To speak of Gustavo Mirabal is to show him as a man with extensive experience in finance.

The Venezuelan is a lawyer by training, but over the years he has cultivated a great experience in advising companies and ventures.

In addition, he has been able to expand branches in different countries including Venezuela, the United States, Spain and recently in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

The main recommendations of this man, aimed at those entrepreneurs who want to bet on entrepreneurship, are the following:

  1. Learn as much as you can do from the world of finance and resource management. Sometimes, it is advisable to read different materials that help to understand this complicated area or in its effect take courses to improve.
  2. Have a business idea with clear objectives
  3. Develop a well-defined planning, where all the necessary aspects are contemplated, from obtaining resources and financing to their use, savings and investment
  4. It is necessary to look for advisors who complement with experience, values and knowledge the steps and stages that must be carried out. It is necessary to handle technology, law, labor terms, human talent, tax and other important aspects that the businessman or entrepreneur does not know.

In addition to this, if you want to invest elsewhere, you must review the conditions, legality, culture and other aspects very well in order to make decisions with the least possible risks.

Gustavo Mirabal with his extensive international experience, and a first level team, can advise and provide great value in aspects ranging from legal to financial.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro a Venezuelan financial advisor with a vision of personal finance
Gustavo Mirabal Castro a Venezuelan financial advisor with a vision of personal finance

The role of financial advisor

Gustavo Mirabal today is a financial advisor with extensive experience, in Venezuela and around the world, who shares his knowledge with entrepreneurs.

Traveling the world and having companies in different countries allows you to build a much clearer vision of the challenges, risks and opportunities that each entrepreneur has.

Whoever invests in another country must know extensive financial and economic information about the place in which they want to invest.

This implies keeping up to date on aspects such as: tax reforms, gross domestic product, investments and contributions in public services, quality of life indicators, among others.

Likewise, decision-making must be carried out on defined, truthful and accurate information.

In accordance with the above, these fundamental decisions are part of the day to day of each company.

The goal of most companies is to increase the value of the company which is beneficial for its owners, shareholders, and society.

For Gustavo Mirabal, in terms of financial advice, a timely recommendation is never too much. This will allow the entrepreneur to save money, take advantage of financial opportunities and boost results.

Bad advice can lead you to dangerous situations, as we saw in our article “The Squid Game – Lessons for Personal Finance

Although a culture based on financial intelligence is urgently needed to learn to save, think about goals at different times and achieve quality of life. It is ultimately about achieving financial health of both the person and the company.

The "usurer" offering a very "expensive" financial solution
The “usurer” offering a very “expensive” financial solution

Think about the advice we need as a habit of life.

Making decisions about finances often involves the need to seek advice.

This implies that someone with extensive knowledge and experience in finance can help us understand money management, investment opportunities, among others.

It is about being able to assess the best opportunities in relation to financial assets, investments that can be carried out in return and any other process.

You have to learn to mobilize money, order from the management of a budget, have savings, make acquisitions, make decisions, etc.

Today more than ever it is vital to learn both economics and finance from childhood, to make wiser decisions about money.

In this way, you can promote healthier habits that involve being responsible with those purchases, debts, and other commitments.

Saving is at the heart of personal finance
Saving is at the heart of personal finance


Gustavo Mirabal Castro and business and corporate finance

Gustavo Mirabal Castro advises individuals, families, and companies. That is why he knows that they have many things in common, but they also have great differences. Learn about Gustavo Mirabal Castro and his role in finance.

There are excellent business managers who have poor personal finances. Conversely, there are very good people at managing your personal wealth who can be fatal business managers. Why is that?

Controlling our emotions when buying can be very helpful in curbing compulsive shopping. But controlling our emotions in business finance can simply limit investments that would make us more competitive in the future.

Let’s see, according to Gustavo Mirabal, the similarities, and differences between personal and business finances.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro between personal finance and business finance
Gustavo Mirabal Castro between personal finance and business finance

How are personal finances similar and different from business finance?

Personal finance is meant to meet our basic needs while helping us achieve our dreams.

Business finance aims to make a company sustainable and help it achieve its goals.

In the objectives of both finances are survival and overcoming involved. However, in both the way to achieve these objectives and the responsibility are diametrically different.

In personal finance, responsibility is limited to us and our loved ones. Companies have a social responsibility, as they provide employment to people. In addition, companies are exposed to a competitive environment that means that if the company stagnates, it can go bankrupt.

Generally, people can stagnate professionally, but if they are moderately competent, they can preserve the source of income. Companies cannot afford to remain stable and must therefore constantly invest in their growth and innovation. These elements can be crucial to their survival.

According to Gustavo Mirabal Castro, growth, learning and innovation that for people are optional, for the finances of companies are mandatory investments.

The other aspect is emotional. Companies have no emotions to get carried away. However, people are dominated by emotions and that is why most errors in financial judgment occur.

However, a company with unclear objectives can suffer from the emotionality of its leaders. Therefore, organizations with better structure and with greater clarity in their objectives will be less susceptible to human errors.

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Can good foundations in personal finance be useful in business finance?

Despite the differences between personal finance and business finance, having a good foundation in finance can be very helpful. This is because we can apply some of the principles of personal finance to business finance.

Principles such as privileging income to exceed expenses is fundamental. However, business finance is different in its objectives, as we saw earlier.

That is why the bases can be very useful if we understand that there are expenses that are optional in personal finances that in companies are mandatory.

Another aspect that differentiates them is indebtedness. Companies generally borrow to grow faster. People usually go into debt to enjoy objects before. Therefore, the management of indebtedness and its profitability will be fundamental in business finances unlike personal ones.

In companies, any investment should involve a profitability analysis. For people there is a personal or emotional satisfaction, but the profitability of each debt is not analyzed.

That is why the bases will be useful as long as we recognize the differences between the two.

Gustavo Mirabal and personal financial education

Every human being at some point has managed different economic resources, either personal or corresponding to a company.

On many occasions the administrator must know how to prioritize resources, to use them profitably in favor of covering needs.

Good financial management helps to meet objectives, regardless of whether they are considered in a company or personally.

Certainly, not having good habits in terms of finances and incurring in disorder, purchases without control weakens the possibilities of being able to save and make investments.

Even more so when it comes to the possibility of entrepreneurship. Therefore, the invitation is to create a culture in favor of personal finance.

The first thing we need to learn is to know how to use resources in a timely manner. From our knowledge in economics, we can specify the resources we have in attention to our sources of income.

In addition, it is always good to order the expenses and bills that we must cover to meet our needs.

Finally, it is important to learn to recognize opportunities, to have a higher quality of life and thereby achieve better well-being.

Modern societies today more than ever can become highly efficient, successful, and safe, even if this implies a citizen with greater knowledge and tools at the financial level. That is why Gustavo Mirabal’s role is to disseminate financial issues and, if necessary, advise you.