//The mare Jenny the star of Frankfurt

The mare Jenny the star of Frankfurt

In the cities it is very common to observe the street fauna composed of dogs and cats in street situations. However, it is unlikely to get an equine wandering the streets. This situation apart from that it is unlikely one does not expect it from a cosmopolitan city such as Frankfurt. Now, they imagine in a busy city an immense animal such as horses walking alone. Well, this is the funny story of the mare Jenny, she walked alone. This daring mare believes herself to be of age and that she thinks she has the right to have fun on the streets of the city.

This becomes a unique life story of an equine that earned the respect, affection, and admiration of the inhabitants of this area. The mare Jenny lives in the district of Fechenheim where the natives already see her in a habitual way. In the tours that this cute equine lady makes, she meets humans and animals that seem to be even her friends. All in all, this girl is very popular.

Unfortunately, this popular girl left this world with 17 years, on April 30, 2022, to the sadness of many of her fans. His departure did not go unnoticed while dozens of blogs echoed the news.

Who was Jenny? Learn more about the mare Jenny, the star of Frankfurt.

Jenny was a beautiful and daring mare of white Arabian caste that was walking relaxed and contemplated everything in its path daily. Some unsuspecting are frightened by the presence of the mare Jenny and immediately notify the authorities, but despite this, she was very popular. In view of these events, her owner placed an identification that also explains the following: “They call me Jenny, I’m not lost, I’m just walking. Thank you.”

With the passage of time, it became part of the usual landscape of the community and even a tourist attraction.

In this sense, the mare Jenny became famous for her long journeys that she made for more than a decade. This is because his master Werner Wieschedel, of advanced age of more than 80 years, did not have the conditions that merited riding a horse. That was why he gave free rein for Jenny.

Life of the mare Jenny before her usual walks alone

Every morning there was the sacred routine of this beautiful mare, because her master gave her the total freedom to walk the routes that Jenny knew for years.

These routes were known long before the mare Jenny took the audacity to make her sacred tours of the area with her owner.

Jenny belonged to a group with another mare named Charlie and a shepherd dog, with whom she walked for about 15 years. Accompanied by their masters they made the perfect family that any animal lover especially dogs and horses would want to make. With the passage of time this group was reduced to the dog named Evita and the mare Jenny. On the last occasions he glimpses only the mare Jenny.

Little by little the group of friends was reduced and leaving one by one… Already the mare Jenny, the star of Frankfurt, has met her friends in the sky.

The athletic and strong mare made a long journey that repeated several times in the area. This mare was so bold and intelligent that her biological stomach clock does not fail her at all. In fact, when she approached her house, the food was served for her. This equine is a spoiled princess.

People who pass through the Fechenheim area and were used to seeing her walk now miss her. He was so sweet that some people pampered him and gave him some treats. The mare never posed any danger to the residents of this space.

Jenny receiving love from her owner
Jenny receiving love from her owner

The mare Jenny stole the hearts of her German fans.

This mare with her nobility and great charisma won the affection and respect of most people. Meanwhile, she won many friends including the train workers. She came to contemplate the boarding of the train, both of those who embark and disembark. Maybe I’d be pondering the idea of riding a train (laughs)

This emblematic story, although it is already more than a decade old, went viral a short time ago. So, it is presumed that it was because it became a tourist attraction of that town. Especially for those who show love and respect for animals.

Perhaps in a short time we can see a statue in the name of the mare Jenny, just as Hachiko won it many years ago in Japan.

However, not everything was rosy, and this story had its opponents. Some people did not see well that an animal of this magnitude walked freely through the streets. They opined in relation to the safety of people who travel the same route as her.

No doubt his objections were diluted by the absence of incidents with Jenny. This wonderful mare proved to be much more civic than many of the inhabitants of that city.

Photo taken on March 8, 2019 of the mare "Jenny" that walks loose through the streets of Frankfurt, Germany, causing astonishment among its inhabitants. (Boris Roessler/dpa via AP)
Photo taken on March 8, 2019 of the mare “Jenny” that walks loose through the streets of Frankfurt, Germany, causing astonishment among its inhabitants. (Boris Roessler/dpa via AP)

A healthy and happy life

The veterinarian who oversaw ensuring Jenny’s good health, said that the mare lived a very happy and serene life with her way of life in freedom. Enjoying the smallest details, he is actually giving us humans a great lesson. During all the years that the mare Jenny made this route, the authorities did not register any accidents.

The departure of the mare Jenny, the star of Frankfurt….

Jenny became seriously ill, which led to a deterioration of her quality of life. According to some newspaper reports they talked about having cancer and others mentioned a bleeding ulcer.

The truth is that Jenny was suffering and could no longer take the walks that made her so happy.

Because of this, her owner with the advice of his lifelong veterinarian, made the decision to avoid more suffering and put her to sleep… This is how on April 30, 2022, a symbol of coexistence departed from this world to leave us with its history an example of life.

Without a doubt, the life of the mare Jenny, a true star of Frankfurt, and the inhabitants of this beautiful city, left us an example of how to live together in peace and joy.

In conclusion

This is a true love story for animals. The attitude that Mr. Werner Wieschedel had with his beloved mare Jenny, is an example of dignified treatment towards animals. Give them the freedom they need along with the attention they deserve.

Although the mare had her walking routine every day her master kept an eye on her health and needs. He also remained attentive to his food, although he was already in advanced age, he made an effort for love of his animal. He never disregarded or abandoned Jenny.

Hopefully and this example is read and followed by many people who have animals in their homes whether dogs, cats, horses among others. In short, love for animals is one of the most beautiful virtues that a human being can experience in his life.

In relation to the community where the mare Jenny resides, most of its inhabitants were already educated to see the mare walk.

Therefore, they became aware of not disturbing the animals and much less harming them.

On the contrary, Jenny became the center of attention of the entire German city of Frankfurt, and many miss her.

This is an example of the stories that Gustavo Mirabal Castro wants to make known to promote respect and love for animals, especially horses.

The attention came so much that it went viral on different social networks. So, it must have won a few admirers all over the globe. It is even curious to know that city and appreciate the beauty of this unique mare that loves freedom.

In short, the mare Jenny has become the equine star of Frankfurt. A shooting star who left us his love and an example of peaceful coexistence that we should all follow.