//World Veterinary Day 2022 – April 30

World Veterinary Day 2022 – April 30

Animals require the same health care as humans. Our animal friends should receive vaccines, good nutrition, treatments against diseases with antibiotics, among others. Therefore, today we will know a little more about those in charge of animal health, veterinarians. In this way we prepare for the celebration of World Veterinary Day 2022, to be held on April 30.

Pets fill the homes of millions of people with love, but they are not the only animals that require care. Pets have an affective relationship with us, but other animals are part of the production processes or even our diet.

To keep us healthy, animals that are pets fill us with love and affection. Our pets help us lower stress levels and improve our mood with their furry faces.

On the other hand, other animals that help us are part of a balanced diet. In order to feed on these animals, we must guarantee their health. We cannot feed healthily on sick animals. Some of the pathogens that affect animals can also affect humans.

World Veterinary Doctor’s Day is celebrated on the last Saturday of April each year. That is why we invite you to know a little more about this professional of great vocation.

World Veterinary Day 2021!

Other areas of action of the veterinarian

In addition, a healthy diet for animals also implies greater productivity of the animal feed industry.

On the other hand, we have animals of load and work, such as horses, donkeys, and mules. These animals are part of the production and transport in rural areas. That is why your health is very important.

We must also consider some animals such as horses that participate in sports activities. Horse racing or equestrian jumping are found among some of these sports where the human being complements the animal.

Therefore, today we will celebrate his place in society on the day of the veterinarian 2022.

What does it mean to be a veterinarian?

A veterinarian means having an enormous love for nature. Veterinarians have a passion for animals and their well-being. But also, a veterinarian must be a very intelligent person, because it is not only limited to the anatomy and health of a species.

People’s doctors are highly respected for their level of knowledge and the techniques they develop on a day-to-day basis. In this case let’s imagine that we must multiply their knowledge by all the species of animals that exist. That gives us an idea of its great capacity. It is true that after being veterinarians they can specialize in a particular animal, but this does not detract from their merit.

A veterinarian does a commendable job. They do not save the lives of our pets, but also to prevent them from suffering unnecessarily. In addition, they can help us by applying preventive measures so that they have a long and healthy life such as:

  • Application of vaccines.
  • Recommendations at the nutrition level.
  • Recommend exercise for our pet.
  • Regular checkups to detect any condition early.

Some only think of their facet as “healers of pets and animals of competition”, nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is that veterinarians have a very important role in the food industry. As we mentioned at the beginning, animals can get sick with pathogens that make humans sick. That is why the veterinarian is responsible for the health of animals intended for human consumption. In this way the health of the animals that will be consumed by people is guaranteed, and with it in one way or another they are guarantors of the health of all of us.

But before we continue, let’s know a little more about veterinary medicine.

World Veterinary Day 2022
World Veterinary Day 2022

History of veterinary medicine, on World Veterinary Day.

The history of veterinary medicine begins from the very moment in which man came into contact and lived with animals.

The first indications of the existence of people dedicated to the noble work of animal doctor, or veterinarian, can be found around 2600 A.C. Thanks to tablets with cuneiform writing, evidence of veterinary medicine as a profession was found.

In India and Egypt evidence of the existence of veterinary medicine in the ancient world has also been found.

But the first proof of the value of veterinary medicine by society is found in the “Hamurabi Code“. The Hamurabi code reflects the fees that were to be paid to an animal doctor, and the penalties for not paying them. This made the veterinarian develop with greater force.

Let us remember that in the ancient world animals had a preponderant value in society. Let us remember that animals were means of transport and cargo. The horse in particular was one of the best valued means of transport and cargo of antiquity. In addition, they were also part of the armies. That is why veterinarians were highly regarded.

Already in the modern world we can find an essay called “Anatomia del cavallo, infermità et suoi rimedii” by the Italian physician Carlo Ruini. In this essay we can find in detail both the anatomy of the horse, as well as the diseases and their treatments.

It is one of the first medical treatises dedicated to the animal world. We could say that it is one of the precursors of modern veterinary medicine.

On World Veterinary Day we can say that veterinary medicine has had a central place in history.

The Hamurabi code refers to veterinary medicine
The Hamurabi code refers to veterinary medicine

Role of the veterinarian in society

The role of veterinarians within society is fundamental.

Thanks to these human beings and their vocation we have medical professionals capable of diagnosing, caring for and treating animals. They can even go so far as to save their lives. In other cases, they can help us reduce the unnecessary suffering of animals.

The veterinarian is the central axis of a health policy that seeks the prevention of diseases. Its scope is in diseases transmitted by animals, or by feeding them, and that can make people sick.

Veterinarians strive to care for and protect animals. But in addition, they also work to prevent infections and infections that can be transmitted and are deadly for humans.

The veterinarian is also involved in research to:

  • Creation of new vaccines.
  • Development and transfer of animal embryos.
  • Inspection and sanitary controls in the agro-industrial sector.

Veterinary medicine is now essential in the agri-food sector to ensure its productivity. In this way, the needs of the growing human consumption of food in the future can be met.


The veterinarian, a professional with a high vocation.

As we mentioned before, veterinarians are people with a high sensitivity to nature and animals. That is why it requires intelligent people with a great vocation. But also, a special love for animals that is not found in all people. But it is also a profession that gives great satisfaction to those who perform it by protecting and saving the lives of animals.

They must also be aware that taking care of nature and its good health is synonymous with taking care of human beings. Remember that there are many diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans.

Another of the satisfactions of the veterinary profession is the possibility of traveling to train and at the same time meet exotic animals. This is because it is a profession of high demand around the world that opens the doors for you in many countries.

On the other hand, he has a wide range of jobs that cover a wide spectrum of professional performance. Some of the sectors can be:

  • Public or private veterinary clinics.
  • Wildlife reserves and zoos
  • Agro-industrial processing companies
  • Livestock and swine companies.
  • Poultry production.
  • Animal feed manufacturing companies.

It can be exercised ethically with great benefits for the veterinarian or even socially. But always the veterinarian will require vocation and great love for animals.

What are the functions of a veterinarian?

With the advent of the industrial revolution things changed a bit, but we can’t ignore history. However, today the veterinarian has roles of great importance in contemporary society. Below, we will describe some of them:

  • Diagnose diseases and treat the conditions of both domestic animals and wildlife.
  • Prevention of diseases and contagions, both between animals and the passage from animals to humans.
  • Provide animal health services in the livestock and agro-industrial sector, to maintain productivity and ensure that there are no diseases that can pass to humans.
  • They provide advice and consulting for government and corporate health plans in the livestock and agro-industrial sector.
  • They provide their services as health and control inspectors in the production and control of food aimed at both animals and people (production of meat, fruits, cereals, and vegetables)

On the day of the veterinarian in 2022, we invite you to share with others the importance of veterinarians. They can also echo the importance of this day. We can raise awareness of the value of this profession and recognize its contribution to society.


30 April, World Veterinary Medical Day 2022

A day to celebrate both the importance of the veterinarian and the contribution and importance of animals to humanity. Thanks to their contribution, humanity has reached the current level of development, and continues to advance.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro wants to highlight the role of the horse in society and also of all the people around him. On the world day of the veterinarian Gustavo Mirabal Castro sends a congratulations and a recognition to all veterinarians in their day.