//Artax the horse: an infinite story

Artax the horse: an infinite story

In the film industry adaptations of books have been made, which in many cases corresponds to the essence of the book. While in other cases it differs from the message left by these literary works. This is how the endless story, also known as The Endless Story, is a fantastic novel written by the German Michael Ende became an incredible adaptation. There a fabulous horse named Artax and the protagonist Atreyu embark on a fantastic journey to save their world.

This work was published for the first time in German in the year 1979 with the title Die unendliche Geschichte. From there derives the famous film called “The Endless Story” and its subsequent sequels

Artax the horse and the movie

The film “The Endless Story” premiered in 1984, 34 years ago. In addition, the film was a resounding success of his time and generated an extensive literature of associated mythologies. The main one says that in the dramatic scene in which Atreyu and his horse Artax are trapped in the “Pantano de la tristeza”, sinking slowly as they lose hope, the horse-actor effectively drowned.

Artax the Horse and Atreyu in Sadness Swamp
Artax the Horse and Atreyu in Sadness Swamp

Unexpected events during the filming of the Artax Horse film, The Endless Story.

  • The illusion of collapse of the animal couple consisted of a trapdoor and an elevator going down through a pool that emulated the swamp.
The Neverending Story (2/10) Movie CLIP - Artax and the Swamp of Sadness (1984) HD

  • In the process, actor Noah Hattaway suffered the trapping of one of his legs on the platform and his leg was trapped in the elevator and was dragged down swamp over the account until he lost consciousness. He remembered the actor some time later with another pair of accidents in which he fell off a horse and almost lost an eye in the fight against the vampire wolf Gmork.
  • The complicated scene that took 4 weeks and several months of training for the protagonist horse that had to get used to being submerged in the mud, was transformed over time into the myth that the animal had been trapped in the machinery and had died in the filming , which added a halo of greater drama to the saddest scene in the film.

Atreyu a faithful companion of the Artax Horse

Atreyu is a young hunter of the tribe of the Green Skins, who live in the Sea of Grass. His parents died because of a purple bison shortly after his birth. That is why he was raised throughout the village (Atreyu, in classical fantasy or Great Language, means “Son of All”). It is to him that the infant Empress entrusts the Great Search. All this in order to save the land of Fantasy. Consequently, he finds the cure for the illness that he suffers.

To him the Áuryn is given, an amulet that turns its bearer into herald of the Empress. During the events in the adventure to find the cure. In his travels they take him through all the confines of Fantasia. Knowing many creatures, such as Fújur the Dragon of Luck, whom he rescues from Ygrámul the Multiple. Fújur, grateful, is offered as a mount of Atreyu.








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