//Dancing Horses: Trust and beauty show
Dancing Horses

Dancing Horses: Trust and beauty show

The dancing horses are those that offer a show of coordination, elegance and confidence.

In fairs or competitions these stand out for their talent and interaction with the rider.

In this article we will tell you about the horses that dance.

Dancing horses

At least once in a lifetime, people should see a spectacle like that.

The respect, the trust between the tamer and the rider are incredible.

For the Dancing and the Dreaming♥

To teach a horse to dance, the first thing to do is find out what the “piaffe” is.

Well, the “piaffe” is a movement similar to the trot of a horse that holds a point.

Based on years of training, the horse gets to lower his hips, change the weight on his hindquarters and raise his right part following the music, in a natural way. Thus, they can participate in the best “piaffe” competitions in the world.

Teaching to dance

Your horse can also learn to dance. Pay attention to these tricks.

The first thing we will do is take him for a walk. A short walk It’s not about tiring him, but about relaxing him a little. It is known that working with a calm animal is much easier than with a nervous one. The relaxed one will pay attention to us; the nervous one will prefer not to do it.

Then take it to a trot and pull it to get up. Move your shoulders and hips and ask him to put his head up and down. Do it several times, letting it rest a few seconds between exercise and exercise.

Place a halter on the horse and attach it with a rope.

As you are beginning, it will serve a simple halter and a lead; Later you can use a bridle and a chair to connect one side of the rein to the right side of the horse.

To make it easier, you can use both side reins that connect from the fillet ring to the circumference of the same side about 23cms, below the back of the animal.

Tie your tail up with an elastic band so it does not bother you.

Then, stop the horse so that the wall or fence is on your right. Put it on its left side.

With the riding tack, you have to reach your hind legs. You will touch the left hind leg until it rises and then offer it a prize. Repeat this with the right rear leg.

Dancing Horses
Dancing Horses

Near the goal

Next, you will put the bridle or saddle, and the side reins.

Ask him to raise left, right, left, and the rewards. The answer must be quick, but the same, if we see that it costs, we will go back and go more slowly.

It is not about getting the horse to be perfect: perfection does not exist. It is about teaching him something trying to have fun, and he will not do it if we ask him more than he is capable of doing at that moment.

The last thing you will do is touch your front legs. If he is nervous, let him lower his head or let him down; so it will calm down.

On the contrary, if you see it animated, you raise it so that it feels proud. If he behaves well and, above all, if he takes a step that looks like a dance, you give him a deserved prize and let him rest.

The dancing horses are beautiful, they fill us with pride and emotion.

However, you should remember that training sessions should not take more than 10 minutes to prevent the horse from feeling frustrated.

Patience is the key to all this. If you despair, you will not achieve anything.

The dancing horses in Spain

We can see the dancing horses in Spain, yes, especially in the region of Andalusia.

In this area you can see festivals and fairs such as the Horse Festival that is celebrated in Jerez, or Ses Salines (Mallorca) for the festivities of Sant Bartomeu (end of August).

To the sound of Spanish music and costumes of the eighteenth century, generally, the dancing horses and their riders star in an “equestrian ballet” in which they use the technique of dressage or cowgirl, hooks, even jobs in hand and carousel.

The dark side of the dancing horses

Some dance-horse trainers use outdated methods to make horses dance. Using brutality and through fear they hit the horse to “learn” what to do without having the patience and affection towards them. We must be vigilant to denounce this type of attitude and avoid events that make use of this kind of brutality against horses.

The dancing horses are a beautiful art form where the rider and the horse show how wonderful human-animal cooperation can be







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