//The versatile Viktor Vasnetsov
The Versatile Viktor Vasnetsov

The versatile Viktor Vasnetsov

Russia was the birthplace of the versatile Viktor Vasnetsov.

His real name was Viktor Mikhailovich Vasnetsov who came into the world on May 3, 1848.

who in life was a magnificent painter.

At the same time he was an extraordinary architect.

From the great designer, even his art allowed him to be inspired by the design of stamps.

As a great artist he approached themes towards the field of mythology, and history.

This impressive painter is located in the neuromantic movement.

It should be noted that his contributions to this world accredit him as a precursor to nationalist and folklorist painting.

Thus he was valued in his country as an important artist in romanticism.

One of the most important details of this important man is that he obtained a noble title in 1912.

Viktor Vasnetsov: A collection of 143 paintings (HD)

Origins of the versatile Víktor Vasnetsov

Víktor Vasnetsov, was born in Lopyal in the province of Vyatka that today is known as Kirov.

From the childhood details of this important man it should be noted that he had a life surrounded by smells and colors of the field.

It is known from his father that his name was Mikhail Vasilievich Vasnetsov, he was a priest and an outstanding intellectual man.

Perhaps his passion for the arts arises from his grandfather who was also a notable painter.

The versatile Viktor Vasnetsov in his early years was trained in a seminar.

Then he lived in St. Petersburg to deepen art.

The Imperial Academy was the school that in 1867 allowed him to start in the world of arts.

For this purpose, in 1876 he had the possibility of traveling to France where he was impregnated with knowledge about classical and contemporary painting.

Some works of the versatile Víktor Vasnetsov

One of the drawing techniques developed by the versatile Viktor Vasnetsov was engraving.

There he created works of art related to everyday life, such as provincial bookstore and also A boy with a bottle of vodka.

Similarly, he made paintings like Peasant Singers and Moving.

In the same 1877 he painted Acrobats.

He also kept engraving as a drawing technique and had his own gallery.

While in the city of light, France aroused motivation to work on some tales of his homeland.

Among them the Gray Wolf and the Firebird.

Other works of art of the versatile Víktor Vasnetsov were:

  • The Flying Carpet of 1880, and Alionuska of 1881.
  • By 1884, he made three zarevnas of the Underground World,
  • In 1878 The Knight at the Crossroads and The Battlefield of Prince Igor.

However, his most famous painting was Bogatrys

The Bogatyrsky Skok - Viktor Vasnetsov
The Bogatyrsky Skok – Viktor Vasnetsov


This versatile man worked until the end of his days.

In the same way other of his emblematic works can be mentioned:

The undertaker in 1871, as well as La Mudanza for 1876, in the same way Preference in 1879.

Precisely, among other works, we can highlight: Battlefield between Igor Sviatoslavich and the Polovtsians in 1880.

To this end, he painted in 1880 Magic Carpet, of special interest he also painted Revelation in 1887.

In parallel, in 1887 he produced the painting The Virgin of Vladimir.

In particular, he painted Oleg’s encounter with the sorcerer for 1899.

Víktor Vasnetsov designs

In Italy in 1885 he elaborated on designs that adorned and adorned the opera The Snow Maiden by Nikolai Rimsky – Korsakov.

Among other works in emblematic places you can mention:

  • In Abramtsevo (1882), also the Russian Pavilion at the Paris World’s Fair.
  • Vasnetsov made the facade of the Tretyakov Gallery in 1904 .

In this sense, he prepared some mosaics that can be seen in the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Warsaw.

The versatile Viktor Vasnetsov and his brilliant mind allowed him to create the military clothing.

This uniform was admired in the parade of the victory of the Russian army in Berlin and Constantinopolis.

Historically, he has been credited with the ingenuity behind the military cap in the form of pointed helmets that were worn in ancient Russia.

One of the seals that Vasnetsov made he made for Russia. In addition he owned a painting of St. George for 1914.

Military telegram - 1878 - Viktor Vasnetsov
Military telegram – 1878 – Viktor Vasnetsov

Influence of the Symbolism of Viktor Vasnetsov

The symbolism was a literary movement, which states that mysterious themes have hidden meanings.

And that the artist must create the necessary bridges to recreate those situations and show them through art.

Beyond each painting, painting as a means of expression there are anchored images that have a theme.

One of the most important exponents are Stéphane Mallarmé and Paúl Verlaine.

Similarly in symbolism, there is an expression based on literature.

There, mystery and mysticism will always prevail.

From the above, it can be emphasized that the symbolism was the dark side of romanticism.

Within this world, specifically in visual arts you can visualize everyday situations.

From the artistic proposals of the versatile Víktor Vasnetsov it is confirmed that art has no limits.

There are also no limits as to times and forms of each artist.

In this context, behind the symbolism it is sought to resignify the concepts of arts.

More of Vasnetsov’s symbolism

In the symbolism, deep topics of great interest are treated, such as: fantasy, work of workers, episodes of war, romanticism.

Among the most important elements of art that define symbolism are:

  • Through the techniques used, the expression has several readings.
  • It is important to note that in the painting each object has its own symbol and can lead to several interpretations.
  • These works are covered with originality, here the important thing is the content of the work.
  • From the point of view, the color employs different shades that range from the most challenging as red, black, brown, yellow. In this way, the motif, which represents the work of art, stands out in contrast.
  • The artist can project the emotions of the images highlighted in each work.
  • Abstract elements are represented: In particular, with these elements, topics related to fantasy, moods, among others are being reached. Emotions, conceptions of the individual, etc. are also represented.
The Versatile Viktor Vasnetsov
The Versatile Viktor Vasnetsov

More from the versatile Víktor Vasnetsov

This important man of the arts really was inspired by the culture of his country to enhance it much more.

He firmly believed in cultural aspects, which are part of the worldview of the experiences of the Russian people.

Finally, art transcends every corner of the world, achieving human life.

This is how the art of the versatile Viktor Vasnetsov is still remembered in the best way.

Because this great man of Russian art and culture was able to innovate and create.

He also adapted easily to the political, social, economic context with every contribution he made.

This important man of culture, he was recognized as a great portraitist of the moment, managing to perpetuate his art throughout humanity.

Art as Vasnetsov as a testament

With the art of Viktor Vasnetsov it is possible to mix magic, subtlety, death, among others.

Within the analyzed space an artist is discovered who knew how to use techniques, colors, shapes, to move fibers.

All in the service of their imaginary, so that everyone can enjoy and live an experience of sensitivity to the surface.

Finally, Viktor Vasnetsov knew how to value every experience he had within reach of his life.

In this way he was able to project his art thanks to the consolidated training he had, in different countries.

This was the life of the versatile Viktor Vasnetsov who died on July 23, 1926 in Moscow.





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