//Yuri Gorbachev, Russian passion
Yuri Gorbachev with his art

Yuri Gorbachev, Russian passion

Art is for Yuri Gorbachev, a pure, complex manifestation that has its own stamps and forms.

It is an activity that expands the human being, makes him create his own visions, and develop greater sensitivity.

It is as primitive as the life of man over the history of mankind.

Yuri Gorbachev was born in 1948 in the surroundings of St. Petersburg, Russia.

Today this man surprises the western world with his talent and innovation to arouse emotions with his art.

The United States has been the connecting bridge between Yuri Gorbachev, and the whole world.

Because their works of art have traveled around the world, they have allowed to show the quality of their artistic proposal.

This man is considered the Russian ambassador for being a great exponent of world art.

Yuri Gorbachev, received training in arts, but similarly in the areas of philosophy and communication.

Behind the art of Yuri Gorbachev

Ingenuity, creativity, intellectual development are part of the components that allow artistic development.

The technique used by Yuri Gorbachev is based on the use of metals such as copper and gold.

Use supports and oil dyes, in the works does not use black.

In this sense, the Yuri Gorbachev technique uses enamels to improve textures and give it greater brightness and luminosity.

The bases of the techniques used arise from ceramics.

Similarly, he has been experimenting for more than twenty years, in order to be incorporated into his artistic process.

Behind the art of Yuri Gorbachev you can also see the influence of his Russian formation.

Yuri Gorbachev through his art has allowed to assemble cultural elements from different countries.

Art has been a simple and common language that has allowed the vision of the artist.

In an attractive way in view of the spectators, allowing even to build bridges for knowledge.

It is about immersing yourself in what colors express, in the emotions you show in your paintings.

There, where he expresses countless situations due to the nature of his own protagonists.

Tropical Birds, (1999) - Yuri Gorbachev
Tropical Birds, (1999) – Yuri Gorbachev

Where to connect with the art of Yuri Gorbachev?

The best museums in the world have been a meeting place for every work of art Yuri Gorbachev.

There is no doubt that every work of art speaks from color, form and technique.

This important man owns collections in the following museums:

In his native country: the Russian Museum of Kiev, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Russian National Museum.

Likewise, in St. Petersburg. Similarly, the magnificent Louvre, the National Museum of Fine Arts of Ukraine.

Also in the White House, the Kremlin Museum, the Palace of Alejandro Tercero among others.

In short, the career of this outstanding artist has been deployed in Europe, Asia, South America, among others.

The evolution of the artist

Yuri Gorbachev with his art
Yuri Gorbachev with his art

Before arriving in the United States, Gorbachev lived twenty years of his life in his native Russia and Ukraine.

Where it is understood that ingenuity and creativity comes in its artistic intellectual process.

The culture of these countries has given him broad influences in most of his artistic works.

In this way he has become one of the most universal Russians in the world.

It is important to note that in 1993, this artist had the opportunity to visit countries of the Far East.

Based on this experience, the cultures, worldviews, ways of life and colors of this visit were involved.

Allowing to appropriate it and see it materialized in his works of art in his style.

As well as in the aspects that constitute his technique in each painting.

It is important to note that thanks to this important trip he could truly find his vocation as an artist.

Considering his attitudes, skills and abilities to devote himself to painting as a visual artist.

Thanks to his contributions to the field of arts, Yuri Gorbachev has had some awards for specific tasks.

Such is the case of the opportunity given by the United Nations Organization in 1996, to prepare a work.

There he worked with the theme related to “Endangered species of extension”.

On this occasion I can bring his art closer to an important common good for humanity.

Take advantage of it even as a message that will reach different parts of the world in favor of the environment and its conservation.

Blue Horses In Summer, (2000) - Yuri Gorbachev
Blue Horses In Summer, (2000) – Yuri Gorbachev

Main works of art

Making art a broad description that allows you to reconstruct the underlying interpretations and meanings is a complex task.

Now, some of the most important works of art that have been exhibited worldwide will be mentioned:

Gray Horse or Spanish Gray Horse (1997) is one of the colorful works of art of this great artist.

It has a landscape between brown and orange, blue, subtle green and purple tones.

Gray Horse shows details that the animal is in its natural habitat. Next to a lagoon, trying to gallop.

On the other hand Blue Zebra or Blue Zebra (1998) is another great work of art.

In it you can see a colorful landscape of different types of flowers and plants, where the animal lives.

The colors that predominate in Zebra Blue are different shades of red, green, purple, purple, brown etc.

Blue Zebra (1998) - Yuri Gorbachev
Blue Zebra (1998) – Yuri Gorbachev

Horses and Art in Yuri Gorbachev

There is also Red horse in Uglovka (1999) that illustrates several horses in the middle of a colorful farmhouse.

The structure of the houses and details is from both Middle Eastern and European countries.

As in the previous works, vivid colors such as purple, white, blue, green, red, orange, among others predominate.

In this order of ideas, Yuri Gorbachev creates Running Horses there appear several horses running altered.

The same tones continue to predominate, the work was designed in an environment in the middle of winter.

In his works is also Wild horses in my Village (2000).

Where it is possible to reflect horses that run in different directions, illustrating the strength, energy, and rebellion of the animals.

Its tones are still striking, on a background of landscape in the middle of winter, where animals are decorated.

Undoubtedly, these works show the magic of the experiences and worldview of this great artist’s world.

He has never lost his Russian essence, in his techniques, and perspective of making art as expressive and emotional language.

Yuri Gorbachev
Yuri Gorbachev

Reach for your art

The scope and artistic value of the works of this great artist have been valued in various ways.

One was when his works remained in the emblematic White House of the United States.

To this end, Yuri Gorbachev also prepared the design of a badge for the United Nations Organization.

Which was titled Green Parrot in red flower, then a first work by Salvador Dalí.

Importantly, it also has identifiers for Stolichnaya Vodka that titled it Four Elements.

He designed from 1994 to 1999 the annual “Holiday” advertising of Christmas that was disseminated in the most famous magazines in the world.

Several writers have presented their writings based on the experiences of this artist and describe his artistic intellectual process.

Among them we can mention: Rizzoli International that presented in 1998 “The Art of Yuri Gorbachey”.

Likewise, in 2002 The Bertelsmann Group presented “The art of paradise”.

This written work highlights the aspects of the artist’s life, his inspiration, techniques and works.

Finally, Yuri Gorbachev will continue to innovate, making art to speak in a language full of colors and shapes.

Where each viewer will be sensitized to make their own interpretations and meanings.

So art, will remain in the hands of this artist a language that communicates and unites the world thanks to its appreciative power.






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