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Protection equipment against Coronavirus

Coronavirus in Spain

The coronavirus pandemic has affected almost every country in the world. The disease originated in Wuhan China in late December 2019. Today we’ll talk about coronavirus in Spain.

Gradually it expanded into other countries and when we realized the public health problem was complicated. In Europe, the countries most affected by coronavirus have been Italy, Spain and the United States.

The number of worldwide infected people exceeds 2,499,546 infected and 171,338 died by 22 April 2020 at 8am. By 17 April, the numbers reached 2,000,000 infected and more than 115,000 deaths.

In just 5 days the number of infected people increased by 25% and the death toll increased by almost 49%. This shows us the gravity of the situation.

Although this would also show a likely slowdown in contagions assuming a stable mortality rate. Failing that, and perhaps because of the critical health system situation, it could be reflecting an increase in the mortality rate. Whatever the situation is still careful.

Why write an article about Coronavirus in Spain?

In this article we will focus especially on the situation of Coronavirus in Spain. This initiative led by Gustavo Mirabal with the aim of keeping the community informed. In this way it is contributing in a grain of sand in this juncture.

Undoubtedly the dire consequences of this disease on the world economy are impressive. In the case of Spain there are many victims of this disease.

The health crisis that has been unleashed in the wake of coronavirus in Spain is notorious. For this reason, spaces such as the Madrid Fair Institution (IFEMA) have been enabled. In this place is operating a field hospital, this was done in order to deal with as many cases as possible.

This article seeks to keep our readers updated on the situation of coronavirus in the world with the focus on Spain.

Concerns grow as Spain eases coronavirus restrictions

Coronavirus in Spain in figures:

Spain now turned out to be one of the countries most affected by coronavirus. It is therefore important to maintain the quarantine established by the highest authorities in that country.

The coronavirus whose scientific name is COVID-19 so far has left the amount of:

  • 17 April 2020: 177,644 cases of contagion in Spain. Of the total 88,083 assets, 18,708 deaths.
  • 22 April 2020: 208,389 cases of contagion in Spain. Of this total is 100,0616 active and 21,858 deaths

The number of recovered currently (22 April 2020) is at 85,915 which is an improvement compared to 70,853 people recovered by 17 April.

It should be noted that these are data published on the website of the Spanish Ministry of Health.

Coronavirus cases in Spain
Coronavirus cases in Spain

Aggravating situation and evolution

While it is true that it was a long time taken to declare quarantine as happened in Italy and many other countries, the reality is that the population did not abide by them rigorously.

In Spain and Italy, young people regularly evaded and violated government-imposed quarantine measures because they did not feel threatened. As the pandemic swept away their activity in the respective countries, the death tolls and inocultable evidence of the situation has made them aware.

In these countries you could see parties, people in the streets, squares and on the beaches. Political rallies were also given under the pandemic and some still do not accept responsibility for the situation. However, a collective awareness of the need to respect quarantine to return to normal begins to be created.

These quarantine violations put Italy and Spain on top of coronavirus cases. But now the leadership is led by the United States, which has maintained a difficult relationship with quarantine given the diversity of criteria.

The reality is that on the one hand quarantine seeks to protect people’s health and in the long term the health of the economy because many people with aftermath could create economic hardship. On the other hand, the detained economies may have trouble supplying the products to consumers, and citizens can run out of money to purchase even commodities.

Hard-to-figure dilemmas when the economy also depends on health and health depends on the good walk of the economy.

Pedro Sanchez declares states of alarm because Coronavirus in Spain
Pedro Sanchez declares states of alarm because Coronavirus in Spain

How long will the coronavirus continue to hit Spain?

The Institute of Metrics and Health Assessments (IHME) conducted a study evaluating the current trend of Coronavirus contagions and deaths. In this way the institute doing a statistical analysis of the current data anticipates that if the trend is maintained on May 20 it would be the first day without death from coronavirus in Spain.

The evolution of the deceased would take this trend:

  • 24 April, Spain will record less than 300 deaths per day for coronavirus in Spain.
  • April 27, 7 will start the third extension for the alarm state. At this point the figure will drop to 200 deaths a day during the 7th week of confinement.
  • April 30 the number of deaths expected will be less than 10 deaths
  • May 4 will have fewer than 50 Coronavirus deaths in Spain
  • May 10 will already be around less than ten falledians a day for Coronatvirus in Spain.

Finally, the downward trend should be consolidated into zero deaths is estimated from 20 May.

All this if, only if quarantine is maintained, prevention measures are maintained and citizens abide by quarantine measures. The tricky thing is that this is one of the most careful points as when the days go by people start to despair. Psychological management will be critical to this.

Daily deaths proyection for Coronavirus in Spain
Daily deaths proyection for Coronavirus in Spain

Coronavirus in the US sooner than previously thought.

Health authorities have been found to have identified and confirmed that the first coronavirus deaths occurred in early and mid-February in California. This occurred 20 days before the first deaths from the pandemic were reported in that country.

This has been discovered thanks to autopsies of two people who died in their homes and the results showed that they died of Coronavirus.

Campaign hospital to fight coronavirus in Spain

Due to the large number of people infected with coronavirus and who need medical care a temporary hospital was installed for this they had the facilities of the Madrid Fair Institute (IFEMA).

A large number of people infected with coronavirus were hospitalized there. This will probably be closed by the end of May.

This decision is already made the number of discharges is higher than the patient income.

For now, the service provided to the population has been stabilized.

Despite a possible closure of the field hospital at IFEMA, everything installed in Wards 7 and 9 will be kept there. There all materials will be stored in Ifema.

This successful decision is made on the ground that it can turn a wave of coronavirus contagions in Spain. To do this, they can assemble these spaces in a record time of two days.

Ifema CEO Eduardo López Puertas said:

“We will close each of the active pavilions until we reach the complete closure of the facility that will occur, we estimate, at the end of May.”

These words are consistent with forecasts for the progressive decline in the deaths that will be pointing to zero by the end of May

Ifema’s facilities will be evicted after the health crisis currently in Spain due to coronavirus is overcome.

This field hospital has provided medical care to many coronavirus patients. This decision to enable these facilities was precisely to decongest health facilities.

Protection equipment against Coronavirus
Protection equipment against Coronavirus

Mandatory quarantine in Spain due to coronavirus

Many countries have taken strict quarantine measures. Spain is no exception, because due to the large number of cases the authorities took the decision to establish a mandatory quarantine.

This decision was intended to flatten the coronavirus contagion curve. The quarantine compliance measure was set until April 11. However, Congress extended the deadline to April 26. However, a new quarantine extension will begin on 27 April given the situation.

Depending on the behavior of the coronavirus pandemic in Spain, they will make decisions for the health of the general population.

The reality is that on the one hand quarantine seeks to protect people’s health and in the long term the health of the economy because many people with aftermath could create economic hardship.

On the other hand, the detained economies may have trouble supplying the products to consumers, and citizens can run out of money to purchase even commodities.

Difficult dilemmas to figure out how the economy also depends on health and health depends on the good walk of the economy.


Main hotspots of the coronavirus epidemic in Spain

Populations with higher population density are usually most affected by coronavirus. For this reason the Spanish capital is at the top of the list of people affected.

The main focus of the covid epidemic – 19 in the country are: Madrid, Catalonia, Castilla-La Mancha, and Castilla y León. In these cities is where the greatest number of deaths are concentrated.

However, it was the Valencian Community, which confirmed on 3 March the first death by coronavirus in the country.

On the other hand we mention the areas where they have had death for this lethal disease: Basque Country, Andalusia, Aragon, Galicia, Extremadura, Navarra, La Rioja, Asturias, Balearic Islands, Cantabria, Murcia, Canary Islands.


Coronavirus Prevention Measures

To prevent this annoying disease, it is ideal to follow to the letter as recommendations issued by WHO.

These include the following:

  • Stay home as long as possible
  • Maintain social estrangement
  • Washing your hands frequently
  • Coughing by covering yourself with your elbow or a disposable handkerchief.
  • In case of symptoms call the numbers indicated by the health authorities in your country.

Without a doubt the best way to prevent is by complying with these above standards.


The true heroes of this pandemic

Many countries have taken strict quarantine measures, however there is a staff that must do their noble work.

Among them are health personnel who are made up of doctors, nurses, bioanalysts, epidemiologists, radiologists, health statisticians. There are also the dining staff, laundry, serviceers, cooks among others.

We owe respects and admiration to each of them for the great work they are doing in the present moments.

In addition to all those who work in the security forces, transport, food, medicines also make a huge effort to give their best at this juncture.

Coronavirus in Spain: The effort to give dignity in death

Stay home

For the rest of the population that is personalized to us, they must comply with the mandatory quarantine. That’s why the slogan “Stay at Home” has emerged.

The purpose of this quarantine is to minimize coronavirus contagion.

Many artists have supported their online concerts.

On April 18, the initiative of the festival that is promoting the World Health Organization and Global Citizen will be held. This concert called “One world: Together at home”.

Famous singers will participate there who will surely make you have a pleasant time in the middle of this quarantine.


Quarantine against the pandemic:

The most effective tool for stopping the coronavirus pandemic is quarantine compliance. In case you have to leave keep the social estrangement.

On the other hand, strictly comply with protective measures to prevent this disease.

Let’s hope this information is useful to everyone. Gustavo Mirabal invites you to comply with all preventive measures to overcome this current health situation.






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