//Coronavirus: The disease that changed the way of life

Coronavirus: The disease that changed the way of life

The life dynamics we led were in the past. All this is due to the onset of the deadly disease referred to as covid – 19 or better known as coronavirus.

The coronavirus emerged in late 2019 in a region of China called Wuhan. From there it began to expand to other countries.

Italy was one of the most affected countries in Europe followed by Spain, the United Kingdom and France.

Little by little it expanded to the point that the epicenter is now America. In this continent, the most affected countries are the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Chile and Ecuador.

The other countries do not escape from this situation. For that reason in some the quarantines are still maintained, giving priority to the prioritized sectors such as health, security, food, transportation, among others.

The coronavirus figures exceed 21 million confirmed cases and the number of people who died from this disease is already around 800,000. This raises the alarm not only in the entire world but also in the region of the Americas where the largest number of cases are currently concentrated.

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Declaration of the Coronavirus as a pandemic

Despite the rapid spread of this disease, it was not until March 11 that it was declared a pandemic. In this sense, this corresponds to the World Health Organization.

For this reason, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who is the director of this institution, described the coronavirus as a pandemic.

From there, in many countries they called for mandatory quarantines in order to flatten the contagion curve.

In Latin America some countries maintain this measure. However in others not so the result is catastrophic in terms of the death toll.

World Health Organization Logo
World Health Organization Logo

Prevention measures to avoid coronavirus

Of course, prevention is the main tool to combat this deadly disease. For this reason, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) have given some guidelines in this regard.

  • Wash your hands frequently: This is easier if you are at home, but if you are on the street, the ideal is that you have alcohol or antibacterial gel on hand.
  • The use of the mask, this is practically mandatory in many countries, there are even places and establishments that do not allow the entry of people without them.
  • Social distancing, this is extremely important for now, hugs and kisses are not recommended. For reasons of care and prevention, the ideal is to keep your distance since asymptomatic people of coronavirus disease transmit it in the same way
  • If your workplace allows you to work from home, this is the best thing you can do.
  • If you feel any of the symptoms it is best to stay home and if it worsens call the numbers available in your country.
  • The important thing is to be responsible and take care of ourselves and others.
How to prevent Coronavirus?
How to prevent Coronavirus?

New ways to carry day to day in times of coronavirus

In countries where the numbers have already dropped, it can already be seen that events are taking place with all the protection measures.

For example, restaurants place tables spaced apart and covered. This gives more confidence to users.

Theaters have also been modified with distant seats.

In the case of the cinema, drive-ins have returned, from the cars people will be able to enjoy the cinema without having contact with the rest.

Sanitation measures become stricter and the use of a mask continues to be essential.

In the case of air flights, personnel are protected and the use of masks on passengers is mandatory.

For the time being, these measures will remain in force for a long time.


Education and virtual learning environments in times of coronavirus

Education is a sector that has been hit by the pandemic. For this reason, virtual education has achieved great prominence.

However, the inequality gap in some countries can be noted with regard to this important issue.

For now the classes will be virtual and both teachers and students must reinvent themselves to give continuity to school classes.

This modality will be available for primary, secondary and university, so we must adapt to changes and move on.

In the countries where the students have been incorporated they are very exhaustive in terms of hygiene.


Tourism and travel are another sector that the coronavirus has changed

Today you can see the offers of flights and hotels in countries like Japan, this in order to attract visitors.

Let us remember that tourism moves a large part of the world economy and unfortunately many countries live off tourism.

What remains in the post-pandemic era in countries that have already overcome this disease is to reinvent themselves.

Therefore, a way must be found to activate the economy little by little.

Travel agents are committed to responsible and conscientious tourism to reactivate this important sector of the economy.

The drive-in is returned due to coronavirus
The drive-in is returned due to coronavirus

Our way of life is in the past

The coronavirus changed the way of seeing life. Without a doubt this allows us to be more empathetic with others.

In addition, this circumstance is helping us assess health above anything.

For now, we can only comply to the letter with the preventive measures mentioned above and adapt.





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