//Father’s Day in Venezuela

Father’s Day in Venezuela

Just as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day has great relevance in society. This special date is celebrated to honor the important role that man has in the family.

Father’s Day is celebrated in Venezuela on the third Sunday of June. However, other countries celebrate this special day at other times of the year.

Regardless of the day that is celebrated, the ideal is to share with the family and thank and honor the important role of the father.

Well, a complete family consists of father, mother and children and little by little it is expanding.

In this installment we will address the importance of celebrating Father’s Day.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro is an exemplary father. Although his wife Carolina Chapellín and his children are in distant lands, they always celebrate it on the third Sunday of June.

So on June 21, 2020 this great celebration will take place.

Here is a special video of Father’s Day and its role in the context of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Origin of Father’s Day celebration

The origin of this celebration arose from the initiative of a daughter. This happened in the year 1910, that is to say that this tradition has been around for more than a century.

Sonora Smart Dodd wanted to give consideration to her father who had raised her and her five brothers. To do this, this great father contrived and pulled them out alone. This family lived on a farm in Washington state.

A great idea occurred to Sonora while listening to a sermon alluding to Mother’s Day in the Church. As a result of this she proposed the date for June 5, this coincided with her father’s birthday. Without a doubt a very special gift to honor their father, who did her best for her children.

The lucky father was called Juan Llorca, who received the love and respect of his children. Without a doubt this is an example to be followed by others.

In principle it was in the year 1924 that the first official statement was made by President Calvin Coolidge.

This man as the highest authority of the United States affirmed the idea of ​​establishing a national father’s day

However, in 1966, the definitive declaration of President Lyndon Johnson was given. It is at this time that the date was established for the third Sunday of June in the United States.

Sonora Louise Smart Dodd, promoter of father's day
Sonora Louise Smart Dodd, promoter of father’s day

Father’s Day celebration in the rest of the world

Although the celebration of Father’s Day in the United States coincides with Venezuela, not in all countries this day is celebrated.

This celebration was gaining followers and spread throughout the planet. It should be noted that this celebration takes place on different dates and traditions.

What is relevant about this special day is to honor our parents. Also, express to them the love we feel for them

Without a doubt, the role of parents in raising children is of utmost importance.

Although we should not only praise them this day. Well, any occasion is valid to show love, affection and respect for our parents.

Without a doubt they will always support us, some are more loving than others. The important thing here is to prove yourself a good son.

Happy father's day
Happy father’s day

How to celebrate Father’s Day?

To carry out this beautiful celebration, the ideal is to spend it as a family, share a lunch. It is also possible to organize a picnic day in a park. However, this year, due to the situation experienced due to the coronavirus, the ideal is to stay at home.

Although this should not limit our creativity as grateful children that we are. For this reason, any fact that expresses to your father that you love and respect him as that being who gave you life and raised you.

If you are away from your father, the ideal is a call and tell him how much you love him.

You can also make a gift in beautiful detail. Of course, this will depend on the tastes of your father.

Although there are several options to take into account on this special day

Among them are the following:

  • A photo where they appear in family with a detail of framing.
  • A book, a record, or something you like.
  • Or you can sweeten the day with a detail of chocolates.
Love for fathers
Love for fathers

Gustavo Mirabal as an exemplary father

To be a good father you must be a good son, for this reason Gustavo Mirabal always remembers his father with great affection.

Although they are far away, he is always very aware of his father.

Without a doubt, Gustavo Mirabal is an excellent and exemplary father.

María Carolina Chapellín who is his wife admires this man because he is not only a good father and a good son. But she is also an excellent husband, friend and life partner.

Her children together with their mother organize an exquisite lunch and delicious desserts to celebrate Father’s Day.

On the other hand, they always surprise him with their unique details. Without a doubt, Gustavo Mirabal is happy with this show of unconditional love from his wonderful family.

G&C Farm 2014- Gustavo Mirabal Castro Family
G&C Farm 2014- Gustavo Mirabal Castro Family

Celebrate the Father’s day to celebrate the family

Father’s Day is a very special day to celebrate and remember the importance of the figure of the father in the family.

As children we have the duty to respect and love our father and value all efforts to get ahead.

So give your best as a son and surprise your dad with a unique detail. But above all, the show of love and affection is something that they will appreciate very much.






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