//Horse care in coronavirus quarantine
Horse care in coronavirus quarantine

Horse care in coronavirus quarantine

The current pandemic of the covid – 19 or better known as coronavirus has caused many countries to have decreed mandatory quarantine. This is because this disease is highly contagious and in some countries the disease reaches a high percentage of lethality. Horse Care in coronavirus quarantine is very important to keep it healty. So go on.

For this reason the population is in confinement, as it turns out to be the most effective preventive measure to contain this pandemic that has already claimed the lives of more than 180,000 people worldwide.

Animals are affected by this measure, especially horses. Therefore, it is important to take into account the horse care in quarantine times.

Let’s remember that horses are animals that need a space to run, graze and have fun. However, under this juncture it is quite possible that horse keepers will find it difficult.

Caring for a horse during UK coronavirus restrictions

Equine activities “on pause”

The most important thing, of this current situation that we are experiencing, is to comply with quarantine. In addition to following “to the letter” prevention measures, these actions are aimed at stopping the number of new contagions.

As far as horse-related activities are concerned, they are “on pause.” From equestrian centers where walks, classes, equinotherapy centers take place to equestrian skills.

This quarantine therefore affects the day-to-day dynamics of horses. Well, these animals have a pretty busy routine, and in the present moments they must remain quarantined.

Better times will come for all and for the equestrian world, especially for these animals that brighten the lives of their owners.

The most important thing is to maintain proper monitoring and be in frequent contact with the veterinarian.

The relevance of the health of these animals must be “the north” of their owners.

Horse Quarantine
Horse Quarantine

Horses care during quarantine

The current context presented to us by the coronavirus pandemic is complex. This disease has brought with it many changes on the planet. Therefore the owners of the equines should take forecasts to ensure the good health of their animals.

But to do so, they must take the necessary forecasts to avoid being infected with this disease.

We can see that in countries where compulsory quarantine was declared, schools, universities, shopping malls remain closed. This is the picture of countries such as Spain and Italy, which are among the most affected in Europe.

The Spanish economy and the economy of the whole world is paralyzed. The caveat is the food and medicine industries. In this sense, the demand for food and medicines must be met.

Some media and digital entertainment industries are also salvageed that help keep people busy while they’re quarantined.

The consequences in the equestrian world have already seen it. Equestrian competitions have mostly been cancelled. On the other hand, these events are waiting for new dates.

This is the right decision to prevent this disease.

Equine Veterinary Examining - Horse care in coronavirus quarantine
Equine Veterinary Examining – Horse care in coronavirus quarantine

Quarantined Burgos Horses

With the alarm status that Spain currently has approximately 400 equines from the city of Burgos remain quarantined.

The task is arduous for equestrian centres, because first of all they must guarantee the welfare of the animal. In these times a proper diet should be maintained. In addition, cleaning horses is paramount

On the other hand, the physical form of the horse must be taken care of. At least they should have walks, even if the time and frequency of time are reduced.

Enrique García-Gallardo, who carries the baton of the Miraflores Equestrian Center, said that activities have been suspended there since March 13. Therefore the equestrian classes and competitions are paused.

Each partner of this center has their own proper safe conduct to care for their animals.

Garcia-Gallardo stated the following:

“It all depends on the role to which each horse is intended: those engaged in breeding are grazing and loose in meadows, but those intended for sport need more specific care.”

The most latent concern is for racehorses, as training routines cannot be done under these conditions.

Horse care in coronavirus quarantine
Horse care in coronavirus quarantine

The absence of exercises and their consequences on horses

Lack of exercise often has serious consequences for racehorses. Because of that the horse care must remanin during coronavirus quarantine.

“By diminishing your physical needs, so must your diet. You have to be very attentive to the problem of colic, which occur when the animal stays on the block for a long time without moving, and they are dangerous.”

Ideally, they should maintain a routine even if it is limited, so that the health of these horses is not affected by quarantine.

Recommendations of the Association of Veterinarians specialized in Equidae of Spain (AVEE – for their acronyms in Spanish )

For these times this important association gives some tips for horse care in coronavirus quarantine.

In principle, the following should be taken into account:

  • Equines should be fed and observed twice daily by their owner or caregiver. Under the current circumstances it is very possible that you only see it once a day.
  • The feeding doses consumed by horses should be adjusted according to the exercise being performed by the animal.
  • It is of the utmost importance that horses have the availability of drinking water at all times. At this point the caregiver must be very careful.
  • Exercise on equines should be daily, even if the time is reduced.
  • Your helmets should be trimmed and/or herded every 45-60 days. In this sense this measure can wait.
  • Maintain biosecurity conditions in stables. This ensures that the health of the horses remains in optimal condition.

Gustavo Mirabal and his admiration for horses

This Venezuelan grew up surrounded by horses, therefore developed a deep respect and love for equines.

This quarantine makes him reflect on these animals and if he had horses right now, he’d be very careful with these.

For this reason, it recommends that all those owners and horse keepers follow the recommendations made by the Association of Veterinarians Specializing in Equidae of Spain (AVEE in Spanish)


A moment to take care of and take care of them…

The care of horses during quarantine should be the priority of their owners and caregivers along with that of their own health.

The important thing is to provide the necessary conditions so that the horses are not affected by quarantine. For the mental and physical health of the equines must be kept intact.

Taking care of ourselves and caring for those in our care, whether human or animal, should be our priority… We’ll make it.






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