//Smart masks in times of covid – 19
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Smart masks in times of covid – 19

In times of pandemic, protection mesures are the main tools if we don’t want to be part of the coronavirus figures. For this reason the use of the mask has become mandatory in most countries. This is the reason why companies and people are innovating in the creation of the smart mask.

The world demands that we be more and more preventive in every sense of the word. This covid-19 or coronavirus pandemic as it is better known requires that people wear face masks in order to cut the chain of contagion. This deadly disease that has already claimed the lives of more than 730,000 people around the planet.

In crisis situations we must reinvent ourselves and this is precisely what some have achieved with their special creations of smart masks.

Wearing a mask: A measure to prevent covid – 19

Responsible use of the head cap means what we should wear correctly when leaving home. Public and closed spaces can be contaminated, therefore we should not underestimate the importance of using this new element.

It should be noted that smart masks, due to their technology, have a high cost that is not available to everyone. However, there are cheaper and more accessible masks for the population.

At this time we can find a variety of face masks ranging from the most intelligent to those made by renowned designers.

We can also find those masks that are reusable, there are also disposable ones.

In short, the variety of masks there are by lot, we just have to see which one fits our budget. But whatever it is, we must be clear that this is mandatory.

Smart mask desings
Smart mask desings

Other prevention measures to prevent covid – 19

The use of a mask is essential, coupled with this frequent washing with soap and water is essential or the use of antibacterial gel or alcohol. Either of these options works.

On the other hand, social distance must also be respected. In this sense, if we don’t have to attend the work site, it is best to take shelter and leave only for what is strictly necessary.

When you return home you must disinfect everything even wash the clothes you used.

If you feel some of the symptoms, it is best to call the numbers available in your country of residence so that they can provide you with adequate medical attention.

If you comply with the protection measures, you have less risk of contaminating yourself from covid – 19.

How to prevent Coronavirus?
How to prevent Coronavirus?

Mask for all tastes

In this era where the use of a mask is mandatory, an opportunity for innovation and entrepreneurship has arisen. For this reason we can observe a diversity of masks, among which the smart masks stand out.

There are some masks with greater protection, others that are disposable, those to use and to throw away as they are single use

There are also personalized ones, of a variety of styles, drawings and tastes.

As if that were not enough, there are inclusive masks that are transparent ones aimed at the deaf or hypo-acoustic community.

Now in this installment we will focus on smart masks.

Xiaomi brand smart face mask

There are smart masks that were designed to fulfill several roles apart from protecting against the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, today there is a product that, in addition to protecting, has the advantage of facial recognition and disinfects itself.

All this is fulfilled by the Xiaomi mask, this brand is recent and we may have heard it as a brand of smartphones.

Xiaomi’s smart masks are N95, which is why they filter and in effect prevent you from being infected by the external air.

Xiaomi is a brand that thought very well the design of this cover, not only thinking about covid19. Xiaomi’s smart head cap is a head cap with an inclusive design. Well, being transparent is ideal for the deaf and hypo-acoustic community.

On the other hand, Xiaomi smart masks use an integrated ultraviolet light emitter to clean themselves when not in use.

They are also connected to a power source for which they have a built-in USB type C port.

The filters of these Xiaomi masks are replacement, they are placed on both sides of the product.

Another of the benefits of this mask is that it has a sensor to help you maintain social distance.

In one way or another, this mask allows you to comply with various protection measures against covid – 19.

This product not only has interchangeable accessories. But you can also change the filters. Also charge a fan to cool the mask in hot and humid environments.

On the other hand, it has a sensor that provides real-time information on air quality, humidity, respiratory rate and filter expiration.

Without a doubt, this product leaves us surprised.

Xiaomi smart mask
Xiaomi smart mask

The Air Mask: a smart and ecological mask

In this innovation we can get with several suppliers which will adjust to the clients and their requirements.

The Air Mask mask has a filter that can be worn all day with comfort.

A unique feature of this mask is that it is made with 100% ecological bamboo fabric that absorbs moisture. Without a doubt, this is a differentiator from the rest.

The mask has air filtration. With this mask you will be protected from all the pollution that is in the environment.

The active carbon technology of this product cuts everything that is, from dust, pollen, gases, hazardous materials, smoke among others.

The Air Mask features a five layer filters that block more than 97% of micro airborne contamination down to 0.1 microns.

Air mask
Air mask

Cliu Smart face mask – Italian technology

The responsibility of whoever designed this mask is due to an Italian studio called Cliu.

This smart face mask, like Xiaomi mask, is also inclusive due to its transparent feature. This allows people with hearing limitations to use them as it favors gestural communication.

The Cliu brand mask has a closure that makes it a totally hermetic object.

Tracks according to breath and checks air conditions.

Another of the benefits of this smart mask is that it shows the heart rate.

This mask is recharged with UV light and takes one hour to complete.

Two versions of this smart mask are planned, the first called Standard and the other Pro.

Smart mask Cliu
Smart mask Cliu

In summary

Face masks are mandatory in these times of covid – 19 and most likely in the post-pandemic times that for the current dynamics we do not know how long it will last.

So you have the option and ease of acquiring a smart mask, you will surely be more comfortable.

For now we must continue to use this element that has become a mandatory requirement to leave home.




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