//Angel Falls, wonder of Venezuela and the world – Gustavo Mirabal Castro
Flying over Angel Falls

Angel Falls, wonder of Venezuela and the world – Gustavo Mirabal Castro

Venezuela is a beautiful country, with friendly and hardworking people. Its landscapes are amazing and certainly a wonderful one. That is why today we will talk about one of the natural wonders of Venezuela, Angel Falls

Desert, jungle, snow and volcano can be found in the Venezuelan territory, which is made up of 23 states.

One of those spectacular places that every Venezuelan wants to know is Angel Falls, a paradise waterfall.

Only in photos is impressive and impressive. It is more incredible if you see it on video and therefore we leave the following. Enjoy it

The Most Beautiful Waterfalls in the World | Salto Angel - Venezuela Angel Falls

Her beauty cannot be described in a single word as well as her imposing figure. They are 997 meters high and 807 meters of uninterrupted water fall.

The water that comes out of this mountain comes from the Auyantepui, which in Pemon language means: mountain of the devil.

Pemones are the indigenous people who live in that area of the Bolivar state, in Venezuela.

How did they discover Angel Falls?

Although when the press and the whole world were known about this place and the pemones knew it, the site is named after its public discoverer.

And it is that the American aviator and adventurer Jimmy Angel was the one who discovered this impressive waterfall that today is postulated to be one of the wonders of the world.

More said discovery was no accident, it is the product of a mandatory stop that the American made when he had to land on the Auyantepuy emergency.

Let’s say that chance caused Jimmy Angel to have an air emergency right in the area where Angel Falls is located. Definitely lucky for him and for us that thanks to it we can enjoy it.

Jimmy Angel extremely impressed. He was so impressed that when he could leave the place he made that waterfall popular. Currently Angel Falls continues to captivate the entire world.

The Auyantepuy is a giant among the large plateaus. It has an altitude of 2535 meters and an area of 700 km².

From its top the highest waterfall in the world is precipitated: the Kerepakupai Vená, better known as Angel Falls.

Venezuela - Beautiful Angel Falls
Venezuela – Beautiful Angel Falls

World Heritage

Given the beauty of this place it was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1994.

It is also listed as a National Park and protected area since 1962.

The territory where Angel Falls originates extends over an area of more than 30,000 km² (similar to the territorial extension of Belgium).

It’s amazing to watch this video from your mobile. Swiping your finger on the screen you can enjoy the different perspectives of Angel Falls

360°, Angel Falls, Venezuela. Aerial 8K video

First explorers

There is no doubt that the indigenous pemones are the discoverers of the place. But the first adventure about that place is attributed to Spanish explorers Félix Cardona Puig and Juan María Mundó Freixas.

Both made maps and articles about the jump and that was how the American explorer came to him.

Jimmy Angel contacted Cardona and he guided him to the place where they had to land forcefully and after being there on the top watching the waterfall they decided to baptize the site as Angel Falls.

This event took place on May 21, 1937.

Later in 1955 Latvian Aleksandrs Laime is the first man to climb the Auyantepuy and cross the river that leads to the jump.

The curious fact of Angel Falls

It is in 1949 when an investigation by the National Geographic Society determines the precise height of the falls.

Journalist Ruth Robertson led the investigation.

This milestone certified that Angel Falls is the highest uninterrupted waterfall in the world.

Venezuela - Canaima National Park - Waterfall Angel Falls
Venezuela – Canaima National Park – Waterfall Angel Falls

One of the wonders of the natural world.

Given the beauty of the place and the number of people who visit it annually they decide to apply for Angel Falls as one of the wonders of the world.

Since 2009 began the promotion of the place to enter the select list of the 7 wonders of the world.

In 2011 Venezuela continued to insist and Angel Falls was one of the clear favorites in the race for taking a place on that list.

However, despite the obvious favoritism, in the end he was not elected.

But for Venezuelans and for everyone who travels to this extraordinary place there is no doubt that it is a wonder of the world.

It is impressive, perfect, beautiful and being there is simply wonderful.

For us Venezuelans and for those who know Angel Falls, this wonderful place is one of the wonders of the natural world. It doesn’t matter who says otherwise.

Angel Wonder jump from Venezuela and the world

Once the whole world knew about the existence of this majestic waterfall they began to travel to Venezuela.

Tourists from different parts of the planet wanted to see such a waterfall and others bathe in them.

But how is it possible to bathe there? We will tell you shortly.

The truth is that in the Vargas state there were foreigners thirsty to get wet with that precious water.

Something that is not so easy to achieve because it requires great physical effort. Although if you can not do it walking you can see it from a plane.

To get to the Holy Angel you have to make a fairly complex journey. We can only say that it is worth so much effort in the end.

They say that the good is waiting and just like this happens when a tourist embarks on the adventure of going to Venezuela to know that natural beauty.

First it lands in Vargas state, 10 or 20 minutes from Caracas, without traffic.

Subsequently you must transfer to the national airport where you will take a flight to the state of Bolivar.

This State is named after the liberator of Latin America, Simón Bolívar.

Once there you have to board a plane to the town of Canaima. Staying there and from that point it starts the other part of the trip.

Venezuela - Beautiful Angel Falls
Venezuela – Beautiful Angel Falls

Visit to Angel Falls – Travel Story

It was summer eve, the end of August, and a couple decided to travel to Bolívar state to get to know Angel Falls.

Such a trip was the girl’s gift, after her birthday.

The lovers departed from Caracas and when they arrived in Ciudad Bolivar they had to take the plane to Canaima.

Canaima is another paradisiacal place where there is a spectacular lagoon and jumps from which you can see beautiful mountains and meadows.

The waterfalls make Canaima irresistible to swim and sail in curiaras.

Curiaras are the wooden boat on which the lungs are moved. Who are also responsible for receiving tourists at the Canaima airport.

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