//Carolina Chapellín, who is it? | Maria Carolina Mirabal
Gustavo Mirabal and his wife, Carolina Chapellin

Carolina Chapellín, who is it? | Maria Carolina Mirabal

Venezuelan women have proven over time to be brave, honest, sincere, and pro-active. This is Carolina Chapellín a Venezuelan woman with many more virtues than we have mentioned.

Carolina Chapellín, who is it? | María Carolina Mirabal is a successful woman who has worked in various aspects.

Many people remember her with great affection, since I represent the Delta Amacuro state in the maximum beauty contest in 1994.

This event called Miss Venezuela has resulted in many beauty queens nationally and internationally. Carolina Chapellín had the privilege of participating in this beauty event.

In addition, this great Venezuelan was trained as a Business Administrator and her hobbies are horse riding.

As we can see Carolina Chapellín is a very versatile and empowered woman who becomes an example to be followed not only by her countrywomen but by many women in the world.

Carolina Chapellin Socialité - Love Magazine
Carolina Chapellin Socialité – Love Magazine

Carolina Chapellín as administrator and promoter of Financial Intelligence.

Every home, business or any activity must be carefully managed. The advantage of this great woman is that she trained as a graduate in Business Administration.

This knowledge has allowed him to carry finances in an organized and responsible manner. For this reason, she has become empowered in matters of financial intelligence, since her husband Gustavo Mirabal works as a financial advisor in the United Arab Emirates.

That is why, in the marriage of Gustavo Mirabal and Maria Carolina, they put financial intelligence into practice in many areas.

In turn, they pass this valuable knowledge on to their children. Without a doubt, financial intelligence should be a compulsory subject in the academic preparation of young people.

Finance for entrepreneurship
Finance for entrepreneurship

Dreams of a mother – Carolina Chapellín, who is she?

Like any mother who loves her children Carolina Chapellín, who is she? She aspires the best for your children.

For this reason, she aspires for her children to develop in their capacities and to be people who contribute with “a grain of sand” to society .

To do this, she supports them in their studies, pending the smallest details. In this sense, it verifies that they fulfill their school duties, that they are organized and disciplined over time. Well therein lies the key to success and they have experienced it this way.

Carolina Chapellín, who is it? She talks to her children and always expresses her support for everything. It also invites you to explore what area you would like to deepen as the idea is that you choose a career that you like.

The goal of every mother is to see her children fulfilled in every sense of the word. In the case of Carolina Chapellín this is her wish.

This Venezuelan woman has “pedagogy” in her veins, therefore she is an excellent teacher for her children.

That’s why it’s been careful that your children cultivate the habit of reading. She has also sought to have them write correctly and readily and in mathematics learn enough so that they can choose careers without difficulty.

So the children of the Mirabal Chapellín spouses have their first home school and this is what it should be. Without a doubt, they will be successful young people like their parents.

So Carolina Chapellín is an exemplary mother because her dedication to her children is enormous.

Her opinion regarding the role of mother is as follows:

“Because no one prepares you to be a mom, there is no manual that tells you how to do it.”

Mirabal Chapellin family
Mirabal Chapellin family

The great love for equines of the Mirabal Chapellín family


One of the aspects in common and that to a certain extent united Carolina Chapellín and Gustavo Mirabal was their deep love and respect for equines.

Horses have been animals that have accompanied humans in multiple activities. In the case of the Mirabal Chapellín spouses, who is it? They have enjoyed them from the facets of training and equestrian competitions.

Well, both have practiced the discipline of horsemanship called Show Jumping.

Carolina Chapellín, in her subtlety as a woman, is very aware of the horses when they have had them.

Therefore Carolina expressed the following in an interview:

“Horses stay with us for many years and are always part of our family, we worry when they are injured, sick …”

Her capacity for empathy makes her always focus on the well-being of these beautiful animals that are without a doubt her favorites.

A phrase that goes very well with this lady is the one expressed by Anatole France regarding animals:

“Until you have loved an animal, a part of your soul will remain asleep”

Carolina Mirabal has loved animals from a very young age. She transmits this great sensitivity to her children.

Carolina Chapellín in her facet of rider
Carolina Chapellín in her facet of rider

Carolina Chapellín, who is it? | Maria Carolina Mirabal

Multifaceted, versatile, responsible, noble, excellent mother and wife, leader by nature in short …

There are multiple positive aspects to highlight of this great Venezuelan woman who has become an example to follow.

Well, as an empowered woman, she motivates others to be so, to study, to prepare, to get ahead in the face of adversity.

Discipline, perseverance and being highly organized have been the key to Carolina Chapellín’s success.

Among the roles she plays are the following: Mother, wife, businesswoman. At other times she has also been a model and an Amazon.

It should be noted that she supports her beloved husband Gustavo Mirabal Castro in each of his projects.

In this way they have managed to go very far in various fields. Today they are established in the United Arab Emirates, there they are learning about an ancient and interesting culture.

Carolina Chapellin Spanish Magazines
Carolina Chapellin Spanish Magazines

Venezuela: The land where Carolina Chapellín was born

Carolina Chapellín’s homeland is very unique, as it has wonderful landscapes and great diversity from a cultural point of view.

Diverse are the landscapes that this prodigious land has because it has mountains, beaches, jungles, deserts, among others.

Without a doubt, Venezuela has enormous tourist potential and the hospitality and friendliness of its people are key in the attention to visitors.

Carolina Mirabal enjoyed each of these beautiful and eccentric landscapes. Since she was a child, she went with her family to enjoy the holidays visiting different areas of the country.

The region that most captivated Carolina Chapellín Who is it? It was the Andes, because the friendliness of its inhabitants, the cold climate and the delicious gastronomy of this region left it enchanted.

Also the Venezuelan coasts where she built the sandcastles and the waves played with her abundant and long hair. Without a doubt, this Venezuelan keeps beautiful memories of her country and its people.

For this reason, she tries to maintain the customs of Venezuelan gastronomy in the succulent dishes it prepares.

Carolina Chapellin Love Magazine
Carolina Chapellin Love Magazine

A successful woman: Mother, equestrian and businesswoman

Carolina Chapellín Who is it? | María Carolina Mirabal is a successful Venezuelan who has excelled in multiple settings.

Along with her husband Gustavo Mirabal and children they have had the opportunity to experience different cultures of the world, being the Spanish the one that has captivated this great family.


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