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Christmas celebration in the world

December 24 is Christmas Eve. Well, on December 25, the anniversary of the birth of Jesus is commemorated. For this reason we will address the Celebration of Christmas in the world.

The celebration of Christmas in the world is centered on the birth of the Savior. However, traditions may change from one country to another.

Although the decoration environment is usually present in most countries. Traditions and customs are usually unique in each country.

Another element that plays an important role is the religious tendency of the country. Well, there are countries with other beliefs and the Catholic religion does not have much impact.

Christmas celebrations around the world

The celebration of Christmas in Venezuela.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro with his wife Carolina Chapellín enjoys Christmas. This couple has had the opportunity to live Christmas from the perspective of different cultures.

Gustavo Mirabal and his wife Carolina Chapellín have enjoyed Christmas celebration in Venezuela at its best.

The Mirabal Chapellín family enjoys its roots. Therefore they are involved in the elaboration of succulent dishes as a family.

The gastronomy of Christmas has the typical dishes mentioned below:

The hallacas, the ham bread, the baked pork leg and the chicken salad.

In the line of desserts are the sweet of lechoza and the black cake.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro also participates in the religious celebrations of the Catholic Church. There they maintain the faith, union and family harmony so necessary in recent times.

Mirabal Chapellín spouses look for ways to keep the different Christmas traditions intact.

Christmas celebration in the world
Christmas celebration in the world

Christmas celebration in Toronto – Canada

As in North America, the Christmas season coincides with the winter season.

The celebration of Christmas in the city of Toronto stands out with its Toronto Light Festival.

The beginning of this Christmas tradition was in 1967. Therefore it has a little more than five decades.

This in order to show recent works. Among the works built for that moment are the Town Hall and Nathan Phillips Square.

Both the square and the Christmas tree are illuminated with more than 300,000 LED lights.

These light up every night until 11 p.m. on New Year’s Day. Come and see the Toronto Light Festival.

Christmas Celebration in Canada - Toronto Light Festival
Christmas Celebration in Canada – Toronto Light Festival

Christmas celebration in Spain

Like the other European countries, Spain celebrates these Christmas dates.

It should be noted that the religious influence in Latin American countries is remarkable.

Particularly Venezuela is one of those countries that keeps the mark of this country in its Christmas traditions.

Among the traditions of Spain we have the following:

  • Streets with lights, ornaments and Christmas trees.
  • The choirs of Christmas carols at Christmas celebrations.
  • Also an element that can not be missing is in the houses are Christmas trees and births or mangers.

On December 24, it is the eve of Christmas because on the 25th the birth of the Infant Jesus is commemorated. This is a very special date to share with the family.

As for the celebrations of the Catholic Church, Mass of the Rooster is held at 00.00.

In this important event for parishioners the birth of the baby Jesus is celebrated.

The last day of the year also has a special celebration. Then say goodbye to the year that is ending and welcome a new year.

In other words, a book with 365 blank pages to write a new story full of much joy and enthusiasm.

Spaniards tend to celebrate the arrival of the Three Wise Men.

These Wise Men brought to the Child Jesus gifts such as: gold, incense and myrrh. For this reason in Spain this day gifts are given to the smallest of the house.

Celebration of Three Wise Men - Christmas celebration around the world
Celebration of Three Wise Men – Christmas celebration around the world

Christmas celebration in Japan

We found the difference in one of the Asian countries in relation to the celebration of Christmas. Such is the case in Japan that these dates are not celebrated as a family.

Well, in this country, Valentine’s Day is celebrated. Therefore the celebration of this date of the year is romantic. So it is celebrated as a couple, being an ideal occasion to celebrate …

For the celebration of the arrival of the New Year the children receive the gifts.

Christmas Celebration in Japan in a romantic way
Christmas Celebration in Japan in a romantic way

Christmas celebration in Australia

This is one of the countries where Christmas is celebrated in another way. Since they meet in summer.

Australians take this day more for recreation as they will enjoy as a family. Usually they will be held on the beach to enjoy the sun, sand and sea water …

The day of the birth of the child God, on December 25, is the tradition of concentrating on Bondi Beach in Sydney.

In this Christmas event you can enjoy the fireworks party at the Harbor Bridge.

One element that makes the difference is that Santa’s sleigh is handled by six white kangaroos. It should be noted that the kangaroo is an iconic animal of this country.

Christmas Celebration in Australia
Christmas Celebration in Australia

Christmas celebration in the world: a melting pot of culture and flavors.

The Christmas celebration in various countries of the globe revolves around the birth of Jesus.

Among the elements that are the same in the countries where Christmas is celebrated are Christmas decorations.

In the case of the Mirabal Chapellín family, they are Christmas enthusiasts, so everyone takes on the task of decorating the house.

On the other hand they preserve the roots and traditions of Venezuela regardless of the country where they are located.






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