//Gustavo Mirabal and his favorite breed of horses
Raza preferida de Gustavo Mirabal

Gustavo Mirabal and his favorite breed of horses

Gustavo Mirabal and his favorite breed of horses

Gustavo Mirabal is one of the most important representatives of the equestrian world. Her admiration for horses is given by that family vein that inherited her from her father Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos. Well, from a very young time he had direct contact with these beautiful animals. Today we will talk a little bit about Gustavo Mirabal and his favorite breed of horses.

In this order of ideas, Gustavo Mirabal leaned towards discipline called obstacle jumping, equestrian jumping or also called Showjumping. Jumping is a sport within horseback riding consisting of a synchronized event judged on the ability of the horse and rider to jump over a number of obstacles, in a given order.

Equestrian jumping is considered one of the most elegant riding disciplines along with classic dressage or dressage. Each equestrian discipline has breeds of horses that favor this discipline. As Gustavo Mirabal’s great passion is equestrian jumping let’s see what breeds of horses favor jumping. Surely there we will find clues about Gustavo Mirabal’s favorite horse breed.

Gustavo Mirabal and the favorite horse breed for equestrian jumping

In the world of equestrian jumping there are many horse breeds that present advantages for this discipline. Horse breeds called “hot blood” or Warmbloods. These breeds, mostly of European origin, have advantages over other breeds. Below we will introduce the breeds that are considered the best for equestrian jumping:

Selle Français:

The “ Selle Français” is characterized by a very robust bone constitution. The “ Selle Français” has an important English influence. Its height is between 155 and 170 cm. In addition, its backs are slightly inclined.

Its head has a pronounced curve that results in a great capacity for movement. It is a horse of great agility and flexibility leading to a fast advance. Thanks to its temperament it is race of easy training. It is an intelligent horse with great learning capacity and elegant.


Holstein is a breed native to Germany. For many centuries this breed has been dedicated to riding but also to hitching and agriculture. In the 20th century, breeders began producing lighter specimens, which showed skills for sport and especially for equestrian jumping.

The Holstein breed horse has a fairly developed body. His head is small and his back rooms are strong. The most important thing is that it’s peacefully temperamentd. It is one of the oldest breeds in Germany, and is also one of the oldest breeds in Europe.

The Lusitano horse:

Without a doubt the best jumping horses come from Europe. On a list of jumping horses, we can’t leave the Lusitano horse on the outside. The Lusitano horse is native to the Iberian Peninsula. It was originally used, like almost all horse breeds, for agricultural and livestock purposes. It is linked to the Roman Empire because its name is due to the region of the Roman Empire called Lusitania.

This horse has great musculature in its limbs and trunk. Its elevation and low tail show the capacity of this breed the high school.

The Lusitano stands out for its intelligence and for its calm temperament, even in times of stress. This, together with their athletic ability, are the key to their use in classical dressage, reining and also high school dressage.

Hanoverian Race – Gustavo Mirabal and his favorite breed of horses

The Hanoverian breed is the breed that Mirabal likes the most when it comes to jumping horses. The warm-blooded Hanoverian horse is originally from Hanover, Germany. Today, it is one of the most popular breeds of warmbloods, or hot blood worldwide.

The World Breed Federation for Sport Horses recognizes it as “the best breed of all”.

Characteristics of the Hanoverian race

The height ranges from 1.60 to 1.70m. It has a medium-sized head, light but imposing and elegant. The neck is characterized by being long and thin. Its body is medium-length, wide and strong. The tail has a high insertion and a raised cost. The limbs are relatively short, which accentuates the masivity of their figure.

Moreover, the bones of the reeds however are strong and in general the joints are large. These horses are characterized by sturdy and well-formed helmets. In turn, they exist of all layers, but the most common are sorrel (from light to darkest), tordos and blacks.

However, Hanoverian breed horses can become quite stubborn. This causes large doses of discipline to be required for your taming. In this way the horse will come to recognize authority and have confidence to follow it. Because of this, the Hanoverian horse of stubbornness will become a quiet character but with a firm and safe pace. This security in its passage and in its action is one of the keys to its great performance in the equestrian leap.

The Hanoverian is considered the star of equestrian jumping horses. In fact there are too many specimens of this breed that have been jump champions.

Other information

He is a horse of pleasant and docile temperament, but only after being tamed and well trained. Good training will be the key to bringing out the Hanoverian’s potential. This was one of the characteristics for Gustavo Mirabal that made the Hanoverian his favorite breed of horses.

Its presence and shaping make it ideal for activities such as classical taming or training. It is also frequently used in jump tests.

Gustavo Mirabal and his favorite breed of horses

Undoubtedly, for Gustavo Mirabal, the Hanoverian meets all the characteristics to be his favorite breed of horses. Even its stubbornness is an indispensable part of the characteristics that after bending make it one of the best performing horses in the holy equestrian.

That’s why we agree with the World Breed Federation for Sport Horses to think that hanoverian is the best equestrian jumping horse in the world.