//Gustavo Mirabal Castro and the rider-horse complicity
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Gustavo Mirabal Castro and the rider-horse complicity

Gustavo Mirabal Castro and the rider-horse complicity, a unique relationship with your equine …

In this article we will talk about that relationship of friendship and complicity that must be had with the horse.

For lovers of equestrian sport it can be a challenge to understand well with this animal …


However, once they do, they realize that this link is extraordinary.

The horse is a very sociable, communicative and receptive animal. With good memory and learning ability.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro and the complicity

In this sense, you must develop that friendship, complicity rider-horse in order to grow as a team.

This trust and communication between both allows for better sports performance and victories.

Complicity rider-horse
Complicity rider-horse


As in a relationship with another human being, trust with the horse should be worked, cultivated.

““La lealtad y complicidad que se crea entre el jinete y su caballo es admirable; Si creas ese nexo especial él te dará el 100% lo demás serán triunfos y buenos momentos””

“The loyalty and complicity that is created between the rider and his horse is admirable; If you create that special link he will give you 100%, the rest will be triumphs and good times, “

Gustavo Mirabal Castro

Another aspect that must be worked with horses is to establish who is the leader.

Horses by nature tends to make its decisions, but as riders must be taught obedience.

The reins are taken both physically and in leadership with the animal, that is part of the relationship.

The good treatment to the horse

Good treatment for the horse is essential because if it is treated badly it will ignore the orders and it will be more difficult to work with it.

This is an animal with great memory and ability to learn what is taught, therefore, you have to be firm.

Good treatment
Good treatment

The teaching process must be daily, constant, patient and committed. The results are seen when patience and perseverance have done their thing.

For Mirabal, it is essential to keep in mind that horseback riding is a serious sport with total dedication.

“It’s one of the sports in which you go from the sublime to the ridiculous in seconds. You have to have a lot of perseverance, discipline, a lot of desire to work hard, “

Gustavo Mirabal Castro

Therefore, communication and daily work constitute a high percentage of the competitive result.

Reward your horse

Rewarding the horse is another way to cultivate that confidence. Everyone likes to be rewarded!

Each time the equine achieves what is being asked, it is necessary to reward it.

This will make the animal understand that he is doing well what is being asked of him and will try harder and harder.

We share two links with different prizes that can be given to horses

Each article has interesting information about how to prepare homemade awards so that the palate of your horses will delight.

Take note fo Gustavo Mirabal Castro advices and surprise your horse!

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