//Gustavo Mirabal Castro – Equestrian victories
Gustavo Mirabal Equestrian Vitories

Gustavo Mirabal Castro – Equestrian victories

Equestrian victories of the Venezuelan horseman Gustavo Mirabal Castro

It can be said that since childhood, success has followed this Venezuelan.

At age 9 he already competed representing his city in the Club La Lagunita.

His links with the equestrian sport product of the fondness of his father. He was arrowed.

Years later that passion for horses is accentuated and starts his participation in various jousts. All in the equestrian jump mode.

Again and again the Gloria to the brave town, national anthem of Venezuela, sounds in the scenarios where Mirabal competes.

Those equestrian victories add to his greatest triumph. Opening his own farm.

“My dad has been passionate about horses since he was very young and when I turned 9 he took me to the stables of the club where we were partners. From then on I also became passionate, “

Gustavo Mirabal Castro – Unpublished Interview

Equestrian victories

G&C Farm Gustavo Mirabal and Qairwan du Thot

Gustavo Mirabal Castro seeks to transcend sports, adding a plus to his sport career with this great achievement.

More before telling you about G & C Farm, we will share some of your equestrian victories.

The count of equestrian victories

In May 2017, Mirabal competed in the Longines Global Champions Tour in Madrid where he won the 1.15m race, after two time trials with the G & C horses Luca Brasi and G & C Lucy.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro’s victory inaugurated the tournament.

Gustavo Mirabal Castro and a horse
Gustavo Mirabal Castro and a horse

The first time was 30.82 seconds riding on G & C Luca Brasi, then scored 28.88 with G & C Lucy, securing the first and second place in that category.

The following month, June 2017, the Gloria al Bravo Pueblo, National Anthem of Venezuela, played in the 4th edition of the Longines Athina Onassis Horse Show.

Event where Mirabal set the pace in the jumping competition and set a time of 35.10 seconds with his horse G & C Luca Basi.

After consulting him about his sporting achievements, Mirabal Castro reported:

“As an amateur rider I participated in the best competitions in the world and I am lucky to say that I won in all the competitions I signed up for (Florida, Madrid, Belgium, Paris, London, Saint Tropez, Cannes, Monaco, Gucci Master Paris , La Baule and Vienna). All the tournaments were special because winning the national anthem sounded, it’s very exciting. “

The triumphs of Gustavo Mirabal Castro are seen with him on a horse but also with his horses mounted by other riders, since this Creole opens its own farm in the United States in 2009 and contributes with the preparation and professional development of other competitors.

The farm

It is called G & C Farm, which means Gustavo and Carolina, initial of María Carolina Chapellín de Mirabal wife of the rider.

Located in Florida, United States, this scenario is conducive for other athletes to form and also raise horses.

Even one of the best riders in Spain, Sergio Álvares Moya, has visited the place to train and admire the work of his South American horse.

Currently Mirabal Castro and his wife are dedicated to their other businesses (Mirabal is a lawyer). They want to consolidate their family, so the farm is not operational.

However, this is one of the greatest achievements of the Caracas since it has made Venezuela is considered as a country that promotes equestrian development.

As we can see the victories of Gustavo Mirabal Castro are not only equestrian victories but business and professional. His dedication to equestrian sport is based on passion. He will continue to promote equestrian sport in the future and raising the flag of Venezuela.




Unpublished Interview


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