//Gustavo Mirabal Castro: lawyer, businessman and equestrian athlete
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Gustavo Mirabal Castro: lawyer, businessman and equestrian athlete

Gustavo Mirabal Castro is a Venezuelan lawyer. He is a successful businessman and equestrian athlete.

But beyond all the labels that we can put next to his name people want to know Who is Gustavo Mirabal?

We will uncover the secrets of Gustavo Mirabal’s life and we tell you about his life and experience.

Gustavo is a lawyer by profession and a passionate equestrian athlete. He has a close relationship with horses from a very young age

They have also turned both their passion and their professional career into two companies that have aroused envy.

Below we will give you some of the basic data of our Gustavo Mirabal Castro:

Name:Gustavo Adolfo
Last Name:Mirabal Castro
Date of birth:1965-09-09
Place of birth:Caracas
Webpage 1:https://www.gustavomirabal.es
Webpage 2:https://gustavomirabalcastro.online
Place of residence:Spain and Dubai
Is known for being:Lawyer y Businessman
EnterpriseLisal Enterprises Limited
Email[email protected]


Gustavo Mirabal and his wife Maria Carolina Chapellin de Mirabal
Gustavo Mirabal and his wife Maria Carolina Chapellin de Mirabal

Law studies

Gustavo Mirabal studied at the Santa María University (USM) in Venezuela. He graduated in 1988. He get lawyer’s degree of the Republic of Venezuela.

Gustavo enjoyed his studies and was passionate about the laws.

After his studies he worked in important companies especially in the financial sector. Banking and insurance were its biggest employers.

Some of the companies in which he gained experience were Seguros Horizonte, S.A. and Británica de Seguros, C. A.

The experience obtained during his first works and his determination led him to become independent.

Gustavo founded his law firm called Mirabal & Asociados, S.C. However, his other passion remained dormant there, riding.

Mirabal & Asociados

Gustavo Mirabal Castro, a lawyer by profession, served this office through his “Mirabal & Asociados” law firm.

Through the firm, it offers services related to the commercial, commercial and tax areas.

Additionally Mirabal & Asociados deals with everything related to intellectual property, foreign investments and exchange advice.

Also, although to a lesser extent, it deals with litigation, finance and capital markets.

This has been displacing others from Gustavo Mirabal’s law firms, which we will talk about later.

In addition Gustavo Mirabal has positioned himself as a great professional and because of his sporting facet.

Commonly athletes are limited to developing their discipline. When they reach a certain age, they withdraw and everything comes up there.

In the case of Gustavo Mirabal, he developed an associated business facet based on his sporting facet. From here he promotes and helps other riders who leave the Venezuelan flag high.

Gustavo Mirabal and his new office in Dubai

Mirabal offices had grown. Its new office is located in the DIFC (“Dubai International Financial Center”). The new office aims to promote the internationalization of the services of your firm.

If we add the offices of New York, Madrid and Caracas to the Dubai office, we know that we are talking about professionals. Mirabal services are already on 3 continents. But also the proximity to the African continent and Oceania from Dubai is added.

From Dubai, it can offer its clients the establishment of companies in a privileged financial center.

Dubai offers numerous tax advantages and fully liberal trade legislation.


Gustavo Mirabal looking to the future in Dubai
Gustavo Mirabal looking to the future in Dubai

How the different offices are integrated

1-) Caracas – Mirabal & Associates:

Legal desk for the financial and insurance sector. This is the oldest office. This was Gustavo Mirabal’s first law firm.

His experience with banking and insurance helped him choose this as his target market.

Its clients belong fundamentally to banking, insurance and other financial services. It also has customers from the food and industrial area.

2-) New York and Madrid – LISAL enterprises:

Dedicated to the advice of important figures of the sports area. It serves both athletes and sports teams. It also serves figures of acting and music.

LISAL is responsible for comprehensive advice in the area of contracting with teams and sponsors.

LISAL also advises on the best places to live and capital management. All this in order to reduce the taxes received and improve profitability.

3-) Dubai – Mirabal And Associates:

Focused on the management of large individual, family and business capitals.

Each of the offices has specialized in a niche of legal advice.

They are definitely part of a well thought out strategy. The offices together seek to complement each other and cover an additional geographical area around the world.

Differentiating elements of Gustavo Mirabal

In the law sector, trust and experience make a difference. That is why Gustavo Mirabal has focused on getting an integrated team.

The infrastructure of the firm and its advice is in 4 major cities.

Here is the reasons why you should choose Gustavo Mirabal Law Firm:

  • A team of lawyers that already has offices in Caracas, New York, Madrid and Dubai
  • We offer the best in each continent, since we know them very well. We know the laws and conditions to invest and protect your money.
  • Each office has an excellent team.

The biggest differentiating element is the experience behind it. Gustavo Mirabal has the first hand experience.

Gustavo is an athlete, an entrepreneur and a lawyer who has managed his assets impeccably. Living in Caracas, United States, Spain, Dubai and having traveled the world allows you to offer you the best of the best.

In addition his international businesses have allowed him to know first hand the international laws. He knows how to deal with customs and legal issues in every part of the world he visited

Dubai perspective of Gustavo Mirabal Castro

“My personal vision is that Dubai is going to become one of the most important business centers” G. Mirabal Castro

In the words of Gustavo Mirabal himself, the competitive situation of developed countries is compromised. Since they have been setting high corporate taxes they have weakened their competitiveness.

The tax benefits of new destinations attract investors. Little by little they forget traditional destinations in exchange for some freedom and to improve their profits. Gustavo Mirabal explains it as follows:

“While in the European countries and the US have high tax burdens, the United Arab Emirates exempts companies based in its territory from taxes. They also exempt resident natural persons” Gustavo Mirabal Castro

Dubai Competitive Aspects

Gustavo Mirabal values the safety and climate of Dubai. In addition, the quality of life of the Arab Emirate is filled with multiple activities to enjoy.

Among the economic benefits and quality of life we have our ideal site. That is why Dubai has become a very attractive destination. Gustavo Mirabal comments:

“This combined with a safe country, with an exceptional climate for eight months. This country have the different options of sport, leisure and culture as it becomes a very desirable country to live”

The British retirees decided long ago that Dubai was the ideal place to retire. There they can invest, encouraged by tax advantages, to protect their pensions.

In dubai you can enjoy the weather which is impossible in the United Kingdom. The British are a few hours from the United Kingdom since the Emirates airline operates in UAE.

With all this we recommend that you know how to choose your place with Gustavo Mirabal. He and his professional team will help you with your legal issues. They will also boost and take care of your assets.