//Gustavo Mirabal: Financial adviser who planned Mirabal and Associates
Mirabal & Asociados Law Firm

Gustavo Mirabal: Financial adviser who planned Mirabal and Associates

Law firms are groups of lawyers who share their knowledge and skills for defending their clients. That’s why today we’ll talk about the famous law firm Mirabal and Associates.

Mirabal and Associates has expanded across continents to bring its knowledge around the world.

Founded by Gustavo Mirabal Castro, Mirabal and Associates has become a reference. Especially when it comes to financial advice for high-performance athletes, they make a difference.

Mirabal & Associates - Logo
Mirabal & Associates – Logo

The firm

Mirabal and Associates is a globally recognized tax, commercial and family finance firm.

But let’s find out how it became what it is and how it does its job with excellence. Go ahead.

Before Mirabal and Associates

Gustavo Mirabal was originally an apprentice lawyer. No one is born learned. But as far as we know, he learned from the best.

Its start in the field of work came from the hand of British Insurance and other institutions of great importance. In the world of finance he was promoted to the best companies.

This experience allowed him to understand that the financial world is a world full of opportunities. As a law enforcement attorney, you have the opportunity to see where clients have their weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

Mirabal and Associates turns weaknesses into strengths and protects the well-being and heritage of its clients.

The Law Firm Mirabal and Associates
The Law Firm Mirabal and Associates

Mirabal and Associates Law Firm

Headquartered in Venezuela, USA, Spain and United Arab Emirates Mirabal and Associates points high.

The headquarters of the United Arab Emirates seeks to be the connecting point between Asia, Oceania and Europe. A strategic point with unprecedented tax benefits.

This is the last established headquarters and the one that seeks to consolidate the internationalization of Mirabal and Associates.

From there they promote investment opportunities in that country supported by Dubai’s numerous tax incentives.

Alianza Tower - Mirabal and Associates
Alianza Tower – Mirabal and Associates

Mirabal and Asociados customers

Mirabal & Asociados, the branch of Gustavo Mirabal’s law firm in Venezuela, has a career of more than 12 years.

During these 12 years, the firm has offered its services in all branches of law. For them there is no small client but the reality is that they also have many large profile clients.

For privacy reasons many of your personal customers cannot be mentioned. But its best-known commercial customers are already in the public domain.

With them the firm “Mirabal y Asociados” has supported them in tax and commercial matters. But also how much they need advice on international trade issues Mirabal & Associates comes into action.

Below we will mention some Mirabal and Associates customers. Gustavo Mirabal Castro has supported the financial management of these and many more:

  • Hotel Tamanaco Internacional (Tourism)
  • “Mi Casa” Savings and Loan Entity (Financial Sector)
  • Toro Capital Brokerage Company (insurer)
  • One Stock Exchange (financial and securities)
  • Unicapital Casa de Bolsa (financial and securities)
  • Bureau Veritas of Venezuela (certifications, mining and metals sector)
  • Inverunion Commercial Bank (Commercial Financial)
  • American Bureau of Collection (USA)
  • The Attorney General’s Office of the Republic of Venezuela (Institutional)
"Británica de Seguros" Building in Caracas
“Británica de Seguros” Building in Caracas

Subsidiaries worldwide

Gustavo Mirabal’s various law firms aim to have clients on all continents.

But it also gives them the opportunity to offer their customers the best opportunities the world offers. At the level of investment and protection of your mirabal money and Associates brings an international perspective on personal finance.

Citizen of the World - Gustavo Mirabal
Citizen of the World – Gustavo Mirabal

Service Offer

Gustavo Mirabal’s service offering at the helm of Mirabal and Associates is wide. From family law, commercial law and through criminal law on very few occasions.

However Gustavo Mirabal and Mirabal and Associates focus on commercial, commercial and tax law.

One of its focus is legal business management. Advice on copyright, copyright, trademark rights and more. These are key for companies to manage their intangible assets.

On the other hand, his advice also seeks to improve the financial efficiency of the company. It supports them to choose the business actions that can use tax resources to drive the business forward.

This is the case of investment in innovation. Most legislation provides for special treatment for investment in research and development.

In many cases the investment in research and development can be deducted in whole or in part from taxes.

Tax and financial advice
Tax and financial advice

Contract advice

Whether for businesses or individuals, Mirabal & Associates’ experience is extensive. From the commercial branch to the signing of contracts for high-performance athletes, their knowledge of the law makes them the best.

Advising small businesses and high-performance athletes who sign contracts with experienced institutions.

In order to defend the interests of the weakest in the contractual relationship, an excellent team of lawyers is required.

Gustavo Mirabal’s experience is not limited to an experience as a lawyer simply. As an amateur athlete and as an entrepreneur you know what signing contracts means without the right experience.

A good deal and a good contract are the key to Mirabal and Associates
A good deal and a good contract are the key to Mirabal and Associates

Support for athletes

Since the creation of G&C farm, his equestrian training farm, Gustavo detected an important legal niche.

High-performance athletes have a short working life and income concentrated on it. That is why they need to make appropriate contracts but also an investment plan to ensure their stability.

There are important indicators that point to a high percentage of high-performance athletes who end up ruined.

Given Gustavo Mirabal’s fraternity with the sports guild, much of his firm focuses on this niche.

Understand that athletes need to focus on their main activity. In the meantime, they need someone to support them to ensure their future and economic stability.

To do this, they focus on investment, property management and tax advisory issues.

Regarding Mirabal and Associates tax advice, he seeks athletes to pay fair enough by avoiding problems with the tax. We’ve seen bad advice on this end up ruining or taking more than one athlete to jail.

Example of # Athletes vs Age Distribution in the NFL in 2013
Example of # Athletes vs Age Distribution in the NFL in 2013

Personal wealth management – Family Office

Sometimes large personal or family assets seem inexhaustible, until they run out. Lack of control and lack of investment are often two important components.

Just as acquiring assets with high tax or maintenance costs put their grain of sand.

Gustavo Mirabal and Mirabal and Associates aim to turn family heritage into a source of well-being. This requires two things:

  • Multiply what you have through investments.
  • Have a sustainable fiscal and expenditure scheme

A Family office does not limit you but alerts you to the non-sustainability of a lifestyle so as not to end up bankrupt. But later we will delve into these institutions.

The balance between income and expenditure is the key to good finance
The balance between income and expenditure is the key to good finance

Mirabal and Associates, a law firm to protect your heritage

Gustavo Mirabal Castro has created a law firm aimed at protecting people’s heritage. Through its legal and financial advice it can make your future a little quieter.

If you need advice you already know who to turn to, especially if you’re an athlete. Cheer up.