//Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Spain (España)
Gustavo Mirabal Castro

Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Spain (España)

Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Spain

When we address the issue of talented Venezuelan people in the world we are talking about many people. But especially we are talking about Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Spain.

There have been many successes throughout the life of this versatile man. Well, he was a privileged child growing up in a family with values that indicated the way forward

In this sense, his parents covered the studies of someone who would later graduate as a lawyer from the illustrious Santa María University.

Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Spain grew up surrounded by animals, therefore his sensitivity and compassion towards these beings is enormous.

Not long ago Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Spain, had the opportunity to live for a time in the city of Madrid with his beautiful family.

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Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Spain, in his role as lawyer

Gustavo Mirabal Castro has a history of more than two decades as a lawyer. Today he is dedicated to playing the role of financial advisor. In this way, it has several branches internationally.

Its success has crossed borders, leaving Venezuela in style. Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Spain, has put into practice values ​​such as work and discipline. Herein lies the secret of its success.

Working career of Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Spain, is greatly strengthened. Well, he had the privilege of working in banking entities. Therefore, their level of experience and expertise are quite broad.

The experience he obtained in the different organizations where he offered his professional services led him to be a great financial advisor.

Today Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Spain, is dedicated to providing advice aimed at small, medium and large companies. This lawyer, businessman, and finance man is dedicated to doing excellent work.

One of the aspects that stand out the most in Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Spain, is the commitment to the client portfolio that it manages.

Best lawyers magazine
Best lawyers magazine

Facet of the equestrian world of Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Spain

As we have mentioned Gustavo Mirabal plays various facets. Among them is his love of show jumping. This sport has been played as an amateur rider. This being a great success for the talented Venezuelan rider.

The skill in the equestrian world as well as his great love for horses began to be enjoyed since he was a child. From there much of his life has been dedicated to the equestrian world.

At first he was as a horse jumping rider. From there he developed his venture in the equine world. Which was very prominent at the time in the United States.

The G&C Farm was a success, however it is not currently active. This was a center for equestrian training and horse breeding for jumping.

These facilities were inaugurated in 2009. It is at this time that the facet of equestrian businessman of Gustavo Mirabal begins – Poderopedia Spain. Also with the valuable support of his family, especially that of his wife Carolina Mirabal.

In this large-scale undertaking, they provided absolute support to new talents. Likewise, they achieved a complete success by achieving that their horses will become champions.

The best equestrian trainers gathered at this prestigious center. Also the best riders to train at G&C Farm.

When working with high standards of excellence you see the results. Indeed, one of his horses was champion of Europe, under the leadership of the talented Spanish rider Sergio Álvarez Moya.

Without a doubt, Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Spain, is a man of principles, strategies, financial intelligence and passionate about sport on horseback. Not to mention that he is a self-sacrificing husband and father of a family.

Gustavo Mirabal - Poderopedia Spain: An equestrian man
Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Spain: An equestrian man

Horses represent a true family passion

Horses are wonderful mammals of God’s creation. These animals have a very special sensitivity and can create a genuine bond with humans.

For all these reasons, the rider Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Spain, loves horses in a very special way. Well, these are a real incentive for your soul.

Since childhood Gustavo Adolfo Mirabal Castro has had the privilege of sharing with animals, especially horses.

In addition, this is carried in the blood since his father was the president of the National Race Track Institute in his native Caracas.

Gustavo Mirabal Bustillos was the owner of the Trabucazo stud, with the champion horse of the eighties. Gustavo Mirabal has always tasted success in the equestrian world.

Padre de Gustavo Mirabal - Poderopedia Venezuela
Padre de Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Venezuela

A man who loves and values ​​his family – Gustavo Mirabal


Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Spain, was struck by the beauty of Carolina Chapellín. Some time later he became his wife and today they have a beautiful family.

A common element between the Mirabal Chapellín spouses is love for animals, especially horses.

These Venezuelans had the privilege of growing up surrounded by animals. That is why they maintain that special bond with the wonderful horses.

What partly unites them also led them to become an amateur athlete in the discipline of horse riding.

In this way they began their life project as a couple. Love, respect and tolerance are what prevail in this marriage.

Today they are a consolidated family, they complement each other and in turn rely on their projects.

This couple did a great job at G&C Farm. Indeed, brilliant riders graduated who today are international benchmarks.

This farm, where the administration was directly familiar, brought together experts from horsemanship to train the generations that circulate today in the world’s great racetracks.


Multifaceted and philanthropist, this is Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Spain

The versatile Gustavo Mirabal – Poderopedia Spain, also plays his role as philanthropist. Only it does it in a very discreet way and as the saying goes “What one hand does not know the other”

This great Venezuelan can be seen in a suit in an office or in his uniform to go horseback riding.

The great love that this man feels for horses is being shown to his children. It is definitely a huge legacy that you are leaving in your family to continue on this path of the equestrian world.






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