//Gustavo Mirabal: the Venezuelan businessman who planned to advise athletes
Gustavo Mirabal Castro is Gustavo Mirabal

Gustavo Mirabal: the Venezuelan businessman who planned to advise athletes

Gustavo Mirabal is a renowned Venezuelan businessman. But what not everyone knows is that since his youth he is an amateur sportsman.

Although his main passion was always law and business, sport has always been in his life.

That’s how in one of his ventures it was a horse breeding farm. Gustavo Mirabal’s favorite sport is equestrian jumping. He has also done other sports but his passion is horses.

This is how being in that world he discovered that athletes needed support and advice in various aspects.

From the aspect of sports contracts, financial advice to advice on tax issues are necessary for athletes. However few get the advice they need and many find only opportunists.

That is why Gustavo Mirabal decided due to his experience to plan the way to support athletes. With an emphasis on Latin American athletes in European leagues, but without losing sight of the rest, Gustavo Mirabal set the finish line.

Thus he decided to strengthen the knowledge acquired in his career and his experience in the financial sector and specialize in the sports area.

In this aspect he also added his experience as an athlete but over the years he has acquired a knowledge and experience. This knowledge has been embodied in his family office that is already located on 3 continents.

Serving customers from Venezuela, the United States and all over Europe from its headquarters in Spain. To diversify it opened a headquarters in the United Arab Emirates to expand to Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

From there it is committed to getting investment opportunities in one of the most promising places in the world, Dubai.

Discover what Gustavo Mirabal has to offer.

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Why does an athlete need a financial advisor?

There are many reasons why an athlete needs a financial advisor. In our article “finance for athletes” we delve into this topic.

In that article we can see the number of famous athletes who have ended up ruined and we teach them how to avoid it.

However we consider that an athlete needs a comprehensive advisor to be able to secure his future.

The average professional life of athletes is around 20 years. This means that in a short time they have to guarantee the resources for an early retirement.

Because of this, savings and investments more than an option are a necessity.

Ensuring the funds to live after your sporting career is over is key. But it should also be noted that athletes start their careers at a young age so they do not have the maturity to look forward to the future.

Some live like there’s no tomorrow because they think the money will last forever. Nothing further from the truth.

It is precisely the dyscene life, fame, women and eccentricity of that life that jeopardizes its economic stability.

If we add to this the numerous opportunists who revolve around a famous athlete we have an “explosive cocktail”.

Thanks to his financial knowledge Gustavo Mirabal and his wife Maria Carolina Mirabal undertook in the equestrian world. Thus G&C Farm was born which was one of its most interesting projects and of greater public projection.

His wife Maria Carolina Mirabal graduated in Business Administration and contributed his knowledge. Together they are an unsurpassed team in the personal, family and professional.

Certainly an athlete needs much more than a financial advisor as we will see below.

Finance for athletes
Finance for athletes

So what kind of advice does the athlete need?

That is why more than a financial advisor, an athlete needs a comprehensive advisor to safeguard his or her heritage. Then an athlete needs:

  • An attorney to help you with your contracts.
  • The financial advisor to help plan your savings and retirement plan.
  • An investment advisor to help you protect the value of money and grow it.
  • A tax advisor who helps you not pay other taxes but does so at the same time paying the right thing. More than one athlete ends up ruined by the fines of the tax.
  • The PR team to help you understand how to relate to your environment as famous and even get advertising contracts.


Gustavo Mirabal Castro financially advises athletes, offering that and much more.

His experience as an athlete, lawyer and worker of the financial world have made him the most suitable man for the job.

He can show you the plan to follow to have a quiet retire and locate the best opportunities to invest.

In this way you will guarantee your future and that of your loved ones.

Gustavo Mirabal present in 4 countries and on five continents

One of the elements that gives confidence in Gustavo Mirabal’s ability is his international capacity. This is not only about customers but about where to invest.

Gustavo Mirabal knows the best places where you can invest and prevent taxes from suffocating your future. Places like the United Kingdom or the United Arab Emirates are great places to invest.

He looks at the tax regime, business opportunities and legal framework to ensure maximum performance, lower cost and without getting you in trouble.

Gustavo will also make sure that you pay your taxes on time without harming your economic assets in the least.

He, along with his team of experts, will seek a consonum savings and investment plan with your future expectations by managing risk. Whether in the United States, Spain or the United Arab Emirates you will find the place you need to invest.

Venezuela, United States, Spain and United Arab Emirates
Venezuela, United States, Spain and United Arab Emirates

Why a financial advisor and not bank savings?

It is normal to ask yourself this question given that there are countries with relatively stable currencies. But the truth is that even in countries with more stable currencies there is a small inflationary effect.

With inflation of only 3% in 20 years, the money you’ve saved loses half the buy value.

That’s why money to maintain value requires looking for investment options that keep the return above inflation.

This way the money will maintain its value.

But if you also think about leaving an estate to your family then think again. Saving and then spending the saved money leaves you in a financially vulnerable position.

In this way when the Gustavo Mirabal savings stage ends, it is that the passive income of your investments is necessary to give you the life you dreamed of.

This is how the savings plan ends with the end of the career but the investment plan is lifelong.

Prioritize savings
Prioritize savings

Gustavo Mirabal Castro is a comprehensive financial advisor.

Without a doubt Gustavo Mirabal’s passion is to advise athletes. Whether in the legal, tax or financial sphere Gustavo Mirabal is the person you need.

If you’re an athlete or you know someone, research and seek financial advice. In our portal you can get information that can help you but always an advisor will help you focus on your sporting activity.

You don’t have to choose us, but if you want the best of us, we’re here to help. Count on us.