//Long live Venezuela, my beloved homeland!
Venezuela Our Beloved Homeland

Long live Venezuela, my beloved homeland!

!Viva Venezuela, mi patria querida! (Long live Venezuela, my beloved homeland!)

The phrase “Long live Venezuela, my beloved homeland” has a very great meaning for its inhabitants. It is love said in six words in English and five in Spanish. It is the pride of its people to have been born in a country as wonderful as this.

Sometime in life a Venezuelan has sung this song that has a sticky rhythm. Well, its beautiful geography, when testing its authentic and varied gastronomy conquer its own and visitors.

We must emphasize that the diversity that is presented in various fields makes Venezuela a unique country in the world. If we add to this the hospitality and receptivity of its people. It undoubtedly represents a huge potential to develop tourism.

On the other hand, the ability to get ahead of the Venezuelan people is what leads them to be stronger every day.

Venezuela is definitely a treasure to appreciate and love. Venezuelans do have a deep sense of roots.

Long live Venezuela, my beloved homeland is undoubtedly a motto for most Venezuelans.

Viva Venezuela Mi Patria Querida- Carlos

First stanza of the song of Viva Venezuela my dear country

This song is performed by the group called Un solo pueblo, in honor of their beloved country Venezuela.

Spanish / English

Viva Venezuela mi Patria querida / Long live Venezuela my dear country

Quién la libertó mi hermano fue Simón Bolívar / Who freed her my brother was Simón Bolívar

Cuando Bolívar nació / When Bolivar was born

Venezuela pegó un grito / Venezuela screamed

Diciendo que había nacido / Saying he was born

Un segundo Jesucristo (bis) / A second Jesus Christ (bis)


In this first part of the song where the role of the hero of independence stands out. Simón Bolívar is an iconic figure in the history of Venezuela. I also manage to free five countries in the region.

For this reason, Simon Bolivar is seen as a very important character in the country. Whatever happens Simón Bolívar will continue to leave his mark on the freedom of Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru.

If we see it from another perspective, the figure of Simón Bolívar is international because it left its mark on the countries of the region.

Venezuela was “the girl with the eyes” of the liberator Simón Bolívar and for whom he gave his last sigh.

Long live Venezuela my beloved homeland
Long live Venezuela my beloved homeland

Venezuela An infinite landscape and a country to love

The Venezuelan territory is extremely wide, its main city is the Greater Caracas.

Caracas is a privileged city because it is surrounded by Ávila.

The Ávila is that mountain to which so many poets have written. On the other hand they have also shaped it on canvases. This is the particular case of the painting artist Manuel Cabré, known as “the painter of Ávila”.

This outstanding artist dedicated to painting from a very young age resided in Venezuela.

Cabré arrived in Venezuela with his father who had been invited by President Joaquín Crespo. The invitation was to carry out works in the public works of Caracas.

At the young age of 14 he entered the Academy of Fine Arts in Caracas. In this enclosure dedicated to the arts his father ran the chair of sculpture.

We can see that from the beginning art takes it in the veins. This will probably continue to pass from generation to generation. But we cannot avoid that the beauty of Caracas was the muse of Cabré.

El Ávila has been the inspiration of painters, musicians and poets. Because its beauty moves the deepest fibers of human sensibility

In this way there are singers who have dedicated beautiful songs to the country. Among these singers, the great artist Ilan Chester stands out.

Ilan Chester unveiled internationally through his iconic song dedicated to the El Ávila mountain. Without a doubt, El Ávila is a beautiful mountain that protects the city of Caracas.

For Cabré the cry of “Long live Venezuela, my beloved homeland” definitely came true through his paintings.


The great diversity of landscapes of Venezuela our beloved homeland

Venezuela is a very diverse country and this is seen with the naked eye in its unique landscapes, in its people, in its traditions among others.

This country has the privilege and blessing of God to have unique landscapes. It has all kinds of landscapes such as seas, coasts, plains and mountains.

Viva Venezuela Mi Patria Querida

On the other hand Venezuela has a great variety of cultural expressions. This gives it a unique touch where even some of these traditions have been proclaimed as cultural heritage by UNESCO.

The most recent news in this regard is the tradition of the blessed palm as intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

Venezuela has wonderful mountain landscapes, these have the uniqueness of its imposing mountains. The states that make up the Andean region are the following: Mérida, Táchira and Trujillo.

On the other hand is the eastern region of the country with the states Sucre, Nueva Esparta, Anzoátegui. There the traditions and dances to the sound of the drum predominate. They are called Venezuela burning land and drums.

In addition the sociocultural syncretism of the people of the Zulia state and the llaneros.

The Venezuelan also enjoys a uniqueness that distinguishes them anywhere in the world. For his spirit, jocularity and good humor in the face of adversity make these humans special

All this and more is part of the country called Venezuela.

Hence the motto:

Long live Venezuela, my beloved homeland!

Viva Venezuela Mi Patria Querida
Viva Venezuela Mi Patria Querida

Emblematic Beaches of this Venezuela, my beloved homeland.

The Venezuelan coasts have beaches for all tastes. These beaches vary from the strongest waves to the quietest.

The Venezuelan coasts range from the east to the west. Therefore in several states of the country you can enjoy wonderful beaches.

They are unique sites that inspire many artists.

These Venezuelan beaches are a real treasure for its inhabitants as well as for the tourist who visits from other latitudes.

Among the areas that stand out the most are Margarita Island, the beaches of the Sucre, Aragua and Falcón states.

On the other hand are those of the state Miranda and Vargas. These are more accessible, from the geographical point of view, for people residing in Greater Caracas.

Venezuela Our Beloved Homeland
Venezuela Our Beloved Homeland

At one voice: “Long live Venezuela, my beloved homland”

The musical group called Un Solo Pueblo performed the iconic song entitled:

“Long live Venezuela my beloved country”

In this song he expresses the feeling of a people that loves his country and that day by day struggles to keep going …

Venezuela is definitely a country to love.

This wonderful country saw the birth of a hero like the Liberator Simón Bolívar who left his mark in several countries of the region.

Today this song is sung from the oldest to the little ones that are growing.

These children are the future of this beautiful country called Venezuela.





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