//Mérida, a mountain paradise inside Venezuela – Gustavo Mirabal
In Mérida you will find the highest cable car in the world

Mérida, a mountain paradise inside Venezuela – Gustavo Mirabal

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Mérida is a state of Venezuela where cold, mountains and cordiality do their thing.

If you are looking for a paradise where the cold takes you to drink hot chocolate, appreciate beautiful mountains and streams …

Mérida is the perfect place.

It is between two mountains: The stock and Nevada, constitutes an important part of the Venezuelan Andes.

It has spectacular landscapes comparable to Canadian forests and roads where you can find bulls, cows …

Going to Merida is going to one of the noblest parts of Venezuela because the people of that region are very friendly.

Mérida, Venezuela | Road Trip

Merida mountainous paradise

The inhabitants of this state know that being respectful pleases and that cordiality opens the doors.

So one of Venezuela’s favorite tourist places is precisely that region.

Its mountains are a waste of beauty. Who goes to her finds peace and warm people.

Although the cold is theirs and it is necessary to go warmly so as not to catch a cold.

Mérida has a lot to offer both its own and foreign. It is a region where gastronomy also falls in love.

If you go to this area of Venezuela you should eat a rich garlic trout, an Andean pinch and hot chocolate.

Of course, in every restaurant you will find food of all kinds.

Mérida - Mountain Paradise
Mérida – Mountain Paradise

Tourist places

To speak of that Venezuelan state is to speak the Laguna del Mucubají, theme parks such as Los Aleros.

The Venezuela of Antier, the Mountain of Dreams and of course the Cable Car.

The latter is a world-class tourist attraction since people from all over the world travel to live the experience.

And that cable car is located at 4,800 meters above sea level. Something awesome.

Those who have visited it know that there are several scales, so those who get dizzy or do not resist the height can go down to one of the stations.

This cable car is made up of four cable cars, and therefore there are four stops, the last one being the highest one, and between the four stations you reach 4,800 meters.

The cable car

This tourist attraction consists of four seasons: Barinitas, La Montaña, La Aguada and Pico Espejo.

The Barinitas station is the first and has a height of (1577 m.a.s.l.).

Subsequently you arrive at the one of La Montaña located at (2422 m.a.s.l.). From there you can see a beautiful view of the city and in front you can see the “sleeping giant”, that mountain with the shape of the face of a giant lying down, looking up.

Something spectacular that can only be seen when you have it in front. As people move forward, they look forward to what they will find above.

In Mérida you will find the highest cable car in the world
In Mérida you will find the highest cable car in the world

The third station is La Aguada station (3452 meters above sea level), followed by Loma Redonda (4045 meters above sea level), respectively. During this journey, you will have the Mérida valleys down and you will see Bolivar peak, the highest point in Venezuela.

The last station is Pico Espejo. At that point you are more than 4,000 meters high. It has a spectacular view.

So you must be warm and walk slowly so that the body is heated.

There are people who prefer not to climb to that point because they fear heights.

From there, if you look down you will see the lagoons of La Negra and La Colorada. On the right you will see the hill El León.

When you leave the station there is a viewpoint where people usually take photos.

Before their eyes will be the highest peak in Venezuela, Bolivar Peak, but you can also see the Humboldt and Bomplant peaks.

And although the Bolivar peak looks very close, it takes 6 hours to get there, being trained and in perfect physical condition.

Mérida Cable Car - Gustavo Mirabal
Mérida Cable Car – Gustavo Mirabal

Los Aleros

This theme park is a beautiful place to share with the family. Here you will live an experience in Romeo and Juliet style.

Since there is a part of the tourist route where visitors have the opportunity to do fun things. We will not tell you to make it a surprise.

In addition to that you have a beautiful view of the place and the animals walking nearby freely.

Another thing that is feeling there is the miniature house that is only possible to contemplate if it bends down completely to the floor and you try to enter that way.

If you do not fit through the small door you must settle to see the interior of the house lying on the floor.

A unique experience!

La Venezuela de Antier (The Venezuela of the day before yesterday)

La Venezuela de Antier is a theme park in which all the states of Venezuela are represented but in miniature.

From entering until leaving, there is a national pride for all that Venezuela is and means, its history, its culture, its traditions.

Even soap operas are made. Yes, they are made. Because tourists have the opportunity to be the protagonists of them.

So if you like theater and drama then you must go to La Venezuela de Antier.

Mérida Theme Park - La Venezuela de Antier
Mérida Theme Park – La Venezuela de Antier

Mérida ideal destination for honeymoon…

This state is ideal for honeymooners to go on a honeymoon. In fact, it is one of the favorite destinations.

Between the cold, the strawberries with chocolate and the colonial architecture of that place love is even more sealed.

Besides that the landscapes do their job because as they move along the road they are more astonished.

From the mountains sprout various water sources and it is beautiful to see how they fall as you travel by car on those roads.

To that is added the stops of the locals where you can buy sighs, chocolate, coffee, Creole sweets and snacks.

Being the guava sandwich one of the most sought after. Especially that combined with milk.

The experience of going to Mérida has to be accompanied by the sense of adventure since each ride there implies emotion and nature.

Large rivers and streams are seen as you go on the street. In fact, those who wish to renew their vows can do so in the stone cathedral.

This is a church built with rocks, its color is gray and very close there, down the hill, there is a river that crosses the entire area.

What makes the landscape even more romantic.

In this sense, walking throughout that area is very common for tourists since they can contemplate the life of the Merideño, their houses, farms, cattle, etc.

Visit el Zoológico de los Chorros de Milla (The Chorros de Milla Zoo)

Going to the zoo is always a fun trip if you go with the family to this beautiful state of Venezuela.

Mérida offers in this zoo a 100% natural adventure because in the middle of the park there is a waterfall that you can contemplate face to face.

In fact it is crossed by a bridge that you can use as a viewpoint and take many photos.

Its paths, animals and perfect condition of its facilities makes it a suitable place for a picnic and family lunch.

This zoo has no waste. So if you visit Mérida it is one of those places that you cannot ignore on the agenda.

You must go to the EcoWild Agro Tourist Park

Another of the places that are worth knowing in the Merida territory is precisely the agro tourist park Ecowild.

Upon arrival you will find a large green area and it is likely that a goat receives you.

When you go to the ticket office to buy the entrance ticket to the park, it is likely that the goat will surprise you by jumping through the wall and when the sheep enter they are waiting to be contemplated.

On the site there are also ponies, a huge room for video games where children can have fun.

Similarly there is a place for board games such as pin pon, pool, table hockey.

Additionally they rent bicycles and ATVs so that lovers of these extreme sports can tour the facilities.