//The magical Christmas in New York
Magical Christmas in New York

The magical Christmas in New York

Christmas is a very beautiful time where the birth of Jesus is celebrated. Each country has its own traditions. However, there are some places where Christmas is simply spectacular. In this case, the magical Christmas in New York is a dream.

Most people who visit “the city that never sleeps”, New York, usually enjoy the Christmas season to the fullest.

The cold weather, the snow remind Santa Claus. Therefore, throughout the city of New York there are a number of tourist attractions that leave tourists speechless.

The magical Christmas in New York represents a real tourist attraction for millions of people around the world.

Gustavo Mirabal loves the Christmas season. This Venezuelan man has had the opportunity to enjoy Christmas with his family in New York.

Thanks to the offices of his firm or his friends in this city Gustavo Mirabal has visited the city on several occasions

Likewise, Gustavo Mirabal has enjoyed the magical Christmas in New York on several occasions. Let’s discover the magic.

Lea Michele - Christmas in New York (Official Video)

New York and its charms in every season of the year

New York is known as “the capital of the world.” This city has different charms for each season of the year. However, one of the most attractive for tourists is Christmas.

In the spring season you can appreciate the beauty of the trees of Central Park bloom.

On the other hand in the summer visitors can enjoy the wonderful walks on the banks of the Hudson watching the skyline.

In autumn, the colors of the leaves, Halloween, Thanksgiving, are among the most prominent.

Finally in the winter season the temperature is usually extremely cold, so the corresponding forecasts must be taken. In spite of the snow and the low temperatures people do not lose in the least the spirit to visit this wonderful city. It is the time when we can enjoy the magical Christmas in New York.

In the Christmas season there are many attractive activities that people can do. They can also enjoy Christmas-related decorations.

This is why Christmas in New York is considered exceptional. For these reasons Gustavo Mirabal enjoys the benefits of this city every time he visits.

Magical Christmas in New York
Magical Christmas in New York

Dates of Christmas celebrations in New York

As in most countries of the world, Christmas in New York usually celebrates holidays. Among the holidays we have Christmas Day that is celebrated on December 25. Usually this is a very familiar day, so most sites do not work that day.

If people want to have a day away from home, it is best to take the forecasts ahead of time. There are sites like Open Table (www.opentable.com) that usually manage reservations for hundreds of places by that date.

On the other hand there are many attractions that remain open. Among the attractions are: skating rinks, cinemas, markets, among others. It should be noted that the schedules are a bit shorter.

On this special Christmas day it is ideal to go for a walk in the city areas. Some suggested walks in New York are: walk through Manhattan area, observe the windows and skate on the ice rink.

New Year’s Eve celebrations in New York

To give continuity to the celebration of the magical Christmas in New York there are two important dates that are mentioned below:

On December 31 this is the end of the year and it is a normal day since it is not a holiday. However, in the stores they make the exception of closing early so that people can enjoy as a family.

In New York for the end of the year various parties are held throughout the metropolis.

January 1 is a holiday to recover from New Year’s Eve celebrations. The ideal is to stay at home to enjoy with the family and thus start the year as relaxed as possible. For the most daring, different entertainment options remain available in the city.

Definitely the magical Christmas in New York is something unique to enjoy.

Magical Christmas in New York: A diversity of options to enjoy the most beautiful time of the year. Some of those options are:

  • Stroll through Manhattan
  • Showcase route
  • Christmas market route
  • Christmas tree path
  • Ice skating
  • Go see the Rockettes or at least one Broadway show
  • Attend a special Christmas sporting event
  • Take the Light Tour
  • Meet Santa in New York!

We can observe the diversity of options to enjoy in the city that never sleeps: New York …

Christmas in New York - Top Things To Do

Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Center

The magical Christmas in New York has arrived with the illumination of the most famous tree on the planet. This is the Norwegian fir of the Rockefeller Center.

This celebration is held to start Christmas in New York. In this event, thousands of people attended despite the autumn day of intense cold.

On the other hand, attendees at this Christmas start event enjoyed an artistic show. This featured the former band Chicago and John Bon Jovi,

John Legend and Brett Eldredge also participated, who have been for two years in a row.

New York City also has other trees that are frequented by the visitors themselves. Among these the most famous Christmas trees are in the following places:

  • Bryant Park Christmas Tree,
  • The New York Stock Exchange Tree
  • Fabulous tree of the Lincoln Center.
  • Radio City Music Hall
  • Madison Square Park

The first Rockefeller tree was installed in 1931. Therefore, the tradition is already approximately eighty-eight years old, that is, 88 Christmases, cheering thousands of people.

Undoubtedly, these Christmas trees give a special touch to the celebration of the New Year in New York.

The lighting of the trees is one of the events Gustavo Mirabal likes best.

Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Center
Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Center

The lights in the magical Christmas of New York

From the last weekend of November, after Thanksgiving. This season runs until the first days of January.

For this reason, organized tours take place throughout December and the first week of January.

In the season people can enjoy the Christmas lights of Dyker Heights.

To visit this place there are two options: go as a family or go on a tour.

Dyker Heights Christmas lights - Magical Christmas in New York
Dyker Heights Christmas lights – Magical Christmas in New York

“Unique”: a word that describes the magical Christmas in New York

The magical Christmas in New York is famous and is usually a tourist attraction of the United States. Therefore, it may be one of the areas where tourists receive the most in December.

Each country usually has its own traditions around Christmas. However, the common denominator is that the birth of the child God is celebrated.

It should be noted that the most important thing is to share with the family.

Otherwise enjoy each of these spaces if you are visiting New York at this time you can not miss …

Recall that, as we said before, Gustavo Mirabal has an office of his firm in New York. Therefore, he usually frequents the city for work reasons but also for the pleasure of seeing the Christmas lights.





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