//Venezuela a country to love
Venezuela a country to love

Venezuela a country to love

This beautiful country called Venezuela has a woman’s name, so it deserves to be treated with subtlety and respect. It’s a country full of goodness wherever you look at it. And it is that Venezuela a country to love

Venezuela is located in the north of the southern American continent and is bathed by the Caribbean Sea along the entire Venezuelan coast. That is why we have the privilege of enjoying wonderful beaches located in the coastal states.

In this article entitled Venezuela a country to love we will address everything related to this topic. Likewise, the great love that hides in the depths of his heart Gustavo Mirabal for his land.

The roots of Venezuelans towards their country are compared to the one their children feel towards their mother. That is why Venezuela evokes a deep love and respect in its citizens. Below is a promotional video from the era showing the slogan in Spanish.

Venezuela, un país para querer

Tourism slogan in the 1970s

A few decades ago, those in charge of promoting tourism in the region had a brilliant initiative.

This idea had as its motto the following sentence:

“Venezuela: A country to love”

From there an advertising campaign with striking images was implemented to promote national tourism. In turn to encourage the visit of foreign tourists.

Venezuela’s tourism potential is a reason to continue to implement this motto…

Venezuela a country to love
Venezuela a country to love

Venezuela and its coastal area.

It is no secret to anyone that Venezuela has a unique diversity of ecosystems in the world. Without a doubt, this gives it a uniqueness that makes it perfect to be chosen as a tourist destination.

The coastal area is made up of from the state Zulia through Falcón, Carabobo, Aragua, Miranda, Sucre and even Margarita Island.

In each of these states there is a variety of beaches that leaves their own and visitors anonyded. Gustavo Mirabal had the great privilege of enjoying them from a young age when he went on holiday with his parents and brothers.

For this reason the memories of his childhood take him to that smell of sea, sand and sea food.

In addition, the typical beach-side drum dance is something I enjoy on his walks and outings with his wife Carolina Chapellín.

The beaches of Venezuela are very beautiful, there are those who prefer strong waves for surfing. While others like the relaxation of the Cays of the Falcón State more. Without a doubt, these are a true paradise.

For this and much more Venezuela is a country to love…

Cayo Sombrero (Cayo Hat) - Falcón State
Cayo Sombrero (Cayo Hat) – Falcón State

The charm of the Venezuelan Andes

To talk about the Venezuelan Andes is to move and feel that rich cold that bies our skin. Now this region of Venezuela is made up of the states Táchira, Mérida and Trujillo.

Each of these states has its traditions, however in all the gastronomy of the region is common.

Gustavo Mirabal loves wheat arepita with chocolate while his wife is fascinated by cakes with Andean chicha.

The wonderful landscapes of Merida such as the Cable Car, El Páramo, El Valle and its wines left Mirabal Chapellín’s husbands fascinated. Not counting the foreign sites that are also a beauty worth admiring.

In Trujillo they went to our Lady of Peace and to visit the space of Dr. José Gregorio Hernández. Without a doubt, it is an encounter with the faith and roots of the Catholic Church.

In Táchira they visited places such as San Pedro del Rio, Peribeca, Palmira and the City of San Cristobal. There they enjoyed the cordiality of the Tachirians and ate the famous golfers of the area.

The Andean region is full of working people dedicated to agriculture and livestock. This area is an excellent food producer for the rest of the country.

To them, we Andeans owe them the utmost respect for the great contribution it makes to the progress of Venezuela, a country to love.

Virgin of Peace Trujillo State
Virgin of Peace Trujillo State


Venezuelan plains – Venezuela a country to love

Each region has its own dynamics, in the case of plains are meat and cheese producers. Also sunflower that are used for the production of edible oil.

In this area there are many farms where they produce different types of cattle including cattle, cattle, goats, horses and others.

There the Mirabal Chapellín husbands enjoyed galloping around the extensive savannah.

From its gastronomy they enjoyed a rich meat in a stick.

They also danced to the rhythm of the harp, “cuatro” (in english four by the four strings of the musical instrument)  and “maracas”, along with friends from the region.

The sunset of the Venezuelan plains charm them, thanking them every moment for those moments lived.

Sunset of the Venezuelan plain
Sunset of the Venezuelan plain

Eastern region of Venezuela a country to love.

There Gustavo Mirabal and his family toured the beaches, but also went into parks such as the Guácharo cave. This being one of the most famous in the eastern region of the country

Visiting the Amazon State was an adventure they enjoyed to the fullest

From this region they tried casabe with different creams.

They were also able to enjoy and buy handicrafts made by Aboriginal people. For this has a very special meaning for Venezuelans.

As we can see each region has different traditions. Although they are joined by that love for Venezuela and the desire to move on…


Venezuela a country to love
Venezuela a country to love


For its landscapes and its people Venezuela is a country to love

Venezuela is a “nest” that your children carry deep in their hearts.

This land has given birth to bright Venezuelans that today stand out in different areas around the world.

Its people, its customs, its landscapes and its gastronomy make it a godster and unique land in the world.

The hospitality and warmth of its people is a valuable resource of this great country.

This is the birthplace of Gustavo Mirabal Castro and that is where he grew up, formed and cultivated that great love for horses.

In conclusion, the motto “Venezuela a country to love” is still in force today more than ever.





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