//Venezuelan Christmas cake and other traditions
Venezuelan Christmas cake and Cream Punch - Venezuelan Traditions

Venezuelan Christmas cake and other traditions

Christmas in Venezuela is very fun and full of dishes that leave you with the palate in the clouds. Today we are going to share with you a typical recipe of the holiday parties. This is the recipe of Venezuelan Christmas cake, also known as black cake.

This Venezuelan Christmas cake has an interesting elaboration process that we are going to share.

And it is that besides being exquisite it represents something icon of Christmas in that South American country. This is one of Gustavo Mirabal’s favorite Christmas desserts.

In fact, it is very common to see it in supermarkets and bakeries as well as bakeries in the country.

There is no family in the Latin American country that does not eat its Venezuelan Christmas cake in December.

And the secret of this delicious Venezuelan Christmas cake is in its ingredients and the maceration thereof.

We leave you a video of a Jamaican Christmas cake similar to the Venezuelan so you can get an idea. We hope you enjoy it.

How To Make Jamaican Black Christmas Rum Fruit Wedding Cake | Lesson #80 | Morris Time Cooking

Venezuelan Christmas cake ingredients

Next we will indicate what are the ingredients of this exquisite Christmas cake or also known as black cake

Black cake is a tradition and can not be missed on the table for December 24 or 31.

Although in reality, since November they are already being prepared by the bakeries. Venezuelan families gather to eat it even before the 24th.

The ingredients of this delicious dessert are:

  • Candied Fruits
  • Nuts
  • Orange or Cherry Liqueur
  • Brandy or rum
  • Sour cherries
  • Prunes
  • Almonds
  • Black Pasitas
  • Sultanas Pasitas

Preparation of the Venezuelan Christmas cake

Once you have all the ingredients you can choose to add dates or keep everything you already own.

Nothing happens. That is up to you.

There are those who also add nuts to have more variety of flavors in the same cake.

Step 1: Cut fruits and nuts

The first step to make the Venezuelan Christmas cake is to cut the very small fruits.

Almonds should be peeled and crushed, just like nuts.

Fruits and nut for black cake or Venezuelan christmas cake
Fruits and nut for black cake or Venezuelan christmas cake

Step 2: Macerate fruits and nuts

The next thing is to place the fruits in a large glass jar. Later you add rum or brandy. You can also add cherry liquor or orange liquor in equal parts until covered.

Try to cover the mixture well and place it in a dark place.

The amount of fruit or the time they have to spend macerating will depend on the taste of each one.

However, the more time they spend macerating the better the taste of the fruits will be when you take them out.

In fact, they can spend a long time in the liquor, no problem with that.

Because as time goes by, fruits absorb the taste of liquor and when they are used for cake it gives an exquisite aroma and flavor.

So if you macerate more than the account do not worry, take out what you will need for the cake and go. The rest can stay in the jar. Remember that the container must be in a dark place.

Macerated fruits for Venezuelan Christmas Cake
Macerated fruits for Venezuelan Christmas Cake

Step 3: Make cake mix

Once the cake ingredients are macerated, the cake should be made as such.

The ingredients that are needed to make it are the following… Make sure you have them all so that the recipe comes out perfect.

How to make Venezuelan Christmas cake mix

Once you have all the things you have to beat the sugar with the butter, add the vanilla and cinnamon.

Then add the egg yolks and the egg whites set aside in another container.

The next thing is to place the flour alternated with the milk.

Meanwhile the chocolate should be melted with a little butter. Once ready, add the mixture of the ingredients mentioned above.

On the other hand, drain 500 grams of macerated fruits and mix them with a little flour, this will prevent them from going to the bottom of the cake when baking.

What comes next is to add the fruits to the mixture. At this point it is time to lift the egg whites to the point of snow and then mix everything in an enveloping manner.

When everything is ready you have to place the mixture in the mold, previously greased and floured so that it does not stick.

Piece of Venezuelan Christmas Cake
Piece of Venezuelan Christmas Cake

Step 4: Baking the Venezuelan Christmas cake

Once in the oven set the temperature to 350º and be sure to measure with the stick to know if it is ready or not. Do it until the stick comes out clean and dry.

Otherwise it indicates that the cake is raw and should spend more time in the oven.

Once it is fully ready, you must remove it from the mold and let it cool on a rack.

At this point it is worth sprinkling it with icing sugar and it will look beautiful.

!! Congratulations!! The cake is ready!

A cake ready for a gift

There are usually families who love to share and that is why they choose to make the cake and give it to their friends and family.

Once it is ready they place it in a color box or wrap it in cellophane paper, place a bow and it is already perfect for a Christmas gift.

The secret of Venezuelan Christmas cake is…

The secret to making this cake exquisite is in the maceration of its ingredients.

That is, it consists of soaking the fruits in liquid, usually liquor to soften its texture and impart flavor.

When the fruit is macerated, it must be emptied in a glass jar, covered tightly and preferably kept in a dark place.

With what to accompany the cake …

The Venezuelan Christmas cake can be accompanied with water, for those who do not drink liquor, with a glass of red wine or coke.

A drink that is very typical in Venezuela is the soda and especially in the holiday season. The soft drink also usually accompanies the hallacas, the ham bread and the chicken salad; This is the typical Christmas dish in Venezuela.

The cream punch: another Venezuelan tradition

Another very classic Christmas drink in that South American country is cream punch or “Ponche Crema” in spanish.

Which also carries liquor, eggs, vanilla, among other ingredients.

Its taste and texture on the palate are exquisite.

Then we share a recipe for you to do at home.

Cream Punch
Cream Punch

How to make the cream punch at home?

This typical drink of good night and new year carries the following ingredients.

Note: If you make this recipe you can give up to three and a half liters.

Punch Cream Ingredients:

  • 8 egg yolks
  • 1 can of evaporated milk
  • 3 cans condensed milk
  • 1 bottle (3/4 of a liter) of sugar cane rum, better white or clear, although aged rum can also be used
Cream Punch - A Venezuelan Tradition
Cream Punch – A Venezuelan Tradition

Preparation Mode:

Mix the egg yolks in a low speed blender until creamy.

Slowly add the condensed milk, then the evaporated milk and finally the rum.

Packaged in clean, dry bottles that cover well. Finally refrigerate.

How to serve the cream punch?

The cream punch is served cold and with ice, although some prefer it only cold, without ice.

However they serve it, it is a very tasty and soft drink, although depending on the amount of rum it may be a bit strong.

The cream punch has a sweet and delicious taste at the same time. The one that tastes best is the one that is thick.

Since there are those who make it very watery and it is not so delicious.

Venezuelan culinary traditions

So if you are looking for something Venezuelan and Christmas: the Venezuelan Christmas cake and cream punch are an excellent option.

Different and characteristic flavors that carry all the nostalgia of Venezuelans.

If you want something exotic to surprise your guests anywhere in the world or want to bring nostalgia to the table of a Venezuelan abroad these are the best options




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